Shiloh named after Angelina’s brother

Another day, another opportunity for James Haven Voight to give an “exclusive” on what life with his sister Angelina is like. (Is it just me that thinks that it’s really weird that he’s giving all these “exclusives” on his sis all of the sudden? I wonder if they have fallen out, or he needed the cash or something).

Today’s Brangelina revelation comes from Grazia magazine, and I am really going to take this Shiloh name story with a pinch of salt. Grazia is also publishing a highly unbelievable quickie Brangelina marriage story on the same week that Star and other publications are running break up stories on the photogenic couple.

During our interview, James finally explains the mystery of the name Shiloh–his own parents had destined it for him, as a middle name, before he was born (both he and Angelina have now dropped Voight completely due to the fallout with their father).

‘At the last second, my parents gave me Haven instead,’ he says. ‘So it was very cool when Brad and Angie came to me and said: “We’re thinking of names and out favourite is Shiloh. We know that was your original name, so would that be OK?”

‘I was almost in tears–I was so honoured.’

[From Grazia print edition, April 9, 2007]

Again, this may story may be true as Grazia quotes James Haven as their direct source, but I’ll keep my reservations on how factual this story is to myself. I do think it’s funny that he is proclaiming contemporaneous ties to the name Shiloh, and that Brad and Angelina had to ask him if they could use his “original” name. My mother was going to name me Heidi before she settled on my name, and I’ve yet to have people come up and ask me if they can name their little girl Heidi. Then again, Heidi doesn’t sound half as unique and swish as Shiloh, I suppose.

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  1. pinknblack says:

    Dayum. Those magical genes that make Angelina’s looks ain’t doing shit for her brother. Not someone I’d like to meet in a dark allyway.

  2. maryellen says:

    why? I think he’s just as gorgeous as she is. He just looks strange with his hair bleached out. Check another picture.

  3. Mr. T says:

    The guy is totally gay. He acts gay with his sister and he does not have the balls to reconcile with his father. The dude is a lady.

  4. Busy body says:

    Huh? So his parents thought he was a ‘messiah’ too, am gald they realised their mistake in time.

    I can really see Brad and James haven getting on famously, they both seem to have no balls.

    Has Angelina renamed Brad yet? Probably she would name him, Haven Jolie. Lol.

  5. MARY MACK says:

    Shiloh doesn’t sound swish unless one already thinks of Angelina Jolie and/or Brad Pitt as swish.

  6. KIM says:

    LOL Busy body! 🙂 She probably will change BP’s name soon.

  7. kikistar says:

    I thought Brad and Angie named their daughter Shiloh because they wanted an original AND African name?

  8. kailie2 says:

    I think that James needs to get a life of his own. As to Angelina, I don’t think she has as much power in the relationship as everyone assumes. She tends to cultivate that tough girl image to cover her insecurities, imo. I think she needs unconditional love even more because of her unstable childhood and painful adolescence. She seems very vulnerable to me. Brad is a good choice for her because he’s a regular guy who can keep her on an even keel. I think she needs him more than he needs her.

  9. countrybabe says:

    Is Brad this dunb or what? Ofcourse she leads Brad around. Did you ever hear him talking about Africa before he hooked up with Angelina. I’ve never known Shiloh to be an African name,Kiki. This sounds about true. Most celebrities are vulnerable and insecure-remember Anna Nicole. I think the tough girl act as some would say is part of her Lesbian half. And yes Guy and Brad can pretend Madonna and Angie aren’t.

  10. totalbullshit says:

    Why doesn’t he just fuck her and get it over with? They are both sad and gross.