Lindsay Lohan’s list of lovers also includes: Ashton, Orlando & Benicio del Toro


Last week’s In Touch Weekly cover story was a doozy – someone (Mother Crackie?) had “leaked” a list, allegedly in Lindsay Lohan’s handwriting, of all of her famous lovers. In Touch Weekly only revealed some of Lohan’s 36 famous lovers at the time, a list which included Garrett Hedlund, James Franco, Justin Timberlake, Joaquin Phoenix, Zac Efron and Adam Levine. Oh, and Wilmer Valderrama (not shocking) and Max George (blah).

Well, I guess the exclusive was so amazing, so In Touch held some names back and now they’re revealing them this week. Now we know that Lindsay Lohan wants us to believe that she’s also banged Orlando “Orli” Bloom, Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Phillippe, Benicio Del Toro, Stavros Niarchos, and a bunch of other people that I’m not completely familiar with. Here’s the updated list:

lohan lovers

When did she bang Orlando? After he was with Kate Bosworth and before Miranda Kerr? Perhaps. And I’ll believe she banged Ashton Kutcher too. Ew. So gross. Ryan Phillippe would bang any starlet at any time, so I’ll believe that as well, although it was probably years and years ago – it might have even been when he was married to Reese Witherspoon. As for Benicio del Toro… this is the dude who got Kimberly Stewart pregnant, so yeah… he probably banged the Cracken as well.



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  1. Kiddo says:

    Is that a new or old photo? She looks completed stoned there.

  2. Splinter says:

    Is it my eyes, my screen, or do they really have orange chins?

  3. Jessica says:

    Well there goes my decade long crush on Orlando Bloom.

    • GeeMoney says:

      I’m right there with you on that one…

    • Katey says:

      Same here… what a humongous disappointment. I can only pray he was completely trashed at the time and she was still a pert teenager. Even though then it would be illegal. Oh, Orlando, what have you done??

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      They should probably get their wieners examined for cooties.

    • Erinn says:

      I’m holding out on the “hey – who else was an ‘it’ guy. I’ll put them down too” way of thinking, and that she hasn’t actually touched him. However, if she was with him during or slightly prior to Mean Girls, I can at least kind of get it. She wasn’t full cracken then.

    • Cali says:

      Ditto. Half of my Hollywood crushes are gone, gone, gone.

  4. Toniko says:

    #7 is Brad Pitt. B.tch is delusional.

  5. gg says:

    She probably thinks this list makes her look good.

    • Mimif says:

      That’s what I was thinking too, as if it made her a “success”. Gag

      • gg says:

        It has the opposite effect! lol

        If this is the cream of the crop, gotta wonder how many pages there are of busboys, parking attendants, Fed Ex guys, barbacks, etc. …

  6. Ag says:

    So, basically, all of Hollywood needs to go on a two-week course of penicillin.

  7. Dani2 says:

    What kind of fratboy realness? You’re not cool for doing this, Lindsay, it just reeks of desperation.

    • QQ says:

      And badussy

    • littlestar says:

      This is what her “career” has come to. Putting out lists to get attention. It’s crazy to think that just under 10 years ago she was the Teen Queen of Hollywood, now she’s desperate and a sad joke.

      • RuneRobin says:

        How is she desperate if there no truth to this? The fact that she still in spotlight and remains mirthful,with career opportunities and people supporting her otherwise, yeah “sad” is the word that comes to mind. Really with dark perceptions of her, people!?!

      • Seen says:

        @rune- she’s still in the spotlight, so she’s not “sad”? Really?

      • gg says:

        The world still rolls their eyes at her, Rune. She is a silly little thing that acts like a spoiled brat. I just saw her Oprah show the other night. She’s way worse than I originally thought.

      • Xas says:

        she still in spotlight and remains mirthful,with career opportunities

        Lol, good one Dina!. If you consider being a punchline, a has been using her presence for terrible cameos roles just for the attention, having a terrible record with justice and knowning as a pathological liar is a good way for spotlight, your concept of career and fame is twisted and bizarre.

  8. blue marie says:

    Man, I’m going to have to cross a few of these off my wish list just for ending up on hers, fire-crotch touched dong not welcome..

  9. dorothy says:

    Thinking about anyone having sex with her just leaves me feeling….ewwwwwwww.

  10. Bgirl81 says:

    I’m actually a little relieved that Maggio Cipriani and Danny Cipriani are not, in fact, related (I had some premature heaves thinking they were father and son. Sweet Jesus.). The former is from the famous restaurant family and the latter is a rugby player that used to date the amazing Kelly Brook. Bless LiLo’s heart, she just listed them next to each other for convenience’s sake.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      Shudder….she’s like a freaking Olive Garden….everyone has been inside once. i know we still have a few names to go but am a little shocked Charlie Sheen, Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven or Steven Dorf aren’t on the list because well, they’ll go anywhere.

      There is nothing discriminatory about this list at all. She bangs to further her “career” I bet.

      • PunkyMomma says:

        OMG. Olive Garden. Snap!

      • j.eyre says:


        And like Olive Garden, you went there because someone you know did and it seemed appealing at the time but you left bloated and dissatisfied.

      • Chicagogurl says:

        Yes. Because it’s cheap and easy.

      • Bgirl81 says:

        Ladies, I just choked on my Diet Coke!! Oh, it’s so true. The salad ‘n breadsticks ain’t free up in her establishment!

      • RuneRobin says:

        Yep. There is no speculative slut slamming on this post. Lindsay is a liar because ……..well INTOUCH has that list. TRUTH.

      • CK says:

        If she is banging to further her career, then she is doing a really bad job w/ candidate selection. Does anyone on that list have any real pull?

      • Chicagogurl says:

        Well if you count most of these dudes were at one point “up and coming” and we’re expected to make money….maybe sugar daddy or can afford adderol = enough for lindsay

  11. AG-UK says:

    She looks so old now. She was cute when she was younger well younger than she is now before the crazy.

  12. Hannah says:

    I think this must be read with a pinch of salt.
    Half of these guys have denied being with her in the past. Garrett hedlunds rep denied this just last week.

    • IzzyB says:

      Whilst I think a few of these could have happened in her early Hollywood days before the crack monster really came out, I’m not taking any names on this list seriously.

      I think the real list would have more rich men who paid to have Lindsay “party” with them. Dina will sell her to the highest bidder with no qualms. I shudder to think of it.

      • RuneRobin says:

        No proof to speak gumshoe. CDAN must be on your newsletter feed.

      • IzzyB says:

        I’ve never gone onto CDAN but Lindsay put in a lot of paid appearances all over the place when she was a complete wreck and myself and lot of people wondered what exactly they were paying for.

    • Anname says:

      I can’t imagine who the last few are… even bigger names?
      Even though it’s a bit gross to respond, I am glad some of these guys are denying it. It rightly makes the entire list suspicious if there are few saying “no way”. The whole thing is just so cringe-inducing. Some probably were with her, but I bet there are some names on there that did not.

    • Apples says:

      Do you have a link to Garrett’s denial last week? I googled quickly and didn’t find it.

  13. don't kill me i'm french says:

    Always no Jared Leto and his brother? No jude law?

    • Laine says:

      I don’t doubt her for a minute. I think she did sleep with each and every man on the list. If it’s there for the taking, most men won’t turn down a good time. I wouldn’t say they’re stupid. They’re just weak, victims of their biology, on booze or high on drugs; it’s Hollywood – the gonorrhea racetrack, and it’s done. She is attractive when glammed up and has a somewhat husky voice which would be attractive to a lot of men, for a short while anyway as in one night.

      • Amber says:

        Me too. People forget that Lohan has been around forever and has really only been a completely cracked-out (unbangable) mess for the past few years. But I doubt most of the guys on this list would’ve turned her down in the “Ronson”-era before that. Prior to that, when she started having troubles and was basically hanging out in clubs 24/7, who would’ve turned her down then? And she was hot sh*t post-Mean Girls and famous before that anyway. Under-aged for a while, but that didn’t stop Wilmer. The only (living) guy on this list that I like is Joaquin, but I’m not going to sit and pretend that I know what he’s like. Levine, Ryan, Timberlake, Colin, Benecio, not one of the guys on this list has a good reputation. Not even Orlando Bloom, who did marry Miranda Kerr after all, and left a random in his car when he had an accident and tried to walk away for some reason, (well why not, the police didn’t even administer a blood alcohol test anyway). I’m sure most people never heard about that or the other sketchy stories about him, most of which involve women. Some people are just better at keeping things on the downlow and have good PR. This list is not IMO anywhere near as great as people, who aren’t buying it or calling her deluded, make it out to be. I’ve never heard of many of these guys! I have few thoughts about several others. And like I said, the rest don’t have good reps and there were weird, random stories about Lohan and others, like Franco and Ledger. Why would someone wish they slept with Lukas Haas?

      • RuneRobin says:

        How is she able to do this if she also an international escort and does meth all day, while organizing heists shoed in with punching random people ? CDAN has to have the answers.

      • buell says:

        I too think this list is completely true. Everybody is humping around in Hollywood.

      • RuneRobin says:

        I was trying to be sarcastic about Lindsay’s personal life, via the gossip outlets.

  14. Quinn says:

    Please, someone hold me…the visual this story gives me is terrifying.

  15. BobbieFisher says:

    I don’t think anyone famous (or not) is going to screw her ever again. Unless they’re desperate for PR. Look, I’m all for equal rights for women and even call myself a feminist man – and if men can make notches in their belts, so can women, but everything equal – there are consequences to that. What is surprising is how shallow and careless some of these men are with their cocks. I actually thought Ashton K. was smarter than that. Same with Orlando Bloom. And now they look silly, having laid down with a dog – now they’re tainted by the crack dust and crack fleas and their brand is damaged (Lohan’s brand is damaged beyond belief by this list – as much as she brainlessly believes otherwise) . All these men also look downright stupid and I suppose, unattractive to women. Dina has been hooking up her daughter with rich johns bearing presents for so long – and now this list – just makes all the men who screwed Lindsay Lohan look like fools, and it makes Lindsay look gross. You know, honestly if this list was Cameron Diaz’s – I would think, “those lucky men!” – but since it’s Lohan – I think “those stupid men”.

    • Jemmens says:

      I don’t think the connection here is limited to sexual. I’ve always just assumed that LiLo’s ongoing associations with A-Listers and the like was due to her being thier drug dealer, basically. LiLo’s entire life revolves around chemicals, and I’m betting that it saturates every corner of her life – social, professional, personal. That’s how she maintains these ties despite everything: she’s everybody’s go-to girl when it’s party time. I’m betting that’s how she got close to most of these guys… and I’m betting that’s another reason for them to be very uncomfortable with her naming names. This isn’t just about slutty behavior; this is about drug use they’d rather keep secret.

      When you think about it, if you were a name on that list, but you didn’t have sex with her as she claims, but instead bought coke off her… would you speak up about it? Would you get your publicist to issue a denial? If you did, all you’d be doing is playing into Lindsay’s hands, because then there would be her ‘rebuttal’ and further confessions about drug use and etc…. She is truly desperate to do this, because you’re right: I can’t imagine they’d continue to use her ‘services’ (whatever it is they want from her) now that she’s proven she’s perfectly willing to name names to get publicity.

      • BobbieFisher says:

        Wow, you’re right, I never thought of the drug connection. Oh god, how boring is that. Drugs and sex in Hollywood. I just wish one of them would issue a denial, or just a – blech… but it’s probably best to ignore it since you’re right about her “naming names” as she herself so blatantly talked about last week on the show. I wonder if Woody Allen is on that list – also Jimmy Fallon (the way he falls all over her makes me queasy).

      • Nina W says:

        Yeah but no one really cares about the drug use. It’s not like anyone would be surprised if they were partying. It’s far worse for their reputations to be thought of as her lovers. She’s a train wreck.

  16. Mich says:

    Kaiser – We know your past love Gerald Butler is on that list. So glad you moved on from that one!!

  17. Talie says:

    Duh @ Stavros Niarchos — amazing how he’s now remade his image to be this sophisticated dude who deals with art and architecture.

  18. SayWhat? says:

    Is she going to rate them on a scale of 10?

  19. oh says:

    This pretty much confirms that everyone in Hollywood f**ks everyone.

    • Meredith says:

      my high school was like that. the whole “popular crowd” slept around with eachother and when one came down with gonorrhea , they all did. Hollywood is probably the same thing.
      I’m really disappointed Jamie Dornan was a victim of the Cracken. I fell in love with him watching him on Graham Norton yesterday and she’s ruining him for me. I’ll make myself feel better and hope this happened back in 2004-2006 when she was still mildly attractive and less cracked out

  20. MonicaQ says:

    Why do I not believe this? Am I a victim of the denial monster (my crush for Orlando Bloom is Legolas only, sorry) or am I just think she’s ass-bleedingly full of it?

    • RuneRobin says:

      Or believe anything to justify slut slamming/blood rage for someone you know from overexposed media saturation? Did these two every been in the same room as more than associates in the same profession? He’s been with Mirranda Kerr throughout his adult life, but you got take INTOUCH word because Lohan =Satan spawn.

      • Nina W says:

        Hey troll, she said she does NOT believe it, go kiss Cracken ass elsewhere.

      • RuneRobin says:

        Glad that whole civil discourse thing still in effect on these comments board. For a moment I thought people lost their manners when there is a dissenting viewpoint.

  21. Kaye says:

    I think we should give most of these guys the benefit of the doubt. When has LL been honest about anything?

    • RuneRobin says:

      Again. This site claims not to engage in slut slamming and potray women in an offensive manner, but Lindsay is fair game? Why? Still feel that the justice system should have thrown the kitchen sink and place her with serial killers? Just take account of this story realize its character skulldudgery for your attention span.

      • Badirene says:

        No one called her a slut, just a cracked out liar. So calm down Dina.

      • RuneRobin says:

        Not Dina and the comments due heavily imply her love life to be as “accurately” reported by the gossip outlets as gospel.

      • doofus says:

        this was covered on the other thread covering this topic.

        no one is slamming her for her “exploits”, just the “kiss and tell” part.

        as in, she has NO discretion.

        Jack Nicholson has slept with probably hundreds, if not thousands, of women. but has he named them all? Miley Cyrus is (allegedly) sleeping her way around the recording studio, but is she naming names? even Jolie has spoken in the past about how she had a “couple of lovers” that she would see in hotels, with no strings attached. but again, she didn’t name names.

        so, again, people are slamming her for either A) being indiscreet or B) lying about who she’s been with.

        as for commenters here assuming it’s true, it seems to be split on whether people think it’s true or not, but the majority seem to think she’s lying about it.

    • RuneRobin says:

      Still Lohan, either from her or her PR help, has denied this story and other media outlets have shown that her handwriting doesn’t match with this list claimed by INTOUCH. Just speculate fuel to keep the 24/7 gossip churning generator operational until Miley or Kim have a scandal to sniff at. Or Bieber goes all Axel Rose/Charlie Sheen and grabs our Humpday(Wednesday) attention span between brunch and 4pm snack time. The list itself just spitball/dartboard guesses from other gossip outlets from years past with no proof, especially the blurred names for the “suspense” factor to get you hooked.

      • Seen says:

        No slut shaming – where is that ? It’s just disgust at her making a list It’s clear the girl has an inflated sense of self (you HAVE seen the docuseries, right? Wow. What a piece of work she is. She still thinks she has it.

  22. Angie says:

    I Wonder if Jude Law and Tom Hardy are next on the list… She was so desperate to be seen as Tom’s lover, 3 years ago. I also heard rumors about her and Jude, and as Benicio Del Toro, he was with Kimberly Stewart at some point (urgh). So, following the same logic he could have slept with Blohan too.
    I also remember she used to hang with Kate Bosworth (circa 2006-2007, I think), wonder if it’s after or before she slept with Orlando (I’m still doubtful about that, she doesn’t seem his type). But they all sleep together in Hollywood, god…
    Also, I remember I read an article where Lindsay snubbed Keira when they first met, it was before filming a movie together (and then Sienna remplaced her, ha). She was probably insecure because Keira is lovely, beautiful and successful. But now I wonder if it was also because of Jaimie Dornan, boy drama! Weird, because he seems like a lovely, low key guy, I’m most surprised by his name on the list. IF it’ s true, after all it’s the cracken we are talking about 😉 And I could see her wanting to attach her name to Jaimie who is going to be more famous and popular because of that movie, fifty shade of cray.

    • Dani says:

      Ugh please don’t taint Jude for me more than he already has done so himself. I think he has just a bittttttttt of decency left.

  23. HappyMom says:

    Assuming this is real, I’d be more interested in what women would make her list.

  24. tricklady says:

    Im sure douche Joe francis and probably ewwy Eddie cibrian are on the list as well. I love how some of these guys have had “there people” deny they were with her. Who in the H. E. double hockey sticks would admit to sleeping with a 57 year old 28 year old. Half of damn Hollywood must be infected.

  25. Angie says:

    Also, Tina Fey wants to have a mean girl reunion with the cast for the 10 th anniversary. She talked about it to Lohan, and Lindsay was desperate about it (she talked about that on the Fallon show, I think). But I have a hard time imagining that the other successful actresses like Rachel, Amanda or Lizzie want to stay just one minute anywhere near the cracken. In particular, Amanda who said she was crazy.

  26. Suzanne says:


    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, Lindsay and Hilary Duff were both fighting over him back in the day. Which reminds us (if we scroll down to the Duff story) what Lindsay might look like if she hadn’t been using booze and drugs and several packs of ciggies a day as comfort foods for the past 12 to 14 years. Hilary, like Lindsay, can’t sing or act her way out of a paper bag. But Hilary, unlike Lindsay, looks great. Which is normal for a woman in her late twenties in good health.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      Yes! And Sam Ronson?

  27. Dani says:

    I have a list of 30 guys I’d like to have sex with too. Homegirl is cray cray.

  28. bns says:

    More, Lindsay, more!

    A small part of me wants to fuck Benicio Del Toro, even though he’s kind of gross these days.

    • Apples says:

      OMG, have you ever seen his movie Traffic? If not, you should watch…

    • doofus says:

      hahaha…I watched the Usual Suspects last night and he still was looking good then, and I even said to the bf “boy, he’s aged TERRIBLY, hasn’t he?”

      he and Brad Pitt always sort of resembled each other (to me, at least) and now Pitt just looks older/rugged but still OK and Del Toro looks BEAT.

  29. Leslie says:

    Maybe she should make a list of who she hasn’t slept with in Hollywood. That would be a very short list.

  30. break says:

    I’d like to see some dates beside names. How many of these men (is she claiming) slept with her when she was much younger or underage?
    At any age, I’d be disappointed in Colin Farell. But I guess he used to be a mess. I doubt he’d be interested now that he’s sober.

    Has anyone on this list responded? Have any Lohans spoken about it publicly?

    • RuneRobin says:

      Probably because Lohan and co have other things to focus on, positive or otherwise, than to every bad celebrity fan fiction cited as “exclusive” gossip?

      • Seen says:

        Oh no you don’t Rune – you said up threat that she or her PR people had denied the list as accurate. Which is it ? She’s too busy to bother retorting (yea, cuz she shies away from publicity) or she has denied it ?

      • RuneRobin says:

        That post came minutes later after research, you know the type of “work” that CDAN, INTOUCH, and RADAR take great pride in their craft. Lindsay ‘s PR said thewhole thing was innaccurate and hilarious at best.

    • Anname says:

      Lindsay denied it was hers, and her father chimed in that it wasn’t even her handwriting, article on Gossip Cop last week. For whatever that’s worth…

  31. TheCountess says:

    Ugh. I feel like I need to shower even before making this comment.

    What’s the big deal *if* she slept around? Guys sleep around all the time.

    Is she gross? Yes. Do I believe this list is anything other than a wishlist? No.

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I agree with you about the sleeping around, I don’t care, but this list being made public would be equally gross if a guy had done it

  32. pnichols says:

    Why would you put yourself on blast. How is an of this information going to help her? It’s such a shame. She could have had a great career. She just cannot get out of her own way. I always liked her. She was on TTS w Fallon last week and she is funny and fun. Seriously I just don’t understand why she is always doing things like this. smh.

    • RuneRobin says:

      But do you believe she would “leak” this out for attention , with all the press and opportunities(i.e modelling, indie project announced at Sundance, tv. spots and docuseries) she has been receiving, to cut her momentum? INTOUCH has much to gain by putting something different that’s not Kardashian related due to their dwelling popularity. Or the myraid reality tv celebs that are interchangeable. If it not Lohan this week or next than Bieber or Miley is on the menu.

    • RuneRobin says:

      She has not done anything vile of the same line of CB, Sheen, etc. Just pointing out the inaccuracies of this story, which is losing steam because it not even a cover story now with a Kardashian back the marqee front.

      • bluhare says:

        Chasing other people down the freeway with people in the car with her, stealing from “friends”, photoshoots, jewelry stores, etc. aren’t vile?

      • Alita says:

        Pretty sure @Runerobin would actually have some fairly compelling adjectives and hyperbole to dispense with those wacky *fabrications* about Lindsay, @Bluhare.

        If something didn’t even happen, Lindsay cannot reasonably be held vile for it.

  33. Krissy says:

    Where’s Jason Segel on that list??

  34. jgb979 says:

    Not to entirely doubt the veracity of anything Lindsay Lohan says…………

    But this wouldn’t have been timed to coincide with her not entirely flattering (and not entirely noticed) Oprah reality show would it? Wasn’t there a story years ago about her trying to get with J Timberlake, getting shut down, and starting shit on twitter about him cheating on Jessica Biel??

    Sadness and apathy is pretty much the only thing to feel about this chick now.

    • RuneRobin says:

      More apt to you believing this confirm your bias as justified. Lohan seems to be doing fine an getting her career back despite people precognitions.

      • Seen says:

        It’s simple: the girl is a liar. A documented liar. I mean, no ifs, ands, or buts about that now is there ?
        Who would believe a word out of her mouth??

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Confirm her bias? More like her comment confirms the fact that she has been paying attention. Lohan has been lying for years about so many things.

      • Lou says:

        Doing fine at getting her career back? What career?

      • bluhare says:

        Yeah, a guest spot on Two Broke Girls is really rocking that career. She’ll have her oscar in no time.

  35. Littlewood says:

    So wait, apparently Lohan left a list in a hotel which people believe are the names of her lovers (are we sure it’s not a fantasy list?) and we all just take this tabloids word for it? Really? This is the same Lohan who has been lying for years about everything; the black guy did it, I wasn’t the one driving, these trousers I’m wearing which contain traces of drugs aren’t mine they’re mine assistants’, it’s vitamins, I’ve grown up and taking responsibility for my actions, etc etc etc. This just seems to be another attempt at drama. And no Brandon Davis, no Aaron Carter? Right.

    • RuneRobin says:

      But whos generating this and why? INTOUCH has more to gain with coverage and attention, circulation goes up without going to the Kardashian well for the past several years.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        This release was timed EXACTLY with her reality show debut. Lindsey not only has more to gain, she is far more desperate than InTouch.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I don’t find Lohan credible, but I find the list somewhat believable because of who’s on it – guys who haven’t been famous since Mean Girls was in theaters, guys with substance abuse problems of their own, guys who are notoriously unselective about sex partners. If this is a wishlist, it’s kind of a sad one.

      • Littlewood says:

        True, but why is Samantha Ronson not on the list? They were in a relationship for years! And Aaron Carter, didn’t he mention being with her? And she had some history with Brandon Davis too, but I can guess why you would leave him out when you’re bragging to your friends….

      • lunchcoma says:

        My guess would be that it’s men only, that Aaron’s name (along with Gerard Butler, Ben Affleck, and probably Jude Law) will be among the next group of reveals, and that even the Cracken doesn’t think that Brandon Davis is a celebrity.

      • RuneRobin says:

        Give me accurate time and dates how her promiscuity is possible? Between filming Herbie and Just My Luck back to back, recording her 2nd album,shooing PHC and Bobby following year w/ dating Harry Morton (2004-2006)? Then factoring her early rehabs,SamRo, and courts where does list fall into being plausible with her being promiscious?

  36. lucy2 says:

    Given the rumors of her current occupation, maybe this is like a list of references?

    • RuneRobin says:

      Yeah, just rumors and speculation that people sill guilable to credit as truthful.

  37. JuJuJen says:

    If she truly banged Stavros Nachos, we all know she has the herp! Didn’t he give the herp to Paris Hilton? Do they all just share their diseases with each other? Ugh! That’s disgusting!

  38. kitty duke says:

    I think it is her handwriting. And, like LL, a combination of truth & fiction ‘leaked’ for headlines, even payola. Check out the notebook she was scribbling furiously in while in court:

  39. Mandy says:

    That last one sure looks like Matt mconaughey… Though I find it hard to believe he would. Some people seem to be thinking this is her only list of sexual partners, it’s obviously just the most famous male ones that would be of interest to the public. Her real list probably goes into the thousands.

  40. dcypher1 says:

    I heard Bruce Willis is one of the blurred names on the list. I’m just glad ASkars is not on the list then I would have to disown him. All the guys she touches are forever tainted with firecroutch and I don’t think they haev a shot strong enough to cure that yet. Everyone on that list should be quarantined. I would never touch anyone who would banged the cracken.It dosent matter when they banged her. She’s so gross.

  41. MsAubra says:

    Benicio doesn’t surprise me AT ALL, he’s community d*ck…he did after all get busy with Scarlett Johanssen in an elevator and knocked up Kimberly Stewart! He’s a star f*cker…

  42. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Ok so obv. a lot of men will sleep with anything, and in H’wood more so, and some of these were probably pre-Cracken, but some of them do seem odd/lies. I don’t get people whose default is to believe them all, this is Lindsay we are talking about. She is obsessed with portraying herself as a huge movie star, she is delusional at best. I mean Zac Efron AND Lucas Haas? Hmm is all I will say to that. And Jamie Dornan seems weird, I just don’t know, it is awfully convenient to have him on the list at this moment in time. Putting down Heath’s name is just beyond tacky, unsurprisingly, but it’s not like he can speak from the grave, (I know they were rumoured but I still find it really icky she would try to big herself up by listing a dead lover).