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9 Responses to “Kim Kardashian’s former publicist dishes on sex tape, Paris Britney friendship”

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  1. Iva says:

    Just another whore trying to become a celebrity by spreading her legs and making a video tape for all to see..after all it worked for Paris.

    KK is a nobody…

  2. wtf says:

    Like she is famous for nothing. At all. Who is her dad? She is wierd looking. Ew.

  3. Riena says:

    This girl is a waste of space. She is being talk about for being a nasty girl. She does have a thing for black men which is fine I just dont want to know about it let alone see the sex tapes produced from it. She is dating the corniest black men in the business by the way (i.e. Ray J and Nick Cannon) These are lil boys. No real respectable man no matter what race would give her the time of day. SHE IS NASTY.

  4. gg says:

    That is one fuuuuuugly outfit! And those shoes! omg. Trailer Trash.

  5. MaiGirl says:

    I just HAVE TO say that Reina is right. Kim couldn’t date cornier black men if she tried. All of them have had their ghetto passes revoked, anyway. I suggest she hook up with 50 Cent. Who’s with me?

  6. orange is not tan. says:

    kim kardashian is looking for her own Orenthal Julius OJ Simpson..he was one of her dad’s best friends, and a lawyer for OJ’s nightmare team.
    this is so boring that i dont care if kim videos herself banging a plastic 15 foot dildo. lame boring lame
    she looks like a tacky Bratz doll and the only thing cute there are her little peep toe shoes. okay, so big girl got to be famous for five minutes when she grew up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    LMAO she can have any man she wants and she knows that. She dates who she’s into. Nothing wrong with Ray J and Nick. They are both popular and doig their thing. She should stay away from Reggie Bush and Tyson Beckford because those two are MINE. LOL

  8. victor says:

    She’s just another white trash whore…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think she’s is hot and that is why she is so popular now. Great hair, great body and pretty face. kudos to kim. anonymous