Did Jennifer Hudson leave Weight Watchers because Jessica Simpson took her place?

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Here’s another female-feud story from this week’s Enquirer, and in case you’re keeping count that makes three. Remember how Jennifer Hudson bowed out of her Weight Watchers spokesperson deal right around the same time that Jessica Simpson reached her goal weight? Well the tabloid claims that isn’t just a coincidence, and I have to say their theory makes sense. Is there some kind of bad blood there or did Hudson just want to hand over the reins?

Jennifer Hudson has parted ways with Weight Watchers, just as Jessica Simpson takes over as star of the diet programs TV commercials.

“Jennifer felt that she was the perfect role model for Weight Watchers,” said an insider. “She lost an enormous amount of weight slowly and steadily, and maintained her figure.

“Meanwhile, Jessica’s weight yo-yoed and she also took time-outs for her two pregnancies.”

According to the source, Jennifer wonders whether Jessica used the pregnancies as a way of buying time to lose weight and gain sympathy for herself, and Jennifer thinks Jessica may be too eager to jump into the spotlight…

“Jennifer isn’t the type of person to post revealing shots of her body, play the sexpot card or use her personal life to bolster her career,” noted the source, but Jessica will…

“When Jessica signed on with Weight Watchers, Jennifer was her biggest cheerleader,” said the source.

“But Jennifer came to think that Jessica didn’t take the program as seriously as she did.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 7, 2014]

I could see how anyone who lost weight on Weight Watchers, (which is a great program in my opinion), would sideeye Jessica Simpson’s weight loss. She only very recently reached her goal weight and good for her but Hudson has maintained her weight loss, which is more difficult. So in that respect I see how Hudson might be like “I’m so done with this company” after they gave Simpson chance after chance to prove herself.

Hudson tweeted and deleted this message before her official announcement, which hints at issues with Weight Watchers. She wrote “Sometimes you have to step back and let your work speak for you, and when that doesn’t work you walk away knowing you did your best…It’s been fun and a pleasure good luck to you all. @WeightWatchers.” After that, Hudson retweeted this message from a fan club, which she left up:

So The Enquirer may be on to something. They’re off by a major detail, though. Jessica Simpson didn’t sign up with Weight Watchers until AFTER she had her first baby. She didn’t take a time out for the first pregnancy since she originally signed on with Weight Watchers in December, 2011 to lose the weight seven months after she had her first baby, daughter Maxwell.

Here are recent photos Simpson has tweeted of herself. She looks great. Look at all that fake hair!



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Photo credit: Twitter and WENN.com

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    They both look great.

    WW doesn’t work for me. I followed it religiously for two weeks and lost – nothing.

  2. blue marie says:

    There’s something odd about Jessica, she has fat arms and they seem disproportionate to the rest of her. She’s thin everywhere else, so it makes it seem (to me anyway) that she had something done. I think Jennifer did the program the way you’re supposed to.. So Jennifer is the better choice in my opinion.

  3. Lori says:

    I don’t get why Jessica is popular at all. Her latest commercial makes me change the channel. Maybe WW thinks that people will feel that if someone as dumb as Jessica can make the program work for them anybody could?

    • Kate says:

      I have never ever understood the appeal of JS other than she has big boobs. She is a complete and utter idiot. She is a mouth breather (seriously, look at every photo of the woman — mouth open). And spare me the “successful business woman.” Her father had enough sense to sell her name (that’s it, her name, not her designs, not her business acumen, nothing else) to Camuto who has spun it into a successful budget line of his (not her) clothing empire. I have never ever understood. But then again, I have never ever understood the Kardashians either, and I think the parallels are extraordinarily similar. JS is just a less slutty version Kim.

    • Wren says:

      My mom was wondering why they put her in such harsh make-up, an unflattering black dress and gave her an stick straight, severe looking Barbie wig for that commercial. It was not a good look all around. We had the TV on mute so I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but visually it was not appealing at all! For some reason it didn’t look “real”. Like they’d just pulled her in and tried to distract the audience with the ugly look.

      I hope we’re talking about the same one, I don’t watch TV very often!

    • Pandy says:

      Ditto! I don’t have much of an interest in (this sounds so harsh) stupid people. I did think JHud is a more credible WW spokesperson. Does anyone remember the ads they shot together where JS had to wear the plaid shirt over her jeans to mask that she really hadn’t lost the weight? I’m betting she was on a shake diet or something else to lose than the WW program. She strikes me as too lazy to stick to the program. And you know she’ll have 30 lbs back on by end of summer. I say that as someone who can gain like that as well. JHud has done the hardest part – maintenance of her weight loss.

  4. Murphy says:

    Man Jessica hasn’t been this thin in YEARS.

    I loved Jennifer with WW, but no one can be the rep forever.

  5. Celeste says:

    Didn’t Jessica have a deal with WW before her daughter was born?

  6. Hautie says:

    I find it hard to believe that Weight Watchers would just walk away from Jennifer Hudson, without there being a solid reason. (I am guessing money) I don’t think this is about Jessica.

    Jennifer has been their best example of their program, in the last decade.

    Now… I can see Weight Watchers being too cheap. Jennifer’s contract probably came up for renewal and there was a difference of opinion about her fee.

    And I just can not image Jessica, willing to extend her contract. She might have finally met her set goal weight. But for the most part, she just strikes me as a girl counting the days down, to that contract running out.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s what I’m thinking – Jennifer lost all her weight a while ago and has maintained – the shock factor, the in progress ads aren’t there anymore. I can see why they maybe would want to scale back her deal or something, and concentrate on someone currently doing the program.
      I think they both look great and should be proud of their success, but I find Jessica’s commercials a little annoying.

  7. Leah says:

    It’s funny when I saw that story about her quitting it struck me as odd since she had already been replaced (Jessica is the only one I see in commercials now). So I anticipated that a negative story about Jessica would be leaked and here it is.

  8. Maria says:


    Jennifer was the face for years, it makes sense they are pushing someone new-especially since she had a second child and lost the weight a second time.

    Besides, if I had to hear that damn “sun in the sky” song one more time…

  9. JustBored says:

    It was time for Jennifer to step aside. She’s so damn full of herself, you lost the weight and kept if off, great job. If I remember correctly she had just lost weight when she got her contract. So who’s to say that Jessica won’t keep it off too. I was sick of seeing her smug face every day too. Enough already, we get it.

    There is nothing wrong with finding somebody else to be the spokesperson and when Jessica’s time is up, I’d like to see somebody else too. Keep it moving.

  10. Jess says:

    Jennifer is so beautiful and so much classier than Jessica.

  11. Alexandria The Great says:

    I honestly couldn’t stand J-Hud as the spokesperson for WW. Everytime one of her commercials came on I’d switch the channel as fast as I could before the horrid singing would begin.

    But that’s not saying I like Jessica either…

  12. Shiksa Goddess says:

    I have no idea why but Jennifer Hudson has always annoyed me. I felt horrible for what happened to her family a few years back but yeah, I find her annoying.

  13. AlmondJoy says:

    They both look great to me! Two very beautiful women. I also really like WW, it helped me learn portion control. Even though I stopped going to meetings 3 years ago, I’ve managed to keep off the 20 pounds I lost while on WW 😊

  14. Comity says:

    I still think JHud had the surgery. Never saw any in between photos or going to the gym photos. She was suddenly skinny.

  15. Anon says:

    You missed some of the best pics yet of Jessica. A few days ago in Daisy Dukes and at Ashlee engagement party.. Personally i think JHUD is a diva a huge DIVA. Doesn’t mean she cant sing because she can but personality is not warm at all pr inviting to know.

    The other stuff about Jess fashion line is same old same old commenters that refuse to inquire about Jessica and what she does.. You can never convince them that she contributes to her own line other then her face and name.There loss.

    There is not a fashion line out there where other fashion people don’t have input into a line. Not one.its the business.

    I am happy for Jessica in her business, her weight achievements and how happy she is and her beautiful family. Looking forward to a fabulous wedding. Its amazing how when everyone was not paying attention she achieved something everyone is scrambling for right now. Everyone wants a fashion line and next to none have succeeded on her level .. Its not just marketing folks Jess and her personality and warmth and relatability have an enormous amount to do with that.Its amazing the hard core haters keep trying and she keeps moving forward..lol and others keep trying to catch up.

    In my opinion HUD wanted the same paycheck and WW said no.. Its all about money bottom line and sour grapes

    • Bridget says:

      Are you unfamiliar with how celebrity clothing lines work? They license their names with a company that wants to work with them. That company has actual, qualified people work to design the clothes and create the line. They bring the celebrity in and show them the products (or meet with them and show them the sketches first, but you get the picture) and the celebrity gets to say ”I like that” ”Oh I don’t like that” or ”How about we make it purple!” and the celebrity has then given the bulk of their input into the line. Its the same way with fragrances. People bring them already created products and they get to say what they like. Because with celebrities, for the most part we’re talking about people who didn’t even graduate high school, let alone any real experience in fashion and design aside from wearing clothing. Now, I would be willing to bet that Simpson has an actual interest in her line and keeps up with what they’re doing (from what I understand she gave good critiques on Fashion Star and understands what sells) but this woman is not the one running the show.

  16. Quinn says:

    Ugh. Jessica annoys me greatly. I don’t care if she’s fat OR skinny- making your money on being “dumb” is pathetic.

  17. People irk me... says:

    Jessica needs to quit with the lip injections. She looks stupid.

  18. Bridget says:

    wasnt jHud out when Simpson was signed, but they brought her back in with Simpson’s second pregnancy? I didn’t think the plan was to have 2 celebrity spokespeople, and while I’d imagine that they’re trying to get everything possible out of their relationship with Jessica now, I would imagine that they’re already working on lining up a replacement because Jessica isn’t necessarily the safest long-term bet.

  19. Ana says:

    Oh God! Jessica Simpson is turnning into an younger version of Donatella Versace!!!!

  20. DiamondGirl says:

    Jennifer lost the weight first (who knows how) then just appeared thin as the Weight Watchers rep, while Jessica had to do it inch by inch with everyone watching and criticizing every step from the moment her babies were born.

    I think Jessica had it much worse and she looks fabulous.

  21. LovesGossip says:

    I like both ladies and think Jessica looks great but once she gets married, I think she will gain the weight back (baby # 3 perhaps?). Also, I think Jessica is the kind of girl that can not live without her buttered pop tarts/junk food :) .

  22. lisa says:

    Both have worked hard, anyone who has ever dieted knows its not easy. WW changes their spokes people all the time they shouldn’t take it personal Jhud already reached her goal weight they don’t need her anymore soon Jess will be replaced too.