Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman denies obsession with Angelina Jolie

The full interview between Ann Curry and octuplet mom Nadya Suleman aired on NBC’s Dateline last night. To her credit Curry did broach the subject of plastic surgery and a certain superficial, caricature-like resemblance that Suleman bears to Angelina Jolie. Many people speculated that Suleman was obsessed with the actress, who also has a houseful of young children, except she also has a partner, paid help, and the means to take care of them. Suleman denied knowing much about Jolie, although that doesn’t mean much considering that she denied receiving government assistance while she relies on food stamps and SSI payments for three of her older kids. She also said she hadn’t augmented her giant, puffy fish lips. It’s clear this lady has a slippery relationship with the truth.

NBC insists that it hasn’t paid Suleman at all, despite rumors that she received $300,000 for the interview. Suleman was pretty vague when asked how she planned to support her huge family, and admitted that she’s fifty thousand dollars in debt, doesn’t have a job, and has been living on student loans and “temporary” government assistance:

We did not pay Nadya nor make any deals for this interview, which has already sparked Internet chatter even about her appearence.

More than a few also commented on her appearance. One viewer asked, “Have you noticed that this mother looks like she’s had plastic surgery and looks and acts like Angelina Jolie?”

Nadya Suleman: I have never thought of Angelina Jolie except the last time I saw one of her movies. I think that was years ago. It is so far away from the place I’m in right now to think of think of any celebrity.

Ann Curry: Have you had your lips done?

Nadya Suleman: No. No.

Ann Curry: I want to give you a chance to answer the criticism on Main Street. Why is it responsible for a single woman without a job with six kids to bring eight more children into this world?

Nadya Suleman: I am responsible. I’ve chosen never to go on welfare. I feel as though it is my responsibility to do what I can to provide for my children.

Nadya points out repeatedly that she’s never taken welfare. But today she confrimed that she’s receiving $490 a month in food stamps.

Nadya Suleman: I’m not living off of any taxpayer money. If I am – if it’s food stamps, it’s a temporary resource. And – we – my family received maybe about a year and a half ago. And during school – and it’s only for food. And I am so reluctant. I – I so look forward to the day when I’m not getting any kind of help with food stamps, which, I believe, will end right when I graduate. Right about a year, a year and a half.

During the time she gave birth to her first six children she went to college and graduate school and stayed home from work and collected disability payments that totaled about $165,000.

Ann Curry: So your only income are your disability payments? Is that where your – what your income is now?

Nadya Suleman: Um. No. My disability stopped.

Ann Curry: Okay.

Nadya Suleman: So it stopped when I was pregnant.

Ann Curry: So do you have any income at all?

Nadya Suleman: At this time, it was just student loans.

Ann Curry: You’re saying that you’re going to use student loans to help raise your children.

Nadya Suleman: Temporarily. Temporarily.

Ann Curry: Do you have any way of paying back these loans?

Nadya Suleman: Yes, when I work, when I’m working.

Ann Curry: How much -

Nadya Suleman: – as a counselor.

Ann Curry: – in debt do you have now?

Nadya Suleman: Probably 50. Close to 50.

Ann Curry: Thousand dollars.

Nadya Suleman: Mmm-hmm.

Ann Curry: How is that not like welfare?

Nadya Suleman: Oh no. These are student loans. You consolidate the loans, you pay it back. We don’t pay back welfare.

[From MSNBC]

Suleman’s older children were also shown on the program. Three out of six of them are receiving disability. One boy, Aidan, 3, is autistic, another child has ADHD and a third has “mild speech delay” and “maybe tiny characteristics of autism,” according to Suleman. Still, she doesn’t think she’s “living off of any taxpayer money.” She admits some of her octuplet newborns are at risk for cerebral palsy, and you can bet she’ll be trying to get some monthly checks for them too.

If this woman didn’t have a record setting eight babies at once and all the media opportunities that go along with that she’d probably be in much deeper sh*t now with all that debt and so many children at home. She’s a media lightning rod, and while she’ll get paid for something it’s not like companies are going to be clamoring to be associated with her.

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  1. SeVen says:

    If i understand right. This woman wants to be a therapist or Counselor…OY

  2. Nicole Muffett says:

    Student loans are not welfare. That was a very uneducated statement from Curry. Most people would never be able to attend university or college if not for student loans. They have to be paid back just like a mortgage or car payment.

  3. hojo says:

    I think the point she was trying to make is this women is using student loans (which are supposed to pay for school) like a welfare check to buy food and etc. Which is wrong. Some struggling KID who is trying to put themselves through school should have her student loans – not this nutcase.

  4. nycmom100.. says:

    I guess my question is this, if most people are opposed to Suleman collecting food stamps and SSI for her developmentally challenged kids, Will they be sending her personal food and clothing donations? We can’t have it both ways. Yes she should be able to support herself, but it is obvious she can’t shall we let her family starve?

  5. Syko says:

    So she’s not just a self centered head case, she’s a lying self centered head case.

    The real criminal here is the doctor that agreed to do the IVF on her. Yes, she’s nuts, but the doctor should have known better.

  6. nycmom100.. says:

    For the record, food stamps SSI and welfare are 3 different things.
    Food stamps are actually a debit card that can only be used to purchase food. SSI are funds that pay for therapy and medical treatment needed by recp. Welfare programs have changed drastically from the old days and are very difficult to come by, as I think they should be. So while she is clearly rec’ing public assistance she is not on welfare unless of course she is lying.

  7. Shelly Shellz says:

    Actually I know people who have been able to purchase cigarettes and other non food items with those food stamp debit card thingys so whos to say she isnt using that card on things other then food as well

  8. Justalark says:

    @ SeVen: “If i understand right. This woman wants to be a therapist or Counselor…OY”

    I totally agree! How IRONIC is it that Nadya Suleman’s ultimate employment goal is to counsel/advise others? This woman has repeatedly demonstrated poor judgment, she has a tenuous grasp on realtiy, she is either delusional or an outright liar, and she has misplaced/skewed priorities. The fact that she has obviously had plastic surgery since the birth of her first child–not to mention wearing expensive fake nails around eight, vulnerable newborns–illustrates her egocentrism and selfishness. In my opinion, the doctor who implanted those embryos should lose his license!

  9. genevieve says:

    Nycmom100: guess my question is this, if most people are opposed to Suleman collecting food stamps and SSI for her developmentally challenged kids, Will they be sending her personal food and clothing donations? We can’t have it both ways. Yes she should be able to support herself, but it is obvious she can’t shall we let her family starve?

    No, we shouldn’t let her family starve. But personally, I don’t think she’s capable of raising such a family. Those kids need to be rescued by social services and placed into homes that want and will take care of them, and mommy needs to spend some quality time in a facility to get herself onto her feet. Foster home these kids until she’s proven herself to be an adult and not an attention seeker; then consider giving the kids back to her. But until she’s a capable adult, I don’t think taxpayers should support her lunacy. Support the kids through finding real homes for them, not by forcing them to stay with a women who collects them like Paris Hilton collects pets, only to be tossed aside when they aren’t cute little newborns for the next addition to the family.

  10. Jane says:

    “Public Assistance” which is a braod term for any program through the Dept. of Children and Family Services. ALL of which use taxpayer money to fund. They are services that are supposed to be for families with low incomes and are not paid back or considered loaned funds.

    Welfare is a braod term for all “Financial or other aid provided, especially by the government, to people in need.” In my opinion, any of the DCFS services is a form of welfare. Welfare in its various states has helped a lot of people get on their feet, and has also been fraudulently used to no good end.

    Octo-Crazy might not be specifically on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) which is the program that gives families a debit/atm card with cash money behind it. (This program is what I think some of you are calling ‘welfare.’) But she’s still burning through money that doesn’t belong to her and in which is really isn’t deserving of.

    Using financial aid loans to live is absurd and irresponsible. She might say she’s going to pay it back “if and when” she graduates and gets a job, but how sure are we on that?! Seriously.

  11. sketches says:

    how is she only $50,000 in debt? I’ve had five failed fertility treatments that ran me about $20,000 (b/c my drugs were covered). How has she afford these? How many didn’t work? This boggles my mind and makes my childless self a little crazy.

  12. kiki says:

    shes a L I A R
    she is receiving public assistance no Matter how you want to look at it the state of California is helping her out $$$$ and she told Ann Curry she has had NO plastic Surgery,, bull-shite

  13. susan says:

    um, what do you all wanna bet she defaults on the fifty thousand in student loans. She is obviously a liar and a fraud not only did she probably lie about her income from settlements she received so she could live off welfare and use the settlement money to keep up the ivf treatments, but her own mother says she lied to her about the money. She caused her parents to go bankrupt supporting her and her kids!

  14. geronimo says:

    So tired of this conniving woman getting attention.

    A sister for Suri? Do tell!

  15. Larissa says:

    I am so sick and tired of this woman! Time to lock her up …at a mental institution! That will be,for certainty, well directed tax money!

  16. Jen says:

    She is a crazy lunatic who should have these babies taken away and given to loving homes who have the means to take care of them. Her own mom has come out and said that Nadya is not taking care of the six that she already has. She obviously has had plastic surgery – look at the before and after pictures! She’s being assisted by the government, no matter what you call it. She has lied about a lot of stuff here. And those nails! With newborns?! Come on!

    I also agree that the doctor should be held accountable too. There is NO WAY any sane doctor would implant SIX when the lady already has six at home. Six at home, living with her parents, no partner to help, etc. etc. This whole thing is absolutely insane!!!!

  17. Anon says:

    Geez now she’s a cover girl, boy is she ever getting what she wanted.
    Syko: I think the real criminal is the Doctor also, don’t they take and Oath ?
    I still don’t get how she got all her children implanted. How lucky is this woman? people pay for treatments and sometimes don’t get a baby. She got a baby/ies every time? maddening

  18. If she’s using her student loan $$$ to support her kids, how does she plan on paying for this education? Why hasn’t she had a psych evaluation yet? If 3 of the older kids are receiving public funds, shouldn’t someone from DYFS (or CA equivalent) be checking up on them regularly?

  19. Larissa says:

    and I would add cheek implants to her done plastic surgeries list!

  20. Jen says:

    Exactly, dread – if she is using her student loan money for “food for her kids” how will she pay to finish school (to supposedly be able to support her kids)?? And why didn’t she give any of that disability money to her mom? Her mom didn’t even know about it! She spent it on plastic surgery and the invitro procedures. She is the most selfish woman on the planet! AND a liar! This whole thing makes me so sick, especially when there are people out there who want children and can’t have them. I’m not saying that just because she is a single mom she doesn’t deserve to have children. I’m saying look at the WHOLE picture – living with her parents, on disability, not contributing to the mortgage or (her mom says) food for her current kids, etc. etc. And she’s hired publicists?? For what reason and with what money??? Her student loans???

  21. for_realz says:

    every day that this drama unfolds, more of MY state dollars go to caring for her litter of children.

    please kick her loony arse out of california. we have a huge budget crisis that is affecting everyone including people with JOBS!

    it makes me sick to my stomach. sure, the kids aren’t to blame, but come on! the more we hear about the issues they suffer from, the more tragic this story is.

  22. Obvious says:

    I don’t get it. I can’t afford college and don’t qualify for student loans, so I’m stuck at a community college, while this woman is using that money that should go to others (like me-not necessarily me) who work hard for school. and she’s using it without going to school???

    That’s bull.

  23. mojoman says:

    GAAHH! obviously any sane and logical person knows she is lying through her swollen-roided lips. Somebody please thrw this woman to the nearest psych unit!!

  24. Obvious says:

    p.s it’s confirmed not confrimed…

  25. bros says:

    you guys know she has a website, right?


    asking for donations and whatever. you can leave comments. you can bet i just left her a lengthy comment. stupid woman.

  26. meme says:

    Why isn’t CPS looking into this???? Those children should not be with this crazy bitch.

  27. bros says:

    and the killeen furtney group (the publicist or PR firm representing her) ought to be ashamed of itself. I feel like sending a big pile of you know what right to their swanky LA address. profiteering off helpless unhealthy infants. hell has a special place for these weasles.

  28. Ned says:

    Just because 2 women would go to extremes to get attention, and “collect” children to that end- doesn’t mean one is obsessed with the other.

    Also, Angelina is not the only person that has a nose job and lip injections in California.

  29. Ned says:

    It’s true that Angelia used her father’s name and connections and when she was done using him she bashed him.

    So they do share the same selfish attitude towards their parents.

    However, blaming your parents for your dysfactional ways, while/ after exploiting them, may be another resemblance, but only indicates their selfish self centered ways.

  30. xtina says:

    People like this women are contributing to our countries horrible economic problems. She seems to feel she was entitled to her “dream” no matter what the costs or how she attained it. Chances are she’ll continue to use her student loans in inappropriate ways and not for what they are supposed to go to. When it comes time for them to be paid back, she won’t be able to and then what? I’m not sure that when you declare bankruptcy that student loans still don’t have to be paid back.
    The real victims in this situation are the children, unless they are taken away from their narcissistic, insane mother they don’t have the same chances other kids have. There is no way she can offer them a healthy, stable living environment.
    I come from a large, blended family with 8 kids and loved it. My parents are both hard-working people, who have had jobs their whole lives, (my father grew up on a farm.) My step-mother paid her way through medical school and had her loans paid back just a few years after being out of school. Money has never been a huge issue in our family and it was still tough at times due to all of us. I can’t imagine having 5 more kids and one less unemployed, unstable parent.

  31. bros says:

    ahhh ned, how nice of you to show up with your inane, unintelligible comments.

  32. Insguy says:

    nycmom100, first let me say that your comment basically named several of the FEDERAL AND STATE FUNDED WELFARE PROGRAMS that are able to function due to TAX PAYER’S MONEY.

    I used to work in the welfare field and I’m here to tell you….if you get food stamps…you’re on welfare. If you don’t get food stamps but get a medical card…you’re on welfare. If you can afford insurance and food for you and your children but you receive section 8/assisted living….you’re on a welfare program.

    Also, I find it disgusting that this woman is receiving ANYTHING while I, a single, white, childless male that isn’t disabled…is not eligible for anything.

  33. daisy424 says:

    Can she be charged with fraud? How did she pay for the plastic surgery, fertility treatments and 6 children?

    Bros, thanks for the link.

  34. abbizmal says:

    I wonder if she could have gotten all these treatments for free because doctor who implanted the embryos is actually the sperm donor??? This bitch is batshit crazy. How could this have even happened? I’m totally befuddled. Who knows, it just reminds me of the book by Follett, The Third Twin.

  35. lrm says:

    Agree,Curry was off-base a bit.
    Many people use student loans to support their family. ‘PAY FOR SCHOOL’,uh,people,that also includes living expenses-rent,food,utlities,car pymt. Usually,loans cover that,as well,for the time you are in school. Sure you don’t have to take those funds,but they are usually an option. Many adults who have families or dependents,attend college.
    There’s enough f uel in this story to keep the media going;they don’t need to manipulate and mince words/concepts to influence people’s opinions.
    Yea,and if they are going that route of ‘gasp! using loan money to support a family’,they may want to do a special on how many people ‘misuse’ their loan payments-people have bought houses,paid of credit cards,even wealthy students who have no business receiving them,manage to fanagle qualifying,and invest the money. [i know of one case of this myself.] So,puleez-taking advantage of this woman’s target status to call foul on that aspect,well it’s just lame.

    I wonder if anyone has ever tried to calculate how many young women in so. cal. have used their CA state money for a boob job? I’m sure it’s in the thousands. just sayin’.
    whether right or wrong,it happens. and attacking this one person on that particular issue actually distracts from the real issue(s) in this case. IMO

  36. heima says:

    “Angelina Jolie denies obsession with octuplet mom Nadya Suleman”.

  37. Baholicious says:

    Abbizmal! Exactly – wasn’t that an episode of The Outer Limits too?

  38. Jackie says:

    I just clicked on the link to her website. I cannot beleive the gall of this woman. Wanting people to donate money but, according to her, she is not asking for money. And, the whole student loan thing. I want to go back to school but, I am unable to get any help because according to them, I make too much money. I am having a hard time paying my bills yet, this woman is living off of student loans?? That just really turns my stomach. I think she is unstable and I hope someones steps in takes these children away before something horrible happens. She needs a psych evaluation.

  39. Annie says:

    I mean I use student loans too, so I can definitely say that they’re not like welfare in the sense that you pay them back (And boy do you have to pay them back :( ). HOWEVER, they are generally subsidized and that’s through governmental help.

    So technically speaking, she is getting help from the government just by having student loans.

    Oh. And I just bet she LOVES all these comparisons to AJ. Someone please shoot this cow already.

  40. Orangejulius says:

    It angers me far,far more that these kids will have physical/mental problems than the fact that she’s using food stamps, etc. Damn! That is just f—–g cruel.

  41. maxi says:

    since she is NOT going to be the one(s)to pay her bills or be the one to love and provide for her children because she is so self centered (and because i hate her expensive plastic face anyway) can someone do the rest of us a favor and introduce her to Chris Brown?

  42. doodahs says:

    Just another example of media exploitation. This woman’s need for attention is being milked by NBC. They are making $$ in advertising dollars and they insist “we haven’t paid her”… Pay her already, so that my tax dollars don’t have to and maybe, just maybe, the State of California won’t be sending me the IOU for my tax money that I overpaid!!

    I would much rather she be subsidized by NBC’s deeper pockets. Maybe NBC could set up a trust fund for the kids’ college funds? Yet another example of a kid’s right to privacy being sold to the highest bidder. The damage is already done, so why not just pay THEM for the publicity NBC is receiving. Sure, I agree that the mother is controversial but I have no problems with the kids getting future financial help.

  43. CB Rawks says:

    Those are her lips. Uh huh.
    Does she want people to take her seriously? Because that comment just definitively proved her delusional state.

    Yeah she’s never had surgery. In the same way that food stamps are not “welfare”. Even though Welfare is the literal definition of what they are.
    There’s no need to split hairs. They get you free food, because you can’t buy your own, and the govt pays with the public taxes. It’s a wonderful thing, but possibly not intended to be thoroughly abused by delusional psychopaths like this one.

    Gloria Allred was being interviewed about the likelihood of Child Welfare Services taking the kids to safety. I just hope they are monitored closely. They are the only thing that matters.

  44. Chiara says:

    Soft interview by Ann Curry, disappointing. The PR firm and this woman have failed due to dishonesty, (media image is zip).

  45. Ned says:

    Bros, I will help you, a bit slower:

    1. Nadya is an unstable woman who craves attention.

    2. Angelina is an unstable woman who craves attention.

    1+2 does not equal Nadya is obsessed with Anglina.
    Unstable people independently act in dysfunctional ways.

    Now you try with the following:

    1. Angelina had nose jobs and lip injections.

    2. Nadya had a nose job and lip injections.

    B- Parents
    1. Angelia took advantage of her father and then bashed him.

    2. Nadya takes advantage of her parents and then goes on national TV and bashes them (being raised at a dysfunctional …)

    1. Angelina collects children to get attention (and make money and as image props).

    2. Nadya has children to get attention and make money.

    Does 1+2= 2 being obsessed with 1?

    They are independently selfish, unstable and exploitative.

  46. Codzilla says:

    Agree with bros that the PR Firm is disgusting for accepting this horrible bitch as a client.

    And how could she possibly deny having surgery? Her face is completely different. Not just “I lost/gained some weight” different, but her features have been totally altered (grotesquely, I might add). If I didn’t know the before/after photos were of the same person, I would have never put them together.

    Those poor children. Please let someone intervene and place them in loving homes.

  47. Baholicious says:

    Ned, you left out if each was in a train travelling at 60mph in opposite directions, which one would arrive in Brussels at 10am with a Romanian baby first.

  48. CB Rawks says:

    I agree, Chiara. Ann was way too soft on her. She had heaps of chances to point out the woman’s bullshit.

  49. kate says:

    batshit crazy.

  50. Flatbellydance says:

    Aside from her shaky relationship with the truth, and her obvious mental illness…

    It’s SO obvious that she’s trying to look like Angelina Jolie – I mean, did she take a mag photo to the plastic surgeon? The nose, the lips – which, ugh. Gross.

    She’s a nutbag. End of story.

  51. Vianney says:

    Ned good points. Both Angelina and this woman are sick. They both have a history of mental illness. I feel for all the children involved. I hope they are taken away and given to someone to raise and that someone gets all the money. Where is the donor.

  52. Orangejulius says:

    Baho, too funny!

    BTW, I think Angie’s lips were always like that.

  53. Jen says:

    Yes, Orangejulius – her lips were like that when she was little. Kind of unfortunate. ;o) But I guess she grew into them. And who knew the trout pout would be so popular!

  54. hatsumomogirly says:

    Obvious:hey!- i go to a community college cause im not ready for a university yet. its not bad!

  55. santacruz says:

    This woman is a PARODY of Ange, and quite hideous.

  56. Keiloooooooooooo says:

    “I’ve chosen never to go on welfare. I feel as though it is my responsibility to do what I can to provide for my children”….This fucking infuriates me. How does one person so blatently contradict herself every other sentence???? There are at least 3 links on her web page practically begging for donations ( i love the visa,mastercard, paypal icons on her page ),this selfish bitch can live and die knowing she damned 14 innocent lives to disgrace and uncertainity.
    I hate this world!!!!

  57. DD says:

    Oh please, the way she talks and her mannerisms are just like Angelina’s. this biotch worked overtime trying to be just like her. puke.

  58. Dot says:

    Lawsuits should start flying soon:

    For using student loans for something other than education is unlawful and punishable by law (it’s stated on the loan applications)- Moron here publicly stated that is exactly what she is doing!

    For lying to SSI- Not only will they have to recalculate her package, but question her about the money she received from disability and try to recover the already disbursed funds. She’ll have to provide records where it went. Good luck reasoning with a loon. Hi-five, government!

    For ex-husband: He’ll no doubt seek legal representation for botched donor records as I’m sure the state will try to hold him accountable to avoid admitting any fault. Assuming there’s legally stamped/notarized paperwork. But how intelligent can he be for agreeing to this sycophant’s demands? Hello there, reason for divorce! How ya doing?

    For various surgery clinics: Defamation suits should come out soon because no ethical practice would agree to this nutjob’s demands if they had all the info…No doubt loonytunes conveniently withheld important information.

    And yea, notice she’s as quiet and calm as a psychopath. Creepy troll!

  59. LondonParis says:

    If public colleges were treated like pubic schools and made open or at least minimally expensive for their students, this woman would have never been able to take advantage of the student loan system the way she has. Oh, and also we’d have a more intelligent, goal-driven populace.

  60. Stephanie says:

    you know there are thousands of women living off of the government and still making babies. Why arent ppl complaining about those. Is this lady a little off, of course, but you know she’s milkin the system just like alot of others.

  61. Sebastian says:

    This woman is genetically flawed and is likewise a complete imbecile living off the taxpayer’s money and there’s no way she’s gonna be able to afford to raise these kids on her on. The state needs to take all 14 of her children away and adopt them to a financially stable married couple. This woman needs to be commited to a mental institution.

  62. lenore says:

    why is it so hard for you imbecils to get her words and understanding right?

    food stamps is not money…its food stamps..you can only purchase FOOD which is a necessity to live. ..like water…duh.
    AND student loans do just that..help you get through LIFE while you have pay it back eventually which she will do once she gets out of graduate school. She was working over 10 years as a Counselor and made great money until she got preggo and she got on disability. She will get back to that as soon as she is able and willing, like when the babies are a little old enough to crawl out of the house!

    get it together grouch!

  63. gg says:

    simmer down, now. Uncontrovertable is the fact that she displays unrealistic ideals. To wit:

    She says she has no “assistance”, then turns around and details how she obtains loans ostensibly for schooling, while, in her financially ‘destitute’ state, is sporting the latest in Angelina Jolie facial dimensions. Accident? mais non. il est évident à l’extrème. She’s exposed herself far far more than she realizes.

    The dire financial straits she is in are a direct result of her obsession to pump out babies. Her actions suggest she needs counseling herself to realize how unrealistic her situation is, and take immediate steps to correct it and stabilize it, and to quit taking advantage of the small amount of cash she is getting in welfare/not welfare on the obvious expensive facial work she’s had. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  64. aleach says:

    The entire interview, all I could do was stare at her crazy-ass mouth! It was so distracting. And her voice! Ugh, why did I even watch this? I was so aggrivated the entire time.

  65. gg says:

    I’m not finished. The plastic fingernails are poisonous to the preemie children. Does she give a crap about that? Or is she busy giving interviews about how much she cares about them while displaying completely opposite behavior? Or maybe she’s trying to damage them so she can get more assistance? Because that is what I see happening here to these 14 children and their poor grandparents. This really pisses me off to no end.

    ::tosses the talking stick back into the circle::

  66. MT says:

    This woman should be under investigation for fraud and all her finances should be examined.

    I bet she is defrauding public funds for years and years.

    By the way- all the women that “fix” their noses and have lip enhancement will look alike in that sense that their nose will look “chiseled” and the lips- the same thick look.

  67. T says:

    As a former fundraiser, this crazy woman cannot technically/legally raise donations online. She’s not a tax exempt non-profit charity.

    If we’re talking fraud, let’s add her money begging and in-kind donation peddling on her website. This woman is beyond disgusting. Someone needs to shut down her online fundraising attempts. I’m trying to figure out a loophole to get her shut down.

  68. T says:

    It’s been reported that her student debt is at $60,000

  69. brista says:

    SSI are funds that pay for therapy and medical treatment needed by recp

    Nah. SSI can be used for anything. I’ve seen it. When asked if they have a job, lots and lots of people say they’re on SSI. Because they can use the money for anything.

    And since Nadya Suleman has at least 3 handicapped kids, she can probably also get money for being their caregiver…even if she suddenly stumbles into an actual income (or all those donations she’s asking for come rolling in), she can probably still get a caregivers allowance.

    And again, so disgusting that she uses student loans for this. Yes, student loans can be used to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly while you’re in school HOWEVER girlfriend clearly had some money coming in from somewhere that she was using for superfluous IVF treatments. If she had stopped at, say, Baby #5 or even #6, she probably wouldn’t have needed student loans to pay for Poptarts, you know?

    The fact that she’s single doesn’t bother me. I think it’s a-okay for women to decide to have a child without a partner if they can handle it..but she obviously can’t afford it and therefore can’t handle it and should have waited or stopped.

    In her interview, she talked about how she isn’t selfish since all of her time and energy is for the kids…Hate to launch an arrow at the mommy-crowd, but having kids? I think it’s a selfish act. You want a mini-version of yourself walking around. You want to prove that you can do better than your own parents. You want to have a cute little baby. You love your partner so much you want to raise a family together. That’s nice and all, and I’m sure perfectly fine reasons for having babies, I guess, but let’s be real — it’s selfish.

    The world is not helped or made better because you had kids. Maybe possibly your special little snowflake grows up to cure cancer or whatnot, but that’s highly unlikely and a total gamble. Maybe your snowflake grows up to a criminal. Or maybe your snowflake grows up to be just a boring average person who goes through life without contributing much of anything to the world. There’s nothing unselfish about creating an extra person just because you like the idea.

    Ugh, whatever. I’m PMSing. Maybe that’s where all the baby-dislike is coming from. So while I’m here alienating parents, let me add that newborns are ugly. And when I went to Nadya Suleman’s website and saw those pictures of tiny aliens hooked up to ventilators, I was reminded of this fact. For goodness sake, new parents, give them a couple months to marinate in the crib and get cute before you start dressing them up and snapping pictures to email to everyone in the world. Yeah, yeah, everyone will say they are adorable because you’re supposed to say that.

  70. weboz says:

    This bitch is giving Angelina Jolie a bad name… I would be shock to find out that people are actually sending her money through her website, she doesn’t deserve it! She should give the kids to Angelina Jolie and tie her tubes already.

  71. gg says:

    Ironic is the fact that her tubes are supposedly blocked already, which (she says) is WHY she went in for IVF.

  72. Shane says:

    O.K….So where is the father/sperm donor?? Should he not have to pay support payments for this litter too?

  73. Viper says:

    Okay i take back whatever I said before… I gave herthe BOTD but I take that back. Jesus.

  74. Marjie DArling says:

    Three out of 6 children have been diagnosed as having either ADHD or autism (which are diagnostically difficult to differentiate at their young age.) CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY SHE CONTINUES TO USE THE SAME SPERM DONOR WITH THESE 50% PROBABILITIES SHE IS GOING TO HAVE A DISABLED CHILD.
    OR IS it possible the mental illness came from her side!

  75. ADHD kids are eligible for disability checks?

    That’s pretty amazing, considering how often that is misdiagnosed.

  76. Voice of Reason says:

    In response to the question posed by nycmom100, “shall we let her family starve?”

    Yes; I say we DO let them starve. Let’s let natural selection take care of this one, because I don’t think we want any of these children ever procreating.

    Also, Nadya should be charged with child abuse for knowingly creating babies with irreversible life-altering, debilitating diseases.

    Just because you are obsessed with babies does not mean that as soon as your children grow up you can replace them with a new stock.

    If she wasn’t so mentally unbalanced I’d suggest a career in ECE, but who would even let that psycho near their kids, let alone educate them?

    Here’s hoping this woman gets what she deserves and the rest of the world realises that just because you’ve done something incredibly irresponsible, selfish and stupid, does not give you the right to be famous.

    Sorry kids, but for your sake, let’s hope you don’t have to be raised by that one…

    $165k in disability; sheesh, take the kids away from this nut job.

  77. sara says:

    okay lets start from them top of the list

    1.she had 14 children who she cannot care for
    2.people are saying she only had so many babies because she was an only child
    3.now they are saying she only had 14 children for the money
    4.and people are also arguing if they should help her out because of the children sake or should we just let her rot with her children
    5.now they are saying she is obessesd with angerlina jolie and had plastic surgury so she could look exactly like her.

    first of all this women is messed up!!! SHE IS MAD!!!why would you ever have 14 children if you know you cant care for them
    second if she is obessed with someone eles she should not be allowed to care for those children i say this because she properly paying more attendtion to angerlina then her children

    and yeah she is properly doing it for the money

    last the kids SHOULD NOT SUFFER BECAUSE OF THAT MAD WOMEN!!!they should have as much support as possible and the mother should not have access to the money their giving she might use it for plastic surgery again LoL

  78. Ash says:

    One thing I’d like to know is, if she was on disability for a BACK injury, then how the hell did she carry all of those kids? If she was able to walk around pregnant all that time, then she should have been able to work.

    And another contradiction from the interview was she had said that she researched to make sure that the donor couldn’t have rights to them and wanted to raise the kids by herself….but then goes on to say that she hopes that the donor will be involved in their lives. She just doesn’t make much sense to me….

  79. CB Rawks says:

    @lenore: “food stamps is not money…its food stamps..you can only purchase FOOD which is a necessity to live. ..like water…duh.”

    Oh lenore, can you please lead a class on semantics to teach us all how to split hairs like that? That takes a deep talent for self-delusion.
    FOOD STAMPS are WELFARE! Suckit! It just IS.
    The psycho lied and said she wasn’t on welfare!
    The psycho can’t STOP lying.

  80. gg says:

    And her mother states the father asked her to marry him and she refused.

  81. gail says:

    Wow what a racket !!! I should have thought of this scheme when I had my sons. Yea right, just set up a web site and ask for donations simply because I wanted to bring children into this world. This poor excuse of a Mother should have been concentrating on trying to care for the children she already had. Especially since half of them are disabled. How much attention are these kids getting now ? By the way, how did she pay for the face work, and who is paying for her so called publisist, and when the heck does she find the time to have those nails done?? OK Miss Nadya, I’ll send you money for being stupid and selfish enough for bringing even more kids into this world that you are not able to take care of !!! Give it up LOSER, I feel sorry for your Mother, because she will have to spend the rest of her days helping you take care of those kids you selfishly brought into this world, knowing full well that your can’t even afford the ones you already had !! Stop living off of the government, and stop expecting the people in this world who are desperately trying to support their families or those who are going to school to try and better themselves while not misusing student loans. You chose to have all of those kids, now find a way to take care of them honey !!Stop trying to SUCK THE WORLD DRY !!!

  82. Codzilla says:

    brista: So, by your logic, if a parent works hard to raise a compassionate child who cares for and respects the people and world around him/her, then said parent HAS NOT made a positive contribution to the world? I know PMS can make us moody, but in your case, it totally cripples whatever critical thinking skills you might have.

    This Suleman woman is not a model by which people should base their opinions about ALL parents. One would think this very OBVIOUS fact is clear to everyone, but apparently there are a few slow learners out there.

  83. mom of one says:

    Since when is ADHD paid for as a disability? Her house is a dump, and she is obviously not taking good care of the children she already has. Children with disabilities need a lot of individual attention. This entire household need to be evaluated

  84. James says:

    Ned– I will help you–
    there is no reason to try proving Nadya isn’t obsessed with Angelina.
    She IS. Why would you think your obsessive layout of the situation is going to change anyone’s mind? if you’re not screwing one of these women, you have no reason to make a point-by-point analysis of something which is tenuous at best at ridiculous at worst. is this how you make yourself feel intelligent, by wasting readers’ time, acting as though your ideas are important?

  85. fyjaw main says:

    I read most comment,and they all seem incredibly insensitive, very ignorant,its sad that we still live with this mentality, none of us know this woman, yet we have every opinon you can think of. It reminds me of early in this countries history when people would have a picnic when someone was being hung in the town square. You and all the many people who made comments seem to hold some sort of anomosity towards her for no other reason than, this is your day to vent,a day to release all your pinned up feelings of self hate a day to talk about how much your neighbor gets on your nerve. were a sorry people judging critisizing and demeaning others to make ourselve feel better about ourselves. go to church, hurry up and get back in school,do somthingother than sitting around talking about others and how they live welfare, ssi,student loans thats how shes surviving,worry about how she brought eight into this world,and how they have grow under your image,with all your secrets,imoralities,prejudices!. great bunch to learn from, We the people

  86. Sunny says:

    Wow, I think I’m gonna have some more babies now and make a website for donations. You’ll get an autographed photo of the babies with every donation over $50. ; ) Please give generously!

    (((Takes a bow, lol)))

  87. Lola says:


    You are so right- thank you. I completely agree with you and couldn’t have said it better myself. This has turned into a witch hunt and it’s shameful. She may not be right in her actions but judging people and picking them apart isn’t right either. You don’t know what’s in her heart and most of what’s being said is just speculation.

  88. Heather says:

    LondonParis says : If public colleges were treated like pubic schools and made open or at least minimally expensive for their students, this woman would have never been able to take advantage of the student loan system the way she has. Oh, and also we’d have a more intelligent, goal-driven populace.

    Pay the federally subsidy directly to the school. Cut out the middle man and the potential for abuse.

  89. SO DISGUSTING!!! says:

    Just because you get 50k worth of plastic surgery to look like someone does not mean you are obsessed. That’s totally f*in normal, right??!!!

  90. Sleepy1680 says:

    so we understand this woman is a nut and by no means a fit mother.not just because she had an additional 8 kids but because she felt the need to give her other6 kids less now then before. each child needs food,clothes,and to know they are loved .its hard enough for someone with 2 or 3 kids to do it but 14…come on now.
    as for her recieving disability and welfare she should be cut off. if she recieved about 165,000 and the ivf cost her 100,000(that she saved up) that means she was raising 6 children on 65,000. thats nothing. these children went without a lot of things. im a single mother of 2 children under 8. i have NEVER recieved welfare,food stamps or anything of the sort, so it makes me furious that this woman would continue to have kids while she was unemployed. ive worked 2 & 3 jobs at a time so my kids didnt have to relay on the system.

  91. Sarah says:

    How is this any different from the people who got themselves into houses that they couldn’t afford? Both are examples of people taking care of their “needs” first and then crying like babies to get bailed out. I’m tired of the sense of entitlement that people in this country have. She made her bed – with 14 kids in it – now let her sleep in it. If she can’t take care of them, then we do to her what we would do to any other parent: we transfer custody of the children to people who can care for them. Materal rights, my tuchus – this woman is mentally and emotionally unstable.