Blake Fielder-Civil is trying to blame divorce entirely on Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse’s divorce from Blake Fielder-Civil is getting as predictably hostile as one would expect. Blake and his lawyer are currently working on compiling a list of all the men Amy has slept with since their wedding. Their ultimate plan is to try to blame her for the breakup of their marriage – not Blake, or his equal amount of slutting around or getting himself thrown in jail.

IT’S starting to get nasty between Amy Winehouse and hubby Blake Fielder-Civil as the jailbird sets about compiling a dossier of his wife’s bad behaviour, with the help of her former lovers. The Amy and Bl-aaake Show continues as Fielder-Civil, currently serving time in prison for assault and trial-fixing, wants to list all of the Back to Black diva’s misdemeanours in court, helped by celebrity lawyer Henri Brandman.

And top of his list is contacting those who Amy is said to have had romances with during their stormy marriage. “He wants to put together a case arguing that Amy is ultimately responsible for the breakdown in their marriage,” a source tells theBuzz.

“Blake is totally serious about this. He’s hired a top lawyer and is compiling a file of Amy’s errors throughout their short marriage, he’s even decided to contact the men Amy’s meant to have slept with. Blake wants them to testify to prove that Amy was unfaithful during their marriage.” Ouch!

Amy, 25, and Blake, 26, tied the knot in May 2007. And since Blake has been locked up, the rehab star has admitted to affairs with her former personal assistant Alex Haines and more recently, aspiring actor Josh Bowman who she met while holidaying in St Lucia.

At first, it was the five-time Grammy Award winner who wanted to start divorce proceedings, but Amy later changed her mind in an attempt to save the shaky relationship – then Blake decided to file for divorce.

[From the London Paper]

It infuriates me that Blake would try to pin the breakup of their marriage entirely on Amy. While he is a loser with nothing going for him, I’m not going to say Amy is completely without fault. She hasn’t treated her addictions either and has obviously had affairs. But so has Blake. And Amy doesn’t seem to be blaming everything on him – in fact she’s constantly making excuses for the jailbird. He never brought anything to the marriage, but he’s more than willing to take away as much as he possibly can.

The drama between the two is so thick, it’s hard to say what a judge will and won’t believe. Let’s hope Amy gets great representation, and they somehow end up with a fair split.


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14 Responses to “Blake Fielder-Civil is trying to blame divorce entirely on Amy Winehouse”

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  1. Call Me Al says:

    Sad. The quicker she leaves him behind, the better.

  2. Shannon says:

    I’m trying to read the Sandra Bullock entry right before this, but I can’t because I’m being automatically directed to a new page with an advertisement that does not give me the option of going back to Celebitchy. When I hit “back” in my browser to go back to the entry, I’m still sent to that site.


  3. gg says:

    So they don’t have no-fault divorce in the UK? And don’t the actions of these two sort of cancel the other one out?? I mean, their entire relationship is based on all this crap. It wouldn’t have existed without it. Using it against each other seems sort of moot.

  4. Diva says:

    Shannon – I was having the same deal yesterday morning and the evening before… but I could back page.

    Celebitchy asked us to get a screen shot if we could and email it to her at if you can.

    Mine went away after complaining about it! lol

  5. Anna says:

    @ gg: We do have no-fault divorces over here, but he obviously wants to get as much as he can from her and I’m not 100% on this one but I think he’d get more if it was her fault (is anyone here a lawyer?)

  6. gg says:

    Yeah that’s a common enough scenario, but still, who would award that 7wat money after the public fiasco that was their marriage? I mean really. lol, the thought is pretty funny though.

    Happy Friday everybody! :D

  7. gg says:

    one more thing – I see recidivism in their future. I think even after a divorce they’ll continue to torment each other and get back together and break up again. rinse and repeat …

  8. xiaoecho says:

    This is a joke right? He’s already publicly admitted he ruined Amy’s life – then he beat up some bloke and went to jail from where he made her life even more miserable.

    ….I’m with gg – It’s pretty clear Blake is a manipulative abuser and he and Amy are thoroughly enmeshed

    BTW – how are these stories getting to the media …….and Amy in the Carribean?

  9. Judy says:

    He is going to get some money out of her no doubt, even tho he admitted he got her on drugs and ruined her life for her. He went to prison first so he is not going to get a whole lot maybe a few million but he will get something,.unless they declare her insane or mentally ill because of him getting her hooked on drugs just to try to get her money..That is what I would go for fraud on his part.

  10. Hollie Day says:

    Do not click on the sandra bullock link!! The same thing happened to me at work today and I was redirected and a nasty virus called “Antivirus 2009″ attacked my computer.

  11. Diva says:

    I seriously doubt Antivirus 2009 came from this site. It’s a sneaky and consuming virus and from what I understand from my IT dept at work, it’s hooked to attachments you sometimes don’t even know you’ve received, not websites.

    Btw, watch out for XP Police, too, it’s the same damn thing as Antivirus 2009… PAIN IN THE ASS!

  12. geronimo says:

    How appropriate, nasty, sneaky viruses being discussed on a Blake thread!

    The only fair split he deserves is a hatchet through his waste of space head.

  13. czarina says:

    I know nothing about Family Law in England, but in Canada, the only thing proving adultery will do is expedite the doesn’t change how assets are divided.
    Basically, it’s the law (in Canada) that you get to keep what you brought into the marriage, but that any interest or accumulation on your assets is part of family property and divided.
    Of course, every case is different, and the law is never black and white.
    I’d be curious to know what the basic divorce laws are in the UK.

  14. “Money, money, money – MON-EHY!!”