Courtney Love is trying to stage a Kurt Cobain musical: it’s ‘very likely to happen’

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We recently saw a bunch of new photos from the death scene in Seattle where Kurt Cobain reportedly committed suicide in 1994. (Note: they are not graphic and you can only see his body from far away.) The Seattle Police Department released them ahead of the 20th anniversary of the musician’s death, which is coming up on April 5th. Contrary to reports at the time, the SPD was careful to clarify that they were not reopening the case at all, just releasing previously undeveloped film. Cobain’s official cause of death remains suicide by gunshot wound following heroin usage.

Also included in the newly released photos were pictures of the trashed LA apartment where Kurt lived with his wife, Courtney Love, two years before he died. The place was filled with papers and garbage strewn around, which is how they left it when they moved out. It probably looked worse when they lived there.

Many people blame Courtney for Kurt’s death, either directly in some sort of conspiracy or indirectly by enabling his drug use and participating in it. Whatever the case, she’s profited from his memory and will continue to do so. Courtney tells NME that a Kurt Cobain musical is “very likely” to happen and that it’s in the planning stages:

Love speaks as part of NME’s tribute to Kurt Cobain on the 20th anniversary of the Nirvana frontman’s death, on newsstands and available digitally from tomorrow (April 2).

In the piece, Love opens up about the anniversary and reveals ambitious plans for her late husband’s legacy, including a biopic, documentary and play. Love states that it has been fans’ reactions to the possibility of a stage production involving Cobain’s story which has made it now “very likely” to happen.

“After being swarmed by tons of Nirvana fanmail and social media posts pushing for a musical to become a reality, both Frances [Bean Cobain, Kurt and Courtney's daughter] and I have thought long and hard and agreed that if we can reach up to the highest shelf and select a team of the greatest and most respected writers, producers and directors, then a Broadway musical is very likely to happen,” says Love.

She continues: “There would have to be a story, and a great story, one that hasn’t been told before. I would devote countless hours with an A-team to create a project that reflects Kurt in the most respectful but honest way possible, so that his story, his music and his legacy can be resurrected on stage for not only the world to see, but more importantly for our daughter to see. I know her father’s spirit will be on that stage, and sitting in that theatre with her will be the most emotional experience of our lives.”

Elsewhere in the issue, musicians who recorded Cobain’s favourite albums (including members of Pixies, Wipers, Gang Of Four, The Vaselines and The Slits) celebrate his legacy.

[From NME]

Love must have a publicist issuing this statement for her because she is incapable of writing complete sentences or making sense. She’s been talking about that biopic for years, a musical may just be one of her pipe dreams. I would like to know what kind of say surviving Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl have over use of Nirvana’s music. They’ve made it clear that a href=””>have have no control over Cobain’s image, that’s controlled by his estate aka Courtney. I doubt this musical is going to happen anyway. If it does, and if Courtney has a hand it in, it will probably be a huge mess.

Is 27 a dangerous age to be, especially if you are a singer, Kurt Cobain died at 27 on April 5, 1994, Now Amy Winehouse and also Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janice Joplin

Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love and Francis Bean Cobain

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49 Responses to “Courtney Love is trying to stage a Kurt Cobain musical: it’s ‘very likely to happen’”

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  1. mimif says:


  2. Erinn says:

    I hate this woman. I especially hated her when she went after my “music husband” Dave Grohl. She’s a piece of trash, sketchy as all get out, and a miserable mother.

    He’s dead Courtney. Let him be.

  3. bns says:

    LOL I love her.

    Get that money, C. Love!

  4. Poppy Q says:

    I can only imagine how much he would have hated this.

    • Erinn says:

      THIS. What about Kurt screamed “gee I’d love someone to make a corny musical about my life?”

    • LadyMTL says:

      Oh my god, this +1000! Kurt Cobain would have loathed even the idea of a musical based on his life. But I guess Courtney has to cash-grab somehow.

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, I’d have to agree. What’s up with everything as a musical these days, anyway? Broadway seems littered with them, regardless of the source material.

      • Nicolette says:

        You’re right about Broadway, it seems like it’s nothing but musicals. I have to say though, my son and I went to see Matilda a few weeks ago and it was excellent. I’m betting Frozen will be making it’s way to Broadway. As for Kurt, a musical about him would just go against every thing he was. I can’t even imagine it.

    • mom2two says:

      Exactly, Kurt Cobain is freaking out in the great beyond right now. There is no way he would have wanted a musical of his life. No way.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Yup. I still think Love killed him. Maybe not in person but I think she fed into it.

    • wonderwoman21 says:

      Yeah except you’re talking about someone who never lived to be older than 27 and who would be 47 years old now; we really don’t know what he’d be like now or what direction his creative endeavors would go. And i say that as a huge Nirvana fan.

  5. spanky says:

    1) What is happening to her boob!??!?!?!?!? ( last pic)
    2) NO

  6. smee says:


  7. cheesecake says:

    That does it… It truly is the “Apocalypse”!!
    Nothing and no one is sacred any more. Not Vogue, not marriage, Not Sydney Poitier or Nelson Mandela. Not Kurt Cobain or grunge… Nothing!!
    Have a nice day everybody!!

  8. Neelyo says:

    I am only interested in this if Courtney plays the young version of herself.

  9. poppy says:

    yes, a musical commemorating his life would be exactly the thing KC would want.
    the idea of all the merchandising alone would thrill him to the core. :roll:

  10. aims says:

    Kurt would’ve hated that idea. She’s trash and even her own daughter doesn’t want anything to do with her.

    • Kiddo says:

      I wouldn’t go that far, as to the daughter, but they have a more than complicated relationship, that’s for sure.

    • mimif says:

      Yeah the bit about the musical being “the most emotional experience of our lives” made me want to gag.

  11. Erinn says:

    ALSO: Celebitchy, Frances now controls the publicity rights to Kurt’s name and image I believe.

  12. Chrissy says:

    This is the last thing this world needs. Anything to keep Courtney in the spotlight I guess. Kurt is rolling over in his grave!

  13. Luca26 says:

    I can’t stand her one bit and this is a heinous offensive idea. He would be rolling over 70 times.

    That being said blaming Courtney either directly or indirectly for his death is B.S.

  14. Lydia says:

    A musical about a depressed drug addict? … Wouldn’t a movie be better?

    • Kiddo says:

      I think so. Jennifer Lawrence as Courtney? Jared Leto as Kurt? Got any better casting?

      • Milla says:

        Leto is a big Cobain fan, he also played some Nirvana songs, but he is too old.

      • Kiddo says:

        Leto looks young for his age, but you’re right, he probably couldn’t pull off 27. I have no other picks, maybe an unknown, someone who was like Leo when he was young?

      • Tatjana says:

        Joe Anderson looks a lot like Kurt. And for the life of me I can’t see Jennifer as Courtney.

  15. Christina says:

    Even though Courtney is batshit and a musical sounds terrible….it really makes no difference what Kurt would want. He gave up that privilege when he chose drugs and suicide over his own daughter. I realize he was in pain, most likely emotional & physical…but he was offered help several times, had the money & means to get it. Instead he took the selfish route. Then like always became more famous after he died. Hailed as a hero?? A hero who left his child to live in his overrated shadow for the rest of her life. Maybe the musical should be about that…

    • aims says:

      I don’t want to open a can of worms here, but he was in terrible pain both physically and mentally. I would never condone suicide, but I do have a great deal of compassion towards anybody who is suffering. The victim of all of this was Francis, she missed out on having a father. But I don’t believe it’s as black and white as you’ve made it.

      • Christina says:

        That is just my opinion. He was not really ever a very nice person, not even to his loyal fans. I have very close family members with mental illness…it does not give you a free pass to be a piece of crap to everyone around you. I just have always found Cobain to be very phony and narcissistic. He insisted he did not want attention or fame…but his actions proved otherwise. Getting with Courtney was the obvious one. She is the biggest famewhore there is. Anyways…he is still overrated and it is sad that people think he is some kind of icon.

      • Kiddo says:

        I’ve read other anecdotes where he was pretty cool with fans, but eventually he withdrew from everyone, which doesn’t necessarily mean he was a douche, it was indicative of deep depression and pulling away. I don’t think it was good that he killed himself. But, again, you are contemplating this act as rational, where most cases of suicide are driven by irrational thinking.

        You may not like his music, but he did propel the grunge scene.

      • aims says:

        I had also heard he was a pretty cool guy, very humble and quite. But as the fame snowballed into something of epic proportions he was really uncomfortable with it. Putting myself in his shoes, I’m sure people would say I was a bitch because I’m also quite and stand offish.

        Regardless of ones music tastes, the grunge movement was huge. So huge in fact that I laugh to myself because I see kids rockin the grunge clothes who weren’t even alive back then.

      • Bridget says:

        What planet are you people on? Suicide is the ultimate selfish act. No condoning it. Kurt Cobain had help at his fingertips – he’s the one who chose to leave rehab, who chose leave his daughter. He may have been deeply depressed, but that doesn’t make suicide an acceptable option.

    • Kiddo says:

      Don’t you think that is over-simplifying mental illness?

      • aims says:

        Agree kiddo. Unless someone has been it rhat type of personal hell, nobody should judge. Kurt wasn’t thinking clearly, yes he needed help. But as I stated above, it’s not that black and white.

      • Erinn says:

        +1000 to you and aims.
        It must be nice to be able to sit there and judge people with mental illness. I assume you’ve never had to deal with it personally Christina – lucky you. To say you ‘realize’ he was in pain is only identification, not empathy. Selfish to leave his daughter? Yeah, sure. Unfortunately when you’re wrapped up that deeply in mental illness, you don’t see things so clearly. Regardless of how often help is offered, or the means you have; things aren’t so simple.

      • Christina says:

        I actually like some Nirvana.but still think they were overrated, especially after Cobains death. Though that always happens. I don’t mean to over simplify mental illness. I have mental illness in my family, so I well aware of the intricacies. However, I do think that once you become a parent you have a responsibility to take care of yourself. With Cobain and other tortured artist types…I feel like the drug use becomes part of their persona…part of their appeal. There are plenty of celebs and regular folk who have mental illness but are functioning enough to attempt to get help. He barely tried. I just think he was at his core a self absorbed narcissist. Maybe that was a by product of his mental illness…OR maybe he was just a jerk. I have empathy for people but having a disease does not always mean the person is a good person. My vibe from him was always that of an apathetic a-hole. Again…just my opinion …this is a celebrity gossip site afterall. The comments are often “judgy”….that is partially the point of these sites.

    • Mrsjennyk says:

      Totally agree with you Christina!

      • Moi says:

        Oh Christina, you obviously have no idea what severe depression consists of. Having family members with depression does not = having experienced it yourself or having a true understanding of depression. Take note; Cobain felt that FB would be better off without him, as stated in his suicide note. That my dear, is severe depression. A statement of someone who felt that the world would be better off without him in it. Don’t be ignorant.

      • Leen says:

        I agree with you with you Moi. As someone who not only has family members who suffered with mental illness, but I also recently lost someone very close to suicide. People who do ultimately commit suicide are not healthy individuals and truly believe people are better off without them. I really hope Christina you will never lose someone to suicide, it is painful, horrifying, and a very long road to recover from it as one of the loved ones left behind. It’s not as simple as you portray it to be.

  16. Loopy says:

    This is Lindsay in 20 years.

    • PattyPyro says:

      …minus the love and talent (“live through this”? Epic, iconic.). Please. No comparison.

  17. Madpoe says:

    Let this man rest in peace already Cort!

  18. laura says:

    I have read Cobain’s ‘official’ biography and his diaries which have also been published. He mentions from very early on in his teen years that he wanted to be famous and die young to ensure his fame lived on. At the time of reading it first (16) I didn’t really understand narcissism but now I lean more towards that view. I guess nobody knows for sure whether he did have mental health problems which led to him having these thoughts or whether that was just how he was, but either way, she needs to let sleeping dogs lie.

  19. panda bear says:

    jeez, I can’t tell if her plastic surgery enhanced her face or made it look weirder.

  20. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    No KC has more significance for music than all of today’s silly pop stars; KC despised the corporatization of rock, and in a way it’s better he didn’t live to see that music has become more background noise for money than anything essential.