Star: Chris Martin spent a lot of time at Alexa Chung’s Hollywood Hills home


Star Magazine has a lengthy article about how Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s split this week. You might disregard these pieces of information as tabloid BS, but I do have to give Star a slow-clap for consistently following through on the tips they’ve received over the years about Gwyneth and Chris’s wandering eyes. Star reiterates the incident – months ago – when they received a tip that Goop was banging a mystery “literary figure” and that Gwyneth’s lawyers threatened to sue Star before they even had a chance to investigate. Star’s sources claim that when they and Vanity Fair came snooping around Gwyneth’s life, Chris really didn’t know what was going on with his wife. Like, maybe he thought he was the only one fooling around? Some of this info is stuff we’ve already heard, so I’m just highlighting the juiciest parts:

*Snob: Chris is fed up with Gwyneth’s “controlling ways” and he is “afraid she’s raising Apple and Moses to be snobs who won’t be able to make friends when they’re older.”

*Food: He doesn’t like that his kids go to a private elementary school and that Gwyneth feeds the kids a strictly organic, macrobiotic diet. “Chris has to take them out of the house for things like ice cream because he knows Gwyneth will get angry if there is any in their house.”

*GOOP: Chris hated that Gwyneth announced their split on He also hates that he’s going to be asked lots of questions about his personal life while he tries to promote the new Coldplay album.

*Alex Chung: Alexa has been spending more time in LA since Goop and Chris moved there last year. Chris “reportedly has been sneaking out nights to see her and confide in her.” They’ve been spending a lot of time at Alexa’s Hollywood Hills home and “Chris loves having Alexa close by.” And “they have lots of friends in common and just clicked.”

*Helena Christensen: There were rumors about Helena and Chris in 2009, and they’ve been friends for a long time. She might have dated Guy Berryman though?

*Kate Bosworth: Star broke the story about Bosworth and they’re still saying it happened, also in 2009.

*Natalie Imbruglia: Chris dated Natalie in 2002 and “Gwyneth always hated the fact that Chris and Natalie stayed so close – inappropriately close, according to Gwyn. Gwyneth has always been incredibly jealous and suspicious of Natalie.” Chris even co-wrote some songs with Natalie in 2009 as well.

*Star names some of the men circling around Gwyneth: Jeffrey Soffer (that Miami billionaire), Donovan Leitch (they kissed each other on the cheek at a baseball game), Brad Falchuk (the Glee producer), Tim McGraw (Faith Hill was reportedly pissed off about that) and Matthew Morrison (ha).

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I still want to know the literary figure whom Gwyneth threatened to sue Star over. I also think it’s interesting – fascinating, really – that there was one tipping point in 2009 when everyone thought they would be over, but they worked it out. Only now we’re hearing that they worked it out by just having an open marriage and banging everyone.

For Gwyneth, I believe she had a fling with Jeffrey Soffer and I definitely think she did something with Brad Falchuk. Leitch, McGraw and Morrison are a no-go though. I just can’t see her deigning to bang Tim McGraw or Matthew Morrison. Ever. As for Chris… well, who even knows? I’m tempted to say he was banging everybody.




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  1. Ian says:

    Goop 🙂

    • sammy says:

      Guy did date Helena, that’s awkward.

      Any guesses on who she’ll hook up with next. I kinda want him to do someone really random like Katy Perry. LOL

    • Gg says:

      My mom called it years ago when they first got married… Does he not have a rat face? That’s all I can see, apparently he has a personality to match- good riddance!

      • Tatjana says:

        I find him really handsome, although I loked him better when he was skinnier and dorkier.

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        He is really good looking, come on now.

      • clare du lune says:

        He’s not my type at all but I can see that some would find Chris attractive in a bland, milquetoast, very British way. Don’t know Alexa Chung from a hole in the ground but she has a very pretty face-WAY prettier than Goop though looks to be as skinny if not skinnier.

      • Hmmm says:

        Rock stars hardly make good husbands. His music is stupid too. Funny that all these stories about her cheating on him just came out in the last 6 months. Maybe that was all a ploy so he would end up not looking he was the cheater in the relationship.
        Anyway, I always thought she could do a lot better.

      • Leek says:

        He reminds me of the poor man’s Vincent Cassel. On his best days, that is.

      • Evi says:

        He dances like a frog in a blender, can’t sing to save his life. It’s a miracle he became internationally known.
        I don’t know how on earth that happened.

      • Moi says:

        Coldplay is a very good band. Living in a city where music is of great importance, i.e., noticeably talented lyricism , playing your own instruments and playing them well, having true talent. All astronomically important. Coldplay is very respected here in Austin, Texas.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Man, he really digs the skinny chicks huh?

    • Ronia says:

      Coldplay are great and they are hugd where I originally come from (Europe but not Britain) . At the same time Gwinny is a “was”.

    • Enuff Said says:

      I think he’s a brilliant talent…have loved his music from day one…love everything about him!!

  2. Lori says:

    Even now, I still don’t feel bad for GOOP. The PR fairy tell is not working on me!

    • MrsB says:

      If anything the PR is working against Gwyneth. There aren’t many “poor Gwyneth” stories out. I’d say Chris has the upper-hand for now. I personally don’t feel sorry for either one, Chris seems like a huge d-bag.

      • Yep–I remember right after the separation statement, going on the DM…all the stories were about how Goop wanted to be a playa, and Chris wanted to work it out.

        Maybe that’s true–if it is, then I think that Goop found someone else, decided the mutual cheating/open marriage wasn’t working anymore for her, so she decided to end it…Chris probably likes things the way they are (like most dudes) and didn’t want to change, so he started counteracting her pr….does he have a pr person?

      • Crank says:

        I went to a concert in NOLA during their Viva la Vida tour, and since then I just can’t hate Chris. He was so gracious to the fans, they put on an amazing show, and was quite funny and nice. Of course he could still be a d-bag and I’m biased here, but I think he’s a better guy of the two…he doesn’t view people as ‘peasants’
        Side note: I never believe anything Stsr says, and don’t understand why we post stories from them.

      • Tatjana says:

        @Crank, I agree, every interview I’ve ever seen of him, he came across as really humble and down to earth. Even a bit awkward.

        Also, props to him for not wanting his kids to go to a private school.

      • Eleonor says:

        This, people seem to forget he has been married to Goop for about ten years, he can’t be that better.

      • @Eleanor
        Just because you’re married to an ass, doesn’t mean you’re an ass. Would you be saying that if Chris was the one who was seen by the general public as the vain, narcissistic one, who TOILED day in and day out to bring us peasants a wonderful website on how to give ourselves early onset osteoporosis, buy 500 dollar acrylic trays, and how to do divorce, high class, high society style…..

        If Chris was the asshole (can’t even say ‘perceived’ for Goop, because it’s well documented–she IS an asshole), then we would be high fiving Goop, saying that it’s good that she and her kids are getting out of a bad situation with a control freak jerk. Because she’s a woman. And he’s a man.

        Men are apparently supposed to be able to take things like that.

      • Emily C. says:

        @Virgilia — I don’t normally like the role reversal, “if she were a man and he were the woman” thing, because that’s usually too simplistic. But in this case I think you are spot-on. Chris may have been an asshole to his wife, but Gwyneth has been an asshole to everyone. I have nothing against him, but Gwyneth promotes physically dangerous fraud and is insulting, superior, preachy, and aggressively ignorant.

        Also, the way this is playing out is looking like Chris developed an actual loving relationship with Alexa, while Gwyneth just liked to bang other women’s husbands to show she could. Like, for him it was about connection with another person, and sure, sex. But for Goop it was all about the ego. So far, Chris’s mistakes look human, whereas Goop’s just look Goopy.

      • @Emily C.
        I think that sometimes the role reversal works, sometimes it doesn’t. But it just seems like to me that we’re all ‘rah rah sisterhood’ when a woman divorces a man who is all of the things that Goop is (entitled, selfish, uncaring, controlling), it’s all ‘good for her, she deserves better’, but if it’s a woman who has all of those character traits, and they get a divorce, we’re all ‘he married her, he knew who she was when they got together, so we shouldn’t give him any slack’….who’s to say that Goop WASN’T nice and sweet, and just plain un-Goopish.

        Plus, when they got together, she was mourning her father. Heck, I’d feel for her, and I don’t even know her. They got pregnant and married, very quickly (and Goop had back to back pregnancies, nearly). Who’s to say that Chris didn’t know what he was getting into–especially since she was still mourning for her father, and might’ve seemed ‘softer’.
        I’m not trying to say that Chris isn’t an asshole in this equation–both are at fault in how THEIR relationship turned out. But sometimes all it takes is one person to tip the scales, and the other to be too selfish to tip it back–and vice versa.

      • Ronia says:

        I’vd worked on a Coldplay concert, with their tdam, tour manager, etc. And have met the band afound tne performance, they were a pleasure to work with in difference from so many others. Overall, in my career, most British bands have been nice dudes, down to earth and focused on their music. As about groupies, everyone has them and bangs them, regardless what the public knows and/or thinks.

    • Delorb says:

      What I don’t understand is why get married if you still have a wandering eye? Stay single and date. Even when the kids come along, you don’t have to get married. Not in this day and age. Guess those vows are just words strung together for some people.

  3. LB says:

    I’m not questioning the truth of the rumor but Alexa Chung’s name was dropped by one blog a week ago in connection to Chris Martin, even though the proof was out there for months, and now suddenly that rumor is everywhere but with way more colorful details. Just interesting to see how these stories grow.

  4. redtree says:

    I don’t get the hype over Alexa Chung, am i the only one who thinks that she’s not that pretty ?

    • Gina says:

      I’m with you. I don’t get her appeal at all. Every time I see full body shots of her, for some reason I focus on her big feet. Ridiculous, I know.

      • kri says:

        @redtree…I find her not very attractive. Mind you, GOOP does nothing for me, either. Really, it kind of sounds like these twits all deserve each other.

      • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

        Is she an actual model signed with a major legit agency, or does she get campaigns based on being a pseudo-celeb?

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        She was an actual model and then went on to be a TV presenter. I don’t know what she does now.

    • eliza says:

      Nope. You are not alone.

    • Ms. Turtle says:

      If she’s super chill & not high maintenance, that right there could explain how he’s attracted to her. But anyone can be super chill and easy to be with when they’re not your wife and you’re not raising kids and maintaining homes with them. To me, this is the #1 reason men cheat. The wife isn’t “fun” enough anymore. (I’m not blaming CM for this entirely – I’m sure GP is as much as fault)

      • I’ve seen that several times — for the men I knew, an affair was an escape from responsibility. (Interestingly, once the man was caught, he wanted to save the marriage and the woman was the one who ended it.) The women I know who have had affairs didn’t feel appreciated or attractive to their husbands.

      • stinky says:

        Comments of the millenium, Ms Turtle & TBD.

    • doofus says:

      me neither. I mean, she’s not UGLY, but she’s really nothing special, and I never knew why she was famous…

      ETA: Mrs. Turtle, I think your assessment of (one reason) why men cheat is spot on. If you’re just having sex with someone and there’s no relationship, there are no obligations or responsibilities there and, therefore, it’s more fun.

    • Eleanor Zissou says:

      I find her really really pretty. And I watched Popworld ages ago, she was quite witty then.
      My friend has her book and the book is stupid, though.

    • bobbisue says:

      No, I don’t get it either. And she’s just sort of vapid (IMO like Kate Bosworth). At least Goopie is cunning and has a certain je ne sais quoi about her. Also, she was really good in a few movies once upon a time…Emma, Sliding Doors, Proof, Sylvia, Possession and not bad in the Dial M for Murder remake). Those two strike me as the kind of women who just sort “adapt” the personalities and interests of the men they’re with.

    • Anne says:

      She was pretty before developing an ED. It’s sad she is a role model for girls.

    • Kelly says:

      I think she’s beautiful but way too thin. She’s fun and witty in interviews tho.

  5. Molly says:

    Alexa has denied the rumor. She says they are just friends. She has been rumored to be dating Florence and the machine guitarist forget his name. Think it’s the same guy that dated Katy perry briefly.

  6. Geez Chris–couldn’t you find more interesting people to bang?

    And how long is this going to go on? They’re just separated now, right? I guess we have until the divorce (ooh, which is going to get UGLY–at least in the tabloids), and then there’ll be a fever pitch for when one or both of them step out with new SOs (probably Goop first–isn’t Chris on tour, or going to be shortly? He can wait her out), and then it might go away.

    {slow clap}

    Well played, Goop. Well played.

    (I’d believe that Chris didn’t want the news of their conscious uncoupling on her website–Goop probably just did it anyway, instead of a press release)
    This is seriously the most Goop has been in the news, since EVER. Last thing I read about her before all this was the PEOPLE’s most beautiful cover. This is an exchange I had with my 14 y/o sister yesterday.
    Me: You heard Gwyneth Paltrow is getting divorced?
    Her: Who?
    Me: Pepper Potts in Ironman
    Her: Oh.

    THAT’S^^^^^Goop’s career in a nutshell. Seriously. If I had not read gossip, then I would only recognize her face, as Pepper Potts–she doesn’t make waves on that either–I wouldn’t even be bothered to look her up, because I would’ve assumed that she was some two bit actor, who did a ton of guest spots on tv (and far less talented).

    • Ian says:

      Huvane is really working hard LOL

    • Ms. Turtle says:

      14yos may not know who she is but those of us roughly the same age as Gwyneth know her very well and to us she is a big name. She may not have been mentioned much on this site but she is on others. Or maybe it’s bc I’ve been a fan for ages and pay attention to her news.

      • Violet says:

        It’s both, but it is mostly true that most of the youth doesn’t know her (heck, even when I study in her former school Spence, my classmates did not know who she was). Her fame is now linked to gossip sites and people who think she is obnoxious.

        She used to be famous for being the nineties it girl and dating a bunch of famous guys, but became hated by winning her now infamous oscar. Then the 2000 came and it seemed she was destined to be a great movie star, but nothing came of the great premise.

        By 2003, she got fewer roles and was labeled as one hit wonder (by Variety, not me) and one of the most overpaid actresses by Forbes (this was before she “decided” to take a break and take care of little Apple) and she wasn’t in the news a lot. She used to be very private during this time (2004-2007) and you wouldn’t hear about her a lot and because she wasn’t in any movies, no one seemed to care.

        Then GOOP was created, she signed for Iron Man and had a total make over in order to be the “hot” fashion girl again and began talking endlessly about diets and detoxes. It seemed fair as she was promoting her new movie. But around this she became talking a lot about her private life (something she hadn’t done ever) and by doing a country film, she believed herself to be a pop singer and wanted to make that a career. It did not work. Then Glee came, she talked mostly about her life and this became her brand.

        So it’s fair to say that she is mostly gossip famous and has became tabloid favorite, which not really connects with being famous for being a movie star. Something she is not this days.

      • Ronia says:

        I am about her age and to me she is a never was but tried very hard. She has never been a good enough actress to stand on her own and is as bland as could be. Bought awards dont’t count.

    • bobbisue says:

      Right? Alexa Chung is a wet noodle. Helena Christensen on the other hand…but I doubt she’d go for Chris.

      • Tatjana says:

        Helena Christensen is very unfortunate looking, IMO. Even when she was young.

      • annaloo. says:

        I know Helene had been with the the guy that plays Daryl on the Walking Dead, and also the lead singer of Interpol. Both those guys look like they could be brothers.. indie, scruffy, alternative types. Somehow, Chris seems more..uh, delicate(?) than the image of the other two, but I could see her hitting it with him.

    • Kelly says:

      Actually, the people Chris has banged are way more interesting than the ones Goop has banged. But you’re right, she has exploded all over the newspapers suddenly. But it’s not in a good way. Although they do say there’s no bad PR, right.

      • Leah says:

        How is model, it girl and actress more interesting than literary agent and lawyer?
        Sorry, i know Gwyneth is less popular than Chris but her dating choices looks a lot less vapid.

  7. Sandy says:

    Goop looks old! Especially compared to the others. And Chris is younger than she is and is surrounded by young fans. On top of the fact that she’s up-tight, full of herself, and raising the children in a manner not acceptable to Chris, can you blame him?

    • MrsB says:

      “can you blame him?’

      Yes, actually I can. There is no excuse to cheat on a spouse. Even if she is “old” and uptight. She cheated too, and there is no excuse for her either. They had a marriage that didn’t work out and they are both to blame equally.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Agree. If you’re marriage isn’t working, fix it. If it’s not fixable, leave. Cheating involves compromising yourself by breaking your word, lying, sneaking around…it’s not the answer or the responsible choice if things go wrong.

      • Tatjana says:

        I actually believe it was an open marriage, they just didn’t say it in public.

      • redtree says:

        Agree with MrsB, either fix it or quit it. Cheating is so cowardly

    • Goop was SO pretty, right after she had Apple—I think this was it:

      I wish she’d stayed like this–plus look at those boobs…

      • Tatjana says:

        I found Goop beautiful when she was young, And she’s still very very pretty. She would be stunning if she just changed her hair.

      • MrsB says:

        She is beautiful in that pic. I don’t understand how she thinks being sooo thin looks better than this.

      • Violet says:

        The bad habits took its tool on her. Her skin is very damaged and her hair looks like stray, that even changing color it looks awful. And you know that during that time , she said it was the most unattractive she had ever being. She hated being ,according to her, fat.

      • Ginger says:

        She looks so good there and so much like her mother. I agree she should have kept that soft look.

      • Tatjana says:

        @Violet, if she felt awful looking like that, then good for her for getting the look she wanted. The fact that we think she looked better doesn’t matter. If she’s healthy, that is.

      • @Tatjana
        I wouldn’t call her healthy. I’m pretty sure it was a year and half ago, maybe two years ago, that she had to completely change her diet (she said this on her website) because her doctor told her that she was anemic and had onset osteoporosis–before forty. This is after she was advocating all of those fasts were she’d drink green tea for breakfast, eat a toddler sized amount of brown rice and like an ounce of baked, plain fish or chicken, etc….Goop is not someone that I look to be healthy, let alone beauty tips. Plus she works out with Tracy Anderson. ugh.

      • Tatjana says:

        I’m not familiar enough with her to know if she’s healthy or not, what I’m saying is that she has the right to look how ever she wats, even if we think ( and I do ) she looked better before.

      • clare du lune says:

        I have never found Goop pretty, beautiful or attractive at all. Very bland looking with weird eyebrows and non descript features. As far as her being “healthy” or having a “healthy” lifestyle….far from it. With her purported diet she is missing out on key nutrients. Her mother does commercials for an osteoporosis med…Goop should be eating better (and more)….calcium in particular. And I really feel sorry for her kids….the messages they are getting about food.

    • Kelly says:

      That’s a pretty fcked up comment to make Sandy. There is no excuse for cheating. Hell, I don’t even like Goop and I still find it insulting to hear that he’s cheated because she’s “old” (she’s 40 for gods sake) or not pretty. Why the hell did he marry her then? If he disliked being married to her he should’ve filed for divorce and then gotten someone more appealing to his taste. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING excuses cheating.
      That goes for her too.

      Btw, he’s 37 and definitely not good looking. But I don’t see you commenting on that. Or saying stuff like “man that sleazy old Chris dude is gross, and his parenting habits are irresponsible, can you blame her for cheating?”

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        Cheating is wrong.

        Having said that, am I the only one who totally believes it was an open marriage?
        EDIT: I see that I’m not. I agree with you, Tatjana.

      • I’m starting to think, more and more, that their open marriage was them being able to screw whoever they wanted, when they were apart, which probably happened more than them being together. If we’re going to point fingers as to who started first, just based on how they roll–I’d say Goop. But I don’t consider it to be a betrayal to their marriage, because they clearly didn’t respect each other to either end it, or BOTH follow strict paramaters that they both agreed on (like no married people, or no famous people)…like to me, it’s not the reason they’re divorcing. They’re divorcing, because one or both of them found someone that they want to be with.

  8. Molly says:

    Helena dated guy berryman I believe. Can’t see her with chris she likes pretty boys. Kate bosworth is the only one that hasn’t denied it. Her rep apparently said no cOmment.

  9. Ms. Turtle says:

    Oh Chris hates it that he will be asked personal questions on his album promotion? I feel so sorry for him. Not.

    CA might be a “no fault” divorce state but there seems to be enough blame all around in this sh*tshow. As much as we all love to hate GP, I don’t really think it’s fair to paint her as the evil queen and him the sad lonely rocker who wasn’t allowed ice cream.

    It is a fascinating story that will only get uglier as their consciously uncouple. Blech.

  10. eliza says:

    Odd how Helena Christensen dated him in 2009 because she has been in a serious relationship with Paul Banks since 2008. She and Banks I think are still together.

    • Gaby says:

      They did break up for a while, maybe that’s when she dated Guy.

      • eliza says:

        I was thinking maybe she dated Guy after Reedus but before Banks. I dunno. I had not heard they broke up for a bit so maybe you are right but I still do not see her dating Chris.

    • Loveisthecoal says:

      I was wondering about that too. I couldn’t remember hearing that they’d broken up, so the timeline didn’t make much sense to me.

  11. LadyZenArcher says:

    My not real psychic powers tell me that the mystery literary figure is Salman Rushdie. That guy is a total man-whore and he seems like her type.

  12. Talie says:

    US Weekly has an amazing story that Gwyneth did confront Kate Bosworth awhile back at an event and asked her if she was “f*cking her husband” and Kate didn’t deny it. WTF? So crazy.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      Remember also the story on Bosworth was in backstage with Gwyneth at Coldplay London concert some years ago

    • blue marie says:

      I ignore your suggestion in favor of LadyZen’s (I honestly have no idea who it is I just like her answer)

      • GiGi says:

        I like her answer better, too, but I really think it was this Janklow character, who rather infamously had the husband of a bedmate send intimate photos to his entire company. Oopsy!

      • blue marie says:

        That’s the same guy? I seem to vaguely remember a bit of the story.

    • LAK says:

      It was Luke Janklow.

      • poppy says:

        goop also plugged his wife’s and his ice cream shop. he “worked” with goop on her books and surprise, got divorced.
        also, one of the ice cream shops “treats” was served over lettuce. ice cream + lettuce = why the place went out of business.
        LJ is a rich trustafarian that happens to have a cush job cough *nepotism* cough. attractive and wealthy and tall and totally gywnsufferable’s type.

      • Violet says:

        Yes, they were a lot of sources confirming this. It just got lost in the shuffle when the news about her and her other pieces came out.

    • Ginger says:

      Interesting how the books in the background behind him include GOOP’s cookbook!

    • Kelly says:

      Wow, does she go for married men exclusively?! Jesus, were they all married!? Seriously, wtf is wrong with you Gwyneth?

      • blue marie says:

        She could have her cake and eat it too because most married men wouldn’t want to screw up their marriage. She gets to be the other woman and then go home and be the perfect wife and mother? I dunno, it’s pretty sketchy.

  13. Hannah says:

    Guy was the Coldplay guy that dated Helena. Helena is pretty cool way more so than all these bimbos Chris is running after.

  14. mccora96 says:

    My sil is good friends with someone who worked on Country Strong. Goopy was SO PISSED that there was a tray of cheese in the food area that she made a big scene and threw it in the trash. Other than that, he thought she was pretty dull. I try to eat/cook really healthy, so I appreciate tips for eating better (it doesn’t have to be expensive!), but throwing good food out is gross.

    • stinky says:

      uh, if i were present, we would have come to blows (Goop & i) – la fromage c’est sacred

      • whateveryouwantittobe says:

        If this is true she sounds like the biggest, lamest killjoy to be around. Can you imagine how unfun she must be?

        I like to get together with friends and eat cheese and nibbles and drink wine with reckless abandon, I can just imagine she would be the one saying.. come on guys, time for a cup of tea and bed now it’s 8:30pm and we need to go run for 4 hours to burn all this off! You’d never want to invite her to anything and if she’s raising her kids to be uptight like her, they’re gonna have a hard time socially.

    • Tania says:

      Hah. What a hypocrite. I still remember her talking about how she loved eating fried chicken on the set there. The woman clearly has issues.

      • annaloo. says:

        OMG, that’s righ, the fried chicken comment.. I never heard her say anything so awkward (ok maybe the whole give your husband a beej when fighting – worst advice ever)

    • Liberty says:

      and to throw out leftover food they could have sent to a shelter….

    • Claire says:

      I know of someone who worked with her on ‘Proof’. She was right in the midst of her macrobiotic diet craze and had to eat a bowl of pasta in the scene she was shooting, which she did. But when she was told she had to re-do the scene she threw a huge tantrum over having to eat more pasta. That said, apparently she was amazingly professional and incredible with lines etc.

  15. Jade says:

    Alexa has denied it, as if she’d ever go out with someone in a band as lame as Coldplay, this rumor is complete rubbish. Geez she doesn’t even live in LA, she lives in New York.

    • poppy says:

      ITA agree, certain she has no home in LA, don’t think she spends any time there either. london and NYC are her places.

    • Marny says:

      She was in CA for at least a month at the beginning the the year.

      • Jade says:

        She was there for only a couple of weeks for work, so how does that prove she was with him or that she has a place there?

  16. jinni says:

    I don’t even like Goop, but I’m getting tired of all of the stories bashing her as if Chris was some naive, delicate flower that was tricked into being with her. He’s a grown ass man he didn’t have to be with her and could have ended it if he was so miserable.

    If he didn’t like how the kids were being raised, why didn’t he grow a pair and make sure that his opinions on how he felt his own kids should be raised were taken into consideration? Instead he has to sneak behind his wife’s back like a child and he actually does this with the kids. What kind of spineless nonsense and terrible example of how to deal with conflict within a relationship is he teaching his kids, especially his son?

    If complete stranger, such as myself, knew Goop was a stuck up, pretentious snob since she hit the scene, why are his people trying to make it seem like he had no idea what kind of person he was getting with? Don’t try to act brand new Chris you knew what the deal was.

    He has always looked and acted like a milquetoast sort of person and these stories aren’t helping him at all. These stories make him look like a douche and a punk. How any woman could be attracted to such a seemingly weak willed man is beyond me.

    • eliza says:


    • Violet says:

      They both are responsible. But you will know that they both playing the press game. I mean most of these stories come from freaking PEOPLE and US WEEKLY, tabloids that are known in the industry for running publicist approve statements or rumors (always disguise as a “source”). Goopy team goes with people and Chris goes with us weekly, so it is not like they are not manipulating stories in order to put them each in a good light.

      • jinni says:

        True, but everyone seems to be going “Oh however did he survive being with her, the poor little mite”. People are acting like he was a child bride forced into an arranged marriage that he couldn’t get out of because in his country he’d be beheaded for disrespecting/disobeying his wife.
        I just find the whole Chris is this “put upon, long suffering husband” shtick that everyone is painting him in annoying because they are both equally lame and should both be thrown under the bus.

        But of course because Chris has a dick he is totally innocent.

      • @Jinni
        Not saying you’re wrong (you are right)–but how do you think the reaction would be any different if it was the other way around–Chris was the one who was preaching to us peasants about how we need to do this, and this, how he was the one who cheated on all of his previous partners, and how he is a control freak (as paranormal girl and others have pointed out)?

        Paranormal Girl said on the last Goop post, that she worked with Goop on a library committee and that Goop would completely freak out if you didn’t agree with her/if things didn’t go her way. How do you think she’s at home, when she DOESN’T have to temper herself?

        I think the response would be a lot different. We laugh at Goop because she is an entitled, controlling, superficial mean girl who apparently has no clue that she wouldn’t have gone to her It Girl status, without her ‘Uncle Steven (Spielberg)’, ‘Uncle Michael (Douglas)’, without whichever dude she happened to be with (Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, etc). But we don’t laugh it off, when men do the same thing.

        Also–Goop isn’t likable. That’s it in a nutshell. I’m willing to cut you some slack, when I know you’re not an asshole. Goop is an asshole.
        But I do think that you’re right, that women always end up getting the shaft. I’ve heard that Chris was difficult to be with as well–something about him wanting to be alone when he wrote music, late at night???? Which, depending on how often he did it, and if he was an SOB when he did it, then I can see how Goop would be hurt/annoying/angry at it. But Goop’s also the one who is courting a lot of this mess—who asks Graydon Carter how to make people like them? I don’t see Chris worried about it–not to that extent.

      • jinni says:

        @ Virgilia Corionlaus:

        The thing is, I don’t think a male Goop would have been seen as preachy or snobby by most gossip readers because men are allowed more leeway in expressing certain opinions than women. Just look at how most crappy personality traits in men are overlooked, excused, or explained away as a quirky trait. This is especially true if he is considered attractive. Very rarely is a guy called out for the kind of personality Goop has.

        I also believe the brunt of the hate would still fall on the female Chris because he would be female and unfortunately the domain of relationships, since they deal with emotions, is seen as mostly the responsibility of women. Also, making a cuckold of one’s husband is seen as a capital offense, while cheating on one’s wife is a sign that she wasn’t doing her job or a man just being a man. So female Chris’s cheating would be seen as far worst and any mud male Goop threw at her would be seen as justifiable by many.

      • Well, I can only speak for myself. If a man started a lifestyle website, and started giving out crappy advice on how to gain muscle (like was giving advice that could lead to injuries if you weren’t super careful, or were really bad for your body, in the long term), hawked 500 dollar ashtrays for the man-cave, was known for being a total a-hole in his younger and current years, had a reputation for cheating on ALL of his former partners, and was known to be a control freak–then I would have an issue with that. I would be high fiving any woman who came to her senses and divorced a man like that–because a person like that negatively affects the entire family.

        I remember my twin brother’s football coach. He was a HUGE jerk. I mean, he was CONSTANTLY screaming at the players and cussing them out, all day, during practice. And I don’t just mean the regular stuff that goes on–where ultimately the coach is trying to make a better team, and you know that it’s not personal. This guy made it personal. I can only imagine how it was at home–his son was the water boy, and he told my brother that it was way worse at home. Which says A LOT.

        Now, we can get into the sexism of why a woman *has* to start a lifestyle website in order to stay relevant (although Goop didn’t really need to, she chose not to work more, and do so), while a guy can (it seems) seemlessly do films whenever he wants, and not have to worry about crap that women do (like, does she still appeal to this demographic, or some different bs).

        But I don’t think it would change the perception. It would also depend on if the guy was an actor, or if he was a rockstar/producers/etc–something that isn’t as visible as an actor. Like I can’t *really* comment on Chris, because I have no clue what he’s like, other than what I’ve picked up on from other posters. But I can comment on Goop.

      • Liberty says:

        Virgilia — ” If a man started….giving out crappy advice on how to ….was known to be a control freak–then I would have an issue with that. I would be high fiving any woman who came to her senses and divorced a man like that–”

        like, say, if a man told us how we should live and what we should believe, like, uh, little TomTom (cheating w creepy leader?) and the TomKat adventure? There’s your Example A. 🙂

        And, this is great: “Now, we can get into the sexism of why a woman *has* to start a lifestyle website in order to stay relevant…”

    • Dana m says:


      {slow clapping}

  17. bobbisue says:

    The literary “figure” is a notorious philanderer and actually a literary agent; Luke Janklow. Gwynnie def has a type: FOXY, if slightly “geeky,” SMART JEWISH boys…Luke Janklow, Brad Falchuk and Jeffrey Soffer. The thing with Soffer isn’t over.

    • lrm says:

      Daddy issues for GP much?
      geesh-I don’t know if her father was what i’d call ‘foxy’-[I’ve never seen pics of him when he was younger], but he was smart, lanky, geeky and jewish. She seems to so obviously wear her issues on her sleeve….It must be exhausting to play out the contents of one’s inner life, with virtually no self-awareness, in front of the public. actually, it must be exhausting to do so in general—-constantly working it out through drama. And fronting like she’s doing it with extreme inner reflection and awareness.

    • Violet says:

      Uhmm, if the Soffer affair isn’t over, Elle McPherson is gonna cut a bitch. I don’t think she would like to share her billionaire husband, and much less with Goopy.

    • Kelly says:

      You forgot married. Her type seems to be “married” first and foremost.

      • Santolina says:

        So, Gwynnie’s recreating her childhood by taking “smart, lanky, geeky, Jewish” Daddy (married men) away from Mommy (their wives). What a spoiled child in need of attention she, apparently, still is.

      • Liberty says:

        Santolina — this. I’ve been thinking this for a week, and what Irm thinks above.

      • Emily C. says:


        I don’t think she has sex with these men for the sex or the affection. I think she does it to one-up other women.

  18. Reece says:

    This is turning into a scorecard of who banged whom, when and where, thank god there’s no how!

    Btw is that Alexa in the gray coat? She grew/aged into her face. She looks much better now. I’ve been picturing the girl from the MTV days.

  19. JLM says:

    I love that Goop thinks that working on 1 movie a year is so much harder than being a 40-hour a week working Mom not raking in millions. Regular working Moms don’t have the time to carry on all these affairs, Gwynnie! (Not absolving Chris, btw – they’re both gross)

  20. Nev says:


  21. poppy says:

    regardless of how many affairs they each had, her sanctimonious attitude will cause her cheats to be judged more harshly.
    judgmental actress banging wealthy, married men vs rock star banging single, rail thin groupies.
    her secrets definitely hurt her “brand”. his, not at all.

    blythe danner has said she sneaks the kids for ice cream -she didn’t think goopmeister would approve or some such.

  22. Zooyork says:

    He’s so ugly! Why do all these women apparently want to sleep with him?

  23. Abbicci says:

    If I were psychic I would say GOOP will be debuting her new hair cut in a few weeks. Her new look will be the talk for awhile. then onto the next phase.

    After her whole new look then she will start to parade out a new man.

    Her next few phases will be better planned and played than anything Marvel is working on.

  24. Pumpkin Pie says:

    When two people have different citizenship, where do they file for divorce? Does residence have anything to do with it?

    • decorative item says:

      I think it just depends on where they file the papers and the laws in said country/state.

  25. Lydia says:

    Any time I try to feel sorry for Chris I remember that, well, he married her, didn’t he? At one point, her neurosis and disordered eating and fanatic exercising were attractive to him. Maybe that’s why he’s chasing after skin and bones “fashion” girls like Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung? He has a type.

    • HUH? says:

      Chris Martin is a odd duck though. He admitted that Paltrow has been his only serious relationship. He also admitted that before he got involved with Imbrulgia he was a virgin. Then Cold Play blew up and women were throwing themselves at him left and right. And Paltrow’s an annoying beeyotch. Of course he cheated. But given Paltrow’s long history of cheating in past relationships (just ask Brad Pitt) who’s to say he cheated first? Paltrow likes to come off as an ice queen snob but she’s a big ho. Always has been.

      • Lauren says:

        Big Ho indeed. Goop needs constant attention and affirmation from men. It’s becoming disturbing. GOOP has two children to consider. Anorexic stripper ass should start acting more motherly and humble. Uugh. Sick of both Chris & Goops selfish lifestyle.

      • Leah says:

        Chris is also the man who wouldn’t be photographed with his wife for 10 years and banned her from talking about him in interviews. Its hard to believe the same man was controlled into submission by big bad bitch gwyneth.

      • Liberty says:

        wow: Suddenly, G reminds me of a blonde version of PimpMomma Kris. ME ME ME and anything for a buck.

    • Emily C. says:

      He may be one of those guys who likes to date women he thinks he can “save”. Getting with Goop right when her father died, taking Alexa for milkshakes… I’ve been friends with guys like this and their terrible taste in women is endlessly frustrating. Men are just as likely as women to have savior complexes and enjoy relationship drama.

  26. Calcifer says:

    I think Alexa is exquisitely beautiful, in a geeky, exotic way. Most of all she is effortlessly elegant, in a way that Gwyn could never hope to be. Don’t know about her personality, from what I’ve seen on YouTube she certainly seems to know how to act cool and ironic…

  27. Kelly says:

    I really pity their children now. Between Goop’s mothering and this charade of a marriage their parents had, these kids don’t stand a chance…

  28. HUH? says:

    Alexa Chung’s a great big ho. Everybody knows that. She probably went after Chris Martin because she was pissed – and bitter – at getting dumped by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. It was probably her way of saying she can do better and bag a bigger name. Turner moved from London to LA in 2013 – and Chung later bought a home there as well. CM would be at least her 6th musician in the last 8 years. She goes through musicians like Paltrow goes through friends. She’s close to Stella McCartney who’s BFFs with Paltrow so that’s gotta hurt Paltrow as well. Wonder if she’ll make Stella choose between them? Good luck on that one, Gwynnie.

    • Jade says:

      Ugh, there’s so many things wrong about with what you said, I don’t know where to start…. A ho? What a disgusting thing to call a girl especially one who couldn’t be further from that. Turner is the ONLY musician she has ever dated, they were in a relationship for 4 years, they lived 2 years in London then 2 years in NY, they broke up in 2011, then he moved to LA and she has stayed in NY, turner moved on quickly with the unemployed model/actress Arielle Vandenderg, while Alexa has not publicly dated anyone since there has only been rumors much like this rubbish with Chris.
      Your probably just trolling , but the posters here have very little idea who Alexa is and will believe the crap your saying, I’m sure that’s what your counting on.

      • anne says:

        Bravo Jade, for clarifying. I for one didn’t know the details of her relationship with Alex Turner or that he was the only musician she has dated. Thanks.

  29. Elisabeth says:

    Alexa let’s him eat Oreos without the stink eye

  30. Mindy says:

    Personally I think they were both tired of each other. I don’t think they really even like each other any more and neither could care less and who’s sleeping with who. With that said whoever gets Chris can expect never to be seen with him (he will run, cover his head, etc.). He will not support as in come to any major events. Personally if I would have found that trying and insulting – but if that is what some woman wants then more power to her. I think Gwen lead a pretty pathetic life with him and can’t wait to see the last of him.

    • decorative item says:

      I’m betting that he will be photographed everywhere with the next girl. For some reason I believe he refused to be photographed with G. because it was important to her that he would. It always struck me as very passive aggressive behavior. Childish too I might add.

  31. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    IMO Kate Bosworth FAR exceeds both Gwyn and Alexa in the looks department. If he’s going to jump from Gwyn to Alexa I think it will be a brief affair/rebound relationship. Alexa is like what 34-35 going on 21? Self described as “cool” and “ironic”? Yawn. Grow up already.

  32. Jarredsgirl says:

    I have a question about Alexa- how does she afford a home in the Hollywood hills? What exactly does she do? I know she was on a tv show but surely she didn’t paid that much. Being fashions it girl, does it pay well? I just wonder.

    • LAK says:

      She has a fashion line with a label called Madewell in the USA, she’s a chanel ambassador, she has a sell out book – in my view really ridiculous book, but i’m not the target audience. She’s a walking advertising board for a lot of high end labels in UK because of her high ranking amongst the teens, and she’s paid to party.

      I also heard she’s a DJ, but that might have been a one off gig.

      She was a popular TV presenter for some time, and she remains a popular fashion girl (inexplicably if I may add).

  33. RJ says:

    They may both be your typical self absorbed celebrities, but I don’t wish divorce on anyone. It was one of the worst experiences I ever went through, and I was the one who chose it–thank god kids weren’t involved. It was surprising to me when my ex & I split (very amicably) how many of our “friends” chose sides. He remarried very quickly so most of our couple friends stuck with him because it was less awkward at social gatherings, we used to entertain a lot. It was disappointing at the time but I’m far more appreciative of my true friends because of the experience. I wonder who will get awarded custody of the JayZ and Beyonce friendship? Probably Chris, since he actually has some talent.

    • Ms. Turtle says:

      That whole “who gets the friends” thing must suck. I hope you’ve moved on to better things!

      • RJ says:

        Thanks Ms. T! And yes, I’m totally OK with the fact that they are no longer a part of my fabulous life–most of them were annoying 🙂 I’m far pickier about who I choose to spend time with these days

  34. Ann says:

    What about Kate Hudson? No one has mentioned her? Am I behind the times?