Shocking Paris Hilton accusations: she craves attention


Paris Hilton’s crappy reality show – an embarrassing attempt at finding a new best friend for a girl that no women like – has a new contestant, and she’s spilling the beans about Paris. And they’re not very flattering beans. Actress Laura Meakin replaced another contestant – a pole dancer – who had a burst appendix. Laura – who is described as very level headed – doesn’t seem all that interested in winning the contest to be Paris’ new best friend. If she is, she’s got an unusual way of going about it. She described Paris’ life, and it’s exactly as superficial and empty as you’d expect. And – surprise – Paris is really vain!

“Paris doesn’t walk, she floats. When she breezes into a room you can’t help but stop and stare at her. She never looks anything less than immaculate because she as a team of people constantly preening her to perfection. She is always worried that she looks too shiny or whether the cameras are getting her best side. Before Paris leaves a nightclub, her lip gloss is freshly applied by a flunkie, her hair is styled and she insists on looking flawless. She has a check in the mirror for lipstick on her teeth and then strides out.

The paps are jostling about and flashbulbs are going off all over the place and its quite scary. But she loves it. Paris totally adores the attention and the cameras. At the time she was still dating Benji Madden. He was ever so sweet and would be waiting away from the cameras with a glass of water and cigarette for her. She’d say: My feet are f***ing killing me! and be straight on her jewel-encrusted BlackBerry. She was hardly ever off that thing and was always texting and emailing. She actually had two BlackBerrys.

I was never fooled into thinking I would become Paris Hiltons best friend in the world. It’s purely an entertainment show and I saw it as a job. I must admit, I was also curious to meet Paris and find out what she was really like. She’s actually genuinely lovely. When I first met her I was wearing my designer shoes. She came up to me and said: Oh my God! Your Gucci shoes are so hot! That is honestly how she talks. Everything has to be hot. There is something very childlike about her.

I never saw her in the same outfit twice. If I saw her in the morning, by lunchtime she was in a completely different outfit. She must change about three times a day.

[From the Mirror]

Laura does say some very kind things about Paris, and points out that she’s actually very nice, even though she lives in a vapid bubble. A better way to put it is that Paris can be nice, when she wants to. She can also be a total snot, as witnessed by her comment about the recently married Fergie.

Paris Hilton chatted up Fergie (below) during the Vanity Fair & Krug dinner party at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont, grilling the singer for details of her recent wedding and honeymoon. But as soon as Fergie Ferg walked away, the celebutard sniped to sister Nicky, “Ha — my engagement ring was bigger!” Yeah, Paris, but which one of you is actually married?

[From the New York Daily News]

I’ll also note that Paris’ engagement ring was so big that she had to get another one for general day-to-day activities, because the actual ring hurt her hand after a while. It was a 24-carat ring. That’s just disgusting. And not “disgusting” like I’m jealous, “disgusting” like it’s ostentatious and tacky. Okay maybe I’m jealous. But that’s the only thing about Paris I’ve ever been jealous of. Well, that and her canoe feet.

Here’s Paris Hilton heading home after a night out in Hollywood on Wednesday. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Sauronsarmy says:

    LOL You can tell what hair is hers and what hair is fake. Even Barbies hair is more natural.

  2. CB Rawks says:

    “whether the cameras are getting her best side.”

    Um. What?
    Honey just assume they are looking at something Picasso would barely recognise, and that they’ll fix it in editing.

  3. Amy says:

    I love how she’s just resorted to completely covering her wonky eye with hair. Covering 50 percent of her face does help a bit, but I can still tell it’s her…

  4. Holly says:

    I’m sure you’ll all be gleeful to know that the ring was actually a fake. Stavros told everyone that later.

  5. pookynut says:

    You too can be famous for having sex.

  6. elainebenes says:

    god i hate this useless piece of crap. Her personality has not grown at all. Over all these years of her being a “socialite” (she’s not good for being known as anything else), this spoiled bitch acts like a twelve year old. No offense to twelve year olds.

    Mommy & Daddy Hilton should be proud. Isn’t her equally asswhipe brother being sued??

    I need to step away from the computer & breathe. Maybe grab a beer too. Time to decompress.

  7. elainebenes says:

    pookynut, you’re right. The whole sex thing makes me nauseous, I forgot about the whore’s infamous tape that made her famous.

  8. Aubrey says:

    i have this theory that if you cut all her hair off, she’d look like a british man

  9. Bellatrix says:

    Oh, Aubrey, you are such a “mean girl” ! :-)

  10. Anna says:

    @ Aubery: Our men are faaaar more attractive than that, just think Colin Firth.

    *Drools on keyboard*

  11. Kimble says:

    You’d be hard pressed to find a British man (or a British woman) with such a bad nose job! That tip seems to be a peculiarly American phenomenon.

  12. Codzilla says:

    Paris is a turd that’s in dire need of a good flush.

  13. BEEBEEC says:

    Biggest CZ replace ring everah and the parents got the original one back I believe.

  14. perpetua says:

    She should make a Tinkerbell movie!

  15. edgar eduardo says:

    eres toda una controvercia, pero a un asi te keremos beach

  16. Ned says:

    She never looks anything less than immaculate because she as a team of people constantly preening her to perfection

    If this is the best she can do with so much work, than it’s just sad.

    There is no need to work so hard when the outcome is not even pretty.

    I see Paris as a failure of her family.
    Growing up with so much money and no class at all.
    Having a daughter who looks like a stripper and acts trashy, never went to college and is known for “dating” too many guys.

    I wonder if she harmed the Hilton brand.

  17. vdantev says:


  18. adb says:

    Y do U believe everything U read???? THis whole story seems totally fake, like most tabloid stories about Paris. It’s all BS.