Rihanna, Chris Brown and Usher back out of Grammys commitments

Chris Brown and Rihanna have canceled their Grammys performance. Chris Brown was wanted for a domestic battery felony involving an “unknown female” who called 911 after a domestic dispute early Sunday morning. Both Chris and his girlfriend Rihanna attended Clive Davis’ Grammy party on Saturday Night together, and while Rihanna was thought to have been involved LA police say that they do not release victims’ names. Brown turned himself into police last night and was released on $50,000 bail.

Singer Chris Brown has turned himself in to Los Angeles Police in connection to a domestic violence felony criminal threat incident, Usmagazine.com has confirmed.

He was driven in a black Escalade Sunday and was lying down in the backseat, a source tells Us.

“He turned himself in around 7 p.m. to one of our stations and is being interviewed by detectives now,” officer Karen Smith tells Us.

Brown, 19, was taken into custody at 6:30 p.m. and was booked for criminal threat at 7:41 p.m. He posted $50,000 bail and was released.

The case is being presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office; additional charges may be filed.

He is due in court March 5.

Brown is being investigated for an incident that occurred early Sunday morning near Hancock Park in L.A.

An unidentified woman phoned 911 and claimed she got into a fight with the singer and he attacked her.

Police say the woman had visible injuries. When officers arrived, they found the victim, but Brown had already left the scene, police say.

Both Brown and his girlfriend Rihanna pulled out of Sunday’s Grammy Awards at the last minute

US Magazine

Presumably Chris Brown has canceled his Grammys appearance to attend to this matter. The incident is currently under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, and their spokesperson was careful to point out that any visible injuries change the charge from a misdemeanor to a felony. These can be very small injuries, “as small as a scratch”. It is possible that while this is obviously an argument that has gotten out of hand and escalated to violence, this doesn’t mean that the woman is severely injured. Reports do not suggest she was hospitalized, so hopefully this is the case.

A conflicting report suggests that Rihanna and Chris Brown were in a car accident leading up the Grammys, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Rihanna’s rep declined to address any of the rumors, simply saying she was well.

Usher has also bowed out of his Grammy commitments. Josh Groban took his place at Clive Davis’ pre-party party, and confirmed that there was a family emergency.

Usher canceled a performance Saturday night to rush to his ailing wife’s side, according to a report.

The R&B singer skipped Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy bash after his wife Tameka experienced complications from plastic surgery in Brazil, “Access Hollywood” reports.

A neurosurgeon is reportedly on the way to South America to aid Usher’s wife of a little over a year.

The “Love in this Club” crooner’s cancellation was due to a “serious illness in the family,” Davis announced at the party, but didn’t elaborate further.

New York Daily News

Brazil isn’t a third world country, but I’d feel more comfortable having my surgery done near my home by a surgeon recommended by my family doctor. Most people consider plastic surgery to be a low risk operation, and it is as you are theoretically in good health, unlike surgery to treat an accident or illness. Obviously any surgery can go wrong, and I hope Tameka, who gave birth to her 5th son (her second with Usher) in December, recovers well. At this stage all that is confirmed is a family illness.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are shown in Paris on 12/19/08. Credit: Fame. Usher and Tameka Foster are shown on 12/31/08. Credit: PRPhotos

Usher and Tameka Foster

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I really hope Rihanna isn’t on the receiving end of his abuse .

    But things do seem to point that way .

    Famous or not , Yound or old it really pisses me off when I hear of this still going on these days .

    Any man who thinks its ok to hit a female is a straight up coward .

  2. Jag says:

    I hope she gets out of the relationship asap, if the rumor is true, and I also hope he receives the anger management he needs…

    As for the Brazilian surgery rumor, my sister has always said she wants to go to either Brazil or Costa Rica, in order to have some procedures done at their “medical spas.” Apparently, both countries have quite the cosmetic surgery industries. But like you, Helen, I’d rather pay more and be close to home, in the event something happened for me to need medical care. Just ask the surgeon who did my nose; I was constantly asking him to look at it to make sure it was okay for a while afterwards. lol

  3. Violet says:

    I’m from Brazil and the plastic surgery industry here is huge. Many people from other countries come here to get some work done. You know why? It’s not only for the quality of the doctors. It’s for the privacy. Doing it away from home will get less attention from the press and the public. These Hollywood types are usually very self absorved, they can’t live with the idea of the public knowing they weren’t not born with a perfect nose, or lips, or whatever.
    As for Chris Brown, if the story is true, he’s a jerk. I hope Rihanna leaves him. I don’t see any reason for a woman, especially a rich and successful one like her, to accept such aggressive and coward behaviour like this. She should really kick his ass.

  4. RAN says:

    Whomever said “I really hope Rhianna isn’t on the receiving end of his abuse”, who would you hope it would be? I’m sure you didn’t mean the comment that way, but it sounded kinda ridiculous. I would prefer that the girl who agreed to be with the nutjob were the one to see who he really is than some random girl.

    In the end I hope she (Rhianna) dumps his a@@. No one deserves to be abused in any fashion.

    Actually, I’m a little disappointed in the article because it seems to stress that it’s possible the victim just had a scratch and the abuse isn’t as bad as it sounds. If he scratched her or slapped her, he’s still an abusive jerk – no matter if it’s a slap or a black eye.

  5. sissoucat says:

    Kimberly: Some of the cowards have turned to psychological abuse, now that they know that physical violence will be prosecuted.

    Hey, psychological abuse leaves no tracks on the body, right ?

  6. prissa says:

    The word is there was an altercation in the limo. Rhiana called 911 but Brown was already gone. She went to the hospital and has a broken jaw. Initially she said she was in a car accident, then she pressed charges on Brown who turned himself in and is out on ($50K) bail. I believe he did this to her. The same thing happened to me and I used the same excuse (that I was in a car accident). The police & doctors were like it is VERY unlikely to get a broken jaw from a car accident. Then I tried to say someone jumped me. So sad what we women will do to protect our abusers. I hope she pressed full charges and sticks with it!They both need counseling.

  7. prissa says:

    AND if her jaw is broken, I hope she sues his a$$ in addition to pressing charges. She will be unable to work (sing) for at least 6wks with the wire and then up to 3mos with the bands just getting her jaw used to working again.

  8. vdantev says:

    Who’s that little gay boy think he’s fooling holding onto her ?

  9. Moore says:

    prissa, where did you hear that? I read that her rep said she’s fine. Either way I’m disappointed in Chris Brown. This is pathetic.

  10. CandyKay says:

    Aren’t we jumping to conclusions, here? Chris Brown should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. None of us knows what really happened.

    If he is guilty, let him suffer the consequences.

    If there’s anything positive that can come out of this situation, its a reinforcement that we in society don’t think domestic violence is OK.

    It’s a message that bears repeating to all social classes and income levels, and this case it’s being broadcast to a young, urban audience. And that’s a good thing.

  11. guest says:

    just saw some pics of rihanna & chris together after the incident. hope tameka is ok!

  12. Shelly Shellz says:

    The thing is noone even knows if she initiated the attack first. Just cuz she called the cops and she had visible marks doesnt mean she didnt attack him phhysically first. not to say its rite but women attack men alot expecting every man to stand back and take it when there r sum who get pushed and provoked into hitting back “protecting themselves”…it does hppn so ppl can’t judge

  13. Lee says:

    Funny how they all pick the biggest night of their career to live dangerously.

  14. Rougelatete says:

    @ vdantev: your gay comment was so inappropriate. I hope you retract it.

  15. aleach says:

    yeah, dante, I have to ask…why do you call every young guy “gay”? a little juvenile, dont you think?

  16. vdantev says:

    Only the ones who set off my gaydar, get it right. and I wasn’t addressing either of you. Make sure to run crying to the moderator about that.

  17. aleach says:

    jeeeeez! so defensive! 😉

  18. NotBlonde says:

    ShellyShellz: there is zero reason that a man should hit a woman. I don’t care if she’s attacking him. Hitting a woman or beating a woman should never even be within the realm of possibility for a man.

    Other sites are reporting that she has a black eye and was bitten twice. He jumped out of the car and ran but then came back and turned himself in shortly afterward.

    TMZ says that he’s been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and that Rihanna (Robyn Fenty) has been named as the victim.

  19. vdantev says:

    Sorry aleach, I’m a little moody about this alleged woman beater. Makes me feel raw.

  20. Wacky says:

    The bite marks on her arm and fingers suggest that she may have had something in her hand (like a weapon) and he more than likely was using his teeth to get it out of her hand to make her drop it. I guess it depends on if the bite marks were on the inside of her hand or outside. The inside would suggest she may have been pushing him away. The outside would support the earlier statement. There are 2 sides to every story so just think of it from a self defense point of view. If a person came at you, whether man or woman, with the intent of trying to inflict bodily harm, would you not do everything in your might to save your life. From the police department’s statement he also had bruising. We all jump on the man because he is a man. My son had the same situation at his school where a girl continually hit and slapped him across the face and head, very hard, because she said he can’t hit her because she is a girl. Unfortunately, his anger took over and he didn’t hit her but pushed her off of him and made her stumble. We raised him to never hit a girl but in this case he had no choice. He was trying to defend himself. He also sustained red marks on his face and ears. I filed a police report against the girl to let her and her family know that first of all, they messed with the wrong child. I also wanted her to learn her lesson that just because she is a girl she was not going to get away with assault. There are women out there brought up to believe that they can get away with abuse on men without any consequences to their actions.

  21. Nathan says:

    Every relationship experiences problems,ups and downs ,but there is no need to abuse your wife or girlfriend.

    Many people are being abused emotionally as well as physically.Poor Rihana will now be emotionally scared as this will effect her.

    On our website we discuss relationship abuse in detail and highlight a few examples of abusive relationships.This article also provides sound advice as to what you can do to resolve the situation or to get out.

    Don’t wait until something bad happens to you.

  22. Hara says:

    I’m disappointed hearing about this. I used to be Chris Brown fan. To be like this at only 19 years is really tragic. God only knows where he learned this behaviour. I hope he gets help soon.

    As for Rhianna, I’ve grown to like her a lot. But even if i didn’t, she doesn’t deserve this and I hope she doesn’t make excuses for him…like often happens. What she needs to do is leave his a$$!!!

  23. anonymous says:

    Their careers will go down! Hurray! Now Usher can get back in the game with a super album and all you lousy haters of Usher will be sorry that you took his personal drama so seriously. This is great because all of Usher’s fans will go back to Usher and Usher will rise back to fame again! Yeah mannnnnn!