Sandra Bullock is now a full-time stepmother

As we reported in December, Jesse James’ ex-wife, pornstar Janine Lindemulder, has been sentenced to six months in prison for tax evasion. She has to report for incarceration on March 10, and on that date Sandra Bullock will become a full-time mom to Jesse’s daughter, Sunny.

Already close to Sunny — the two are often seen at the playground — Sandra takes on this new responsibility under difficult circumstances: On March 10, Sunny’s mother, former adult film star Janine Lindemulder, 40, will head for federal prison to serve a six-month sentence for income tax evasion. While Janine is behind bars, an Orange County, Calif., court awarded temporary full custody of Sunny to Jesse.

“Sandra will be fantastic as a full-time mom,” says actor Denis O’Hare, her co-star in her upcoming film The Proposal. “Jesse’s daughter is lucky to have Sandra in her life.”

The role of stepmom is not new to Sandra: She’s also close to Jesse’s two older children, daughter Chandler, 13, and son Jesse Jr., 10, from his marriage to Karla James.

“If the court gave Jesse James custody of Sunny, well… that’s her daddy. He should take care of her,” Janine’s aunt, Marjorie Lindemulder, tells OK!. “I just hope and pray for everyone involved.”

As for Sandra, the challenge appears to be a blessing. “I don’t see the difference in having blood-related kids or children who come with your husband,” she said last spring. “I am very blessed.”

[from OK!]

Janine has also been accused by Jesse of abusing their daughter Sunny, and she will have to spend another six months in a federal-run facility after she is released from prison. It will be interesting to see if she regains full custody of her daughter Sunny after she comes back, or if there will be a custody battle.

It’s very sweet that Sandra is quoted in the article as saying that it doesn’t matter whether her kids are biological or not. Children are children, and they need to be taken care of in a good home. Although there were rumors that Jesse left Janine for Sandra, Jesse and Sandra’s marriage always seemed stable and in photographs they always seem so happy. Hopefully that will translate to a loving full-time home for Sunny.

Sandra, Sunny and Jesse James are shown at LAX on 7/27/08. Credit: Bauergriffin

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  1. Annie says:


    Maybe this is me being a prude, but I just can’t see a porn star being a very good mother. What kind of environment are you placing your kids in when you’re in that kind of industry?

    I’m glad Sunny’s going to have people around her who care for her.

  2. CB Rawks says:

    I love Sandra. 🙂

  3. Scribe85 says:

    Sandra is a gem. In the photo above where she is holding Sunny’s face and Sunny is grasping Sandra’s fingers, you can tell that there is a lot of love between those two.

  4. Diva says:

    I don’t think being a pornstar automatically makes you a bad mother any more than not being a pornstar automatically makes you a good mother. It all very much depends on how it’s handled.

    That said, in this case, I’m very happy to hear Sunny is going to a better home.

  5. Annie says:

    I know right? It’s hard to see just because of like, what kind of moral setting that may or may not place upon a child.

    It’s kind of up in the air for me, and as I do not have any friends in the porn industry, let alone friends in the porn industry with children, I can’t say for certain what kind of environment that would create.

  6. Chiara says:

    The children are fortunate to have caring adults in their lives.

  7. Kaiser says:

    Good for Sandra and Jesse and the little girl. I don’t care for Sandra in the least, but I bet she’ll be a good step-mom.

  8. elainebenes says:

    I 2nd that, CB Rawks 🙂

  9. daisyfly says:

    1. I love Sandra’s attitude on children as a whole. Biology has nothing to do with how you love them.

    2. Where a person works has nothing to do with how the child is raised. There are hundreds of thousands of children whose parents are surrounded by thieves, rapists, drug abusers, and murderers (cops) – are they in danger?

    3. I really hate the ads that appear after a page loads. The latest takes me to, a site I’ll never visit, and it’s nearly annoying enough to make me dread even clicking on the CB link anymore.

  10. Mairead says:

    And I second what Chiara says.

    Daisyfly – email CB on this. This was mentioned on another thread and she’s working with the ad company to sort it.

  11. Annie says:

    To answer the “Are they in danger?” question, uh…yes. Some are. If you happen to be a cop who’s put away really twisted people, they seek revenge on your family. Many many many reports have revealed that vendettas against cops result in deaths of family members.

    You run a higher risk.

    That is of course, not to be misconstrued as saying that you’re at risk. Period. All the time.


    I’m saying, statistically, you run a higher risk than say, I do. Or someone who doesn’t have a police officer in the family.

  12. Maritza says:

    I really hope Sandra gets to raise Jessie’s daughter, the kid is better off with them. Being raised by a porn star would affect her in so many ways, she would be mocked by other kids in school, that is just not fair.

  13. TinaWithPom says:

    Something about Sandra Bullock in her interviews over the many years tells me that she’ll be a really good nurturer.

  14. pookynut says:

    Sandra has always seemed to me to be a cooler, nicer version of Julia Roberts. I always wonder about children of porn stars or sex workers. It would be pretty difficult for a kid to go through life with their peers masturbating to vids or pics of their mom or dad. Icky.

  15. j ferber says:

    Has anyone ever said that ex-President Bush wasn’t a good father to his daughters because he sent thousands off to die all based on a lie? If so, I’ve never heard it. So I don’t see why a porn star is necessarily a bad parent because she chooses to have sex in front of cameras for a living. I say Bush is more immoral and we would all have been better off if he had made the same career choice as Janine.

  16. Tia C says:

    @ daisyfly – I feel your pain re the ads. Download Mozilla Firefox for your web browser, and do the Adblock Plus add-on. You will never see another ad!!

    About this story, wow. I was a stepmother, and I did not have her wonderful attitude. Of course I was dealing with some unique kids (I’m being REALLY nice) but still, more power to her. Good for her!

  17. Judy says:

    Cant sat much for Sandras hubby who was married to the pornstar either. He isnt exactly the father of the year.
    I hope SB does a good job with this child as she is going to need a strong loving person in her life. The world already knows that this little girls mother is a porn star and her daddy is a biker dude..I hope she grows up away from this kind of crap.

  18. czarina says:

    I think it’s more to the point that the girl’s mother is a criminal and possibly abusive than that she’s in the porn industry. I think you can be a good parent even with a less-than-respectable job…but it’s hard to be a good parent if you don’t consider your children before committing crimes that could send you to prison and leave them abandoned (although in this case it seems like a plus for the little girl.)
    What I find odd is that everyone says how lucky the girl is to have Sandra for a step-mom, but nobody mentions the father(Jesse) at all!!

  19. tigerlille says:

    Sandra will be a wonderful caretaker for the little girl. It is very difficult and scary to have a parent in prison. I wouldn’t assume that the child’s mother is a poor parent just because she used to be a porn star. But I must say, I find it odd that Sandra is married to a man whose ex-wife was a porn star. That just doesn’t compute. Who is this Jesse James guy?

    I love Sandra, and am glad that she is returning to the romantic comedy mode – comedy is defitely her forte. Those paranormal themed films really sucked.

  20. Diva says:

    Jesse James is the guy who started West Coast Choppers. They make incredible custom motorcycles. He used to have a show on Discovery… few years ago now.

    If it doesn’t bother Bullock that her husband used to be married to a pornstar, it shouldn’t bother any of us.

  21. Sara says:

    I actually think it does matter whether your child is biological or not. Taking on stepkids doesn’t mean you automatically feel the same way a mother does. it really takes alot of time to feel that bond, not only for the stepmom, but also for the kids. The huge unconditional love between mother and child, I don’t know if a stepmother feels that. I’m not saying there is no love, i just think it’s different.

  22. CB Rawks says:

    j ferber, now I’m picturing Dubya with a pornstache!
    He did have a helpful name to go in with, for his stage name.
    “Bushwhacker”, “Bushpig”, “BushdaddyG”

  23. Gigohead says:

    Janine was a psycho crazy from the get go and the marriage was doomed from the start. I remember watching his show and his friends betting it would not last a year. I think they broke up soon after having the baby.

    What is the deal with Janine. God damn!! Pay your taxes woman!!! How difficult is that!! Jesus.

  24. Julia says:

    Sunny is a beautiful child… and looking at her body language, she seems very comfortable with her Mother.

  25. LondonParis says:

    Look, the woman obviously engages in sex- she got knocked up with Sunny. As I doubt she shows the films to Sunny, I’m baffled as to why anyone thinks being a porn star would affect someone’s parenting skills. If I ever had to choose between being a porn star to feed my kids or giving them up to a family member or something like that (even temporarily) while I got my business in check, I’d have lube in one hand, a big bright purple dildo in the other, and ribbons of condoms hanging off my neck.

  26. stewie says:

    Love all kids exactly the same? Spoken by a woman who has never had a child.

  27. snappyfish says:

    I have always liked Sandra Bullock she seems like a lovely person and very down to earth.

    A step-parent is a full time parent whether their step child is with them full time or not. It is a very hard gig.

    I am guessing she has always thought of herself as a full time parent since becoming one, whether by birth or proxy

  28. Celebitchy says:

    @Daisyfly – the ad company swears they fixed this and I was working with them all day on Friday. If you see any more popup ads over the weekend or into next week please e-mail me right away: Thanks and I’m so sorry for the trouble with these invasive ads, they slipped through the system and we are doing our best to get rid of them.

  29. boomchakaboom says:

    Love Sandra Bullock. She’s just natural acting and naturally beautiful. She looks like fun.

  30. Mrsstem says:

    I think the issue with the biological mother is that she’s a criminal and possibly abusive.
    Her choice of work is …a concern, but in light of the other things, not a primary concern.
    If she doesn’t pay her taxes, shouldn’t she be made a US Cabinet member, rather than go to Jail?

    Speaking as someone raised by a stepparent,sometimes they can love you better than a bio. I’m glad to see blind pro-bio/anti-stepparent sentiment isn’t rife here.

  31. Blah blah blah says:

    Mean thought of the day: “That little girl is cute. She’s lucky Sandra Bullock isn’t her (biological) mother!” Sorry, I’ve never thought SB was particularly attractive, and her facial structure is harsh.

    Now, ignore that, because she seems like she probably would be a very good step-mother, at least from appearances.

    But beyond that, don’t some of you people think it’s a little one-sided to say that the porn star mom would be a bad influence? What about the dad who thought it would be a good idea to have a child with (crazy) porn star mom, or, possibly, thought it would be a good idea to have unprotected sex with Miss Porn Star?