Naomi Campbell ‘starts fights’ on ‘The Face’: ‘She can be a monster to the girls’


Breaking news: water is wet, the sky is blue and Naomi Campbell is still a diva. At this point, it would be breaking news if the story was “Naomi Campbell was made to wait five minutes, and she merely shrugged her shoulders and said something about it being ‘no problem’.” As you probably know, Naomi is the Head Diva on The Face, the sort-of America’s Next Top Model-like show. Co-hosts and judges and mentors keep leaving in droves because spending ten minutes working with Naomi is like going to g—damn war, apparently. Some “sources” told all to the NYDN:

Here’s one face that’s scaring everyone on “The Face,” and it belongs to its star, hot-tempered supermodel Naomi Campbell. Fellow models on the competition TV series are whispering about her diva behavior and the odd beauty tricks she’s using while serving as both executive producer and a coach.

“She’s taping her face skin back, which makes it look tighter, and hiding the evidence with her fabulous wigs,” one show insider tells Confidenti@l. “She’s a monster. She fought with everyone on set.”

Campbell has also become extremely picky about her TV makeup and has sometimes repainted her own face after the professionals worked on it.

“She’s now not allowing anyone to do her makeup,” says our source. “She was taught by Kevyn Aucoin and thinks she knows better than everyone. She gets upset with them, then does it herself.”

Then there are Campbell’s wacky demands — like banning staffers’ greetings until she says hi first. She also kicked off the season by failing to show at a promotional presser on Jan. 30, forcing reporters, including our own, to wait nearly three hours at NBC-owned Oxygen’s 30 Rockefeller Center headquarters .

“They said her driver was stuck (around the corner!) in Times Square traffic,” according to one source who was there.

The U.S. version of “The Face” also stars Victoria’s Secret beauty Anne V and socialite-turned-model Lydia Hearst as coaches, while the Australian version stars Down Under hotties Nicole Trunfio and Cheyenne Tozzi, who are tasked with finding a model to front a campaign for a major brand.

Anne V and Hearst come on the heels of Coco Rocha and Karolina Kurkova, who left after just one season. While we hear the reason for Coco’s departure was solely Campbell’s behavior, Oxygen officials have denied that’s the case.

“Coco is a nice girl, and she honestly couldn’t be around it anymore,” our source explains. “Naomi is all over all of them, and she starts fights. She can be a monster to the girls. She needs to be the queen bee.”

Another set insider tells us that Campbell is a “full-on diva” from the minute she arrives for taping.

“She refuses to talk to anyone off set,” says our source.

We’re told there’s been no shortage of screaming leading up to the season-two premiere, airing on March 5, which also features host Nigel Barker.

“Nigel and Naomi are friends off camera, so she has no issues with him. It’s always with the girls,” says our source.

“As an executive producer and mentor, Naomi is a true professional on set and works tirelessly with our contestants, teaching them best practices and sharing the secrets that have led her to become one of most successful supermodels in the world,” says an Oxygen Media rep. “Any reports otherwise are completely false.”

[From The NYDN]

“It’s always with the girls…” Interesting. Looking back on it, Naomi’s most violent altercations have mostly been with women, but she has (allegedly!) abused men too. Men like… limo drivers, paparazzi, airport workers, you name it. But I would be willing to bet that Naomi really doesn’t care for most women. She seems super-competitive, plus… you know, she’s crazy and violent and she thinks the most important person in every room she’s in.

Anyway… I guess this makes for good television, but I’m sending out some good thoughts to poor Anne V. Hold it together, sister. Hopefully Anne just signed a one-year contract too.


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  1. Deanne says:

    She’s just a monster in general. Her history of violence and vindictive personality have been exposed again and again. Entitled doesn’t even come close to describing this pathetic woman.

  2. Neffie says:

    NOOO WAY not sweet gentle Naomi??? The word bully gets thrown around alot but that is exactly what this woman is,and clearly she looks down on people. Like ‘the help’ must not dare speak to her. I want her to aim her phone at the wrong person one day and see how it feels.

    • Louminary says:

      I am generally a pacifist but I am ashamed to say I actively wish for bad things to happen to this woman. I will lose all faith in Karma if nothing horrible happens to this odious, odious woman.

  3. paranormalgirl says:

    What a shock, said no one ever.

  4. NewWester says:

    The only way people like Naomi will ever realize how horrible they have treated others is when the end up old and alone, with no friends or family around who care. Even then they might have their heads so far up their a** that they don’t notice

    • nico says:

      Is she close friends with any other models?

      • LAK says:

        She’s apparently very close to Kate Moss. They party together, give shout outs to each other and even holiday together.

        She wrote an essay about Kate in the Evening Standard in which she said Kate was akin to a sibling.

      • Bridget says:

        Back in their heyday Naomi was tight with Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista, but Turlington went for family life and has devoted herself to women’s health issues, and I’m pretty sure Evangelista is incapable of human feelings.

  5. nico says:

    I keep hoping somebody will give this bitch a good smack.

  6. blue marie says:

    I believe the words “fierce b-tch” are used too loosely nowadays and it’s become watered down, but in it’s original form perfectly describes Naomi, she will take you down without batting an eyelash.

  7. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Take one egotistical, entitled diva who is accustomed to believing she’s the prettiest, most important woman in the room. Add 15 years of age, the beginnings of sagging skin and crows feet. Gently stir in a tv show with much younger women striving to take diva’s place in the spotlight. Shake a little. BOOM!

  8. Nev says:

    she IS the most important person in the room always. haha

  9. MonicaQ says:

    She’s that person at family reunion that always starts a fight, usually beginning when you take a corner of Mac and cheese because YOU KNOW SHE ALWAYS EATS THE CORNERS HOW DARE YOU

  10. Ellie66 says:

    She is a very beautiful woman with a very rotten soul.

  11. kibbles says:

    I don’t understand people who think she is beautiful. She is ugly on the inside and out. Other than being tall and thin, I don’t understand how someone with this face can be a supermodel. She’s unattractive and a horrible person. It’s sad that she is rewarded for her diva behaviour. Shouldn’t she be shunned and blacklisted? Instead our society gives her millions to act out and treat people like dirt because it makes for good television. It’s disgusting.

    • mikaela says:

      Uh… she might be a nightmare, but the woman is gorgeous. Maybe her beauty isn’t your cup of tea. She isn’t tall and thin with an ugly face. The woman has a very shapely body with legs to die for, beautiful dark skin with full lips and high cheekbones. She might be batshit crazy, but I can’t fault her for her looks.

  12. anoneemouse says:

    Yay! More Naomi drama – I was beginning to think she turned over a new leaf but I guess some things never change! At least it’s a change from Lohan drama news!

  13. fhm57 says:

    She’s looking wrecked.

  14. Narak says:

    She “tapes her face back and hides it under fabulous wigs”?! I love it!!! That is actually what Patsy did in an old Ab Fab episode.

  15. LAK says:

    I watched a couple of episodes of the american version of this show. Coco was a disaster who couldn’t handle any decision making without sobbing. Literally. You’d think someone had died.

    Also, it was so strange to me that Naomi tolerated the one girl who had no social skills, who started fights, threatening to beat up her fellow contestants for any perceived slights even if said contestants were on her team for group tasks.

    It was interesting watching the girl Naomi’s billionaire replaced Naomi with. She was so passive and malleable, I guess anyone would find that adorable after putting up with Naomi.

  16. Pandy says:

    Why can’t she and Alec Baldwin hook up? The drama … so entertaining!

  17. Tellie says:

    Isn’t she way past her prime for a model? The other women walking the runway are young enough to be her daughter. Same goes for Kate Moss.

    • Musi says:

      Actually to be able to model at 44 shows she’s a true supermodel. She works the runway like no other and the bland newbies can’t walk to save their lives.

      The episode she told coco ‘don’t talk to me with that lipstick on’ damn what a bitch she is. Truly ugly on the inside.

  18. rep says:

    No, her face does not look beautiful any more. She looks plastic like the rest of them. Body is great, but I have a problem looking at her.

  19. Amy says:

    The Jolly Mean Giant.