Terry Richardson fires back against the ‘witch hunt’ of ‘false’ accusations

Terry Richardson

Yesterday we covered the frightening tale of model Charlotte Waters, who went public to tell her story as a Terry Richardson victim. The details of Charlotte’s account were graphic and disturbing. I felt for her as she described a situation that escalated into a nightmare. She left little doubt in my mind that she is telling the truth. My reaction to the story is that a young woman felt like she couldn’t say no to his Terry’s sexual demands. She was overpowered by his stature in the fashion industry. Uncle Terry came off like a coercive creep, and Charlotte’s words gave life to all the whispers we’ve heard about his behavior with young models.

Terry’s actions were gross enough, but his assistant clicking away only made the situation more repulsive. It’s disgusting to think that a woman would enable Terry’s behavior. From Charlotte’s words, it sounds like Terry and Co. were very familiar with how to woo a model in, take advantage, and then sweep up the emotional mess with compliments and a cab ride. Many were questioning the consent issue for this situation, but this is pretty cut-and-dry (alleged) sexual assault. Also important is that neither Charlotte nor any other model has ever brought charges against Terry. Legally, no one has ever tried to touch this guy. Ethically, Terry is a straight-up creep. His photoshoots go beyond “provocative” and head straight towards “pervland.”

Until now, Uncle Terry has ignored the tales of tampon tea that follow him. He’s finally been confronted with a story made public that could have a significant effect on his career. Charlotte’s story is so powerful that people outside the gossip world are starting to wonder. Terry has taken action for the first time by defending himself in a letter to Page Six:

Terry Richardson is speaking out for the first time about allegations that he acted inappropriately with models behind-the-scenes, blasting the claims as a “witch hunt.”

Richardson, who has photographed Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna and Kate Upton for Harper’s Bazaar, GQ and Rolling Stone covers, has been accused in online reports of sexual misconduct with various beauties.

But Page Six has exclusively obtained a letter from Richardson defending himself, calling the accusations “false,” “hate-filled and libelous tales.”

Richardson writes that years ago, “I chose to primarily ignore a cycle of Internet gossip and false accusations against me . . . I felt that to dignify them with a response was a betrayal of my work and my character.” He adds of the claims, which popped up again last week: “When these allegations resurfaced over the past few months, they seemed especially vicious and distorted . . . becoming nothing more than an emotionally-charged witch hunt.”

He says, “People have become comfortable concocting hate-filled and libelous tales . . . In writing this, I make a humble attempt at correcting these rumors,” adding that without his voice, “All that remain are the lies.”

Some stories about his alleged indecent behavior came from anonymous sources, while models including Jamie Peck and Charlotte Wheeler have gone public. Rie Rasmussen accused him of manipulating other young models in 2010.

Richardson notes that, “like Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton,” he’s gained a rep for his explicit pictures, particularly after his 2004 book Terryworld, which “explored the beauty, rawness and humor that sexuality entails.”

But he asserts, “I collaborated with consenting adult women who were fully aware of the nature of the work, and as is typical with any project, everyone signed releases . . . I have never used an offer of work or a threat of rebuke to coerce someone into something that they did not want to do. I give everyone that I work with enough respect to view them as having ownership of their free will and making their decisions accordingly.”

[From Page Six]

Uncle Terry is trying to hard to convince us that he is a completely professional photographer who respects the boundaries of his subject. Terry has a right to say whatever he wants, of course. He’s trying to play himself off as the victim of a cruel witch hunt, but I don’t believe him. Do you?

Terry Richardson

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  1. lenje says:

    I’m so grossed by him that I’ve decided to never pose with thumb(s) up again! Yuck!

    • V4real says:

      And pics don’t lie. I saw those disgusting pictures.

      • springingforward says:

        He is disgusting. A predator. And he isn’t even a marginally good photographer.
        Black and white film with a white background.
        There are so many talented photographers out there just waiting to catch a break while this sleezeball continues to get work.

    • Liv says:

      Hahaha, true! He’s so disgusting! He’s got such crazy eyes, very frightening. I can’t believe that he’s acting now like everything is a lie. I mean Melissa Gilbert is very vocal about the abuse of her stepson’s girlfriend, I doubt that she would make everything up. He’s probably afraid this will hurt his “career”.

      • gg says:

        It needs to hurt his career, very much so.

      • sapphoandgrits says:

        Melissa Gilbert has been around forever, and knows an awful lot of folks, and seems to have a good rep. Having “Halfpint” make this mainstream will make a lot of people learn about this, people who ordinarily wouldn’t know who Terry Richardson is.

      • jaye says:

        Charlotte Waters, the young woman who went public, is Melissa Gilbert’s stepson’s girlfriend. One of her twitter posts directed at her ex-husband said “did you read what he (Terry Richardson) did to our Charlotte?”

  2. QQ says:

    Fuck No… i hope he gets blackballed from the industry for good measure

    • bobbisue says:


    • blue marie says:

      and even that seems too nice

    • Rose says:

      I agree. Why does he feel it necessary to list some of the celebrities he has photographed? Is it to say his depravity is ok because the photographed might be big stars one day? Then at the bottom he adds the release bit. Does his release specify it’s ok to be groped and asked to perform sexual acts? Regardless of the answers, it’s another person in a position of perceived power taking advantage of others.

    • Littles says:

      He and Woody Allen both

      • Delta Juliet says:

        My first thought…..

      • jwoolman says:

        Actually, the differences explain why there is a lot of room for doubt in the Woody situation but not so much in the Terry situation. The accusation against Woody come from only one source- his ex Mia Farrow and the child she was able to heavily influence (meaning unfortunately that Mia is the only source) and the reported details don’t fit together very well (timing in particular doesn’t seem physically possible). After the public custody battle and the more recent renewal of the same accusations, we still haven’t seen others coming out with similar experiences. But in Terry’s case, these accusations are coming from more sources, adults capable of reporting their own stories with no reason to believe their memories may have been manipulated, and Terry’s photographs seem in line with the accusations.

      • Hiddles forever says:


        Both. Allen is no excusable because he abused one or more of his step/children! Sorry but it is no valid excuse to do that, ever. It would be like condoning a rapist who rapes his own wife/gf saying “oh well he did it only to her”. He still is a rapist.

      • Moore says:


        No the account comes from Dylan. She is the one source. And her mother and family support her but they didn’t see it. It is Dylan’s word against Woody’s word. I believe Dylan.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        At the time of the alleged abuse, Woody Allen was, by his own admission, in therapy for inappropriate sexual feelings towards his daughter. He was not allowed to be alone with her. I don’t see how it is hard to believe Dylan. I believe her account of what happened that day, and find it very sad that you attempt to discredit her because other people have not come forward with similar stories. Have you failed to notice that Woody Allen had a totally inappropriate relationship with his girlfriend’s daughter? And took nude pictures of her when she was underage? And married her? Or is that fine with you because he only did it to one of his children’s siblings? Abusers the world over count on people like you to blame the victim and believe their lies and excuses so they can continue their evil unfettered.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        You should read “10 Undeniable Facts About the Woody Allen Sexual-Abuse Allegation” by Maureen North.

      • decorative item says:

        W.A. Had sex with his teen-aged son’s sister. And, was the only man said sister ever knew as a father. When will people see him for what he really is, it’s not that complicated.

    • Liberty says:


    • gg says:

      I want him to be blackballed but one step further. I wish his balls would actually turn black.

      Tellingly, he doesn’t address the fact that the people who signed releases and then were abused were very young, he knew too young to do much about it.


      • Tiffany :) says:

        They could use the rubber band gun that they use on farm animals. It shoots a rubber band around the base of the testicles so that they are cut off from blood supply and eventually shrivel up and fall off. The women of the world would be a lot safer!

      • gg says:

        Tiff – that’s pretty much what I had in mind. 🙂

      • Anon. says:

        It’s too good for him.

        I was once too young and frightened to stop someone who held a position of power over me.

        I got herpes from that experience and it has affected my entire life and every relationship since then. I’ve had people basically tell me I deserved it because “you didn’t fight back.”

        I hope to God they nobody else has to feel so much pain and disgust at themselves.

        Terry Richardson should be stopped. Those poor girls.

    • mytbean says:

      I don’t like Terry’s character at all but what he’s done (as far as what’s been reported so far, anyway) is not illegal. His letter is pure PR tripe though. He’s like a child molester claiming to be innocent because he’s showing children “love”.

      I have to say though – I’ve overstepped my own personal boundaries more than once while dating and walked away feeling gross and disgusting but I didn’t really blame the other person for it. I chalked it up to a learning experience about when and where to draw the line – how to assert myself and value my own gut feel. I think that’s how a lot of us figure it out, unfortunately.

      This whole thing is really interesting to me because it’s a clear case of societal rules overshadowing law. It’s kind of rare to see a situation with that being so evident.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Your analogy is poor. When you’re out on a date, you’re in an equal position of power with your date, generally speaking. You may have chosen to go farther than you wished without indicating so to your date, and you’re right, that’s not his fault. He can’t read your mind. But TR has more power in the situation than these young women through his position as their employer, his fame and his ability to advance their careers. He gets them to sign a release saying they’ll be nude and the shoot will be provocative. He has an older woman present, who acts like everything is normal. Then he asks them to unzip his pants or hold his pants out while he photographs his own penis. All of a sudden, he takes off his own clothes and starts touching them , performing sex acts on them, putting his penis in their mouth or masturbating. They never agreed to that. This is supposed to be a professional photoshoot, and all of a sudden they’re faced with a choice of making him angry, refusing to cooperate, storming off in tears and maybe never working again. Can’t you understand how they might just freeze and allow these abusive, disgusting things to happen? And you’re wrong about law. I personally believe a crime was committed, but if not, a civil tort occurred. The law allows for shades of gray. TR is a very clever predator, but I hope and pray that some kind of justice can be found for his victims, and that people like you will grow a heart and some compassion for these young, vulnerable girls and what they have been through. It’s not right, and it’s not legal.

      • Amanduh says:

        …I agree with everything you’ve said. But knowing what the world now knows about Mr. Richardson, I hope no one else becomes a victim and will have the courage to leave an uncomfortable situation. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…”

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I hope so, too, or better yet, I hope no one will agree to be photographed by him or buy his photographs. We can hope.

      • mytbean says:


        Sorry you thought my post was heartless. That wasn’t the intention. I was already aware of the details but my point wasn’t to discount or minimalize Terry’s nasty antics nor his obvious abuse of his celebrity position. Didn’t mean to offend…

  3. littlestar says:

    Nope, don’t believe him at all. He’s a sicko. And he also wears glasses that make him look like a serial killer from the 70s. He’s just trying to cover his *ss because he knows people are onto him now.

    I hope big fashion companies really start questioning why they are using him as a photographer in the first place.

    • bettyrose says:

      IKR. The fact that he looks like a sociopath vs wouldn’t hold up in court as evidence but it suggests he thinks he’s above adhering to societal standards like looking professional.

    • MIchelle says:

      Yes, and Obama questioning using him as well might be nice (the original story says OBAMA had a shoot with Richardson). So, so SO terribly disappointing.

    • mytbean says:

      Yes. He absolutely does look like a serial killer from the 70s. 1979 Roy Lewis North.

    • Liberty says:

      I want to be watching when this perv goes down. The photos etc are evidence; the way he messes with the minds and emotional well-being of his young model victims is the less tangible but no less real fall-out. In this business, we’ve all heard the tales. I hope this spotlight means we’re finally edging closer to a creep bust. His unthinking celeb friends are the “he must be okay” catnip that lures the victims in. Just sad all the way around. That he is getting worried now is good. Narcissist “danger” alert now in progress.

  4. Etrain says:

    Disgusting. I want to hear Seth Rogan call this guy a piece of sh*t.

    • Jules says:

      Let me have the honor of calling him a piece of shit. I would love to punch him in his prison issue glasses……..

  5. aims says:

    This guy makes my skin crawl. He is the very definition of predator. I cannot understand why he’s even allowed to be around women alone. He really freaks me out.

  6. Side-Eye says:

    I don’t know why people are shocked that a woman helped him. Newsflash: Creepiness and abuse has no gender. Women can be just as sick if not more in some cases. I’d also like to hear the story on some of the guys he had fellating him. The pictures of Steve-O also skeeved me out because it looked like it was from his drug years. I don’t have a problem thinking a lot of people genuinely didn’t know about this guy since I personally had never heard of him until now. Either way he reminds me of a creep who lived in my back house.

    • ScrewStewrat99 says:

      I just looked up those Steve-O pics and holy crap! He looks so far gone it’s insane. Makes you wonder how Terry behaved with him. I hope poor Steve-O wasn’t taken advantage of!

      • Side-Eye says:

        Me either, but with this guy hopes aren’t high. He’s so gross… if these were just regular porn shots where everyone was having fun okay, but his photos are creepy even without people looking totally drugged out and all these stories coming out.

  7. TWINK says:

    Of course not, I don’t believe him! He’s creepiness personified.

  8. Arock says:

    He is a repugnant, talentless, predatory little man and now that HBC did her hair up all mad Max I’m eager to see her bitch stomp him.

  9. Sarah says:

    Call his bluff. If it is libelous then he should definitely file a libel suit. But he won’t.

    • bluhare says:

      LOL, Sarah. We were typing at the same time!

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, I’d love to see him file a suit, then others may be called to testify.

      • gg says:

        Yes, and it would get media attention like the Tom Cruise bad daddy thing, and put it in the front of public consciousness.

    • MaiGirl says:

      I really hope that the tide is starting to turn, because Charlotte just graphically recounted what others had also experienced. In other words, shit just got real. If he sues, all prior info will be fair game, and more info will come out.

      • hmmm says:

        I’m hoping that this will outrage more of his victims and that they come forward. The only thing missing from his Woody like message is the implication that his victims are crazy, unstable, etc.

        The fact that he actually responded shows that the victims have had an effect. Also agree that if he feels so strongly, go to court. That should be interesting.

        This predator needs to be driven out of the business and placed in prison.

    • sapphoandgrits says:

      Exactly — just like Bieber said he was going to sue his supposed baby mama. His people knew the accusation was true, so just publicly blustered. Richardson’s people are probably starting to quietly freak, especially since Melissa Gilbert is involved now. She can get press in mainstream publications.

      • jwoolman says:

        Doubt that anybody knew the baby mama accusation was true for Bieber, just the opposite. It was pretty well debunked. She had tried this with other guys as well. The real sperm donor was found, I think. That’s why Bieber was willing to be tested.

      • sapphoandgrits says:

        No, it just totally disappeared, after his people said he was taking a DNA test, and it would prove he wasn’t the father.

        Interesting you are also the poster who thinks Mia Farrow is a crazy vindictive woman who lied, which is the opposite of what a court and impartial therapists found.

    • Trashaddict says:

      File that libel suit, dude. Let the jury see some of your sh-tty pics and decide.
      What’s so pathetic is, the guy is not even talented, not that talent would excuse his BS. Just another nerdy white boy playing with his d-ck. Somebody should investigate his childhood. I bet that would be interesting…..

    • poppy says:

      truth. he will NEVER sue.
      he’s never denied anything before because it goes along with the image of himself he has carefully cultivated: “i’m so wild and crazy i can get people to do ANYTHING.” he has continually bragged about what he has been able to get people to do for him. the only difference is now he’s more careful about revealing the kinds and amounts of drugs he has them use to get them into that state.
      notice he was extremely vague. he didn’t deny any of her accusations specifically, just called it all a “witch hunt” and “lies”.

      also, all signing a photographer’s release is for the terms of the usage rights of the images. i have NEVER seen a release that says the photographer has the right to expose himself, lick your @ss, have sex with you, expect you to fell@te him or ejaculate on your face. smh

      he’s so full of $hit.

  10. AG says:

    He’s a disgusting excuse for a man. Piece of shit

  11. bluhare says:

    Hey Terry, if they’re libelous, SUE!!

    By the way, this woman did go to the police so there was a report but no charges could be filed because she didn’t say “no”.

    • sapphoandgrits says:

      Which is a shining example of how rape culture affects laws,

      • bluecalling says:

        why? if someone asked you to do something and you say yes and sign a waiver, i mean, that is consent isn’t it? of course, in every interaction there is an underlying blanket of power. your boss has it, you have it, even kids on the play ground have it. richardson clearly earned and then used that implicit power. however, again, he made no one do something they did not legally say yes to. so there you go…. you may not like the guy and he may give you the creeps but he brooke no law… darren sharper on the other hand, well, now that is something we should be angry about..

      • Tara says:

        @bluecalling: I assume the consent form didn’t include him j@cking off on her.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        She signed a release saying that she knew the photo shoot would be provocative. She didn’t agree to let him expose himself to her, touch her, lick her, masturbate in front of her or ejaculate in her face. That goes way, way past provocative. She was sexually assaulted. That may be fine with you, but fortunately for the world, most of us have a problem with that.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        It was my understanding that by signing the release, she knew SHE would be naked…not him.

      • sapphoandgrits says:

        Thanks everyone — you said it better than I could. I was working and just able to get back to this thread.

    • Deb says:

      Charlotte Waters’ account of the incident reminds me of my reaction of something that happened to me when I was younger. A man groped me inappropriately in a bar. I was completely clothed, so it wasn’t as much of a violation as what happened to Ms. Waters, but when it happened, I froze. I couldn’t say or do anything to stop it. It wasn’t until the guy was long gone that my brain started working again properly, and I was freaking out and crying. I can imagine something similar happening to Ms. Waters and the other young ladies victimized by Terry Richardson.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        @Deb, I think your reaction was very common, especially for a young woman. It makes me so angry when people blame the victim because they don’t understand that you can just freeze, especially when you’re young. I had a similar experience, and it’s a long story, but basically I was held prisoner and kissed and fondled against my will for about three hours, and I was just too petrified and embarrassed and frozen to scream or fight. I was politely protesting the entire time, but other than that, I just sort of let it happen. I was so lucky that I wasn’t raped, but it was still a traumatic experience. I never told anyone because I knew people wouldn’t believe me that I didn’t want it to happen because I didn’t scream or fight. I can’t, even now, really explain why I didn’t. I just couldn’t. So I get very emotional about this story, as I’m sure you do, too. I understand how Ms. Waters could feel so powerless. I hope telling her story gives her back some of her power.

      • decorative item says:

        Yep, same thing here except I was held all night and the only reason I wasn’t raped is because I told the guy that if he did rape me he had better kill me because if he didn’t I would make sure that he was dead within 24 hours. I don’t know where that came from, but it worked. It could have backfired, but I was desperate.

      • Godwina says:

        Yes, exactly this. I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. I’ve also experienced “shutting down” though the assault lasted only seconds, fortunately. I was 19, at a show with a boyfriend. I was wearing a short skirt and black tights and when I went to the bar to get a beer on my own, some stranger grabbed my taint from behind. Like, his hand was all over my crotch. I remember being too shocked to do or say anything, and people who know me would be super surprised since I’m a loudmouth feminist who balls out strangers who catcall me or my friends in the street.

        I also have read one prominent feminist’s account of her acquaintance-rape, where she woke up from sleeping in a bedroom and a male friend of friends was on top of her. She was so terrified she couldn’t move or speak to protest, and only because another friend walked by the door of the dark bedroom at that moment, she found the courage to whisper “help” and was thankfully heard (that part freaks me out…it’s like those nightmares where you want to scream for help but have no voice). That person got the attacker off her.

        You can totally shut down. Survival instinct? I don’t know, but too many of us have been there.

      • jaye says:

        Yeah, I get the being to scared that you freeze phenomenon. When I was 16, I was asleep in my bedroom, which was on the first floor of our house. It was summer time, so my windows were open. One of the windows was right by my bed. I was awakened by a flash of light in my face. It took me a while to realize that a man had his arm through my window and was stroking my leg. I froze and tried to scream, but no sound would come out. I finally jumped out of bed and ran to my mom’s room and told her what happened. Even she asked me why I didn’t scream. I was just SO terrified. I slept on the living room couch until we moved about 6 months later.

  12. eliza says:

    Sexual deviants and their declarations of innocence. As IF anyone thought he would say anything different.

  13. Tiffany says:

    Considering he rode the coattails of his father, who rep was beyond questionable as well, is this really all that surprising.

  14. Jaded says:

    How dare he compare his minor talent with Mapplethorpe and Newton, they were true artists….he’s a sleazy, perverted, misogynistic little sadist and should be blackballed by the entire fashion world. Unfortunately that world is full of pr*cks like him who get away with murder under the guise of “art”.

    At least we know that more and more of his perverted behaviour is now becoming public, maybe this will snowball into him finally losing more contracts and favour with the fashionistas, maybe even a criminal investigation.

    • hmmm says:

      When I read that this purveyor of sleaze compared himself to them, I snickered. He wishes.

    • TrustMOnThis says:

      EXACTLY! The Mapplethorpe comparison is especially infuriating as his photos were amazing and there was never a whisper of nonconsensuality about him or his work.

  15. pantalones en fuego says:

    Can we please stop calling him “Uncle Terry”? I mean, I get it, it because he’s like a creepy uncle that no one wants to be around but it almost puts a lighthearted spin on what are very serious and disturbing allegations.

    • lower-case deb says:

      he actually asked those young models (i wonder if he gets all the “big names” to call him that too; imagine Jared or Justin?) to call him Uncle Terry when they met up for the photoshoot. creep right there.

      • pantalones en fuego says:

        Gross. I missed that somehow. I always thought it was a creepy nickname given to him by media types. He is a disgusting man and a poor excuse for a human.

  16. Magsmarq says:

    He doesn’t deny the sexual acts at all, only claims innocence in stating the models he works with are consenting adults and own their free will. The standard legalese non-denial denial.

  17. HK9 says:

    There are thousands of photographers taking pictures of people as we speak, yet Mr. Richardson is the only one who has people coming out of the woodwork to say what a perv he is. Either he’s the world’s most unlucky man~or, he’s a perv.

    • lenje says:

      He’s a perv, and other pervert photographers are lucked out because they’re not yet in the news. But we need to keep the stories on his perversion rolling, to encourage those victimized by the system that enables such practices to speak up. This isn’t just about him, but about the system, and how to stop that.

    • gg says:

      I wonder how many other photographers take all their clothes off and jack off on their subjects? X(

    • Nerd Alert says:

      Yeah, this. He’s not famous–if so, only by association. The only way I know his name is this site, which pays attention to different things than other gossip sites. The reason I know about him is bc he’s a perv. Plain and simple. I really hope he’s ruined by this, but I doubt it.

  18. sienna says:

    I think this man is totally delusional and believes the cr@p he is spewing: “I give everyone that I work with enough respect to view them as having ownership of their free will and making their decisions accordingly”.

    He is abusing his power and name in the worst way and until mainstream media starts reporting his actions, this is going to continue.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Right. He says he never used an offer of work or threat of rebuke to coerce someone into something they didn’t want to do, and that’s probably true. He doesn’t need to threaten them. The threat is unspoken. The girls want to be photographed by this famous photographe to advance their careers. They want to please him. When he starts crossing the line, they are afraid to say no, or too shocked or embarrassed or afraid to make him angry. He’s the one with the power in the situation. He’s a classic predator and he makes me sick.

      • Sarah says:

        Yes he’s admitting everything in this disgusting statement….just reading his words validates that these women (and men?) had an abusive experience with him. Such a disgusting and horrendous abuse of power I hope this is the start of karma circling back on him.

      • sapphoandgrits says:

        And, if he complains about them to their agency/booker, they know they are also ruined. “She’s difficult to work with.” “She doesn’t take direction well.” “She’s a prima donna.” “She was late.”

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I was just going to type that…sometimes these pieces of filth, like child abusers, actually convince themselves that that is what the victim wanted…This guy is vile….its out there for all to know…so any actors or actresses posing it up with this creep are going on my “I’m done with” list…

  19. Bluebear says:

    “…everyone signed releases . . . I have never used an offer of work or a threat of rebuke to coerce someone into something that they did not want to do. I give everyone that I work with enough respect to view them as having ownership of their free will and making their decisions accordingly.” – That is EXACTLY what she said happened. He didn’t SAY a threat, or in any way make threats, he smiled and was overly happy while his 45 year old female assistant egged the situation on, making it feel “okay” by being older, female, and present while connecting and holding the camera as he ejaculated all over her face and in her eye. She said she signed a release, she said she was aware the shoot would be “provocative”, she didn’t agree to the photographer getting naked and masturbating onto her face. That is where he blurred the line of consent. She didn’t say “no” because she was in shock, there was another woman there, and he knew how to “work” the situation right up to a cab ride home. He made it feel like it was all her choice to participate in, but the reality is his high stature in the photography industry made her feel committed to the shoot, and his happy happy joy joy attitude made her feel that saying “no” was silly and throwing away a “great opportunity” to work with Uncle Terry. I’ve heard the same arguments made by pedophiles (they enjoyed it!) or rapists (she had a rape fantasy, and she was a consenting adult). He is disgusting.

    • Lucinda says:

      Well said. If you look at his body of work out there on the internet, it is anything but artistic. A professional photographer does not get naked while working. There is lots of evidence to show he is anything but professional.

  20. Sandy says:

    It looks like the Change.org petition (asking Vogue, et al., to stop using him) has him scared. The only thing Terry cares about besides his d**k is his pocket-book. But they are so intertwined at this point! He needs the jobs to get the blow-jobs!


    • bobbisue says:

      I signed it months ago. Everyone visiting this post should, as well, and spread the word. Deviants like him smile big until they’re in handcuffs, wiped of their cloak of protection, exposed and then they don’t look any different than Sandusky. Weak, pathetic, caught.

      • SunnySide says:

        I signed it after seeing the link in the post yesterday. I encourage everyone to sign it! I’m passing it around to my friends as well. Sign away, readers!

    • littlestar says:

      I just signed it.

    • woodstock_schulz says:

      I signed it

    • prayforthewild says:

      I signed it yesterday, and noticed that today it has gained about ~4000 signatures. It definitely has him running scared at this point whereas last October, when it was featured on HuffPo, it had only 2,805. I’m very glad it seems to really be taking off, but it still needs 20,000 more signatures..

    • Hiddles forever says:

      Shared it on facebook, twitter and my own website!

    • Alyce says:

      Just signed it! Thanks for the link! It’s at over 29,000 now 🙂

    • Deb says:

      Signed it.

  21. Insomniac says:

    I don’t believe him either. Sadly, I don’t think this is going to stop people from working with him, though I’d love to be wrong.

    • Tapioca says:

      The horror stories of the Hollywood casting couch never prevented the long line of wannabes being exploited – if you believe it’s your one shot at modelling or acting glory you may do a whole lot of stuff you really don’t want to.

  22. Ciremirage says:

    I’ve seen pictures of him and his assistant corroborating what has transpired during photo shoots. His peen has been in hundreds of orifices and looks so diseaseous, it makes a vagrant smell like roses next to it. He even brags about it in a now defunct blog.

    Vile waste of oxygen.

  23. amanda says:

    Are there any instance of models/actresses/talent coming out and saying “I met with him for a job and left. I said no. I walked away. He wanted to do _______, and I wasn’t going to do that or that isn’t what I was there for or was told I was there for so I never worked with him after things got started”…?

    We have accounts of girls going through what seem to be very awful things with this guy until the ‘shoot’ or ‘job’ was over and they were sent or taken home, but none of them got up and left, or said no, or ran for their lives…but if somebody has an example of that, I’d really like them to speak up or let me know in this thread with a link to their personal story of how they walked away from this guy because of his behavior to get the pictures he wanted…

    At the end of the day, if these women are allowing this to go down (as long as he didn’t drug them or they didn’t get so drunk they couldn’t understand what was going on, which I do not believe the most recent woman who ‘outed’ herself via Reddit/Buzzfeed/whatever were under the influence, and I’m unsure if he has been accused of using drugs or alcohol to ‘trick’ models into any sort of behavior or consent), they may feel sad or upset about it after, but they said yes…they agreed and by staying and allowing the behavior to continue to and around them when working with this creep…what can be done?

    do i think he’s a creep? yes. but if he is, people need to stop working for and with him. If some models are totally accepting of his ‘methods’ and sign releases and agree to do things and stay until the end of the shoot…they and Richardson have the right to do that, even if it is creepy to the rest of us…

    • Lucinda says:

      So because they were too shocked, scared, whatever to leave, he has not responsibility for his actions? There is a dynamic of power here that compels these women to stay against their better judgement. He does “trick” them even without the use of drugs or alcohol. Shame is a powerful tool and he uses it well.

    • anna says:

      yeah there is. in the sarah ziff documentary “picture me”. a young model speaks about a casting with a ,,very well-known photographer that is very well known for being sexual”, it´s pretty obvious she´s talking about terry, and she says during the casting he was getting naked and wanted her to “grab his cock and twist it real hard”, his assistant encouraging her etc. she did, went home, felt awful and cancelled the photoshoot, because she was scared it was going to be even more sexual than the casting. never booked her again. she kind of insinuates it wasn´t at all good for her career, not to do what he wanted her to do.

    • Kiddo says:

      Look, you may even be consensually involved in a sex act, but that doesn’t mean that you are consenting to all aspects going on. Technically, unless he asked if he could come in her face, it’s an assault.

      Even if she willingly complied with everything else, for which the *willingness* in this circumstance is highly suspect to begin with, you can’t just force other elements or acts on a partner. That’s like saying because you agreed to have sex, all types and manner of sex are then okay.

    • Wren33 says:

      What can be done? He can both be staying on the legal side of sexual assault and be predatory and creepy at the same time. Magazines and modeling agencies have the power to say no to him much more than a very young, powerless model.

      • clambake says:

        I agree with you 100%. Terry is a predator but it can be argued that he stayed within the law if a model doesn’t say “no” or at least tell him that they are uncomfortable with the way a shoot is going especially if the model is over 18 years of age.

        I think the modeling agencies need to step up and protect their models from photographers that have a bad rep. Young girls who are modelling for a intentionally provocative photo shoot put themselves in a precarious position. I’m not saying Terry is not to blame for abusing some of this models or that it’s okay for him to be abusive.

    • cro-girl says:

      For us his “methods” for achieving his “style” are obvious because this isnt the first time we’ve heard a story like this. For these women, I think it’s far less obvious. I think they thought a line would be drawn at some point…. that he would stop… etc. I don’t think they went there expecting to get a wad of Terry in the eye. The more they talk the more women will be warned.

    • sapphoandgrits says:

      You really, really need to educate yourself on this subject. What you wrote is wrong and insulting and even dangerous.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Exactly. And the reason why this type of coercion/assault goes unpunished. TR knows exactly what he’s doing. He chooses very young, but not illegal, models who are awed by him for a reason. He counts on people to blame the victim.

      • foibles says:

        No, it’s not insulting or dangerous. Nobody is blaming the girls that were taken advantage of. Young girls need to learn to take care of themselves and learn that it is okay for them to say “no.” That comment does not mean that what Terry or any predator does is ok.

      • Moore says:

        Blaming the victim, like people always do.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Foibles, please read the original comment again. She said that unless they were drugged, the girls are responsible for what happened because they didn’t leave. That what TR counts on people saying – that’s how he justifies it to himself and how he gets away with it. That kind of thinking represents the rape culture we live in, and you’re wrong. It’s very dangerous and very insulting.

    • Moore says:

      They didn’t agree, they just didn’t say no.

    • Nerd Alert says:

      So you’ve never been a vulnerable, broke, scared eighteen-year-old. Good for you. Couldn’t possibly imagine what that’s like, either, could you? Ugh.

  24. Liz says:

    I saw him say in an interview once he doesn’t ask any of his models to do something he wouldn’t do. Really though, who wants to see Terry Richardson unclothed? Not many I would guess.

  25. Em says:

    I can’t believe he compared himself to helmut newton. Not only is he a creepy as hel but he is totally delusional about the quality of his work.

  26. Dani2 says:


  27. LAK says:

    That last paragraph in his letter, particularly the sentence where he talks about free will, is disturbing to me AND points to his knowledge that what he does/has done crosses boundaries, BUT since everyone has free will,. It’s OK.

    And they signed release forms so it’s twice OK.


  28. Dani2 says:

    Praying with all my heart that this is the start of his downfall. He is absolutely vile in every way.

  29. lucy2 says:

    Of course he’s a disgusting liar.
    I really hope these women’s bravery gives strength to others to give their account to the police, and speak up publicly if they can. I signed the petition.

  30. MynameisPeaches! says:

    Hmmm. I don’t believe it. Uncle Terry has not denied anything. He’s basically saying anything that happens on his photoshoots is consensual because these models sign a release form. The man is a pervert.

  31. Janet says:

    Sounds like he’s running scared. I hope so anyway.

  32. Adrien says:

    Sorry, dude. I believe Charlotte even when she was just anonymous on Reddit. This is just the beginning. Hope some more models would come out.

  33. Kiddo says:

    I hope the fact that he responded creates the Streisand effect.

    • ScrewStewrat99 says:

      What is the Streisand effect?

      • Kiddo says:

        In an attempt to hide something or censor something you end up bringing more attention to the issue. He wasn’t attempting to censor, but he was trying to tamp down allegations. Since he has a bigger name, his response is likely to get more play in the media, bringing more attention to the previously unknown woman’s story.


      • msw says:

        The Streisand effect is when you take some kind of action in response to something instead of letting it just go away, thereby calling more attention to it than if you had just ignored it. It refers to some nude pics of Babs, which would have most likely gone away if she hadn’t made a big thing of it.

        Ive heard a lot of people insinuate celebs would deny blinds if they weren’t true. That’s why they don’t.

      • Kiddo says:

        “The Streisand effect” issue doesn’t have to do with nude photos, it was about photos of her property at the beach.

      • msw says:

        Youre right, my mistake.

  34. mzizkrizten says:

    He looks the part, and the photos of his that I’ve seen certainly support the tales… he grosses me out so much and I have aserious distaste for anyone that willingly associates with him. Even Obama did a photoshoot with the guy. He is so skeevy-looking, he reminds me a trailer park window peeper.

  35. CC says:

    My instinct tells me he’s a creep. And honestly, there are WAY too many rumors and allegations following him. If it looks like sh*t, smells like sh*t, and tastes like sh*t, it is sh*t.

  36. Jane says:

    Unfortunately the entertainment industry is full of creeps like him. Everybody just turns a blind eye and pretends it’s not happening because the creep is so-called influential and could help someone’s career. I never understood why someone would put themselves in such gross, degrading situations to get ahead. They shouldn’t have to. Something’s very wrong with this world. There is no excuse to act so vile to another human being, especially someone so young. Young women in this industry have been preyed upon by these types for years. It’s also happening to young men too. It’s not ok. It will never be ok. This woman made the right decision by coming forward. I hope many others do too. These creeps need to be stopped and held accountable. Hopefully this is the first step.

  37. db says:

    He’s such a lowlife POS. I wish I could thank Charlotte Waters for having the courage to tell her story. Hope many more come forward.

  38. Dimebox says:

    Disgusting, predatory pervert! Here’s hoping that this is the beginning of the end for this cowardly, creepy man.

  39. Yinn says:

    Why bother publishing a letter when there’s nothing to the stories? The big names in the fashion industry (like Wintour and Roitfeld) have ignored the “witch hunt” for so long, why would it change now? Or is there maybe “some” truth to the stories and more and more victims become confident enough through example to speak about what has happened to them?

    The fact that Richardson feels the need to speak out and against the allegations now tells everything for me. He’s probably trying to nip it in the bud before it actually starts to damage his career and I seriously hope he’s too late.

  40. msw says:

    He can’t be serious. There are pictures of him inserting himself into pics with the models. He probably thinks they were all willing participants, legally if not in reality. What an asshole.

    Thus just in, creepy fucker defends, denies and deflects, further victimizing the women he took advantage of to fulfill his own fantasies.

    I hate this guy so much.

  41. LeLe25 says:

    How is this legal? Does the release say they agree to sexual acts? If not, how is this not sexual harrassment? The police really said nothing can be done because she didn’t say no??

    Attorneys help me out! There has to be an angle she can bust him on. I really do not understand how this is not assault!

  42. Jayna says:

    In reading others comments about their experiences with him, when a professional photographer wants you to get nude as he’s shooting you and you don’t want to and he gets nude telling you to shoot him so that it’s even and you don’t feel odd nude, that is not professional. That is a guy using a trick to get you nude and having a excuse to have his penis out. I saw those photos of him with his d k all over the place. Was that part of his book, him nude screwing girls?

  43. I Choose Me says:

    Very carefully worded statement. If I wasn’t convinced before, which I was, his use of language just cemented what a sick creep he is. The only positive in this is that he’s running scared. I hope the hits keep coming and his ‘career’ is derailed for good and I hope his ass gets serious jail time.

  44. freebunny says:

    Hope he’ll roast in hell.

    Wonder what all his good “friends” will say.: “I didn’t know, if I knew I wouldn’t have work for him”. Yeah, sure.

  45. Carrie says:

    Well, I WAS sitting down to a nice lunch. Until I read tampon tea.

  46. TG says:

    The eyes don’t lie.

  47. Shahrizai says:

    I find this verbiage seriously suspect:
    But he asserts, “I collaborated with consenting adult women who were fully aware of the nature of the work, and as is typical with any project, everyone signed releases . . . I have never used an offer of work or a threat of rebuke to coerce someone into something that they did not want to do. I give everyone that I work with enough respect to view them as having ownership of their free will and making their decisions accordingly.”

    Yes, consent forms, but sexual abuse and harassment is about power, not sex, so the consent form and the defense that “I have never used an offer of work or a threat of rebuke to coerce” falls flat when he subtly moves in on someone and he is in the position of power.

    As Charlotte Waters accounted, it all happened really quickly, things just kept going, he never once ASKED if it was okay, as it was assumed she was consenting since she didn’t stop it. When he did ask about her relationship status and respond to her confirmation she had a boyfriend with “Oh, my bad, I TRY to ask first…” implies not only that this type of situation isn’t a first for him, but that it’s something he plans. PLANS. When he’s the one with the perceived power in the situation, this is manipulation. By saying he had consent forms and consenting adults, he’s completely manipulating the truth, too. Nothing in his response makes me believe he didn’t do this repeatedly, especially when the manipulation is stacked against the models through consent forms, leading, manipulation, and speed of action.

  48. CHH says:

    Terry Richardson is the worst kind of sexual predator. It is all about power. He never goes over the line with his celebrity clients because they always bring along an entourage and they hold the power. He probably gets off looking at their pictures later. He preys on the young, helpless, and vulnerable for his own self gratification because he knows they are powerless. He and his enabling assistant should be imprisoned.

  49. Ginger says:

    Wow! He is comparing himself to Robert Mapplethorpe? Delusions of grandeur indeed! Terry is a straight up porn photographer trying to be “fashion” or “edgy”. If he wants to shoot porn, he should be in THAT industry. Honestly, there are so many stories about his predatory behavior and they all have the same elements. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! He is just gross. It’s disgusting that he’s hiding behind the “free will” excuse.

  50. Anon33 says:

    I’m sick and tired of people agreeing with this “she didn’t say no” defense. Let me ask you something: if you were having sex with a guy who you thought was normal, and everything was going fine, but then he all of a sudden flipped you over and started anally penetrating you without asking, would you be ok with that??? Would you blame yourself for not saying no fast enough?

  51. sapphoandgrits says:

    Notice the statement didn’t deny the accusations were false, just that the girls knew what they were getting into and signed releases it could happen. Which is an obvious lie.

    I want to see these releases, because I have NEVER heard of any release that says it’s okay if you are sexually assaulted and it can be photographed. Releases like this just mention copyright and licensing issues, and usually some kind of safety clause (ie if a light falls on me, I can only sue in this way).

    Now, pron actors DO have contracts that state exactly what is expected of them. CONTRACTS, not releases, and it’s known up front it’s adult entertainment. Pron is a legit business. Richardson is a sexual predator and a psychopath.

    This skeeze wants to act like he’s in a prono when he is supposed to be a legit photographer. He learned this stuff at daddy’s knee. Ugh.

    Joe Francis finally got dinged, so I hope this guy does, too. I really would like to see some civil suits, because they is photographic proof of his deeds all over the internet.

    This guy is a RAPIST propped up and legitimized by celebrities and the fashion industry.

  52. sapphoandgrits says:

    Forgot to add this, and can’t edit my last post: signing a release doesn’t override laws or your rights. It doesn’t give the person you signed the release form for carte blanche, no matter what the form says.

  53. Kyle Randall says:

    Terry’s ex-wife is Eddie Cahill’s current wife. Man, did she ever trade-up!

  54. lambchops says:

    Don’t believe him for one second.

  55. eliza says:

    Can someone fill me in on the Melissa Gilbert connection. I am totally confused and in the dark. I tried Google but only can up with interviews about her dog Josephine.

    • Kiddo says:

      Apparently, her twitter account brought attention to it, you can search there.

    • Jayna says:

      The girl that came out recently is her stepson’s (or maybe son, not sure) girlfriend, Melissa’s ex-husband Bruce Boxleitner’s son’s girlfriend.

  56. rudy says:

    Anybody who works with Terry Richardson at this point are also sexual predators. These scum of the scum are OBVIOUSLY TARGETING YOUNG WOMEN.

    Mayor De Blasio: Please start an internal investigation on Terry Richardson. He has been sexually terrorizing and abusing young vulnerable female clients for years and years and years and years. Someone please put this disgusting excuse for an artist away for good.

  57. Tara says:

    Interesting that he denies none of the details. He basically just says, “well, they didn’t say ‘no,’ soooo… voila: consent!”

  58. pam says:

    You know what I found the most chilling: that he and that dragon lady assistant said “oh we always mean to ask if you had a boyfriend – we should have asked that first”…I can’t think of anything more emotionally abusive than that…

  59. Tiff says:

    The fact that he is finally addressing it more than likely means he was in jeopardy of losing some of or all of his famous pals. When that happens, usually that’s when they speak out. It’s possible those close to him who he has charmed over the years have finally or could be waking up, saying “hmmm..something is not right here”.

  60. kiwikid01 says:

    In a way, I’m glad he’s responded… it means that all the reports are finally getting to him. He can’t ignore them anymore. I hope they’re investigated further.

  61. nicegirl says:

    Melissa Gilbert served as President of the Screen Actors Guild from 2001-2005. At least someone – with ‘power’ in Hwood is sounding the alarm. Good on her.

  62. Sandy says:

    Can I just add, his assistant is an idiot, as well as a criminal. Her “job” is to make the girls feel O.K. about this. Yet all it would take would be one criminal complaint, and she is accessory to rape or sexual assault. You go to jail for that honey!

  63. Al says:

    Get the feeling like someone important refused to work with him or to send someone to him to pose.

  64. homegrrrrl says:

    I feel there could be the possibility of a class action law suit; the same thing happened to bikram choudry, the yoga teacher who got away with rape for decades because he also worked with the rich and famous. choudry had “assistants” to find victims and degrade their reputations afterwards. It’ wasn’t until many women came forward that a law case was set into motion. Both Terry and Bikram used their position of power to rape, intimidate and emotionally blackmail young women.

  65. Joy says:

    Saying they didn’t do anything they didn’t want to sounds like code for hey I’m not denying that my wiener makes appearances on set.

  66. Jmo says:

    Spoken like a true sociopathic chronic sexual predator.

  67. Buffoon says:

    Here’s hoping that Terry’s public denial leads to immediate media interest on this subject.

  68. DaisyDuchess says:

    This creep reminds me of Dov Charney and not in a good way. Whats with the creepy glasses on both of them.

  69. Goodnight says:

    This is purely speculation, but I always felt like Terry’s relationship with Susan Eldridge (a little-known model who dated him for quite some time) was about him totally controlling her and exploiting her. In most publications Susan looks young but adult and sexy, but in Terry’s photos of her her she literally looks like a 12 year old. He’s the only one who ever styled her that way, and it’s pretty obvious he was into her because he’s a total perv who likes young girls but can’t afford to get caught with anyone underage.

    I think she could have gone a lot further as a model than she did and always wondered if Terry had something to do with holding her back. She’s been in Victoria’s Secret shows and was Marc Jacobs muse, yet hardly anyone knows her.

  70. Adam says:

    Terry Richardson is not the only one out there there is a photographer in Cordoba Spain who uses photography and social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to lure 13 year old girls and up to him 29 of them even called him boyfriend and believe me he was outed big time and guess what people in his country find him acceptable even though their laws states that the ages of consent if not for fraudulent purpose is 14 and up which I find disgusting. Very disgusting. There is a lot out there like Terry Richardson who abuse their job as a photographer to get girls and some even guys. They are what they term them as GWC Guys with Cameras it is sick what people accept for what? Fashion? Neither Terry Richardson or this guy who is named Jose are people any person should be around for modeling but they get a pass because people like their pictures.

  71. qwerty says:

    I’m always so disappointed to see yet another famous person work with this creep. Kate Moss, I’m looking at you.

  72. qwerty says:

    Also, Hedi Slimane’s photography is SO much better. I mean, everyone’s is really, but I’d love to see him rise to stardom for his pics instead of this ****

  73. Marina Francisco says:

    Go to google images, and in the search field enter “terry richardson” and the word “porn” then be prepared to throw up.

    I first heard of him a week or so ago on Crazy Days & Nights, a celebrity blind sight that I’ve become addicted to. Then today the site published a link to Charlotte’s account of the photo shoot where this man – make no bones about it – sexually assaulted her. I was repulsed.

    What’s even more disgusting:

    his female aides participate in this. encouraging his victims to feel that this is “normal” and “fun” – photographing his sexual assaults. Standing by with towels to wipe his cum off their faces.

    celebrities continue to work with him because he makes them money. And he probably doesn’t DARE behave this way with “somebodies” – just the “nobodies” he picks up and photographs.

    He’s like a pedophile who grooms his victims carefully and skillfully. Only in his case, because of the nature of his work, he can groom and molest a naive young girl in the space of about 30 minutes. He’s very good at it – he’s had a lot of practise and like most sexual predators he can spot the ones who will be susceptible.

    Want to do something about it? Start here:


    The rich and famous, and fashion magazines will not stop using this man because it’s the right thing to do. Newp, they’ll stop using him when the public threatens to boycott them.

    Join the twitter campaign: #notbuyingit

  74. Evi says:

    His day will come. People like him always make a fatal error and then they’re hauled into the courts, and the entire sordid history comes out.
    He is a pervert creep.

  75. Just shared this all over Facebook–this sh-t shouldn’t be ignored. One of my sister’s best friends, someone that I had in my house every single day was raped.

  76. JaneS says:

    Blurgh, the whole thing stinks. He’s a dirt bag.

    But… he will get away with it. Why? I have a theory.

    Polanski’s victim was a ‘nobody’ so Hollywood and the celebrity world felt comfortable enough to defend and applaud him. “He didn’t hurt one of OUR kids, so it’s all ok”.

    Allen’s victim IS ‘someone’ so Hollywood feels kinda uncomfortable because there aren’t enough degrees of separation for them to write off the alleged abuse. He allegedly hurt one of them so it makes them squirm. Not enough not work with him. But enough to make their Gucci’s sweat a little.

    Richardson’s alleged victim is also a ‘nobody’ (and I don’t mean that in the sense that she isn’t worth anything. She isn’t worth anything in the sleaze ball world of ethics of Hollywood). Leto and his mates will know about his behaviours and still hang out with him and still have photos taken with him (ala last week in Paris).

    Just my theory.

  77. Jennifer12 says:

    I think Terry thinks that because the women are adults and they “know what they’re getting into”, it absolves him of acting decently or taking responsibility for acting like a creep. He’s not provocative or interesting- he’s a pervert and master manipulator.

  78. aquarius64 says:

    Creepy Terry is obviously feeling the heat otherwise he wouldn’t put out that lame defense of his actions. He’s not on Woody Allen’s level socially. He’s a photographer that puts out photos of stars for THEIR publicity. Terry’s the help that the elite allows in its circle. You see with the name-dropping he relies on their goodwill. If this grows into a bigger mess that can spill over and damage others, Hollywood proper will throw this perv under the bus.

  79. Blackbetty says:

    Someone should make a petition to make this creep to never work in Hollywood again. His work always reminds me of the Emperors New Clothes. Everyone seems to think he poops talent. A child could do better work than his garbage.

  80. Carolyn says:

    In Australia we’ve just had a horrific child predator locked up for 20+ years, to the relief of the general population. All along he denied any responsibility. The police finally caught him.

    Never believe the words of anyone known to prey on young adults and exploit them. Terry Richardson is despicable. Why he is supported by the fashion industry escapes my rational thinking. Why those around him support him is unfathomable.

  81. raincoaster says:

    If he really felt that this was appropriate behaviour, would he not have engaged with a more powerful woman? The stories of sexual exploitation come from lower-ranked women exclusively. If he tried licking Madonna’s ass without permission, I imagine he’d have gotten an earful on social media, not to mention a stiletto in the teeth.

  82. Harriet says:

    I find her story totally believable and it sickens me he can get away with it.