Nicole Richie returns to tv with a solo reality show: is she better than this?

Nicole Richie

This could be Paris Hilton’s idea of an April Fool’s nightmare. Nicole Richie has scored her own reality show. This show will be on VH1, which is the same network that will host LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s reality show. It’s not quite E! territory. Or even MTV territory. Nicole’s show will be based upon her favorite Twitter hashtag, “#CandidlyNicole.” That’s actually the name of her series too.

A new reality show based upon Twitter? This sounds like some Sh-t Your Dad Says monstrosity. People naturally want to know if Paris will appear on the show. Not bloody likely! I admire how Nicole turned her life around after that DUI. She reinvented herself into a family woman. She never looked back … until now. I do think it will be cool to see Nicole’s home. She has great decorating style. Will she hold family dinners and be shown as the only one with an empty plate? Sorry, that’s the kind of stuff that will come up in this show. This will be a hot mess:

From Twitter, to the Web to TV. That is the route Nicole Richie has taken with #CandidlyNicole, which, in a competitive situation, has been given a straight-to-series order by VH1 for eight episodes to premiere July 17l. Additionally, the network has signed a first look/development deal with Richie’s Honey Child Prods.

#CandidlyNicole, produced by Telepictures and World of Wonder, is based on Richie’s popular AOL online series of the same name, which in turn was based on Richie’s irreverent Twitter feed. “Nicole’s sharp, acerbic sense of humor and broad audience appeal make #CandidlyNicole a perfect fit for the VH1 brand,” said Susan Levison, VH1’s EVP Original Programming & Development. “Viewers will enjoy her unique point of view and earnest look at pop culture as well as her fearless exploration of anything and everything taboo.”

#CandidlyNicole marks Richie’s first reality starring vehicle since Fox’s The Simple Life. According to VH1, it will “detail her daily adventures and give insight into her decisions on style, relationships, her work life and her journey to adulthood.” TV personality, fashion maven and author Richie, who was a mentor on NBC’s Fashion Star, executive produces alongside Michael Baum and Carrie Franklin. She is repped by WME, Impression Entertainment and Grubman, Shire & Meiselas.

[From Deadline]

Is it just me, or does the idea of a reality show seem like slumming it for Nicole? She moved past the reality-star stigma to launch her own jewelry and accessory lines. She’s very successful and doesn’t need a silly VH1 show. Maybe Rachel Zoe will make an appearance on Nicole’s new show. I can’t believe they’re still friends after the “raisinface” incident. Remember, that was the blind item written by Nicole, and everyone knew she was talking about Zoe. Nicole is witty and acerbic, but that comment was just mean. I hope she apologized like crazy for it.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

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  1. QQ says:

    Is this gonna be an offshoot of the short series she did for AOL? Longer? Or what? Those were pretty funny though, she is funny as hell

    • HappyMom says:

      I agree. I had never watched her original reality crap with Paris-so this was my first exposure to her-and she is hilarious.

    • Samtha says:

      Her AOL series was great, and if that’s any indication, her VH1 series should be just as entertaining.

  2. BreeinSEA says:

    I don’t know if she’s above it. But I wonder why she’d want to do it again.

  3. littlestar says:

    I know she’s a beyotch but I still like her and I LOVE her style. I’ll probably watch her new show. Candidly Nicole on AOL was cute.

    P.S. Is that a security tag on her fur vest? :O

  4. frivolity says:

    Duh – NO.

  5. Jem says:

    Just what we need, another reality show featuring another rich entitled b*tch. GAG

  6. GMarchetti says:

    Why is she relevant is anyway? I really don’t get it.

    • bns says:

      She’s not relevant. She had kids and somehow that made her a respected “businesswoman”.

      • Kelly says:

        Exactly. She is not “better” than this. I actually can’t believe she got her own show. I think that’s too good for her.

      • Camille (The Original) says:

        + 10000 to all of the above ^. Not a fan of her and never have been.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree. She did the Mommy-Whitewash move but annoucing her pregancy by showing up to court with a baby bump. She was driving under the influence down the WRONG side of the freeway! That is so incredibly dangerous.

        She is just another spoiled chick, I don’t understand what people find appealing about her. She is just a mean girl who never outgrew it.
        (And WTF about her “journey to adulthood”. Um, you are in your MID-THIRTIES. You are fully in adulthood now, darling).

  7. huh says:


  8. Hannah says:

    She already had a web series called candidly Nicole. They have just picked it up and making it into a full TV series. Nicole is funny but her guests are basically her rich friends. It wasn’t very interesting.

  9. Candy Love says:

    She didn’t lie Rachel Zoe is a raisinface and Zoe has said worse things about others.

  10. Loopy says:

    I like the way she changed her life too most party people i would imagine reach a point and grow up. But no she is not above it,she is hardly know for singing or acting,or what we would call a traditional talent.

  11. shellybean says:

    I think Nicole is still a mega bitch, which is exactly why I will watch this.

  12. decorative item says:

    These people just refuse to go away!

  13. Celeste says:

    So there’s an official announcement for Nicole’s show, but nothing about Leann’s? Maybe Nicole’s show is set to bump LR? Cancelled already?

  14. Lucy2 says:

    Better than this? If she at one time were an actress or singer, maybe, but she’s a reality show celebrity who managed to stretch her fame out a bit more than most.

  15. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    Even if I had time to kill, I wouldn’t do it by watching her show.

  16. AD says:

    The link is broken in your article

  17. Nev says:


  18. Mylene - Montreal says:

    I love Nicole. She is very funny. I will watch for sure. I watch the Simple Life with Paris Hilton and seriously she do the show alone ! Very funny girl.

  19. gilmore says:

    Well I watched her web series and it was pretty witty, funny, and very different then I expected. I don’t think it’s gonna go the kuwtk territory though which I think is where the real concern lies. There weren’t any real appearances by her husband or children, so it’ll probably focus on her being Karl largerfeld levels of funny and bitchy with friends.

  20. Shiksa Goddess says:

    Welp we all know that Lionel is going to sneak his way into some episodes.

  21. mena says:

    Better than this? This is who Nicole Richie is and I like that she’s not acting above it.

    TBH, I think working up from a Twitter hashtag to an AOL series to a VH1 series will give Nicole more staying power in the ‘lifestyle’ genre. Blake Lively & Reese Witherspoon just seem to be talking & talking about their ‘brand’. Meanwhile, Nicole has been slowly & quietly building hers. Good for her.

  22. Neelyo says:

    she’s not better than reality TV. If it weren’t for reality TV, she wouldn’t be anywhere. Even if she won the Nobel Peace Prize, she’d still have the stench of reality TV on her. Sorry, i think reality TV people who don’t have any discernible skill are the lowest of the low, no matter how many babies and fashion lines they have.

  23. Bridget says:

    Richie and Zoe were definitely not friends for a long time, but they supposedly made up in the last year or two.

    As far as Nicole, I’ll probably always kind of like her just for somehow escaping the stink of having once been Paris Hilton’s second banana, but I can’t really watch too much of her because she’s just so mean.

  24. kimber says:

    Reality shows are for the ppl who just dont have anything else to offer and desperate or the broke hasbeens bc living “the lifestyle” is expensive.

    I think she’s better than a vh1 reality show. Sucks.

  25. Mel M says:

    I still don’t understand how either of these women got pregnant, twice! I just can’t believe that their bodies were healthy enough to sustain a pregnancy when I know lots of women who are super healthy and do all the right things and can’t. Pregnancy is both a miracle and mystery to me.