Over 600 pills missing at Anna Nicole death scene; all Rx from same doctor

One doctor is responsible for prescribing all 11 drugs found in Anna Nicole’s suite at the time of her death. The psychiatrist who said she heard Anna plead “don’t leave me” while taking a bath during their last meeting, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, may have had a personal relationship with Anna but like her other hangers-on she was all too willing to enable her drug habit. The prescriptions were under three different names, and none were prescribed to Smith. Eight were for Howard K. Stern, one was under Erozhevich’s name, and two were written out to an unknown person, Alex Katz, which may have been an alias.

What’s more is that over 600 pills were missing from prescriptions that were under 5 weeks old. It is not known if Anna took all the pills or if someone disposed of them at some point:

_ Chloral hydrate, the sleep medication blamed as the leading causing of Smith’s death, was prescribed Jan. 2. About two-thirds of the bottle was gone, according to records, which also show 62 tablets of Valium missing from a two-week-old prescription.

_ Records show Smith had two prescriptions for the muscle relaxant carisoprodol, prescribed Jan. 2 and Jan. 26, and one for methocarbamol (aka Robaxin), prescribed Jan. 2. Some 415 of the carisoprodol pills were missing as well as 33 of the Robaxin pills.

_ Also missing were 79 tablets of anti-seizure meds Topomax and Klonopin and at least two dozen diuretics, antibiotics and antivirals.

Amazingly, the documents did not mention the methadone or the Ativan found in Smith’s system. Nor was there mention of who prescribed Smith human growth hormone, which she was said to have been taking about the time of her death.

According to those numbers, if all of those pills were consumed by Anna, each day she would have had to take about: (I am counting the day the drugs were prescribed as well as the day she died)

  • 4.5 Valium

  • Nearly 12 muscle relaxants
  • About two anti-seizure drugs (although it is unclear when these were prescribed)
  • Along with the sleeping medication chloral hydrate and methadone, if she was still on that

This seems possible to me given how incoherent she sounded in interviews, although other people around her may have been helping themselves to the prescriptions. It’s also possible that someone who was in her hotel room that morning got rid of some of the pills. It doesn’t make sense that someone would dispose of some of the pills and not all of them, though. Howard K. Stern was said to have flushed pills down the toilet after Daniel’s death, according to a witness. I should be careful pointing the finger at that litigious creep. It is thought that he is planning on suing a bunch of high-profile reporters that have been openly calling him a murderer and suspicious character.

Meanwhile that unlikely other baby-daddy, Prince Von Asshat or whatever, really has filed a defamation suit against Bill O’Reilly for calling him a fraud for claiming paternity of Dannielynn.

It is thought that the DNA results showing Dannielynn’s real father will be announced next week. Howard K. Stern has not provided DNA and was not able to substantially stall the paternity case.

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  1. someone says:

    Look at the way Larry is looking at Anna in that picture. He does look like hes in love!

  2. gg says:

    In all of the recounts of all those prescriptions, nobody ever says what physical “pain” she was having for the painkillers, what the muscle relaxer was for (generally it’s back trouble or a pulled muscle and she famously announced she would never exercise), or the ostensible reason she was taking methodone, which is generally used on heroin addicts. There just is no excuse for any of those prescriptions, aside from the antibiotics. So what horrible “pain” was she having to justify it all? I’m sick of celebrities mysteriously announcing they’re on psychoactive drugs for their “pain”. People in real pain don’t even take all that.

    And why you would let such a colossal ditz get her hands on bottles of LIQUID sleeping meds is beyond me. Of course she’s going to guzzle it from the bottle! With 10 other prescriptions in her system, you think she’s gonna have the judgment left to “take 2 teaspoons” per dose? please. That female doctor needs to be thrown in the slammer pronto.

  3. maryellen says:

    em, someone — look again – Larry isn’t even looking at Anna in that picture, he’s staring off into another direction.

  4. Used it says:

    Topomax often has the side effect of weight loss, so it can be prescribed for that benefit, too, in addition to mood stability.

  5. Kristin says:

    No Mary Ellen, he is SO looking at her!

  6. Toubrouk says:

    Talk about one hell of a pharmacy! On the other side, do we need to be surprised by this? Everybody know that she was on drugs.

  7. Fabiola Thing says:

    I agree with Mary Ellen. I don’t even it’s a real photo…looks like a sloppy photoshop job.

  8. Bapril says:

    Topomax is also prescribed as a pain killer for people who do not have seizures. I’ve never heard of Anna Nicole having epilepsy, etc. so perhaps she was abusing it as a pain killer.

  9. trillion says:

    I hope for her baby’s sake that the father is not that Howard K Stern dude. The other guy’s got way better DNA and can’t possibly be as creepy…

  10. Busy body says:

    Howard K. Stern really really scares the shit out of me. He is so greedy that he kept those missing drugs for his next victim- Dannielynn.

  11. DogRunner says:

    Maybe someday in the future Howard K Sterm will come out with his version of a book called “If I did it” like OJ.

  12. jess says:

    thats a real picture. i remember it from way back when she was dating him and announced she was pregnant

  13. daz says:

    gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a s#!t.