Anna Kendrick in Dior at the Spirit Awards: perfect or too precious?

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick gave the official Christian Dior girls a run for their contracts last night at the Spirit Awards. Everything Anna wore here is Dior, and I love this dress (from the Resort line) so much. Dior’s really into color-blocking lately, and it hasn’t always worked. On this dress, the blue and pink panels add a splash of drama to this fresh white dress. Anna looks absolutely fabulous. Her nude sandals go barely noticed and let the dress really shine. She also went for understated, soft hair and makeup and opted for a bold note with her pink-and-black Dior clutch. My favorite part of this look was the rear view, which is completely backless and unexpected. I wish Dior would dress Jennifer Lawrence like this!

Anna Kendrick

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson went a little bit legal secretary in Narciso Rodriguez. She paired a blush-pink top with a teal-blue pencil skirt. I think the overall look is too high-waisted and makes Rosario look a little bit boxy (which she is not). Her bold makeup is fun, and the loose, undone hair is just right.

Rosario Dawson

Camila Alves

Camila Alves was so beachy in a white Juan Carlos Obando resort top and trousers. She looks absolutely amazing. Even the peplum doesn’t ruin this outfit. Camilla’s every inch the model here. She went in for some new hair extensions, but the look works on every level here. Great makeup too.

Camila Alves

Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza looked amazing in a navy-blue Preen dress with orange detail. I love the silhouette of this dress, which is very 1950s and flattering. What really makes this look stand out are her Brian Atwood zebra-print shoes, which you can see in the gallery. The shoes add a funky edge to a polished look.

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25 Responses to “Anna Kendrick in Dior at the Spirit Awards: perfect or too precious?”

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  1. Maritza says:

    Camilla looks fabulous, Rosario’s look makes her look square shapped and her boobs too low. Anna’s dress is cute. I love Aubrey’s zebra shoes!

    • RJ says:

      I agree with everything you said. Those zebra shoes are drool worthy. I just wish she’s done something a little more fun with her hair to bookend the shoes.

    • Mouse says:

      I agree with you on everything and I will add that I hate Anna’s clutch and shoes. A lot.

  2. LaurieH says:

    I love Anna Kendrick’s hair, but I hate everything else. Rosario Dawson looks gorgeous and I love the look, but it’s more appropriate for the office than an awards show. Camilla Alves looks beautiful – gorgeous hair! – and while I haven’t been a big fan of jumpsuits since I owned almost this exact jumpsuit in 1989 – she looks awesome. It just “goes” with her, even though the pants seem a little puckery for stiff cotton. As to Aubrey Plaza….boring.

  3. Tig says:

    I love those zebra shoes! And thought the dress looked great on Audrey.

    I like the fit of Anna’s dress, but thought it was pretty blah.

    Rosario is beyond gorgeous, but this dress does her no favors.

  4. Lilo says:

    Eh, I am not feeling it. I think the dress makes Anna’s bum look huge.

  5. Skyblue says:

    I rarely comment on the fashion posts but I think Anna Kendrick’s dress is atrocious. It looks like a bad home-economics sewing project.

  6. Micah says:

    Another Award show, Another Ugly Dior.

    I hate the back on this dress. That’s too much Back exposure………From the back view it looks like she is only wearing a skirt.

  7. LAK says:

    Camilla look amazing.

  8. mercy says:

    I love Anna Kendrick, but I don’t like the cut or fit of her dress, or her hairstyle. I love Aubrey’s dress. Anna would’ve looked even more amazing in it. Camilla looks great, but something about those pants bothers me. A little too baggy, perhaps.

  9. Becks says:

    I love pantsuits and Camila is rocking it like no one’s business. She looks great! I have a black pantsuit, but after seeing this, I need a white one in my life!

  10. Ice Queen says:

    I don’t like Anna’s dress. Reminds me of ice skating..

  11. yael says:

    i want to know how these women walk in heels that look a little too big. even when wearing ones that are supposed to fit me, my heels slip out constantly and i end up tripping over myself or losing a shoe.


    • Carlye says:

      @yael – I’m with you!!! How? The close up of the shoes makes it look like there’s a quarter-inch of space at her heel, there’s no way that shoe doesn’t flip-flop with every step. I end up wearing a half-size smaller in heels anyway and I still use those sticky-heel pad things.

  12. pru says:

    Camilla looks very sultry. I love her lip color.

    Other than that, there was so much of fugness happening in Santa Monica last night.

  13. A Fan says:

    Anna Kendrick is one of those young ‘starlets’ who all look the same to me – I cannot tell them apart…in fact, I had to look up at her name as I wrote this. Her outfit, shoes, and hair are just as mediocre, bland, and nondescript as she is…who was I writing about again?…

    [Camila that is someone who stands]

  14. serena says:

    Can I just say how much I love Anna Kendick?

  15. Amanda_M87 says:

    I’m more concerned about her Chiclet teeth and bony frame than about her outfit.

  16. yolie says:

    I like Anna and everyone actually looks pretty good here, but can we acknowledge how Anna has no upper lip at all! It’s truly bizarre!

  17. taxi says:

    The Dior is very disappointing. Horrible back & insufficient color contrast with a too-pale pink. That dress wears the woman.

    Rosario looks good. Camilla is too-too & again, seasonally inappropriate in white. Maybe black would have been OK but it still seems like the wrong look for the venue. With her husband’s resurgent career, Alves seems to be trying a little too hard to get into the spotlight. Just imo.

  18. Norman says:

    The one I really like, Anna Kendrick, perhaps bias, but she is a stunner. Rosario is okay. Camila is meh. The top of Aubray’s ensemble looks like that of a cheerleaders uniform perhaps doe to the stripes only missing a large letter plus H, S.

  19. Lucy2 says:

    Love Anna but the dress is a miss. Rosario looks great but again not a great outfit. Aubrey looks cute!