George Clooney took his official girlfriend Amal Alamuddin on an African safari


People Magazine has some exclusive photos of George Clooney and his OFFICIAL girlfriend on holiday in Tanzania. Go here to see! Yes, like we already said last month: George Clooney is officially dating Julian Assange’s hot lawyer Amal Alamuddin. She’s one of Britain’s top lawyers and she’s not some silly C-list wrestler or whatever. Amal is a woman of substance. She is a woman with an education and a real job. She sits down with despots, hackers, captains of industry and movie stars. Of course, the first time she ever got invited to the White House was as Clooney’s plus-one for The Monuments Men screening, so maybe she likes Clooney’s trappings of fame too.

A safari with George Clooney? That’s one trip to remember. The Monuments Men actor whisked his new girlfriend, British lawyer Amal Alamuddin, off for a jaunt to Tanzania to watch wildlife. Exclusive photos in the new issue of PEOPLE show the couple on one of their first trips together after romance rumors swirled when they were spotted dining together back in October.

The pair more recently turned up together for a special screening of Clooney’s latest movie on Feb. 18 at the White House alongside President Obama. When they had a nightcap at a local hotel afterward, “his arm was around her shoulder and she had hers around his,” an observer told PEOPLE at the time. “They just seemed very, very together.”

A source who has worked with Clooney has high hopes for the new romance.

“He’s with someone who is a very accomplished attorney. She isn’t someone who is pursuing a career in acting or entertainment,” says the source. “She’s on his level.”

[From People]

As Lainey pointed out, People Mag’s exclusive photos look like a planned and organized photo-op. Why is George making it official, I wonder? Could it be a little tit-for-tat with his ex, Stacy Keibler? Keibler gave People Mag an exclusive too – her wedding photos and the unconfirmed story that she’s already knocked up. So George is letting Stacy – and all of us – that he’s fine. He’s already moved on. He’s moved on with a hottie with a law degree.

Here’s what bugs me a little though: “She isn’t someone who is pursuing a career in acting or entertainment. She’s on his level.” First of all, while I admire George’s political work most of the time, I’ve never thought of him as some smooth, savant-like political operator. He’s not. He’s smarter than the average movie star, but that’s a low bar. I would even bet that Amal is smarter than George. And that’s what makes me think that this won’t last. George doesn’t like or need for his girlfriends to be smart. He likes being the clever one in relationships.

Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.

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  1. Gayle says:

    This is George’s way of improving his image. Unfortunately for this lady being with him will only diminish and distract from her good work.

    Her name will always be linked to him long after they have broken up. Other than a few new contacts and fun vacations, all she will get out of this is a pain in her ass.

    • V4Real says:

      Well a lot of commenters on here were saying that George shied away from women that were smart and successful. I guess he’s trying to prove them wrong.

      • Liv says:

        Maybe he has enough after Amy and Tina mocked him publicly…

      • V4Real says:

        Yeah you could be right about that but wasn’t there a rumor going around a couple of months ago that these two were dating but Clooney said they were just friends. If that’s the case these two were already dating around the time Tina and Amy made that joke. However the joke was about the age of a woman, not her intelligence. Therefore Amy and Tina joke would still remain on point about him not dating women his age. Amal is only about 36.

      • Truthtful says:

        @V4real: Totally co-sign!! the woman is still a good 18 years younger than him so the joke is still on!

      • Artemis says:

        Warren Beatty ended up settling down. Clark Gable and Carole Lombard settled down together, it is possible. You never know with these Hollywood people.

        Clooney never dated women who upstaged him in either fame (and intelligence I assume) and the joke is that their relationship has expiration dates as they are contracts. They also needed him, financially or to start a career in entertainment.

        So given with what we know, what does a smart accomplished woman doing with Clooney IF she’s contracted? The only benefits would be for Clooney as she doesn’t need to be seen with a film star known for dating waitresses and semi-strippers (never mind his alleged sexual kinks!). Her credentials are nothing sort of amazing and she would be perfect for a First Lady tbh, not ‘the partner of eternal bachelor George Clooney’ and it would be an insult to assume she’s just a pawn in his PR game. He never cared about the rumours, just like Leo D doesn’t care and all the famous bachelors before them. They’re men, they will always be successful and lauded for their work even if their private life is mocked. In the end, their legacy and career will not be tainted unlike women, so I’m really curious to see what the future has in store for these two.

        I want to know what SHE is offering HIM.

      • Liv says:

        But Angelina Jolie is 12 years younger than Brad Pitt and nobody talks about it. I think the talk about Clooney is more about his “escort”-girlfriends than the age.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        Artemis, what alleged sexual kinks?? That’s the first time i hear about that.

        That and “She isn’t someone who is pursuing a career in acting or entertainment,” says the source. “She’s on his level.” What level is that? Like he has a career she has a career?

    • Truly says:

      Yeah .. the timing of this is suspicious. Cloonzy has something to prove.

      As for Amal …. sometimes smart girls can be really dumb.

      • Laine says:

        The main thing is that she doesn’t give up one iota of her career to be with Clooney. He’s not worth sacrificing it for. Both of them will benefit in different ways. She can have some fun with it, show up at a few red carpets and what not. It would be fun for a while as long as there are no expectations.

    • kibbles says:

      He is using Amal for good PR. I took a look at their vacation photos in Tanzania…George is looking straight into the camera’s lens, lol. He knows they are there. In fact, he probably invited them. I didn’t believe the rumours that George was still pining over Keibler or upset that she moved on so quickly. However, with him coming out with an “official” girlfriend so soon after Keibler’s wedding and pregnancy announcement, I can’t help but think that his ego was bruised somewhat. Keibler not only moved on but got knocked up, married a man who is also rich and successful, and still receives a good amount of media attention. She was the only one of Clooney’s girlfriends who knew how to beat him at his own game and come out looking like a winner. I wonder if it really did get to him.

      He knows the public is calling him a man whore, an eternal bachelor, and an old man who likes dating significantly younger C-list celebs. So he is shaking things up by dating a non-Caucasian, non-celebrity who is smart and successful…basically the exact opposite of the usual type that he goes for.

      I’m sure Amal is also caught up in the glamour of dating a millionaire celebrity and one of the most eligible bachelor’s in the world. However, she can and should do so much better than him. She doesn’t need the media attention. It must feel overwhelming and exciting at first, but I’m sure she will tire of the celebrity lifestyle…unless, of course, she truly craves for the attention and wants to become universally famous among both the elite and the general public.

      • Dubois says:

        Wasn’t he diddling Eva Longoria while still with Kiebler? I think he emotionall detached from Stacy a while ago and I don’t think he would think it worth his while to “debut” this new romance as a counteraction to Stacy. That would be giving Stacy waaay too much credit. I think the Stacy thing is just coincidental timing.

        Could he have other motives? Oh I’m sure. He stands to gain in many ways by dating a woman of this caliber. She could also be a palate cleanser for the seemingly unending stream of bimbos he’s dated. I don’t know. I think the Cloonster is best suited to the bimbos. Sharp girls (Julia – bitch, but sharp, Sandy) are best suited as sidekicks/wing girls.

    • bluhare says:

      I’m taking the opposite approach. He might be smitten.

      • mercy says:

        He just might be! She’s the type of woman I always pictured him with. Could he be *gasp* maturing in his advancing years? Or is there another young model waiting in the wings…

      • ivy says:

        It’s about time he had his heart broken. It would make him much more likeable.

    • cloud says:

      There is an interesting post on another site that says Amal is doing this to get publicity for her clients and her law-firm. George is hooking up with her to help his image. So everyone gets something out of it.

      Who knows if its true but it makes more sense than the romantic drivel his PR team is trying to sell.

  2. fairyvexed says:

    His “official” girl friend? Like, what the fuck is he, the dauphin?

  3. Rhea says:

    Who knows? Maybe it’s possible to teach a new trick to an old dog. ;)

    • Truly says:

      George is a alcoholic and love/sex addict. When the high is gone he will need a replacement. Amal will be out and he’ll have to up his game and date Hillary Clinton.

      • Rhea says:

        I don’t think Clooney is Hillary’s type, though. :D

      • Truly says:

        Hey now … Cloonzy is a lot like Billy Boy!

      • Rhea says:

        @Truly : LOL. When you put it like that…

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        He isn’t a love addict, HE’S GAY! Please tell me that this is the most obvious thing in the world to somebody other than me. I mean, it’s even more than Leonardo DiCaprio obvious, Matthew McConaghey obvious, that one guy on Jersey Shore who was a stripper obvious, it just that goddangled obvious!

      • bluhare says:

        He’s an alcoholic? Where did you hear that?

  4. Hootysgram says:

    Like I’ve said before…eventually these hounds run out of chase….and settle down with one woman…I hope he values this one as more than just more arm candy. She surely knows his history…and no doubt doesn’t need his fame to promote herself on any level. I say she’s one lucky gal…IF he is finally ready to commit to one person permanently. Fingers crossed she could be the one!

    • Frida_K says:

      Stranger things have happened…look at Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. I don’t follow their news, but I think they must be at least reasonably happy. They’ve been married for a good while now, anyway.

      If George lands this one, he’ll be lucky. She seems like a smart, accomplished woman.

    • maynot says:

      She is an accomplished lawyer, still he can bring her to another level of professional and social network all over the world – even more in US.

  5. Kali says:

    As IF it would be a tit-for-tat for Keibler *rolls eyes* If we wanted to be completely rose glassed (?) about the whole thing, I would think that he would’ve been more surprised about just how long and hard people laughed at that joke Tina Fey made. Not that Amal is still anywhere near his age but she’s a woman who has her own thing going on career wise.

  6. Luca26 says:

    Agreed. ‘She’s on his level’ is so arrogant. George she’s on a higher level let’s see if you can keep up.

    • Liberty says:

      I know, right? “On his level” — she rolled off the sofa at an aunt’s house and got a job on a sitcom, and a pig?

      I think she put a little more into her education and career. He’s made films and achieved one kind of status, yes, and speaks on some issues, but, seriously, to equate his level with hers? This makes it sound like in his world, anything above a cocktail waitress or escort is a great intellectual surprise. More like Pitt saying. “Hey dude, for five minutes can you date someone my wife can have a decent conversation with? Just five minutes?”

    • Thaisajs says:

      Amen. She is so far above him intellectually it’s a little sad. In many ways, she’s slumming it by going out with him.

    • mercy says:

      Yes! I was going to say at least he is challenging himself, but if thinks he’s on the same level already… There are many ways to get an education and he has achieved quite a lot in his field, but on paper her accomplishments seem to dwarf his.

  7. lisa2 says:

    I saw the best comment on another site. It talked about how George took that joke Tina and Amy made about his love life a lot harder than it seemed.

    ITAW that comment. I felt the same way. It also makes me laugh that people always paint George Clooney as some kind of genius because he is good with turning a phrase or he knows what to say to get the pubic on his point. This woman is way more accomplished than Clooney. He should be happy she gave him the time of day. And the headlines about their union is really offensive to her; like she passed some test and got the great honor of dating George Clooney.. UGH

    She looks so much like Anne Hathaway to me. Anyone else?

    • blue marie says:

      I completely agree with you.

    • Frida_K says:

      What joke? Link?

      • lisa2 says:

        It was at the Globes I think.

        The joke:
        Tina: “Gravity is nominated for best film. It’s the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.”

        I think that joke poked him in a place he didn’t know existed.

      • Illyra says:

        I’d never heard the joke before, that is hilarious… LOL

      • Frida_K says:

        Ha, ha–thanks, lisa2, that is a good one! Hit him right in the biscuit, it seems like.


      • MonicaQ says:


        Tina used BURN. It’s SUPER-EFFECTIVE! George FAINTED!

      • Calcifer says:

        Amazing joke it was! I never thought we would live to see the day that a famous guy like Clooney would be called out for his behavior with women (not that he ever was abusive with women, but he did seem to value them just for their looks and youth). The joke was – to stay in space travel terms – ‘one giant leap for womankind’. Thank you Tina!

    • V4Real says:

      He might have took that joke a lot harder but Amal is only two years older than Stacey.
      She is a very accompolished and smart woman who knows what she is getting herself into.

    • Vanessa says:

      I think she looks like she could be the love child of George Clooney and Winona Ryder.

    • ORLY says:

      Lisa2- I like that you made a typo (Freudian slip) with “pubic” instead of “public”.
      It made me giggle so. I’m immature before my morning coffee, sorry. :)

      • lisa2 says:

        OMGOSH.. OMGOSH..

        DID I DO THAT !!!!!!.. I TYPE TOO FAST.. DAMN.

        I better proof read more.. lol.. I swear I yelled.. my boyfriend came in thinking I was hurt. but no just on a celebrity blog.


    • julies29 says:

      That’s a great typo! Get the pubic on his point!Lol!

    • call me cynical... says:

      That could be true if they hadn’t been together since last October but alas…they’ve been dating since they were first seen back then. There are pictures of her trying to hide behind other people at his place in Cabo for New Years Eve as well.

      Tina’s joke may have indeed stung but he had been dating Amal months prior to that joke.

      • V4Real says:

        I said upthread that rumors of George and Amal had been around for awhile. But Tina and Amy’s joke is still on point because the joke was about the age of the women not their intelligence. Amal is only two years older than Keibler.

    • jane16 says:

      I think she looks a lot like George. Look at the shape of eyebrows, the heavy undereye area. Her nose is bigger though.

    • hmmm says:

      I think she’s a trophy.

  8. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    This should be interesting.

  9. AG-UK says:

    Isn’t this the same woman months ago he was at dinner with and he made some comment as to say they weren’t dating so she wouldn’t get harrassed by the media? I can’t keep up they are both adults. She might be accomplished however for some people not saying her dating him vs dating some middle age investment banker/lawyer might seem more fun/interesting. I work in a bank and lord knows I wouldn’t want to hang out with thes guys..

  10. Dotty says:

    Why does she have two different legs in the last pic?!

    • Darlene says:

      She’s walking, and her right leg is forward (and looks larger) and the left is in back (and looks smaller). She’s also wearing pantyhose/stockings, so her legs look vaguely unnaturally smooth.

  11. bns says:

    These “relationships” are so phony. He might not be gay, maybe bi, but I think he uses these women to cover up his real dating life from the public.

    • Illyra says:


    • epiphany says:

      If you travel to the Lombardy/Lake Como region of Italy and ask about George, the locals are quite open about his Italian boyfriends. They see them out and about all the time, and to them, it isn’t a big deal. Imo, George isn ‘t gay; I think he genuinely likes and dates women; he just has another “itch” that he apparently only scratches when in Italy.

    • call me cynical... says:

      You think that he’s managed all these years to keep something like that quiet? No news at 11:00 or pictures of him with another man, in a compromising position to be found… all these years? Really? WOW that’s leading a pretty damned charmed life, to be so lucky that no one sold him out for a quick paycheck from the tabs! I think there might be a bit of wishful thinking in your statement….

      @epiphany…I think that the people in Italy don’t understand George having a group of male friends who are constantly with him and misinterpret it as something else. Otherwise, again…not one shot of him in a compromising situation? Do you have ANY idea how much a pap shot like that would be worth?

      • epiphany says:

        Who knows, you could be right, but considering that the macho-Latin mind set is still very much ingrained in the men on Italy, my hunch is they know the difference between a group of guys hanging out, and guys who are a couple. IMO, George’s sex life is much more, shall we say, avant garde than he would like his (American) fans to know.

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      There was a piece in Cosmo, the UK Cosmo I think – like 3 years ago, maybe, and this hollywood insider was talking about a huge hollywood star, male, gay, who would cover his sexuality by having paid girlfriends, but only for the outside world. Both said star and girlfriend would have their respective partners living with them in the same space (like his house) yet the two pairs would their private lives separately. That insider would not say who the star was – for fear of being sued or losing whatever privileges he had. That story sounds a lot like Clooney. But still, I just don’t get a gay vibe from him. Or Leo for that matter.

  12. mandy says:

    He is dating always with women who knows since long time !
    I dont anderstand : there is some weeks he said “monica, amal, just friends” ?? No ???

  13. Cora says:

    They also went to the Seychelles together and the DM has new photos of the couple in NYC yesterday. It looks like it’s on! And the media have been invited! :D

  14. cheesecake says:

    In the beginning I was like, “NOOOO!!! DON’T DO IT AMAL!!!” She is too intelligent, too much on her game to be messed around with for a year and a half… two years maximum!!
    But then I came upon an interesting conclusion.
    This woman is smart, she knows exactly what she’s doing and it seems to me. More so than Clooney that she’ has already set a cut-off date with this guy!!
    “Break up with Clooney, November 2015 or March 2016??” that’s the only question she’s contemplating.

    I love her already

    • LJ says:

      That’s waaay too long for George. He can’t go the emotional distance.

      He’ll start his emotional withdrawal by next autumn.

    • Liberty says:

      Plus, this is raising her profile (i.e., more awareness publicly of who she is and what she does) somewhat, and thus could lead to her raising her hourly rate as an attorney of new note in her field.

  15. Louise says:

    George will probably settle down around age 60. Men’s hormones eventually change and like another comment, he will run out of the chase, and then his light will be on(!)…and the lady that happens to be around will “get” him. I do think he looks a lot older than he actually is.

    • V4Real says:

      “I do think he looks a lot older than he actually is. ”

      That’s because that salt and pepper hair is all salt now.

    • Beatrice says:

      Yes–I’ve known several big hounds that finally ran out of gas in their 50′s and married whomever they were with at the time. It might be Clooney’s time, but this woman is NOT on his level–she’s way above him.

    • Truthtful says:

      @Louise: fun facts: men hormones start to change after 35 and take a plunge @ 45…. @ 60 for most of them it ‘s over for a long time…. except if they have loads of money to pay for a bunch of hormonal treatment on them and their girlfriend -while not disclosing it of course-and parade with new (expensive and medically induced) spawn to prove the world they are still “virile”….

      Men hormones change like women’s it’s just way more taboo….

  16. smee says:

    Those photos look about as staged as one of his movies. So what’s his need for an “official” girlfriend? What is motivating him to build this facade? Especially when the public would accept him as a playboy. He must be hiding something…..kinky?….playing for the other team? I’m curious bc this seems about as natural as Courtney Stoddard……………

  17. pnichols says:

    so over this dude. who cares.

  18. Liberty says:

    Hahaha — I suddenly am getting a whiff of “Simon Cowell 3.0″ here….

  19. epiphany says:

    “On his level.” Riiiight. No offense George, but I’m pretty sure this woman can think circles around you. And she’s probably too smart to let you know it.

    • V4Real says:

      But is George the one who is saying she’s “on his level” or are we blaming George for what a so called source said?

  20. j.eyre says:

    I took the “she’s on his level” comments as pertaining to her accomplishments, not intelligence. Most of George’s exes have needed his coattails to come up in the industry but Ms. Alamuddin has an impressive career and has established herself long before Le Dauphin came into her world.

    I don’t doubt for a minute she smarter than him.

    • Liberty says:


    • Miss M says:

      But I also think she is more accomplished than him. But What do I know?!

      ps: there was a blind at blidgossip the other day saying that the A-list new “girlfriend” was very expensive, etc… A lot of people guessed it was George and his lawyer girlfriend. Maybe the “contract” (if it exists) gives her more benefits since she doesn’t care about being a celebrity.

  21. Ag says:

    I’m confused. Thus woman is super smart and educated. What is Clooney doing with her? More importantly, what is she doing with him?

  22. toto says:

    Reputation renovation.
    A woman with many international tasks, please underline the international aspect.
    George wants to be more involve in his politics and he will never find better than her to raise his status and a better political partner .
    Shall we Say his Angelina?

    • frisbeejada says:

      yep, think youv’e nailed it, he’s looking for a political career and will need to change his image asap to pull that one off. She can probably make us of his connections in the States – suits both of them.

      • Dubois says:

        He has said openly that there are too many skeletons in his closet for a political career and he’s not interested. i think he wants to be more of an activist and taken more seriously. The political world would tie him down and our Cloon needs to soar.

    • lisa2 says:

      Amal is a Member of Expert Panel of Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative formed by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and Angelina Jolie to gather evidence of sexual crimes committed in conflict zones.

      She could be at the Global Summit on Rape in War they are having in June.

      She is very accomplished. She doesn’t need George Clooney to get her attention.

      • lower-case deb says:

        I wonder if AJ help push them closer?
        Or maybe just introduced them to each other. I don’t know how much time AJ has to matchmake, but it’s an interesting link.

  23. Renee28 says:

    I took “she’s on his level” to mean someone professionally (and probably financially) successful. Amal doesn’t need him for a career like all his other girlfriends have.

  24. Cazzee says:

    ‘She’s on his level’

    Wow, I didn’t realize that George Clooney was an internationally recognized human rights attorney! I guess I missed that part where he graduated from law school and passed the bar.

    “On his level,” oh my God what a clueless statement to make. I’m flabbergasted that his PR person had the gall to say that.

  25. paola says:

    And the first time she says ‘marriage’ he’ll feed her to the lions!

  26. Cora says:

    I’m really surprised that there are still people trying to marry Clooney off to someone. Is it really that hard to comprehend that some people don’t want to get married? I think some people forget that Clooney has already been married and divorced, and he has been adamant for years now that he never wants to marry again. It’s not going to happen. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

  27. Mare says:

    From Chelsy Davy in articles about Prince Harry to this woman now, I wonder why is everyone in the comments so enamoured with lawyers and assume them to be smart just because they have a law degree? I’ve met many lawyers in my life and some are super smart but some… not so much.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      Amen. It’s like it’s still the 1940s in some of these peoples’ minds, oohing and aahing over the all-encompassing wonder that is *omg* having a college degree. Do you know what having a law degree or an engineering degree or a philosophy degree tells us about an individual’s intelligence? It tells us that they were good enough in their particular field of study to get a degree. Nothing more, and nothing less.

    • mercy says:

      Agreed. There are many ways to get an education, and having law degree or any other degree doesn’t always speak to their character. I’ll take a kind, honest, well-rounded person over a self-obsessed one with a bunch of titles anyday.

    • V4Real says:

      That’s a great and true comment.

  28. Kelly says:

    She’s on his level!??!?! Bitch please!!! He deserves to be her pet dog, not the other way around!

  29. Hannah says:

    People assume he will be bored and move on after a year or so. But this lady is highly intelligent with a highflying demanding career she won’t give him cause to get bored ( I would rather assume she could get bored with him though) plus George is getting older he might change finally such as warren Beatty did.

  30. Chris says:

    George is an accomplished movie star. Amal is an accomplished Barrister. That doesn’t mean either of them are smart or accomplished when it comes to emotional/romantic matters. Sadly, I think it’s all PR for both of them. But if it’s not, I think this is a small victory for Clooney in the sense that he is not running scared from a woman who has something other to do besides act as George Clooney’s official arm candy.

  31. Diane says:

    Maybe this is George having a Warren Beatty moment of revelation. Warren was exactly the same until he met Annette Bening. It could happen!

  32. Liberty says:

    Maybe he has political ambitions, and thinks this kind of relationship will carry more weight.

  33. floretta50 says:

    Stacy Kiebler seem to have been a blow to old George ego his other girl friends did not move on as quickly bouncing back with a marriage to a wealthy man ,pregnancy and keeping some kind of public career after he so called dumped her. Good for her.

  34. tealily says:

    “She isn’t someone who is pursuing a career in acting or entertainment. She’s on his level.” Isn’t HE pursuing a career in acting and entertainment? How is a woman doing the same NOT on his level?

    • mercy says:

      Lol good point. I guess it’s assumed he made it on his own, without the help of a famous partner. But he must get something out of dating these women. If it was just about sex, he wouldn’t have to go through with pretending to have relationships with them.

      • Liberty says:

        He made it “on his own” with the help of a famous aunt, singer/movie and stage actress Rosemary Clooney, and her husband, which didn’t hurt.

  35. Bubulle says:

    George is so desperate no one is buying his shenanigans anymore, people are not gonna changed their minds just because he is dating someone with a degree, this relationship just looks as phony as the others, he needs to stop caring about his image and stay alone, since he doesn’t want to settle down.

  36. Godwina says:

    He’s smarter than the average movie star, but that’s a low bar. I would even bet that Amal is smarter than George.

    Thanks for posting that. Cosign. That line in the article made me guffaw in disbelief.

  37. mercy says:

    I think she’s gorgeous, and she doesn’t have to rely on her looks so there’s that.

  38. MrsBPitt says:

    So an actress/entertainer is beneath actor/entertainer George Clooney? Why?

    • mercy says:

      It’s a valid question. He does seem smarter than your average celebrity, but I don’t know what makes him more worthy, especially given his track record.

  39. rudy says:

    They are each others beards.

  40. zut alors! says:

    I agree with all the other commenters about George changing his girlfriend rollout strategy. I know he follows gossip. I remember reading an interview when he was with Sara Larson and they were watching Brett Michels’ Rock of Love show on VH 1. Also he references seeing footage of Brad Pitt making a rocky landing when he was learning to fly on Entertainment Tonight.
    I think George is gunning for an Oscar with that super secret Disney movie Tomorrowland. He debuted Elizabeth Canalis at the Venice Film Festival and Stacy Kiebler at TIFF. He knows the bloggers and the public have caught onto his 2 year girlfriend contracts. He didn’t win with the previous rent a dates, so he had to revamp his image. Has he ever been so public with a relationship outside of the road to Oscar campaigns?

  41. Maggie says:

    I don’t find her that attractive actually. But it sounds like she is welll educated and successful so perhaps he finds her interesting. He does have a drinking problem though. While in Vancouver he was shit faced nightly.

  42. Hootysgram says:

    Funny how less than a week after Keibler gets married…HE resurfaces and WALLA…a new girlfriend is introduced. He was noticeably absent from the Oscars…yet NOBODY said why or where he was. Perhaps the safari took precedence…over introducing another woman on to the Red Carpet. Hope this one lands him…she looks classy and apparently is. Good call George! Prove them all wrong!

    • V4Real says:

      They’ve been together for awhile, this didn’t just happen. There were rumors of them out together before.

  43. cody says:

    Being in the law field myself, I find it interesting she has time to fly around the world and go on vacations, considering most lawyers in the US work long hours and take very little vacation. You got to bill those hours, Julian Assange and Kofi Annan most have her on big retainers that she needs no other clients and she has a staff that does all the work. Also, I find it funny she has been described as a human rights, international law, criminal and extradition lawyer. So far, I would just call her a criminal lawyer for high profile criminals. Attorneys usually specialize in one of her categories. I would say, it is hard to describe yourself as a human rights lawyer if you are defending a mass murdurer like Kofi Annan. I guess for publicity sake, by calling her a human rights, international lawyer it makes her look sexy for George.

  44. Casey says:

    She’s on his level?! That’s staggering. What is his level exactly – he’s an actor and movie producer with some intelligence. Take him out of his celebrity sphere and put him with some truly gifted/smart people and see what his level is then. George will need to lift his game to keep Amal interested. It’s George who should be worried here, not Amal.

  45. Mikka says:

    A 54 year old can’t be called an “eligible bachelor” anymore. At this point he’s just a middle aged man with commitment issues, which I don’t question, is a life choice. But let’s not be sexist calling older men a “catch” when a 47 year old like Robin Wright is called a cougar for dating (engaging!) a 33 year old man. That’s just sexism and we are fueling it.

  46. Mikka says:

    “She’s on his level”: so Clooney is an accomplish attorney now?
    “She isn’t pursuing a career on acting or entertainment”: Clonney himself pursued an acting career, but if a woman does it is considered a lesser person?

  47. Lucky says:

    For years everyone accused Clooney’s girlfriends of calling the paps for publicity to advance their careers, guess it wasn’t them but Mr. Private himself. Who takes a safari with their new girlfriend and brings a tabloid photographer?

  48. smastar says:

    thanks for posting this ,hope to read more form you!

  49. Aqua says:

    The only thing I find surprising is the fact that they vacationed somewhere other than Cabo and Italy.

  50. Damaris says:

    He’s honest with his committment issues, but that doesn’t make him more attractive. He still looks desparate and old.