Jennifer Aniston hasn’t read ‘Not That Into You,’ disagrees with parts

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Jennifer Aniston was on the Tonight Show last night and she was both relaxed and funny. It reminded me of her last Oprah appearance in that she seemed comfortable and in her element, unlike on The Late Show with Letterman six weeks ago when she had a weird rapport with Dave and there were awkward moments. She did have on too many layered gold necklaces that she kind of touched throughout the show, but she didn’t look nervous, as OK! suggests.

Aniston didn’t reveal anything incredibly quotable. She confirmed that she saved a lost dog she found wandering in the street as the tabloids reported last week, and said that the story that she turned down an offer to pose in Playboy wasn’t true. She also said she hasn’t read the self-help dating book her new film is based on He’s Just Not That Into You. When Leno read a list of rules from the book, Aniston disagreed with several of them.

Aniston: I did not read the book…

Leno: These are the titles of some of the chapters. Number one “He’s just not that into you if he’s not asking you out. True or false?”

Aniston: I don’t agree with that. I mean if he never does, but aren’t men shy sometimes?

Leno: Number two, “He’s just not that into you if he’s not calling you.”

Aniston: Again, for how long? I don’t know. I’m going to say I disagree with that one too.

Leno: This one, “He’s just not that into you if he’s not dating you,” that seems obvious.

Aniston: That’s pretty clear cut. If he’s dating somebody else, I’d say that’s clear…

Leno: In the movie, so much of it takes place in a bar. That’s like the worst place to meet people.

Aniston: They’re loud.

Leno: Supermarkets.

Aniston: My mom used to always say “don’t leave the house without putting your eyes on.” I was ten.

Leno: If she’s in the snack food aisle, you’re going to have trouble later. [audience groans]. Ok, if the guy is in the liquor tobacco aisle, you’re in trouble.

[Transcribed from Jennifer Aniston’s appearance on The Late Show, aired 2/5/09]

Leno can be kind of a sexist jerk sometimes and his comment about the snack food reminds when he asked Ryan Phillippe to make his “gayest look.”

JayBird swears by the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” and says she’s recommended it to some of her friends. I’ve never read it as it came out after I was already engaged, but I used to read a lot of self help relationship books for women and they’re usually similar. They recommend that we get busy with our own lives, friends, and hobbies and not see men as somehow justifying our existence or making our lives worthwhile. There’s also the issue of qualifying guys and picking ones that are “into you” and good people. Aniston would do well to read that book, and several more, considering her dating history after her divorce. It’s not like the rules are all fast and true, but they can help you make informed, smart decisions when you’re dating, and think logically about the men you’re choosing instead of leading with your emotions. It’s surprising that she hasn’t read the book considering that she was in the movie and she’s pretty open about self actualization and getting therapy.

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  1. CB Rawks says:

    I thought it was a joke self-help book, anyway. Because the writer is a stand-up comic.

  2. CandyKay says:

    Personally, I got busy with my own life, friends and hobbies and forgot to get married at all. But that approach may not be for everyone.

  3. lady garden says:

    CandyRay-i hear you-how refreshing!

  4. lady garden says:

    scuse typo!!

  5. bite me says:

    really this is what is self acrtualized aniston looks and sound like, hmm ok then

  6. Wif says:

    If he messes around with his leading lady, he’s just not that into you!

    (That was mean wasn’t it? I’m normally never mean, but I couldn’t resist.)

  7. Wonder Woman says:

    How can you not read the book of the movie you are staring in??? Sometimes she seems like such an air head

  8. I Choose Me says:

    She irritates me of late but I gotta say she looks really pretty in the header pic. Bright blue eyes,beautiful skin.

  9. sallyjesserafael says:

    is the writer a comedian? I know he was a writer for sex and the city, and that he got his own talk show for awhile after the book came out where he pretty much gave his book advice to the guests on his show. But I think the book is a little exaggerated, it basically tells u that no guy is into anyone with all the scenarios he discusses. I think one was like, if he doesn’t call you after the date, he’s not into you. Even if he waits and calls the next day, or two days, bc if he really liked you he would call you as soon as he got home from the date. And I don’t agree, men play hard to get just like women do.

  10. Annie says:

    Have any of you read it?

    If you haven’t, you totally should.

    It’s hilarious and really reminded me of a lot of typical women who make excuses.

    Having a ton of guy friends my entire life, I can tell you, if he waits 3-5 days to call you, hunny, he’s just not that into you.

    If a guy wants you, he calls you the next day.

    If he’s “away” on a business trip when you know his job shouldn’t really involve travel, darling, he’s just not that into you.

  11. kate says:

    after so many asswipes who say they will call & then don’t, i decided to stop making excuses for men. then i met this guy on a blind date. we went for a coffee and talked for about 3 hours. after he dropped me off at my apartment, he went home and emailed me to tell me what a nice evening it was, and could he see me again? that was the clincher for me – we have been together 5 happy years. the moral? ladies: if he is into you he will let you know. otherwise, write him off and move on. life is too short.

  12. what is ever. says:

    It’s funny, I thought the book was pretty insightful– it basically said, stop making excuses for all the losers in your life(losers being dudes that don’t see how amazing you are). I’m not saying people need to live and die by the book, but for pete’s sake– at some point you have to help yourself, and stop thinking that awesome guy, that’s not asking you out, is just “shy”.

    It sounds by the likes of all of JA’s answers, we can see why she’s always “unlucky in love”, lord, I’ve never heard so many excuses…

  13. Annie says:


    My guy, met me at a party (rofl, I know.) and told me he’d visit me at work the next day and call me.

    And bam, he did. And bam. We’ve been together ever since and are probably going to get married. lol.

    Guys know if they want you, just like we know if we want them.

    I can’t even tell you how many guys I’ve turned down because I went out once and knew that yup, wasn’t happening. And I always told them. Less confusion that way.

  14. NotBlonde says:

    I’ve read bits of it and it’s funny. You don’t have to read te book of a film if you don’t want to. Some actor said something about that (I don’t remember what about) but he said it was easier for him to create the character the director wanted not having read the book.

    But anyway, there is no character in the book for her to get into, so why should she have read it? You go through a gazillion meetings before the film even starts shooting talking about the movie through and through.

    And none of us have any idea why her relationships after her divorce have gone awry. Until someone says something, speculating is just stupid.

  15. Diva says:

    I hope the book is better than the movie. It was NOT good. Parts were funny, but all in all it was not good!

  16. orion70 says:

    I agree with a lot of this stuff, and a couple of times that i’ve “excused” the guy, or contacted myself I regretted it.

    The flipside to this however, is also not all hearts and roses. Just because a guy is e-mailing you the next morning and calling that night, does NOT make him a knight in shining armour. That, dear ladies, is also called the blowtorcher / and/ or a man who’s simply in love with the “rush” of those early days / “fairy tale romance”, and can’t hack a real relationship. I had one once, and he turned into a nightmare. Another flipside is that these guys can also be over the top / potential stalker types.

    Here’s to happy mediums.