Angelina Jolie’s still estranged from Jon Voight, she won’t let him see the kids


In last week’s National Enquirer, there was a boring story about how Angelina Jolie didn’t want her father, Jon Voight, around her kids – you can read the story here. I thought the story was stupid because of the motive given for Angelina’s hesitance – the Enquirer claimed Angelina didn’t want Voight around the kids because of his role on Ray Donovan. That’s it. Seriously. We’ve heard variations of this “estrangement” story throughout the years, and Jon and Angelina’s relationship is famously dysfunctional. Several years ago, it seemed like Angelina had let her dad back into her life and allowed him to spend time with his grandkids, although that seemed to be short-lived. Still, we don’t know what their current relationship is like these days. Or do we?

Fame/Flynet has some exclusive photos (which we don’t have but you can see here) of Voight dropping off a giant Valentine’s Day card, flowers, candy and presents with someone identified as one of Angelina’s bodyguards. Here’s what Fame/Flynet claims:

In what appears as a desperate and seemingly futile attempt to repair their damaged relationship, a grey and grizzled Jon Voight meets Angelina Jolie’s bodyguard in an LA parking lot to offer up a homemade Valentine’s Day card and a bag of See’s candy to his estranged daughter and her family on February 14, 2014. While the 74 year old actor has seen a boost in his career with an impressive turn in hit TV show ‘Ray Donovan,’ his real life seems to be mimicking his award-winning role role as a father struggling to overcome his past and make amends with his children.

It appeared that Jolie refused to allow her father to visit her at her home and only agreed to send her bodygaurd to meet Voight in a nearby grocery store parking lot, where he offered up a peace offering of a Valentine’s Day card and candy. The oversized card was handmade and the words ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear beautiful family! I love you! Grandpa Jon’ and ‘I love my Angie, I love you Maddox’ could be seen written on it along with messages.

[From Fame/Flynet]

So… are Angelina and Jon estranged once again? Probably. Or it could be that Angelina was already en route to London (where she and Brad walked the BAFTA red carpet) and she just sent a bodyguard or assistant to pick the stuff up. But my money is still on estrangement! Angelina never really seemed to care that much about burying the hatchet with her father, it seemed more like something she was talked into by Brad, or by a desire to let her kids at least meet their grandfather. By the way, I don’t really blame Angelina for not wanting much to do with Jon – he seems very passive-aggressive towards her. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Jon was the one to tell the photo agencies this particular sob story.

PS… Here’s the first trailer for Angelina’s Unbroken.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Zadie says:

    I don’t know. I think not talking to her father is something she will regret in the long run.

    • JaDeRu says:

      We don’t know the relationship though. Just what we read about it. If it is toxic, then she’s better off not talking to him.

      • Really says:

        This is exactly it. I wonder if sometimes when people say to get over it, they’re coming at it from a place where maybe it’s more pride that was hurt or stubbornness, not people doing real damage to someone. I’ve often found family will hurt you faster than strangers and is, more often than not, an excuse to do it over and over. It’s better to mourn the loss of what could have been than to have your self worth eroded over time by genetically linked people.

      • Irishserra says:

        @JaDeRue & Really: I could not agree with you more, which is why I’ve learned to really differentiate between family and relatives. I think Dickens said it best in Nicholas Nickleby when he said: “They came to see that family need not be defined merely as those with whom they share blood but for those whom they would give their blood.”

        I fell in love with those words years ago and have lived by them ever since.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        I agree. Nothing else to add.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Not necessarily something she will regret. Sometimes, it’s best to separate from relationships that are damaging. People aren’t allowed to hurt you because they’re family – it isn’t a free pass to act however you want.

      • Badirene says:

        “People aren’t allowed to hurt you because they’re family – it isn’t a free pass to act however you want. ”

        Amen! It took me a long time to realise this and distance myself from someone very toxic in my family, never regretted it.

      • Aims says:

        Agreed. Just because your family doesn’t give you a free pass to treat each other like crap. She has her own family now and she has every right to protect them from what ever she considers harmful. Something I’ll always remember is when Jon went on national t.v. to talk about his lack of relationship with his daughter. I thought that was beyond tacky. If he is serious about wanting to be a parent and grandpa, he would mend bridges privately.

      • Eleonor says:

        I’ve a complicated relationship with my father too, because basically he has been acting like an a-hole to me and to my mum.
        I’ve had to deal with a lot of issues due to him, and still I am.
        I see him sometimes, very few phone calls, just because I think it’s polite, but seriously when you have been treated like sh*@ at a certain point you say “you know what? I don’t have to deal with this anymore, I don’t deserve it” it’s not easy but it helps to move on.
        I have an amazing boyfriend and I keep him away from my father, because I will never allow him to poison my life anymore.

      • K says:


        And she’s a mother, and from all accounts a good one. If her father was a toxic person in her own growing up (obviously that’s an if) I can’t see a responsible mom being anything but wary about allowing him to hurt her own kids, too.

    • V4Real says:

      IDK, I have family members that I’m not that close to or don’t really talk too. We all have our reasons, including Angie. There’s a chance she might regret not mending the relationship but we don’t have a clue what’s going on between her and Jon.

    • lilian says:

      Family is such a strange thing. You are thrown in this huge world with people that u may have nothing in common with, who may hurt u n belittle you or who might love you unconditionally. Noone, no matter how imtimately u know people will ever know the dynamics of anyone elses family. So in this case I don’t think we should try. Its a private issue, let’s not judge n critise either of them because noone but the 2 of them truly knows what’s happening.

    • queenfreddiemercury says:

      IMO just because you are related to someone doesn’t mean you need them in your life. Sometimes people are way too toxic to be around and it’s better to stay away. I’m speaking from personal experience.

    • Rice says:

      At 19 years old, my mom told my father that she was pregnant with me (his child). The first thing he said was “it isn’t mine”. The second thing he said, after she convinced him that I am his, was that she should “get rid of it”. As a child, it seriously bothered me that my father never gave a damn about me. He made fleeting appearances throughout my life but they were never substantial. I was lucky that I grew up with loving uncles, older male cousins, a wonderful granny (RIP) and an excellent mom. Just before I got married over 8 years ago, my mom asked him about his poor performance as a father. He said that he had to struggle for affection from his own father who was also a non-factor in his life so I should do the same. So, yeah, I understand where Angelina is coming from. She totally exorcised him from her life, just like I did. I can’t fault her for wanting to protect her kids from a transient grandfather.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Oh, we must have the same sperm donor. My sperm donor told my mom that me and my twin weren’t his, and refused to pay any type of child support. My mom let it go up until I was about seven, and then she started calling him and asking him to start paying child support–all she wanted was 50 dollars a month, for each of us to put in a bank account–so 100 dollars a month for TWO kids. She gave him YEARS to start making the payments–she didn’t take him to court until I was 11, and he was nearly arrested because he wouldn’t go in and take the DNA test. The last thing he told my mom was that if she made him pay child support, then he wouldn’t ever have a relationship with either of us (I’ve never met him)……well, guess who called, cussing my mom out, right after the reports came in??

        Yeah. And now he’s been asking my mom if he can come and see us–I think not. Not only is he a shitty sperm donor, I’ve got at least ten other brothers and one sister…..he’s the type of dude who let’s his ex wife’s husband adopt HIS kids and have no further contact with them, because he doesn’t want to pay child support.

      • V4Real says:

        “Not only is he a shitty sperm donor, I’ve got at least ten other brothers and one sister”

        Damn VC, we just might be related after all. LOL. I have a host of brothers and sisters as well on my dad side. I used to say I think my dad made a child in every state he drove through. I held no ill wishes or feelings towards the man because he was there occasionally as I was growing up but not a lot. Sadly to say he passed away in December 2012. As shitty as this may sound, I loved him because he was my father and I wouldn’t be here without him but I wasn’t all torn to pieces when I got the news of his death. But we had started to mend fences.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Oooh, mine’s not dead yet….not that I know of anyway. I don’t really see myself mending fences, mainly because he’s made it clear that he doesn’t really care about me, had to be strong armed into taking a DNA test (he only went to because the courts basically sent him a letter that said if he didn’t show up, they were gonna throw him in jail–that’s how many meetings he skipped), lied to my mom about being married w/kids (they were both in the military, stationed abroad), and then told her that we weren’t his… she’s the wh0re for sleeping around…

      • V4Real says:

        …and I forgot to add I didn’t attend the funeral. He was basically a stranger to me; but I didn’t hate him. I do however keep in touch with three of my sisters on his side. He wasn’t around much for them as well. I don’t think I cared one way or the other and never gave it much thought.

        I cried at the end of this old movie about a dog called “Old Yeller but when my father died I didn’t shed not one tear. That says a lot about our relationship.

      • Steph says:

        The guy who fathered me refused to be tested for compatibility for blood donor status when I was dying (I had to get blood from a stranger). We hadn’t seen/heard from him in years. He asked my mother “How is this my problem?” before he hung up on her. Some people *deserve* to be excised from your life and the lives of your children, lest their corrosive influence visit damage on another generation.

      • Rice says:

        @VC, my mom took my father to court when I was 11 too. I can count on one hand the times my father ever willingly gave me something. He has quite a number of children and the funny thing is that he has a great, well-paying job. In my country (Caribbean), we call men like that the “Village Ram” as in a ram-goat. They’ve got super sperm and can make whole lot of kids with different females.

        @V4Real, I too hold no ill-will towards him. To me, he’s just another human being on this earth whom I would assist if in trouble. But I feel absolutely nothing about him. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a horrible person, but if he dies before me, I won’t pretend to mourn over him. So, I agree with you. I don’t hate him, I just don’t feel anything about him (If that makes any sense). BTW, I did try reaching out to him on several occasions but he NEVER reciprocated. Ironically, he loves to boast about his “bright, intelligent oldest daughter” to anyone within hearing distance.

        @Steph, I can’t even begin to tell you how horrible I feel about that. I hope you’re okay now. BTW, I know you excised your father, but to me (and my mom) it felt like an exorcism.

        Oh, and the punch-line: His birthday is the day after mine but he can never remember it. *Shrug*

      • Kate says:

        guess I’m not an only child after all. I got sisters YEAHHHH. the sperm donor only had to pay $25.00 a week. paid once and that was it. my grandfather, uncle and cousins were the positive role models in my life. when I graduated from high school he wanted to meet me. I told my mother I wasn’t interested. She never said a bad work against him.

      • Hiddles forever says:

        It seems we all have in common a sperm donor.. Same here… Regretting it? I don’t know about Angie and Jon but be sure that me and my father were estranged for years and he was not even invited to my wedding. For me he dug his grave with his own hands years ago (he was abusive to me and my brother for two decades) and he is no more, no matter what other people think, say or believe.

    • phlyfiremama says:

      My father was a POS when we were growing up. Him not being in my life was better for me than him being in it, to this day. I have 3 brothers, and when my Father died last year only 1 of us still had any kind of relationship with him~us other 3 didn’t even bat an eye. Obviously the Jolie has reasons for being estranged that the rest of us are clueless about and can only (in vain, might I add) speculate on. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • TC says:

      This story is a load of bunk. There are photos of Voight with the kids as well as Brad and Angie in Venice, Italy when she was filming The Tourist. He’s also been seen in LA with a few of the kids (without Brad and Angie) enjoying some ice cream with Angie’s producing partner, Holly Goline. Google is your friend, people. And, according to Voight himself, he’s been to Brad and Angie’s family home after her surgeries last spring.

      Brad and Angie have had a successful weekend with his BAFTA award for TYAS and her well received Olympic tribute piece to Louie Zamperini providing a “first look” at Unbroken. So now it’s time to sh*t on them again. It’s the classic tabloid formula.

      • mommy2b says:

        Yes, I was thinking the exact samething. Rehash an old story ’cause everyone’s checking for Angie again. She probably told her father he could have another chance if he keeps his mouth shut. It’s not lost on me that it’s also easier to be a grandparent then a parent so he trying to make up for his mistakes as a father through his grandchildren.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Sorry, but absolutely disagree. There are some people you just have to cut off. She doesn’t need him, and has built other much better support systems. In an ideal world the kids would know their grandfather, but it’s not an ideal world. I should have cut my parents out of my life years ago before they started abusing my children the same way they abused me. Now they are 92 and 94 and I feel I have to see them through to the end, even though they are still toxic.

    • Steph says:

      I don’t know. My father was a terrible parent and to this day, I haven’t let him see my child. It remains the smartest thing I ever did and that decision did not spring from pettiness. Rather, it was made out of a desire never to have my child exposed to such a malignant influence. So let the woman be. She has her reasons and who the hell are we to second guess it. A parent’s prime directive is protection of her children. I’d think that this is exactly what she’s doing.

    • Jenna says:

      As someone in the midst of struggling to find a way to finally cut cords and build safe walls… sometimes it really is the only way to survive and get out of a toxic situation finally. He calls the papers and makes a giant (and therefore easy for the papers to get a good shot AND read the ‘good bit’) spectacle of how he’s trying so hard? I’ve actually had to deal with that kind of manipulative abuse. Sometimes you just have to say no more. At the moment I’m dealing with it from both sides, and I can tell you it’s almost impossible for an adult to allow a relationship with their own family and an abusive parent. Why in the world would Angelina want her children exposed to a man she doesn’t trust? I mean, one of the main reasons my husband and I have waited to expand our own family is due to never wanting certain family members to be allowed around them. With how public (and how private Angelina tries to be) Voight has been an abusive ass towards his daughter, why should she allow him a part of her life? Calling the papers to show off a valentine with her name on it isn’t reaching for a relationship – it’s reaching for more space in the paper.

    • Evi says:

      It all depends. There are many examples of families that are too dysfunctional for everyday contact or any contact. If you feel that you’ve gotten your life together then you don’t want to have anything to do with people that have damaged you.
      I’m the same way with a foster parent, as well as two half brothers [who treated me as though I was a rival for our father's attentions for decades, even though our father has been dead for decades]. The foster parent wouldn’t let a day pass without criticism, body shaming, cutting remarks and years later, my two half brothers cheated me out of my rightful inheritance]. And yes, I’ve made the mistake [once] of contracting them because people said to me, ‘oh they’re your family, you’ll regret not talking to them’, only to suffer more from them throughout my twenties. Then I put my foot down and said enough was enough. Haven’t spoken to them for a decade and am happier for it, achieved so much more [an undergraduate degree and now a postgraduate law degree].
      You know the saying: you can’t pick your family…
      It’s true for some people and they should have the right to choose if they don’t want to communicate nor subject their children to the psychological torture and games.

  2. Angelic 21 says:

    It’s her business and nobody else’s.

    • V4Real says:

      You know I was going to write a similar response but then I caught myself. Almost every celeb on this site we discuss “it’s their business” but we still comment on it.

      • Blue says:

        I don’t think it’s right to comment on private family matters, clothes, films, anything they bring out into the public is fair game, but somethings should remain off limits for every celeb.

      • V4Real says:

        I get what you’re saying Blue but this is on a gossip site so people are going to comment on it. Don’t you think Taylor Swift losing her virginity is a private matter but people still commented on it. If it’s written about and the public has access to read about it, it’s not off limits even though you might feel it shoud be.

      • Blue says:

        I get what you’re saying as well, I haven’t read the thread, so if Taylor spoke of losing her virginity then it’s fair game, If not then no, that is deeply personal and private. I just think some things need to be left alone. Like I said if the celebs put it out there for the public, then gossip away.

  3. Original Tessa says:

    I didn’t think they were estranged anymore. I can’t keep up. I thought that was over.

  4. kellyinseattle says:

    I would seemto think she’s just protecting her cubs. Just wentin the bathroom ansd sa my hair in the mirror, sticking up-down-sideways. I bet she even looks gorgeous when she wakes up!

  5. MrsBPitt says:

    When I saw this story yesterday, I thought to myself that Voight, had to have called the paps…why would the paps be in a random parking lot? He seems like a really strange guy…I think there is so much more to the estrangement than we will ever know…

    • Blannie says:

      And not only must he have called the paps, he made sure to show the message on the back of the card, so that the world could see what a great granddad he is. I’m with Angelina if she wants him out of her life. He’s all about keeping his relationship with her in the public eye for all to see. UGH.

    • Suzen says:

      Yes exactly. A HUGE card so we can all see every word on it?! And it was HANDMADE? What… the poor guy couldn’t afford to simply buy one, that was heartfelt and normal sized? This was definitely a cry for public attention. I understand why she is sick of his crap, seems he’s not even sincere.

    • Evi says:

      I think this relationship was always toxic. I remember when the thing that tipped the scales was Voight told Access Hollywood his daughter was mentally unstable. This event apparently led to the estrangement. To me, this type of father/parent who publicly says such things about their child is out of order and only indicative of how dysfunctional he is and always was.
      This attempt by caregivers or parents to humiliate their children rebounds badly on them, and they don’t realise it -that is how narcissistic they are. In my view, Jon Voight is a huge narcissist who couldn’t and still can’t accept that his daughter’s career has eclipsed him.

  6. cheesecake says:

    God!! This woman is everything you imagine her to be… She’s still in there, the bad girl, take no sh-t, butt kicker is still alive!!!
    Having said that, I actually think Brad has more to do with it than Angie. Brad just strikes me as the type of guy to cut out anyone who pisses his family off without a breath’s notice!!

    • realmccoy says:

      @cheesecake, don’t put this on Brad. Everytime Angie lets Jon in he runs to the papers to tell what he knows.

    • Vanessa says:

      I don’t think so. I think Brad is the one who encouraged her to reconcile with her father in the first place. I remember reading that he used to encouage Jen to reconcile with her estranged mother too. He seems like a family over everything type of guy to me.

    • Penny says:

      Sorry, but I think you’re wrong about Brad on supporting cutting off family members or respecting his partner’s decisions about relationships with parents. Allegedly Aniston was estranged from her mother for writing a tell all on Aniston and criticizing her facial features endorsing plastic surgery – especially for her nose and saying her eyes are too close together. It was a strain in her relationship to Brad who constantly tried to get her to make amends. But, he came into his relationship with Angie knowing the existing estrangement and reasons. I suppose since part of the friction between Voight & Angie was Voight’s antagonism of Angie’s choice to adopt etc. , Brad he wasn’t so quick to judge and impose reconciliation this time around with his new leading lady with parent issues. Having a grudge because mother is a famewhore and mean girl I guess isn’t as bad as a bigoted domineering famewhore father.

  7. Toot says:

    Who knows if this is true, but Jon probably did tip off the paps, he’s not a big draw, which makes me still side eye him.

  8. MediaMaven says:

    He had me at “Sees Candy”……….

  9. Frida_K says:

    I had to walk away from my family but it was me or them. I chose survival.

    We never know what a person’s reasons are, and unless you know what it is to have a family within which your choices are stark (my survival or that of the toxic family unit), you really don’t know how bad it can really be.

    That’s all I got.

  10. The Original G says:

    He was at her Oscar thing in the fall. I’m suspicious of the muckracking. There was a story that she didn’t want her kids to see Ray Donovan, which is perfectly reasonable. Wow, does Shilo ever take after him.

  11. Jen says:

    So, he shows up when they are out of town and now she is the bad guy. Does he have a phone and how did he know to meet someone in a parking lot if he did not get in touch with them and gee whiz, paps just happen to be there to photograph poor pitiful grandpa John. If this is how he wants to show how much he loves her, he is not doing it right and this is why she does not trust him.

  12. Sullivan says:

    Geez, Voight is gross. You can’t pick your parents. Angelina had a good mother, at least. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to give my father a big hug. Thanks, Jon Voight, for reminding me that I have a good Dad who was always there for me when I was growing up.

  13. Kiddo says:

    In the past, Voight seemed incredibly opportunistic while hitching his sails to Angie’s boat, for attention. I can’t say if this story is true, but if so, I can understand. As I recall, he wasn’t a humungous presence in her childhood. But it falls into none of anyone’s business, really. For whatever reason, I find him off-putting. He doesn’t exude that endearing selfless dad quality to me, but it’s just my perception.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      All I have to say is, if my dad went on tv and told the world that I was crazy, told all the paps that I was adopting a child, so that when I got into the US, I was greeted by the paps–I’d cut him off for a loooong time. I mean, even if everything he said was true–that’s not how you handle things like that. You don’t air family grievances on facebook, let alone tmz.

      • Tammy says:

        Well she is kind of crazy lol.. vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck, french kissing her brother at an awards show? And he is not the only one that aired family grievances…how else do you think the world knows, repeatedly, he cheated on her mother? I’m not saying he’s a wonderful guy because I don’t know him but we can’t automatically assume she’s a great person, either.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        The vial of blood was a little dried flower with a drop of blood on it, she didn’t french kiss her brother–it was a close mouthed kiss, and I’ve read one time where Angelina talked about her dad cheating on her mother–it was her Vogue (or Vanity Fair) interview in 2004, when the interviewer asked her if she had seen some film of her father’s (that Angelina had a small part in as a child), and Angelina said something like ‘You do know you’re asking me if I saw a movie with my dad and the woman that my dad cheated on my mother with/left my mother for’…..that was years ago….and I think making an innocuous comment about something that happened over twenty years ago pales in comparison with making comments about your daughter’s mental health, based on the fact that she didn’t want to do what you wanted her to do.

      • Nee says:

        The vial was not filled with blood. And kissing her brother makes her a little weird, not crazy. It also does not make her a bad person.

        And all those things were over ten years ago. People have to go that far in the past to find something to attack her for.

      • Maeve says:

        Angie never wore a VIAL of blood around her neck or French-kissed her brother. EVen if she had what makes you think her Dad had any business using any of that for publicity. She had just broken up with Billy Bob and was a single-Mum of a baby in the UK making a HUGE studio film that rested on her shoulders and he tried to destroy her career.

        I don’t get why people don’t listen to Angie. She said on 60 Minutes that she agreed to have Jon in her family’s life but they were never to talk about the past. She made it pretty clear they aren’t close. She did it for her brother because after he Mum dies she didn’t want him to only have one family member …. and her kids.

        She’s a better woman than me. I wouldn’t allow that right-wing looney tune anywhere near me or mine. If they are estranged Jon probably pulled some kind of crap again …. probably with the children.

      • Steph says:

        I think it’s unfair to call her “crazy”. I hate when other women call each other that. So she went through a wild phase: so what? We ALL do (or most of us do). She just happened to do it before the world’s press and it’s not like she had much of a choice.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Virgilia Coriolanus et all …

        Here is an August 2, 2002 “Entertainment Weekly” article titled “Null and Voight” by Gary Susman about the ‘My daughter has mental issues’ TV press rant Jon Voight made. The crux of it seems to be “Angie’s crazy because she won’t let me see my grandson.” And her manager says that Jon Voight aggressively grabbed Angie at an awards show to try and make her talk to him. Whom do we believe? Here’s a link to the article:,,333476,00.html

  14. Miffy says:

    Part of me wants to believe this is a misunderstanding, she was out of town, he wanted to drop his home-made bits and pieces over while they were unavailable, paps just conveniently happened to be arseing around a grocery store car park (as they are wont to do….). Mainly because now he looks so old and cuddly and calls himself ‘Grampa Jon’…

    However the other part of me is acutely aware of the man who neglected his children and cheated on and abandoned their mother until one of his kids became more famous than he and suddenly he was interested ( in just that one child and only maintaining a very public relationship with them).

    Sorry Grampa Jon, you reap what you sow. Off to hug my dad.

  15. Luca26 says:

    He’s really erratic in public so I can only imagine what he’s like in private. She has kids of different nationalities and he might not even be aware of how insensitive he is like many a doddering grandfather with old school values. In that scenario I can see her being upset about him playing a racist especially if he shows any favoritism to the biological kids.

  16. littlestar says:

    I kind of think this story to be true, and given all of the shady things we’ve heard about Voigt over the years, I don’t blame Angelina at all. Perhaps she’s trying to protect her children from her father’s manipulation? He tries to manipulate the press often to make himself seem like the victim, being punished by his “crazy” daughter. He was a crappy father, I’m guessing Angelina doesn’t want his sh*t in her children’s lives.

    Side note, damn she is beautiful!!! So exquisite. That face!

    The trailer for the movie seemed a little bland to me :( . Not something I’m interested in seeing.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Eh, sometimes you let the dad back in, to see the grandkids. My grandfather on my mom’s side didn’t give two shits about his (six) kids. And my mom said that that was the worst thing ever to grow up with–and she and my aunts and uncles were abused by other relatives. She said that while he provided them with the basic necessities, he didn’t care about them or what they were doing. She never came home from school, and had him ask her ‘what did you learn today?’ or ‘did you have a good day?’–nothing like that.

      She let him back in, because she had my older sister, and said that he was a million times better as a grandfather, than a father. But she also said that when he died (which was shortly after I was born), she didn’t feel anything–which she knew that even more because one of her friends, while she was in the Navy, her friend’s father died. When her friend was pulled aside into a room and told (my mom waited outside), she said that girl screamed so loud, that she could hear her out in the hall……

  17. Looking for fools says:

    I Love Angie, NOT EVERYONE IS FIT AS A PARENT!Thats the truth.

  18. floretta50 says:

    Jon Voight have some very strong opinions on race, gays and politics and he is not shy about expressing them especially when he is interviewed on Fox cable news. Brad and Angie is very liberal and have children of different nationalities and race in her family so just imagine. She have let him in maybe he slipped up and said something? Still if what I read is true, Jolie is wrong, if she can find ways to extend herself to daunting situations, places and different people all over the world, certainly she find a way to keep her own father in her life.

    • Kiddo says:

      No one knows what is true, but you are conflating two very different things. The only thing in common is that Angie has no obligation to either, but she chooses to help the disenfranchised. Her father is far from that, and her relationship with him may be very complicated. I don’t understand how you feel that since she does for others that she automatically owes her father.

    • Steph says:

      Just because some guy contributes sperm doesn’t mean he automatically gets to be in your life, especially when he’s demonstrated that his first priority is himself. My own father is/was an asshole (don’t know if he’s even still alive) but my stepfather? The greatest man who has ever walked the planet. Bar none. To my mind, a father is someone who is there during the tough times — the key is in BEING THERE. This Voigt dirtbag wasn’t. He’s only in it for the publicity. And those comments that his daughter was mentally ill? Pfft: that remark — to the world’s media no less — would have gotten him turfed from my life forever. You do not throw your own kid under the bus that way. EVER. If your own father isn’t on your side and doesn’t know when to STFU, then he doesn’t really care. Really, wtf did he hope to achieve by that?

  19. lucy2 says:

    There is something about him I’ve never liked, and he tends to blab about stuff he shouldn’t. I don’t blame anyone who makes the tough choice to cut a destructive family member out of their lives. If it’s gotten to that point, it’s usually for the best.

  20. lisa2 says:

    I think the story is BS.. I think the paps got a picture of him and wrote the story based on the picture. I also don’t get why people assume she and her father are not talking. She has been very honest about their relationship. They talk, but to imply that they are super close is not true. I think she is at a point where her family is her top priortity. she has her children and Brad. Jon likes the attention he gets as her father.

    The press needed something to counter the positive about the BAFTAs and Unbroken here it is. Besides this came from the Dailymail. As if they know squat about this family.

    • Springtime says:

      Exactly! They tried to say Angelina didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with Brad but it was dark when they left. They tried to say she left Brad but apparently they missed him being on the same flight with them. These tabloids are always looking to spin a negativity on Angelina to feed the bellys of those who want to believe she is some mean/hateful person.

      After looking at the photos it seems to me that Jon had his assistant meet him to take the items to his family. He looks like he went in to shop first and gave the assistant the items he wanted them to have. I won’t shade him on the paps because in any popular celebrity CA city a pap may be hanging at “Whole Foods” or “Bristol Farms” in hopes to catch a celebrity shopping, especially on a holiday. Jon probably knew they were leaving or gone and just wanted to send the family a gift. Nothing more.

  21. Penelope says:

    I caught “Coming Home” on an old movie channel a few days ago and man, you almost forget (if you are even old enough to remember, of course) how damn hot Jon Voight was back in the 70s and what a HUGE star he was as well. Very, very good actor.

    • The Original G says:

      And Midnight Cowboy. The performance of a lifetime.

    • Miffy says:

      The only thing I’ve seen him in is The Odessa File and he was brilliant (and hot). So at least when he was running around pretending not to be married with kids he had something to show for it :-/ Such a shame.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Penelope …

      You should check out “Midnight Cowboy” and a wonderful 1974 film based upon a novel by Frederick Forsyth titled “The ODESSA File.” It is one of Jon Voight’s best performances, and his German accent in the film is impeccable.

    • Cecilia says:

      Jon Voight is an incredible actor & was one of the hottest men in Hollywood. I still have great respect for him as an actor & he always ‘seemed’ like a good person.

    • Hootysgram says:

      WAY better actor than his daughter is an actress. She and Brad look so smug in these photo’s….so full of themselves. She thinks she’s landed the hottest guy in Hollywood and he thinks he’s landed the hottest babe. Truthfully….they’re both attractive people…but NOT the best Hollywood or any place else…has to offer. She ruined her beauty with all those darn tattoo’s…I wish them both well….someday it’ll all come out in a tell all book and we’ll see what life was really like between them. One of those kids will grow up resenting them…and smear them. Always happens with Hollywood brats.

      • Rhea says:

        Huh. And you said that you wish them well…#smh

      • Evi says:

        Sure, it’s true that he was a better actor than his daughter…but he also has himself to blame for the downfall of his career.
        Look at Mel Gibson, similar situation. Great actor…but kicks themselves in the ass career wise and goes downhill.
        Self destructive.
        I think earlier on in her career, Angelina was self-destructive and I think a part of her still is [she is too thin, giving rise to the question of an eating disorder], but nowhere near the same level as before and that this earlier self destruction was connected to her idea of her father. In the years that she cut off from him, she has made progress on herself as an individual and as a parent.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Hootsygram, who wrote: “One of those kids will grow up resenting them…and smear them. Always happens with Hollywood brats.”

        Do you know ‘why’ it always happens with ‘Hollywood brats’? Because many actors go away for months at a time and leave their kids at home with the Nannies with no other supervision or ship them off to a fancy Boarding school for the entire year so they (the actor/actress) can party, travel in peace, smoke pot, and drink margaritas on the beach.

        You should read an interview with Cher and Greg Almond’s son (a recovering addict). He said his parents would ship them (he and Chasity) off to Boarding schools and wouldn’t see them for long spans of time. He said when he was 10-years-old he would say he was going to visit his parents in New York City and then he and his friends would go up to Harlem and buy drugs. At 10-years old.

        The Jolie-Pitt kids won’t grow up ‘resentful’ because they have something the average ‘Hollywood Brats’ don’t have … loving parents who want, and take, their kids with them when they travel/work. They spend all important Holiday/family birthdays together and actually encourage their kids to be active and spend time outdoors. They let their kids ‘be’ kids and don’t compete with them (which is another way some actors/actresses can damage their kids).

  22. Springtime says:

    I call horse poo on this story. Jon attended the Oscar ceremony with Angelina in November. They were out of town and the other children may have been staying with other family and Jon may not have wanted to drive to the other side of town. Therefore, either Brad or Angelinan arranged for one of their people to meet him to pick up the gifts for the children.

    Angelina is not going to stop her children from seeing their grandpa unless he did something extremely heinous to them. Yes, she was estranged before but I feel that is water under the bridge for her. I believe she keeps him at a distance to make sure he doesn’t cause hurt amongst her family but I believe she doesn’t deny him access to his grandkids.

  23. Ferris says:

    Can anyone elaborate why they fell out it in the first place? Just curious.

    • The Original G says:

      The speculation is first that her mother was shattered by Voight’s cheating. Later on, when Angie was an adult he made some statements to the media about her being mentally unstable. They did reconcile and he leaked to the press that she was adopting again. Possibly, this made her rather distrustful of him, but they seemed to have gotten past it.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Remember when AJ got her humanitarian oscar and everyone was all ‘Why didn’t she thank her father? That’s rude, etc’…..that’s because her dad basically gave her 1/2 of her good looks and that’s about it. The way I look at Jon Voight, he was probably similar to how my mom was ‘raised’ by her dad.

      Basically Jon Voight was the ‘fun’ parent, from what I understand. They primarily lived with their mom, and he paid for the basics, etc–but they never grew up with money (not saying that he had to shower them in gifts or whatever)…..and I also get the impression that he came by every once in a while and played the good dad, and then went off and did his own thing–no consistency. So when AJ got older, started acting, and started not pleasing her dad with her life, that’s when the public issue started.

      I know that he went on tv and told everyone that he was scared for her mental health, she said in her book, ‘Notes from my Travels’ that he called the UNHCR and stop her from going on her UN trip (the first one that she took)–so didn’t support her at all in any of her humanitarian work, and when she adopted Maddox/brought him into the country, he went on tv again, saying that he was going to be a grandfather. When AJ’s plane came into the airport, she was greeted by the paps (she came back from filming ‘Beyond Borders’). And after she cut him out of her life, he was on every single unauthorized biography program, talking about her (you know, those celebrity biography things they do on tv)–I’ve watched a few on youtube….I have yet to watch one where he wasn’t in it, which is weird. Most family members don’t talk about their celeb relatives to the public like that.

      But that’s basically it. I get the feeling that he was like my grandfather, where he didn’t really start paying much attention to her until she started getting into acting.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Virgilia Coriolanus, who wrote: “Basically Jon Voight was the ‘fun’ parent, from what I understand. They primarily lived with their mom, and he paid for the basics, etc–but they never grew up with money (not saying that he had to shower them in gifts or whatever)…..and I also get the impression that he came by every once in a while and played the good dad, and then went off and did his own thing–no consistency.”

        Nope, Jon didn’t play the ‘fun’ parent. Angie has said that her mother went without so that they could have some of the things other kids had. And it wasn’t just Angie who had issues with Jon Voight, her brother did too. People forget that James dropped his last name as well and became simply James Haven as soon as he was old enough to do so.

    • Janet says:

      From what I heard, he tried to sabotage Maddox’s adoption by publicly saying Jolie was mentally unstable.

      • Esmom says:

        I think he might have genuinely been worried/scared/desperate about her mental health. I’m not saying what he did was right, in fact it was pretty heinous, but I think it came from a good place. Albeit an extremely misguided place.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Janet, who wrote: “From what I heard, he tried to sabotage Maddox’s adoption by publicly saying Jolie was mentally unstable.:

        Angie and her father were on speaking terms when she began the process of adopting Maddox. When she left to go get Maddox, she told her father, but asked him not to say anything to anyone because she wanted to have some private time with Maddox before she made an announcement about the adoption. Well, as soon as Angie left Jon Voight called a press conference and announced that he was going to be a grandfather because Angie was on her way to pick up her adopted son. Angie was furious. She cut off all contact with her Dad.

        Again @Janet and @ Esmon, who wrote:I think he might have genuinely been worried/scared/desperate about her mental health. I’m not saying what he did was right, in fact it was pretty heinous, but I think it came from a good place. Albeit an extremely misguided place.”

        Why don’t people remember this? Jon Voight went to the press with his emotional appeal for someone to get his daughter help because she wouldn’t let him see his new grandchild and obviously had mental problems. All people remember is the ‘my daughter’s crazy!’ rant from Jon Voight, but they forget exactly ‘why’ Angie cut off contact with him. Even at the time it seemed to me that he went viral with the ‘Angie is nuts, she won’t let me see my grandson’ thing out of spite in an attempt to get her to do what he wanted her to do. Given the nature of what he says in the article reference below, it seems Angie was right to cut the cord with him.

        Here’s an August 2, 2002 “Entertainment Weekly” article titled “Null and Voight” by Gary Susman, all about how Jon Voight thinks Angie has ‘mental problems’ and won’t let him see his grandson. There is also a beautiful picture of Angie carrying baby Maddox as well (please notice how skinny and ‘veiny’ her arms were at 26-years of age).,,333476,00.html

  24. lylaooo says:

    that guy is from War Horse rigth?? ??

  25. Bea says:

    The whole situation could be as simple as Angelina and Brad being in London and Grandpa was just passing off the gifts. Maybe the rest of the kids were with Brad’s family for the weekend while Mad was in London with his parents so it was easier this way.

    However, maybe there is more to it because it seems odd that the paps just happen to be in a random parking lot to take pictures of him with the Valentine’s Day gifts.

    If he arranged that, then I can see why Angie would have a reason to be angry with him now, after the fact for using her kids for publicity.

  26. Maritza says:

    The guy is old, he won’t be around for long so why not bury the hatchet and let him enjoy his grandkids. It’s not like they live close by and see each other every day, just for the holidays would be nice. Grudges sicken the soul, their not worth it.

  27. gennline says:

    I don’t believe this story is true.He may not have known that they were away. I don’t think AJ tells him everything, because of his tendency to talk to the press. He has said that they only talk about the kids when he visits. He may have assumed that they were home, found out they were away and got someone to come&pick up the stuff rather than taking it home again.AJ has spoken about reconnecting with him and it was nothing to do with Brad. She talked about them being friends rather than father &daughter. She talked about them looking out for each other. She has also said that they only way they can be together now is not to discuss the pass(see 60 Minutes interview that she did a couple of years ago).
    The reason she changed her name legally(dropping Voight)was not what he said on t.v but rather because he wrote her a very nasty letter before she went on her first overseas trip. They had done the first Tomb raider together and she thought they had reconciled. She was given the letter before she left and so read it on the journey.
    I think he may have wanted to direct her career, maybe there was some project he wanted to get off the ground.
    She said after reading the letter she realised she had to remove him out of her life. I think his t.v interviews were because she dropped the Voight name.

  28. Fan says:

    If this is true, she should have forgiven ( this word is not even right) him already for whatever he had done wrong to them. He had already shown her that he trying to make amend. She should read her prayers. If she continues to do this, I am afraid God might give her a lesson soon. I love Angelina, but doing this is not right. He is still her father and he is the only one left that will love her unconditionally unlike husbands or boyfriends. They can be temporary, It doesn’t matter how much in love she is or how much he loves her.

    • Blue says:

      I am sorry but you are completely wrong, just because someone contributed to your DNA doesn’t make them entitled to be in your life, no-one has the right to say if she should forgive him or how long to take that is very personal to the individual. As for the father loving unconditionally, no, my father left when I was 11 and moved on with a new family, I am completely indifferent to him, my husband who loves me completely has been with me for 19 years and still going strong, so I am going to say again you are wrong, some fathers are great some are not, you have no idea what has gone on between those two, it’s not our place to judge.

    • Sal says:

      Rubbish! So people that were molested by their father should make up with them, because the father ‘loves’ them unconditionally? You have NO IDEA what Voight did to her, so how dare you pass judgment. Sometimes you are far better off physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally without a parent in your life. You have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps God will pass judgment on you.

  29. Bea says:

    Everyone who is so concerned about this should realize that there are certain celebrities who have parents that are dying and destitute and their very rich children are ignoring them because the parent said one mean thing about their looks 20 years ago – maybe those celebrites should realize what karma is doing in their lives and go and take care of their own.

  30. TC says:

    It’s interesting that tabloids continue to drag this dead story up whenever something good happens for Brad and Angie as it did this weekend. Google has a number of images of Jon Voight with the kids. Some include Brad and Angie and some don’t. Madd even accompanied Brad and Angie to the Governors Awards last November (when Angie received her Jean Hersholt Oscar) and the ceremony also included Madd’s grandfather Jon Voight. So Angie’s clearly not keeping her father from seeing the kids. This story is untrue.

  31. Kim1 says:

    Angelina has stated Brad had nothing to do with her reconnecting with Voight.
    Voight talked about his grandkids at Golden Globes last month . He was asked if his grandkids knew he was a big star like their mom and dad. He said Zahara called him old and Pax stood up for him and said he wasn’t old.

    • pwal says:

      I was going to say the same thing. Plus, there were pics on the internet of JV’s temporary apartment when he was on location and he had poster-sized pics of the grandkids, including a supercute group shot of Zahara, Shiloh and Vivienne, covered in paint, smiling their little faces off (especially little Vivienne). And I would venture to say that the grandkids hung out with him more than anyone suspect.

      On another note, if all of this is a ploy to see more of the grandkids, he blew it. Yes, he didn’t see them for months while Angelina and Brad were filming overseas, but the absence doesn’t warrant him taking his cause to the tabs in order to ‘get action’. They are his grandchildren, not his children, therefore he doesn’t have any standing, in terms of required visitation. In addition, we don’t see the Pitts kicking up a stink about not seeing the grandkids. Sure, they have eight others who live nearby, but they seem to grasp that seeing the grandkids aren’t a constitutional right.

  32. The Original G says:

    Having a problem posting today on the Aniston/Dolphin thread. Anyone else? Maybe it’s my computer. :(

  33. mimi says:

    I thought they had reconciled already.

  34. joan says:

    He’s been outspokenly rightwing and it might be that he likes the idea of having grandchildren but deep down is a bit racist when he actually gets around them. There’s something a little creepy about him.

  35. Sara says:

    I read this book a few years ago!!! It’s by Laura Hillenbrand!!

    It was very very good–I most definitely recommend it, because as good as a movie is, it can never go into as much detail as a book does.


  36. LAK says:

    Her father seems so toxic and passive aggressive. I wonder how he behaves to James.

  37. Denise says:

    My heart is breaking for the posters above who have/had fathers who didn’t want to know them. I wish I could change this for all of them.

  38. waq says:

    Angelina briefly addressed the relationship with her dad in a 60 minutes interview she did while she was promoting In the Land of Blood and Honey. They are not best friends and don’t share a dad daughter relationship but I think Angelina was mature enough to realize she only has one living parent left and the kids should be able to spend time with their grandfather since they will not get to see their grandmother anymore.

    Jon Voight sat at the same table as Brad, Angelina, Maddox, and Angelina’s brother Jaime when she received the Jean Hersholt Oscar late last year. Also, Jon and Jaime came to the premier of World War Z in New York. Brad’s brother Doug and his family were also there to support him. Brad and Angelina are pretty low key about these types of things, unless they want it known. Often times, Brad’s family members or Angelina’s dad and brother visit them wherever they are in the world at that time and it gets mentioned way later in some random interview or article that no one pays attention to except the fans who keep track of that sort of stuff. When they travel, they make friends with other couple with kids so their kids will have friends all around the world yet we, the public have no clue who those people are. By now, people should know two things about this couple: they are very good about keeping things on lock down when they want to and they have friends in high places but they don’t brag. I mean George freaking Lucas came to present the Jean Hersholt award to her and called Angelina his friend. I had no clue prior to that George Lucas and Angelina had even met.

  39. MAC says:

    Why did you write the relationship is dysfunctional? Based on what. Many parents do not have relationships with their kids by choice and many kids do not have relationships with parents or family by choice. That can be the healthily choice. Yes it is sad but it is true.

    Plus do we really know, unless we whiteness it, what goes on in another persons home or family ???
    Not trying to give anyone a hard time but sometimes the most loving thing a person can do is say I love you and goodbye. Yes things can be repaired but that usually takes both parties or one party willing to go back in and love the person as they are right than. Plus they have children to consider in all this.

  40. Santolina says:

    Brad is starting to look a little like Clark Gable in the BAFTA red carpet pictures. His facial features are developing more character and gravitas. Liking it!

  41. Jag says:

    It’s very possible that she tried to bury the hatchet, but her father did something else that damaged the relationship again. I know that my relationship with my abusive, alcoholic father has been bad, then good when he finally had stopped drinking for long enough, then bad again at times – even though he has been going to AA for 25 years now.

  42. E says:

    Angelina has a textbook case of Parental Alienation Syndrome.