Octuplets mom gets out of hospital and on TV, got over $165k in disability

Nadya Suleman, the mother of 14 children under eight and the second woman in known history to have eight babies at once, arranged an interview with NBC’s Ann Curry on Thursday, the very day she was released from the hospital. Earlier stories had her setting up interviews with Diane Sawyer and Oprah for the hefty fee of $2 million a pop. It’s unknown if those accounts were false or if her plans fell through and she ended up with Curry. A preview of Suleman’s interview will air on Friday, with the full segment to be shown on the Today Show and Dateline on Monday.

Suleman has been on disability for six years; NBC claims it didn’t pay her for interview
Many of you have expressed skepticism about this woman and wondered if she was going to be using taxpayer money to help pay for her daycare full of children. We know she’s not adverse to getting help from the government. The AP revealed that she received $165,000 in disability from 2002-2008 for an unknown injury. That’s a little under $24,000 a year and is not excessive if she needed it, but how did this woman think she could raise 14 children on disability while living with her parents? Maybe she knew that if she had enough of them at once she could go talk to the media and get a much bigger handout. NBC claims it didn’t pay her for the interview, though.

People Magazine has the details of the injury that resulted in Suleman’s disability claim, and she suffered lower back pain after she was hit with a desk during a riot at a mental hospital where she worked in 1999. She later got rear ended in a car accident in 2001, and filed a second disability claim for the injury to her neck, back and shoulders.

Nadya Suleman says she tried for seven years to get pregnant before she successfully conceived with in-vitro fertilization at a facility – “and then I just kept going in.”

In an interview for the Today show, the recent mother of octuplets – who has six other children at home – tells NBC’s Ann Curry: “That was always a dream of mine, to have a large family, a huge family.”

The desire, she says, stemmed from a dysfunctional childhood, according to the interview, with airs Monday with a sneak peek on Friday. (Dateline also will air a portion on Tuesday.)

“I just longed for certain connections and attachments with another person that I really lacked, I believe, growing up,” she says.

Asked what she felt she lacked, she says, “Feeling of self and identity. I didn’t feel as though, when I was a child, I had much control of my environment. I felt powerless. And that gave me a sense of predictability. Reflecting back on my childhood, I know it wasn’t functional. It was pretty, pretty dysfunctional, and whose isn’t?”

Suleman, 33, was interviewed shortly after she was discharged from Kaiser Permanente’s hospital in Bellflower, Calif. Her babies – six boys and two girls – remain in the hospital all in good condition.

Disability Benefits
Meanwhile, PEOPLE uncovered new details about Suleman’s medical and financial history, with documents showing she received nearly $168,000 in disability benefits.

Suleman got the payments because of injuries she suffered during a 1999 riot at a California mental hospital where she worked, leaving her with chronic back pain.

She was still receiving disability payments at about the time she was inseminated with octuplets, and doctors had precluded her from taking any job that involved “prolonged sitting, standing and walking,” according to workers’ comp documents.

While working as a psychiatric technician at Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, Calif., she responded on Sept. 18, 1999, to an emergency alert called when 20 patients rioted.

Psychiatric Hospital Riot
“While she attempted to hold down a female patient, she was struck on her back by a desk that was thrown by another patient in the ward,” says a document submitted last year to a state claims examiner. “She experienced the onset of immediate pain in her low back.”

The State Compensation Insurance Fund stopped being liable to Suleman on Aug. 28, 2008, shortly after she got pregnant. As of that point, the documents say, she had been paid $168,000 in disability benefits since August 2001.

Doctors had concluded she had some permanent damage to the lumbar area of her spine that could become more painful “with heavy lifting, repetitive bending, prolonged sitting, standing or walking.”

Doctors at the time noted that Suleman was already pregnant – and that her pregnancy might have been contributing at that time to any back pain. Doctors estimated that 10 percent of her pain at the time was due to her pregnancy, and 90 percent was due to the injuries from the riot and the car accident.

A Second Claim
The document goes on to say that in 2001, while she was leaving a doctor’s office for treatment of the injury, Suleman’s car was was rear-ended.

Suleman hurt her neck, back and shoulders, and filed a separate, additional claim for workers’ compensation, arguing that the car accident would not have occurred had she not been going for medical treatment for the earlier injury. It was unclear if she received funds from that claim.

[From People.com]

How are her kids going to feel when they’re old enough to google and read that their mom had them to fulfill some aching need for human connection that could only be met through ever-increasing numbers of babies? A lot of people want to have large families and there’s nothing psychologically abnormal about that, but when you’re doing it on your own, living on government assistance and relying on your parents to take care of your kids people are naturally going to question your motives. The woman herself admits that she did it due to issues from her childhood. Does that make it sound like she’s going to be a devoted, caring mother to those 14 young kids? Therapy would have been a lot cheaper and fairer for those little ones, and maybe she would have stopped when she realized that four or five kids were stretching her under $24k a year budget. She also supposedly had awful back pain but continued to get pregnant through IVF. She even has an autistic son.

Interestingly enough, CBS and ABC are going to air an interview with the hero pilot Chelsy “Sully” Sullenberger at the exact same time that NBC is airing this Suleman show, Monday at 10pm. I hope Sullenberger gets much higher ratings.

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  1. barneslr says:

    CPS really needs to move in and remove those kids from her. She has obvious mental problems and is not fit to raise 14 little ones all by herself.

  2. Syko says:

    Too disabled to work but not too disabled to conceive and carry eight babies? This is so wrong on so many levels, I don’t even have the strength to talk about it.

  3. Flour says:

    I second Syko’s comment.

  4. gg says:

    I agree. Typical example of somebody who just files for freebies their whole life. Guess what – I’m in constant pain too from scoliosis and a car wreck. But I take the reins on my life, I work through the pain, try out different doctors and alternative therapies to see what helps, learn a little more, and support myself, because I have the desire to be productive and live as normal a life as I can.

    $hit happens and you just deal with it. You don’t just file yet more papers to get freebies. This makes me just ill.

  5. guest says:

    how much did nbc pay her? it’s so obvious she wants to have the next “tlc” reality show, how manipulative.

  6. Jen says:

    So she had a really dysfunctional childhood, yet she’s heavily relying on the parents who raised her to help raise her litter of children? That sounds like a great idea. Perhaps instead of working in the mental hospital years ago, she should have checked herself in.

  7. Syko says:

    Exactly, gg. The second disability claim was for whiplash? Get over it!

    I’m 66 and I hurt every day. There are enough age-related (and decadence-related) problems that there is always at least one area of my body that hurts. I ignore them. I get up and go to work 5 days a week, and I laugh while I’m doing it. I’m certainly not filing for disability or retiring so I can sit around the house and wait to die, I want to live every bit of it.

    Possibly if this woman ever thought about getting a job, she might have something in her life that would occupy her and she wouldn’t have to keep pushing out litters of poor little children.

  8. anneesezz says:

    I think a lot of people want to know how she had all these in-vitro procedures when they cost more than she was getting a year from disability. And she says she didn’t have control over her environment when she was a child. No duh – it’s called childhood dummy! What kid does? So stupid on so many different levels.

  9. bros says:

    exactly syko-lower back pain that has precluded her working for nearly 10 years, but evidently not enough back pain to carry 8 children? this woman is a mentally imbalanced sneaky snake.

  10. kathy says:

    I recently went through a long process to get classified as disabled. I am 47 yrs old and was diagnosed with Huntingdons disease, a very degenerative disease which affects me greatly daily. the scrutiny from the Soc sec off was intense but people like her who have no business collecting disability makes you understand why SSI people are so suspicous of you when you apply for SSI

  11. Embee says:

    Well said, Jen.

  12. me says:

    all of you should shut the hell up who the hell are you to comment on her life you are not god so dont judge her…
    she has her own reasons for wanting kids so what its her choice.

  13. Syko says:


    Comment is what we do here. We comment. We judge. If you don’t want to do it, leave.

    I think I have the perfect right to criticize her. My tax dollars are going to help support her and that gang of children for the rest of their lives. I helped pay for her IVF, helped pay for her hospitalization and the continuing hospitalization of her children. She is a leech on society.

  14. Jean says:

    Is it just me, or does this woman look like she’s had lip injections and work on her nose?

    Yeah, she’s definitely seeking fame from this “event.”

    BTW, the doctor who implanted with 8 embroys (code of ethics dictates no more than 3) should lose his/her license.

  15. javelin says:

    “I always dreamed of having a huge family.”

    Okay, but did you have any OTHER dreams? You know– Ambitions? Talents? Goals? Anything?

    Knowing she exists leaves me queasy.

  16. geronimo says:

    Ditto everything already said here in condemning this infantile woman.

  17. Madelyn Rose says:

    I am truly disgusted by this story. The fact that WE pay disability to this person is why I was livid having to sit in the local Social Security office yesterday for an hour while I tried to do a name change due to a divorce. It was jam packed with people milking the government and ME as a taxpayer for allegedly being “disabled.” Not one single person in there looked disabled. Some people are truly disabled and unable to work, but many are just plain lazy. It makes me sick.

  18. Pam says:

    Did the state pay for fertility treatment?

    Living on what the state pays for her disability how does she afford to pay for the fertility treatments? Does State insurance pay for that… insurance wouldn’t pay for any of my fertility problems. That’s expensive, and what kind of doctor (morals come into play here) goes on with this procedure knowing she already has 6 kids at home?

    How does she plan to do this on her own?

  19. prissa says:

    I don’t get this. Her disability states she can’t do prolonged sitting or standing or lifting – how does she pick up and hold her children? Does she feed them while walking around? This is SUCH BS!!!!!

  20. mojoman says:

    this woman really needs to have a reality slap ASAP! if she thinks children can fill the “void” in her life or cure her depression, she got a real problem. Her selfishness, irresponsibility and blaming others for her own benefits shows how disgusting her behavior is!! *exhale,inhale,exhale..” ok, rant over.

  21. Wif says:

    So she’s not to sit for long periods, stand for long periods, or walk for long periods. With my first I sat on the couch nursing 14 hours a day for 6 months. Parenting is not exactly an easy job on the back, and I can imagine with 14 (!!!!!!) there’d be a lot of lifting weird loads with twisting.

  22. Legend says:

    I feel for those poor octuplets. Those kids are going to have serious health problems. That’s why those dumbass doctors aren’t supposed to implant more than 2 or 3 fertilized eggs at a time, especially in a relatively young woman like this.

  23. Cinderella says:

    I bet she is also receiving SS for each one of those children. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was pulling in several thousand per month even without the disability. Trash, trash, trash.

    Shame on anyone who pays this loser a dime for her story.

  24. kiki says:

    shes pretty
    shes is going be be an even bigger celebrity
    move over Kate Gosslin

  25. prissa says:

    It’s so F’ING sad that this chick will get all the attention, hand-outs and money that she planned this 8 baby in-vitro for in the first place. It’s already happening with NBC being the 1st on the bandwagon. SHAME!!!

  26. Renee says:

    I think it’s interesting that she claims during her childhood she felt a lack of self and identity and was powerless to control her environment.
    I wonder how those kids will trying to survive in a sea of 14.

  27. boomchakaboom says:

    There should be no comparisons to Jon & Kate. They take their parenting very seriously with obvious regard for each and every child’s individual needs and development. They aren’t depending on various social services for financial support. Jon works and Kate is a nurse. I’ve watched their show and found them to be an engaging couple who have implemented a necessary system for raising their kids. It may seem regimented, but it has to be that way. At least they cope appropriately. Sure they accept help, who wouldn’t? But they teach their kids things like responsibility, the importance of goals in life, and the value of family, all of which I see lacking in this particular woman’s life. Jon & Kate didn’t have their kids to fill an emotional void in their own lives; they had kids because they love each other, love their twins, and found parenthood to suit them very well. Plus, they make great parents.

  28. kiki says:

    Ha haaa the Gosslins.. yeah those kids are their $ moneymakers $

  29. Syko says:

    What Boomchakab said.

    I love watching Jon and Kate, they seem a sharp, savvy couple with a bunch of bright, adorable kids they are bringing up well.

    This woman is a train wreck. And we get to foot the bill.

  30. for_realz says:

    i live in northern california, and our govern-ator is talking about suspending our state tax refunds and yet this woman collected $168,000 in 7 years?!

    what kind of BS is this?! she is a welfare queen pure and simple. i don’t care that she is in school, she a leech to our state and funds.

    take those kids away from her, the state paid for them, and at this rate we will be paying for them for another 18 years.

  31. SarahS says:

    The fact that she gains her entire sense of “self and identity” by bearing children she cannot afford is nauseating. And ps dear – NO CHILD has control of their environment. That is what makes you a CHILD. And how exactly is it that she cannot sit/stand for long periods of time but she is a professional student? I recall lecture for 2 – 3 hours sometimes in college, not to mention the strain on her back by carrying multiple children. This whole situation makes me so frustrated and angry.

  32. Jackie says:

    I have Crohn’s Disease and had back surgery to fix a problem that has been there since childhood. Everyday is painful and lots of days I am so sick from the Crohn’s, I can hardly crawl away from the bed. I get up everyday and go to work because I have been told I cannot receive disability. I am not suppose to lift more than 35 pounds and no constant lifting. It galls me that someone like this can get away with having so many children and suck the system dry and the people who are really sick cannot get disabity. What has this worl come to that there are leeches like this making it hard for the average american to get by? It just really makes me sick to my stomach

  33. Sparkle says:

    Seriously — all the people who live in California should be pissed because your state is BROKE. Like seriously BROKE — like as broke as the city of Detroit. My firm’s payroll is handled out of California but I live overseas and my legal address is in Texas. The state of California sent me a letter the other day stating that I have to file a California tax return. I have never worked there a day in my life. My tax advisor at Deloitte said that the state is broke and they are mass mailing these letters to anyone who they might be able to get some money from. Ridiculous. And sad that your already stretched resources are paying for this diabolical b*tch.

  34. for_realz says:

    agreed Spakle!!

    send her crazy a$$ back to Ira

  35. guest says:

    jon & kate “work” for tlc. and we, the viewing audience, have made them very rich. sorry to say, they just present themselves more innocently. this chick is so obvious it’s disgusting. wonder if ‘we’ will do the same for her.

  36. for_realz says:


    i meant, send her back to Iraq with her father…. California doesn’t need and can’t afford her or her litters.

  37. Sparkle says:

    @ for_realz —

    Girl! Dont count on that tax refund, I’m telling ya!! Detroit’s been trying to collect from me for over 3 years when actually they owe me a refund! Hee! California is just about in the same boat now.

  38. for_realz says:

    @ Sparkle

    i know, right?!? wtf

    i didn’t vote the govern-ator in, and as a student (he borrowed TONS of funds from nurses and schools) who he has yet to repay, i can only imagine how they are going to screw us over now….

    there was talk of raising our sales tax to 10% (it’s currently 8.25%). so, he takes money from the ppl who need it most (students and healthcare), is costing the state jobs (movie industry), and is holding back our state refunds?! as if it was costly enough to live here!?

  39. for_realz says:

    wait a second, if she has 6 other kids of varying ages, how did those kids come about?

    why would she use a sperm donor if she was married? were his swimmers bunk too then? does this mean she has had MULTIPLE expensive IVF treatments for every pregnancy?

    am i missing something here?!

  40. Diva says:

    She said this morning that all the kids were conceived IVF… AND that every time 6 embryos were implanted, even this last time.

  41. for_realz says:


    what kind of a chicken coop ovaries does this freak have?!?

    so then she is saying that they harvested at least 40 eggs from her?! WTF?!

  42. emma says:

    she’s not married, she used a sperm doner for the first 6 kids as well

  43. Jen says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG! Just…wrong. I can’t even gather my thoughts enough to express my ire at this whole situation.

    And as for “Jon & Kate”: they may have started out all innocent with their first interview, but that woman is a bonafide fame-whore, and she’s using her children. It’s disgusting.

    Anyone who answers the question “Why do you want children?” starting with the phrase “I want” is selfish. Period.

  44. for_realz says:

    there is a lot of conflicting info it seems about this person. i have read in several articles that she was at one point married!

    this isn’t the original article i saw it in, but….


  45. Syko says:

    Wait! They implanted six embryos and she has 8 kids? Two of the embryos twinned? That seems a huge coincidence.

  46. Ron says:

    This story makes me sick. In vitro isn’t cheap, so where did that money come from? And if you are on disability, and already have 6 kids, someone should have stepped up and said NO to this woman. If this woman takes a dime from the state to raise these kids, they should be taken away from her for being so incredibly irresponsible. 14 kids with a single mother, there is no joy in this story.

  47. Chiara says:

    It’s normal, natural to want children, however, this woman has chosen to do this to an extreme. This denotes an underlying morbidity. I’m certain we’ll be reading therapeutic analysis once her interviews are over.

  48. Diva says:

    Yep… she said that she was implanted with six this time and two twinned, but that she had been implanted with six every other time and just got one. So, you know, she was “expecting” to only have one again. Oh, and they do all have the same biological father.

  49. Baholicious says:

    Miscellaneous back injury ah, the refrain of the malingerer.

    I’d love to introduce her to the joyride that is sciatica…

    While she’s totally f*cked in the head, low income people should have the right to have children and not be chastised for it. Last time I checked, babies aren’t just for the rich and sorry to say but the last paragraph, for the most part, could’ve been written about that Jolie woman.

    And CB, what does “she even has an autistic son” mean? That came across really badly…at least to me.

  50. for_realz says:

    i read an article last week about preemie boys having a higher risk of autism. she already has one son diagnosed with it, and now could possibly have six more sons run the risk of this mystery disease (illness?)

    *not trying to offend anyone with autistic children, i am ignorant as to how to term it!*

  51. Diva says:

    Call me selfish, then, Jen. Why do I want children? Because I WANT to be a mother and have for 15 years.

    I think your comment was messed up and has nothing to do with the extreme nature of THIS woman.

  52. I’m waiting for Child Services to remove those children from her home. I mean, if she’s “chronically disabled”, it’s really for the best. (To say nothing of the legal and ethical reasons for removing children from an unstable home.)

  53. kate says:

    if she is so into her kids then why, on the day of her release from the hospital, isn’t she spending time with her kids instead of being interviewed for the today show? famewhore.

  54. jj says:

    If her childhood was so devastating, why is she bringing her kids into the world in the same family she grew up with?

  55. Couger says:

    If I lived in California, I would be gathering up people to riot in the streets over this one. Enough is enough already.

    Also – It appears to me that this twat has enhanced her lips, etc to look like Angelina. Maybe she wants to be Ange? Just sayin’. . . .

  56. Milk Bottle says:

    Therapy Therapy !!!!!!

  57. adrseq says:

    i dont like this at all, if she gets a tv show, i will be mad. it is unfair to those who have to struggle everyday to support their kids. i understand she wanted a big family, but she knew she couldn’t support them all. and now everyone is interested, naturally, so her show would probably get high ratings, at least at first. it seems like she planned for this, to get a handout, and now, im sure she will, because of the interest. its crazy.

  58. jayem says:

    This was my original comment ~ Okay, if she can’t walk, stand, sit, bend, or do anything else that requires movement, who thought it was a brilliant idea for her to carry 8 babies?! ~ but you guys said it all and more and much more eloquently.

    So, I will just say; This is SO above and beyond weird. I keep expecting her to reveal the alien inside her that is conspiring to take over the planet with her alien offspring. WEIRD!!

    Oh, and Syko, I asked the same question on another thread. Again, more weirdness…

  59. Cougar says:

    A couple of additional comments: First of all, she’s wearing black and gray. Remind you of anyone else?

    Also, at the end of the taped segment, Ann was asked by Matt Lauer, how she was planning on taking care of these babies and Ann said that that was something she was “trying to figure out”. Wouldn’t the time to figure that out be BEFORE you had all those babies implanted? Hmmmmmmm?????

  60. doodahs says:

    I thought she looked like a distorted version of Angelina Jolie in recent photos of her (nose, lips,). Maybe she’s looking to model herself on Santa Ange?

  61. tara says:

    This is one of the most gruesome individuals that has ever walked the planet! Selfish, selfcentered, and ignorant! I honestly hope she ends up in a cardboard box and the children taken away. Bioche!

  62. Berta says:

    When I first heard about this woman, I only heard that she had octuplets. Then I found out that she already had 6 kids at home, she had no job, she was collecting disability for 3 of her kids. The one with autism i can understand, my cousin is autistic i know that is very hard. The one with ADHD shouldn’t be getting a disability check, they aren’t even old enough to know that they can or can’t do anything.
    Anyways after finding out all the “facts” about this woman i was completely disgusted. I have PCOS im 24 ive known since i was 14 about the probability of myself not being able to have children. Unless i take fertility medicine or do what she did. Im disgusted because i have always wanted to be a mother, and because i know of the things i have to go through to make that happen. So to me even once would have been enough, im married and just recently lost my job which puts on hold the thoughts of having a child again. i can’t even get help because my husband makes 2-3 dollars too much a month.
    And to think that she used her disability money to have one and then kept going, more than likely because she found out that she could get help from the state and that she wouldn’t have to work. She says that she was brought up in a dysfunctional household and that she was a lonely child who wanted siblings. Yet she is going to go back to school she’s hoping this fall and leave her (at that time) 6-8 month olds in day care. But at the same time she says that she is going to shower all 14 of her children with love and affection. She isn’t going to have time if she is going to be in school to devote the time that, that many children need. Not to mention that when she is done with school she doesn’t know what her work schedule is going to be like. She shouldn’t be a single mother to that many kids there isn’t enough of her to go around so that they will feel what she sys she lacked as a child.
    She is also trying now to figure out how she is going to support all of her children. (Cougar) makes a good point in saying that she should have figured out how she was going to support them before they were implanted. However even if she thought that she was only going to have one more, and she said that she was struggling with the 6 that she already had. Don’t you think that she should have taken the 9 months that she was pregnant to “figure out” what she was going to do to support them? She said that they saw at least 5 of them early on so she knew. She should have thought ahead since she knew! She should have stopped earlier, she wanted her kids to have what she didn’t “siblings” so she should have at least stopped after 3 isn’t the average household of kids 2.5? It’s sad that as a lot of people said the people that really need help can’t get it and people like her can. I’m just so disgusted by the whole thing, everything ive read about this whole situation makes me angry. People who can’t have kids (physically) are probably looking at her and saying i just payed my taxes so that you could have what i want and can’t afford. Thus probably some of the death threats. Anyways I can’t write anymore it’s still making me mad, every time i walk in to a store there she is on the cover of a magazine!

  63. Seriously says:

    Amazing that someone who suffers from a back injury serious enough to receive disability payments had 5 pregnancies in a row (with 1 set of twins) and then carried the enormous burden of 8. It seems like this all began with the ability to collect DIS-ability fraudulently. Disgusting lie – when there are far too many truly injured who really need it. Shame on you Nadya. SHAME

  64. Tiger says:

    So being a 23 year old taxpayer and after hearing her story, I’m very disgusted at the fact that she is becoming so “FAMOUS” because of the octuplets. I know I’m young and still have may years to experience life, but I sure as hell now when I could have children. She has no income!! how is she to support those children, with my taxes? I think not!! She needs to be taken down, those children need to be put up for adoption and this whole situation needs to be taken care of. Knowing she’s a grown woman and being so irresponsible just angers me, she is a bad example of a mother and will never be considered a mother by me.