Star: Inside Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s ‘bizarre,’ pot-smoking parenting style

Star Jolie Pitt

The Leg is displeased with Star Magazine this week. You wouldn’t want to see The Leg when it’s angry. Star Magazine’s cover story is all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s “unconventional” household and what they’re really like as parents, and how all Brad does is smoke pot (and cry, presumably) while The Leg barks orders at myriad assistants, nannies, bodyguards and children.

Due to their famously unconventional lifestyle, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have crafted a unique and mysterious world for themselves that few people have ever been allowed to peek inside — until now! In this week’s issue, Star uncovers the strange lives of Hollywood’s most famous family.

The public sees Angelina as compassionate and caring, trotting the globe to bring attention to international issues, but things are much different behind closed doors. “She can be a bitch. She’s super vindictive. She hates Jennifer Aniston still and is really competitive with her,” a source close to the family tells Star. “She likes to project this kind of hippie, Audrey Hepburn thing where she flies around this world doing all this selfless stuff, but it’s all orchestrated.”

Her fiance is also putting on a show for the press. “He still likes to smoke cigarettes and marijuana,” the insider explains. “He’s a huge stoner. He tells Angie that he quit pot, but he’s still the same guy he was before they met.”

Still, the most controversial aspect of the couple’s unorthodox lifestyle is the free rein they give their six children. “The kids run the house,” a source admits. “Those children are wild. There’s constant screaming at all times of the day and night. And they are extremely messy.”

According to a source, there are empty candy wrappers, piles of toys and clothes in their house “and a housekeeper is expected to clean it all up.” Another insider adds that the kids have been kicked out of 12 hotels in just two years for trashing rooms!

[From Star Magazine and Jezebel]

Apparently, Brad also helped “zombie-proof” the Chateau Miraval by building a bunker for the kids, which… I mean, that’s so Maddox, right? Star also claims that the Jolie-Pitts employ three full-time tutors, six day nannies, two night nannies and a team of bodyguards. Do you believe that? I do not. It’s not my Brangeloonie freak flag flying either – I just don’t believe that Angelina and Brad would spend THAT MUCH money on staff.

Star also claims that the children are not allowed to speak English at home, which I also don’t believe. Oh, and apparently Angelina does “scream therapy.” An insider says: “She runs a bath and screams under the water, drives to the ocean and screams or just sticks her head in a sink full of water. It seems to be doing her a lot of good.” She screams IN the ocean? But Aniston screams AT the ocean!!! The ocean is all, “What the hell did I do to these bitches?”


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  1. Eleanor Zissou says:

    Jennifer Aniston would have been a better mother.

    • HappyMom says:

      Um, what?

    • cmc says:

      And you base that on this completely factual report?

    • yuiop says:

      are you serious?
      She obviously does not want kids and seems too absorbed in herself.

    • Lily says:


    • D. says:

      I agree totally.

      • Nick says:

        Who cares? Why are they forever being compared? This story would have been fine (complete lies, but whatever that’s what these magazines do) if not for the Anniston mention.

    • Lio says:

      And a decade later……
      Why do her fans refuse to move on & get a life?

      I imagine her kids would be obsessed with their looks & talking about their haircuts on the playgrounds.

    • Just Passing Through says:

      Mother Balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kiddo says:

      This is hilarious troll baiting. It doesn’t matter the subject of the article, these threads will always be huge and devolve into a war between Aniston and Jolie factions. Good to get a head start on it as the first comment, I imagine.

    • Omega says:

      Calm down everyone, I’m sure Angie is a great mum in her own way. And I’m sure Jen will be a great mum in her own way, if she chooses motherhood.

      Now can we just jingle some ballz up in this hizzy?

    • Dani2 says:

      LMAO at this flop opinion right here

    • Tatjana says:

      I see what you did there.

    • Kimberly says:

      Well no one’s stopping her from having any kids.

    • darkdoved says:

      you saying that is so funny Jennifer aniston fans are still the losers they where more tan 9 years ago and always will be still waiting for this almost 50 year old woman to be a mother

      • Kiddo says:

        Oops, sorry I didn’t intend for this comment to be in this spot.

        I can’t wait for the new ‘Pot-smoking Parenting Style’ magazine to come out. They have a built in ad revenue from Doritos. First article, “Dude, that is the most awesome awesomist kid drawing I’ve ever seen, look at those colors!” on How to encourage creativity in children. “Hemp Diapers, what’s in it for you? The good Sh*t”. In making pot a part of everything in your life.

        Any other suggestions?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Kiddo, I don’t have kids but I would buy that magazine and hand it out to my friends that do!

      • Just Passing Through says:

        Kiddo….How about Cheez BALLS??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • @Kiddo
        HAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!! I would buy your magazine, even though I don’t smoke pot—I’m waiting for The Orig. Kitten to send me some seeds in the mail, so I don’t get any synthetic crap that’s been doused in bleach or something…. 😉

      • How about “Cooking While High: 101 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Cookies” or just “Cooking While High: 101 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Raw Cookie Dough Because Baking is Too Complicated, Man”…..?

        Ooooooh! “Getting Baked: 101 Kid-Friendly Cake Recipes”.

        @V/C-Anytime, my sister… you deserve only the best 😉

      • Kiddo says:

        In Entertainment, DVD Review: Teletubbies “Existential angst, the meaning of life, family and cleaning up the toys and crumbs as viewed through the mind of Noo-Noo. A lesson for the whole family and a kaleidoscope of hues.” (rating 5 out of 5 blunts)

      • @Kitten
        Yep. I’m really into making my own food—not gardening, but I like baking bread, and am going to start trying not to eat anything I didn’t make. But I want to eventually see if I can start growing herbs in our backyard, and see where that leads me. So if I ever smoke any weed, I’m growing that shit in my window–I’m not taking any chances on buying it from some fool….

        And shoot–I might stalk you down in Boston. If I ever stop being such a mama’s girl (or however you call it), I want to move to either Texas, Tennessee, or Boston–I like the history of the place (plus there are a ton of pubs, I’m hearing….) and I might want to meet a few accented, tall, tattooed blokes (do they count as blokes?)….but in a few years, when I can handle them 😉

      • gg says:

        You are most welcome in Nashville, Virgilia. 🙂

      • gg, you’re in Nashville!!! That is rather ironic–my mom’s side of the family is down in Jackson, not too far from there–we go there every summer…in fact we’re going down there in June, and staying all summer…

    • Soulsister says:

      @Eleanor Zissou
      LOL. What an incredibly arbitrary and stupid thing to say. Can you qualify that statement in anyway.

    • Eleanor Zissou says:

      Sarcasm meet people. People, meet sarcasm.

    • Trillion says:

      Angelina, from what i can see, seems to be a helluva mom. She can adopt me anytime!

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Angelina’s kids always look well-adjusted and seem like individuals who are allowed to be themselves. Those kids have FUN!

    • lenje says:


    • Emily C. says:

      Well done, madam.

      (Can anyone tell me why everyone’s saying “balls”? I mean, it’s funny, but where is it from?)

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Balls got dropped the other day as a way to lighten up the VERY intense mood of a Aniston thread (as most JA / AJ / BP threads tend to do), so we kind of decided that when things get angry and crazy…we’ll keep dropping balls to lighten the mood. It is mostly people just being silly in order to defuse the rage that comes out from the various “teams” that have formed around these celebs. The indifferent people in the middle are just having fun. 😉 Everyone is welcome to join!

    • Hiddles forever says:

      I think Aniston/Huvane planted this story.

      She’s the clingy one probably, Angelina doesn’t sound like that…

    • Size Does Matter says:


    • allheavens says:

      Unfortunately Aniston would actually have to have a child before you could obtain empirical evidence to support that statement.

      This Aniston baby bump watch has been going on for ten years to no avail, just tiresome.

    • floretta50 says:

      I saw a picture of Vivian pulling Angelina’s pony tail. If JA would even contemplate giving up her smoking figure which is really average to have a child her child would never be allowed to pull on her extensions.

  2. Jaded says:

    The Star has sunk to an all-time low of complete fabrication. Yawn. Next.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:


    • phlyfiremama says:

      For real. So all those thousands of miles, hundreds of hours, and visits to heart breaking refugee camps for victims of war has all been just a shallow facade to upgrade her image huh? Mmmm hmmm. After seeing what The Jolie has brought to light regarding conditions in war torn countries, and dealing with 6 children (seriously, why don’t they act their age!?), I would probably need to go duck my head under some water somewhere and scream myself~ANYTHING to help erase the images of what she has seen, that no one else brings any attention to. She has done far more than any other celebrity~and in fact, far more than most GOVERNMENTS have done~to bring attention to these dark aspects of humanity that most mainstream media has totally ignored. I call BS on Star too, Jaded! So glad I don’t buy any of that drivel.

    • Decloo says:

      I want to know about Tommy Girl’s botched facelift!

  3. Happyhat says:

    haha…I love these kinds of articles when they try to make stuff that’s just not…

    “According to a source, there are empty candy wrappers, piles of toys and clothes in their house “and a housekeeper is expected to clean it all up.””

    Dear god…A house full of children that gets messy?!!! Hire a housekeeper and expect them to clear up the house?!!! Oh the humanity!!!!!!!

    • K says:

      That house sounds like mine, in terms of children’s mess all over the place (I spend my life making the big one clear up and tidy). And I don’t have six of them, either!

      • Nick says:

        I am in my 30s (no kids) and that sounds like my apartment in NYC.

      • Happyhat says:

        I’m also in my 30’s and without kids, and it also sounds like my apartment (but times the clothes, mess and toys by about 10 – I’m just not a tidy person…) Wish I had a housekeeper to clean it all up! (Even though it’s a very small one-bedroom apartment…) I’m a slob.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I don’t have any kids, and it applies to my place too. Well, not the housekeeper part, but I’d certainly have one if I could find someone.

      • vylette says:

        And like mine too!I have one 3 yr old who seems quite capable of doing his best to mess up. And sometimes that enough for me to go into the shower and scream!.

    • mia girl says:

      This story is pretty ridiculous.

    • V4Real says:

      Wait, the best line in that article is “the maid has to clean everything up” Well Watson I do believe that is what a maid is paid to do said Sherlock.

      Oh and about the pot smoking, who gives a crap; it’s legal in some US states and I’m waiting for NY to jump on that bandwagon. I have a son and two nephews who often have overnight visits. I’m constantly picking up potato chip wrappers, juice and water bottles along with toys that often make me yell “oh shit” because I have stepped on little action figure in the middle of the night.

      • Just Passing Through says:

        I get the empty potato chip wrappers and empty juice bottles after pot smoking, but I have to say, never tried playing with the little action figures…..hmmmmm….food for thought. 😉

  4. elkiddo says:

    Omg balls

  5. Lisa says:

    I found this hilarious. What exactly is a housekeeper’s job, if not to clean up??

  6. BreeinSEA says:


  7. yuiop says:

    So all these sources, and not one revealed Angelina’s surgery last year? Shocking….Not.

    Their kids are always well behaved in public (the few times they are seen).
    They come out with this story about once a year.

    • K says:

      That’s such a good point. That story would have been worth so much $, surely? More than “house with lots of kids gets messy; in other news, very rich people have nannies!”

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Yuiop, who wrote: “So all these sources, and not one revealed Angelina’s surgery last year? Shocking….Not.”

      But that’s the absurd point of the article … on the one hand they admit the Jolie-Pitts keep their business pretty close and it’s hard to get/learn personal details about them, then they claim … “It’s a miracle! At last a leak from an unnamed source who until now was unable to unearth anything about the JP’s!” … and we’re supposed to buy it?

      Not only that, but it seems as if they’ve taken all the stories written about Jennifer Aniston from 9 years ago–the jealousy, screaming at the ocean–and flipped them with Angelina Jolie’s name.

      • daisy says:

        But for some reason you believe them when they’re about Jennifer Aniston.

      • V4Real says:

        Daisy you got Balls.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Daisy, who wrote: “But for some reason you believe them when they’re about Jennifer Aniston.”

        The difference is this: we all ‘know’ the Jolie-Pitts don’t spill their shite deliberately to create press when there is nothing ‘professional’ going on in their lives … heck, “Star” magazine just said as much in their article sippet above. We learn about the Jolie-Pitt’s personal shite when/if they give it up while being interviewed about their professional projects … LOL! And then whatever they say is taken out of context and used against them.

        But we ‘all’ also know Stephen Huvane is notorious for inventing nothing out of thin air and then spinning it in order to get/keep Jennifer Aniston’s name in the press. Like the “People” wedding edition they did to hijack the traditional ‘Oscar’ edition, all to talk about her upcoming wedding and her wedding dress and how blissfully happy she was because that was the rumored weekend the Jolie-Pitts were getting married in France.

        A couple of weeks later a female reporter from one of those 30-minute Celebrity News shows–“Extra News” caught Jennifer at a live event and asked about her wedding dress . Jennifer said “What wedding dress?” The reporter looked bit surprised because, don’t you know, Jennifer had just gushed about her wedding dress in “People” magazine. But before she could follow up Jennifer said “I don’t plan those things because I’m spontaneous” with full out Rachel Greene coyness. And guess what? I’ve found the clip at YouTube:

        Now we move on the all the drama and selfies and ‘commercial’ interviews about Jennifer’s hair … just to stay in the news.

        And here, at last, is the rub of it all. Some people say inane things about the Jolie-Pitts and others find and post the truth or just plain old logic and are accused of being ‘mean’ and ‘nasty’ and ‘hateful’ and ‘hostile.’ LOL! And I’d like to point out that these accusations of ‘meaness’ are usually expressed in a nasty, snide, hostile and ‘passive-aggressive’ manner. Let’s just call it ‘Verbal Irony.’ 🙂

      • Esmom says:

        Emma – the JP Lover: here we go again. Cue BALLS in 1…2…3. Much better.

      • Cecilia says:

        Emma’s got her BALLS in a sling!

      • Just Passing Through says:

        BALLS………just BALLS.

  8. Liane says:

    My only take on the scream therapy …. does it help? I’d be willing to give it a go.

    • Eva says:

      I think they took that from her interview recently, where she was screaming at the bushes to prepare her voice for malficient.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      @Liane, with you on this.

    • Jag says:

      It can help some people. Just try it and see. Make sure you don’t have high blood pressure or neighbors who would call the police if you don’t scream into water or a pillow. (I’d be afraid to scream into water. lol)

  9. Bex says:

    Lol. I see they’re making up for missing the big mastectomy scoop by keeping their top secret insiders focused on the truly important news.

  10. Candy Love says:

    This article is clearly BS but funny at the same time .

    Couldn’t Star to find a picture with them all together rather then photoshopping 4 or 5 pictures together.

  11. Rhiley says:

    I wouldn’t doubt part of it, and that is, Brad still likes to burn one down every so often.

  12. Andrea1 says:

    Urgh here we go again!!

  13. Jaderu says:

    I haven’t commented in forever but, “The ocean is all, “What the hell did I do to these bitches?”” has made me crawl out from under my rock. It also made me laugh so hard I tinkled.

    Brad smoking weed and crying and Angie screaming under water is like a sitcom I would totally watch faithfully. Oh STAR.

  14. Loubelle says:

    “She screams IN the ocean? But Aniston screams AT the ocean!!! The ocean is all, “What the hell did I do to these bitches?””
    HILARIOUS, Kaiser

  15. Beas says:

    Give me a break…..
    Not according to people she works with!
    Extras on Unbroken were raving about how nice she was & introduces herself to everyone on set.

    She is always very friendly with her fans as well. Signs autographs, takes pics with them if asked.

    Nothing about her says unpleasant. Please provide some examples…..

    Also they have had the same bodyguards, nannies, assistants with them for the past decade, they have very loyal people around them, that have not left if she was so cruel like you claim.

    • lower-case deb says:

      well after all the glowing praise from Jack O’Connell, Jai Courtney, Miyavi, Lou Zamperini, Elle Fanning and Joe Roth in quick succession over the past couple of weeks obviously Tabloidland finds it important to cut her down to size now through unnamed sources.

      because of course tabloid readers trust unnamed sources more than people who actually put their names on the line.

      actually, i’ve read on social media that these people praise her because of their contractual obligations (Unbroken and Maleficent)! but i have yet to read ex-co stars who go back on their words once their contract lapse, or maybe they have a lifetime contract… oooooo spooooooookkkkweeyyyy.

      honestly though, these tab writers need to get a new dartboard. it’s same story different day. only the comment section makes these stories interesting.

      do i need to prepare my koolaid and space brownies? anyone wants to share?

  16. Just Passing Through says:

    Whoaaaa…..scary BALLS!!!!!!!

  17. Maya says:

    Well people who have actually met her from Hollywood to Humanitarian workers to Politicians all have nice things to say about her. They say she is down to earth, funny, polite and a nice person.

    • I just saw an interview with Elle Fanning where she said that when Angie met her she gave her a huge hug and said “we’re gonna have such a great time”. Fanning said they’re relationship just got even better from that point on. Can you imagine how reassuring that would have been for Fanning? Jolie just took the intimidation and the nervousness right out of the equation for her.
      She just strikes me as a really warm, genuine person.


      • FirstTimer says:

        I think it’s Elle who recently said that. 🙂

        ETA: My reply was supposed to be for TheOriginalKitten. 😀

      • drscully says:

        the usual syrupy PR tripe that actors feed the media when a movie is being promoted

      • Jenna says:

        No, Elle is being genuine and has told this story even before movie promotion.
        Is it that hard to accept that Angelina is actually a nice person to work with and be around?

      • @ Jenna: People are mad jaded right?

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        I would be freaked out if someone I met for the first time hugged me, but that’s just me.

        I’ve never heard anything bad being said about Angelina, she seems like a great person. Not the strongest actress, but an amazing person.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Really? My whole family are huggers, even if we’ve just met you. If you are being brought into the fold, or someone working closely with, yeah you get a hug. 🙂

        We kiss, too. Hello, goodbye, to say “I love you”… If someone doesn’t greet you with a big hug & kiss, it probably means they are mad at you, haha!

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        We’re big huggers and kissers in the family, too ( not on the mouth, though) ,but hugging strangers, especially in work settings is just strange. I’ve seen a lot of that on American TV and I find it odd. We usually go for a handshake, or kisses on both cheeks.

      • Peppa says:

        She seems like a nice, caring person to me, and one that is probably kind to her costars. I doubt a nasty diva would do all the humanitarian work that she does.

      • @Orig. Kitten
        I really like those Fanning sisters—they give me hope that not all of my generation’s actors are crap. Sigh. Now we just need some good male up and comers….I was telling my grandma that she grew up in the best decade (70s)–she said they had the best parties, you didn’t die from any sexual diseases, had the best music, and actors…..ugh.

        Also–your kittens are so adorable…..I now want more cats, but my mom doesn’t want any more pets… 🙁

      • Thanks, VC! They’re the best little cats…Pickles is 5 lbs now! Crazy as he’s only 4.5 months old..he’s gonna be a big’un 🙂

      • blue marie says:

        So Pickles is the kitten with the bunnies? All those photos are adorable. Can I ask a dumb question? Are ear mites a problem with them? Is there anything extra you have to do for the turned in ears?

      • @bluemarie-Pickles is the little grey baby boy. Z is my 5-year-old girl.
        Not a dumb question. They don’t get any real ear-related issues except that you should periodically wipe the insides just to prevent buildup. I don’t do that for my older girl even though I have wipes because her ears are double-folded. Pickles is verging on a triple-fold (the tightest) so I’m wiping the inside of his ears.
        The fold in their ears are a naturally-occurring genetic defect. They’re all born straight-eared and then some fold and some don’t. Additionally, depending on how strong the defect is, that will determine whether it’s single-fold, double-fold or triple-fold.

        Oh man…that was super-nerdy. Sorry about that…..

      • @kitten #64
        That’s what I was wondering, too–because my cat only pins her ears back like that when she’s in trouble, or she’s hissing at someone…..they are so adorable though. I think I want cats when I move out, because they’re a lot more self sufficient and clean–but I love my bulldog too.

      • bluemarie says:

        @OKitt..Not nerdy at all, I wonder what caused it. Thank you for the explanation, they’re both really cute!

      • Mean Hannah says:

        I have never clicked on a commenter’s link but seeing more than one mention of your cats here recently, I had to see! They are adorable – and we have the same duvet cover! I can’t remember now if it was from Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel…or maybe it was West Elm…one of those stores.

      • lenje says:

        I agree your cats are adorable – I love Scottish fold! 🙂 I still watch Maru’s videos from time to time. Are they also obsessed with boxes? 🙂

        PS. The layout is strange, maybe it’s bug. I hope the admin fixes it soonest.

      • V4Real says:

        @TOK …A whole lotta BALLS.

  18. Becks says:

    I knew someone who worked for them a while back….before the twins. I will probably get crucified by the brangeloonies, but according to her, those kids are WILD. There is no consistency and discipline, so they do whatever they want. They don’t listen to adults amd they definitely run the show.
    I don’t know how things are now, but it would seem to be more chaotic with the addition of the twins. They are in serious need of multiple nannies! LOL

    • I could see it but aren’t all kids kind of wild at that age?
      I know I was…

      • V4Real says:

        You should hear my upstairs neighbor kids. I have to knock on their door to ask them to keep it down a bit. They are young kids and that’s what they do, they run and play very loudly. I often have to tell my son as well as my nephews to keep it down a bit because we are in an apartment complex with thin walls.

        The kids are just being kids.

      • See, this is why I always rent top floor apartments–then I get to be the one stomping around like an elephant. I also sleep with earplugs, because I’m an old lady like that.

      • V4Real says:

        I should take your advice on the ear plugs. Thankfully security has heard the noise the kids make and the Landlord sent them a letter. Fortunate NY has a noise ordinance law in practice and the family has to abide by it. If they continue to be extremely loud, they will have to move or the landlord will have to move me to another apartment for the same amount of rent. I’m lucky that it has been documented that they are unusually loud.

        I’m not mad at the kids because they are just that, kids. It’s the parents who have to let them know that they can’t jump rope in an apartment and throw things that makes it sounds as if someone is dropping free weights on the floor. In the meantime, I’m running out to buy those earplugs.

      • Absolutely the parents who should be laying down the law. I think sometimes people forget the transparency involved in apartment living, but still they should know better. Even if you’re on the top floor though, it doesn’t always ensure quietness. In my hood, it’s all 3-family houses that are literally attached to each other, so you get 360-degree noise.
        Also, when they were GUT-renovating each house on either side of mine, the noise and general invasiveness was unbearable. But you know…we get to live in the city so that’s the trade-off.

        I highly recommend the earplugs. It takes a bit to get used to them but they really do make a huge difference.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I always pick the top floor too! When I was apartment hunting, I stayed with a friend who had an upstairs neighbor who dragged her kitchen chairs loudly across the floor at dawn every morning. My top priorty when picking at apartment is to not have anyone above me because of that!

        My ears are sensitive when I try to go to sleep, so I use ear plugs when necessary, but every night I turn on a fan for the white noise. In cold months, I just point it away from my bed. The whirring noise blocks out everything for me. When my bf gets snorey though, the fan noise isn’t enough, so I bust out the ear plugs.

      • Esmom says:

        Trust me, not all kids are the same level of wild at that age. I’ve seen the entire spectrum from angel to monster among my kids’ classmates/friends/playdates. And it’s been fascinating to see that the “nicest” kids aren’t always the offspring of the “nicest” parents and vice versa. The nature/nurture line can be very hard to discern.

        The thing is, people who are trying to claim the kids are wild are trying to shade AJ and BP. Yet those same people insist the nannies do all the work. So if the kids are wild, it’s those highly-paid nannies who should get the shade, am I right? Balls.

      • Just Passing Through says:

        Sounds way too logical to me.

      • bettyrose says:

        Exactly what I was thinking. If my parents had a huge house and paid help, they would have given up on trying to control me. Parents who have to share small living quarters with their loud, wild children have more motivation to stand their ground.

      • Kristin says:

        Uh, I wasn’t wild at that age. There have been multiple reports (and not from tabloids like the Enquirer or Star) about guests in hotels having to complain to management about the kids running wild through the hotel, screaming at the top of their lungs. Even Brad and Angelina have admitted that they prefer the laid back approach to parenting (translation: they let their kids do pretty much whatever the hell they want). Every time I see pictures of their kids, they’re eating crap like Cheetos and candy. No wonder they’re hyper as hell. I hardly think they’re monsters or anything, but they do seem pretty high-strung.
        And as far as them spending a fortune on hired help, I can totally see it. After all, they spent upwards of 70 million on that French Chateau. Because you know, the average family of 8 totally needs 35 bedrooms.

    • Jenna says:

      Oh, someone who claims to know someone who knows them! hmmmmm
      Well, while I doubt it, but the kids were all quite young before the twins.
      Shiloh at 2, maybe was a little wild, because she was 2.

      Amazing how such wild & terrible kids manage to be perfectly behaved in public.
      How they can go through the airport with tons of paps & behave so well.

      • “Terrible”? Mmmmm, bit harsh to describe seemingly well-behaved and well-loved kids as “terrible”.

        EDIT: Oh , balls. Sorry, ok gotcha..sarcasm was lost on me for some reason.

      • Jenna says:

        I do not think they are terrible, I was responding to Becks who is basically calling them terrible and bad kids who do not listen.
        And I am saying that I really doubt they are bad kids considering how they are always well behaved in public and do listen to them in videos I have seen.

    • Eleanor Zissou says:

      As I said below, I like the woman, but I hate that no one can say anything mildly bad about Angelina. How do you know this is a troll and not someone who really knows someone who knows her? It’s possbile.
      The way some celebrities like Angelina, Lupita, etc are held as sacred cows while others are being crucified for the smallest things is horrible. If someone said Apple and Moses were wild as kids you would believe it even if it was coming from a friend of a friend of a friend.

      • Balls?

        Is it really “horrible” though or is it just the nature of celeb gossip?
        Methinks it’s the latter.

        I’m guessing you’re relatively new here.
        Look, I’ve been commenting here for 5 years and C/B is a VERY pro-Angelina site. It’s the way it is. Accept it or comment elsewhere.

        This is a blog and it’s opinion-based and highly moded. The bloggers reserve the right to support and promote their favorites. Other blogs are likely more pro-Aniston.

      • Eleanor Zissou says:

        I find it horrible. People are being praised for being very very nasty towards some, and almost yelled at for saying something mildly negative about others.

      • Maybe the world of celeb gossip is just not for you….

        Look, there are plenty of us (myself included) who laugh at the people who are overinvested in saying cruel things about Aniston. There are those of us who stick up for her at times. The negativity and outright meanness can be tough to read but my advice is to ignore those threads–just don’t read if it bothers you.
        Or just come here and type “balls” and laugh about it.

        Don’t let it get to you. People can be really mean-that’s life.

      • Candy Love says:

        I can’t speak for others but know I wouldn’t believe that Apple and Moses ether.

      • Leah says:

        For what’s its worth I agree with you.

      • V4Real says:


        I say whatever I want to say about any celeb bad or good, including Angie. I have been involved in many heated debates about Angie and I am a fan of hers. But, all hell breaks loose when I say something that the superfans don’t like. I have tough skin and I can take it, therefore I won’t back down from anyone, even the ones that seems a bit unstable.

        But this is how it works on this site; if you can’t deal with the harsh comments, take TOK’s advice and avoid these types of threads because Aniston and AJ have their hardcore defenders, that’s just the way it is around here. You can participate in the madness or turn away from it. As TOK said people can be a bit mean but I hope you don’t let that deter you from sharing your opinions on any matter.

        @TOK Oh I’m all over them “BALL”s”

      • Tatjana says:

        Eleanor, I completely agree. I like both women.

        I’ve been here for a while, and haven’t seen any Aniston defenders. She rarely gets any comments that are not negative.

      • The Original G says:

        @Eleanor Zissou. I know this person is a troll because the Jolie-Pitts without a doubt, have their employees sign a non-disclosure agreement that wouldn’t even leave with them with their upper lip sweat if they gossiped out of school.

      • darkdoved says:

        well one of the reasons some angelina fans my self included respond hard against anything said on angelina even if is just a mild comment is do to the over the line hatred Jennifer aniston fans have on angelina and the kids because they are her children i have read some things written by them that have left me wondering how is it posible that people that evil can exist, and it bothers me that there are people who are still angry and bitter at her.

      • Just Passing Through says:

        darkdoved….that’s why it’s best to leave those types of comments on wherever those other sites are.

        PEACE-BALLS OUT!!! 🙂

      • Moore says:

        It is possible that someone knows someone who knows her but it is not likely. I disbelieve everyone on the internet who says that because there is no evidence. I could be true but there is no reason to put any faith in it because anybody on the net can say anything for any reason. So I find it best to have a standard disbelieve policy.

    • Candy Love says:

      Ya and I know someone who used to work for the Goop.

    • My question is, if those kids are as wild as tabloids/some people say–then why is it that we, the public, have never seen that aspect of them? You say they have no discpline, don’t listen to their parents, yet every time we see pap pics of them, they’re all calm, being basically good kids (obv. they’re not angels), and they’re all holding hands–there’s no screaming, no temper tantrums, nothing…..

      I was a little wild at home, like all kids. But I had discipline. I knew what would happen if I didn’t listen to my parents, if I threw a temper tantrum in a store or something–which is why my mom never had to deal with a screaming kid in the middle of the grocery store.

      So I call bs on that…

      • Artemis says:

        Nah, there are a few times where the JP kids were ‘wild’ as in: normal kid behaviour. Most kids behave pretty well when there are a bunch of strangers yelling at them and taking pictures. I think it must be quite frightful and I think that’s why most celeb kids are quiet.

        There is a pap video where Maddox and Pax are playing quite rough with each other. Another video where Shiloh wriggles herself loose from Jolie and jumps in the car. Or that video when they exit the Stefani house and the kids are ‘screaming’ at each other.

        Especially Pax seems to be more loose in videos (yelling, dropping things, hiding his face etc) and I think it’s because he wasn’t exposed to paparazzi when younger so he tends to not care while the other kids are clearly aware of the attention.

      • Yeah I saw that one—they were in an airport, and Maddox was winding his arm back to whack Pax in the face. It was pretty epic. But I mean that they don’t act like bratty kids. You know, if they’re in a store, I’ve never seen any pics of them throwing a fit because they couldn’t get some candy or something. They don’t just randomly start hitting each other, or being mean to each other, and so on. I remember when they filmed that documentary ‘Bully’—the camera crew said that after a while, the kids started acting like they did normally–as in they’d carry on with the bullying.

      • lower-case deb says:

        i think this is the one?
        Maddox lightly pats the side of Pax’s face, but Angelina quickly tells him off though.
        so i do think that she disciplines her kids.

        though others would argue it’s just for the paps. i don’t think so though.

      • Artemis says:

        Yes that one but there is also one of them two in New Orleans were they are playing with a big umbrella and they get a bit rough. And then one where they exit a store in France and play with each other. Just type Maddox and Pax in Youtube if you want to check it out 🙂

        No, I don’t peg them as bratty at all. Even when they would be fighting, it would still be playful in my eyes. People tend to go OTT with celeb kids when kids in real-life are usually pretty wild. My cousin’s kids were the worst on their bikes and I would be so annoyed/embarrassed if I would be their parent because people tend to judge the parents if kids aren’t super well-behaved (which is ridiculous). Kids are…a lot of work.

        I need to see that docu. I’ve heard about it.

      • melodycalder says:

        ITA but I think I am remembering an interview with George Clooney where he said their kids aren’t welcome in his home because they destroy everything?? does this sound familiar to anyone??

      • Just Passing Through says:

        Musty, Clooney BALLS!!

      • Moore says:

        I don’t think Clooney likes kids. He would most likely not allow any kids in his house. He is a “get off my lawn” old guy that never wanted any children.

    • L says:

      I don’t know anyone who has worked for them, but I could totally believe this story. I think it’s all smoke and mirrors with her. And it’s all about her.

    • LL says:

      I gave talked before about my friends in New Orleans who have kids the same age is they do and have play dates wih the JP kids. They tell a whole different story. They love those kids and say they behave are polite and are never any toruble what so ever. Also that both Brad and Angie are great [people and that all the nonsense we read about the children is just that nonsense, ALL employees have sisgned privacy agreements and if someone who worked for them is out there tallking abot thse kids and sayng bad things about them know they could be sued and probablyh would never get another high patyibng job as a nanny abgain so I am caling that statement as BS. If those jds wer incrrigable they would not be at my friends homes and playing with their children and I don’t care whose kids they are. So it comes to believeing my friends or some disgrunteld employee I will take my friends word over hers. I think that a woma who is a professional nanny for tge stars would thinks twce before breaking tghat agreement so I am nit buying that for one minute.

  19. Omega says:

    Does it matter if a working mother of six chooses to have staff? If I have a problem with Angie its how she participates in the celebrity mum complex with this whole super mum gimmick, hiding nannies and all that. No sane human being would begrudge a person with such a high flying career help and it certainly wouldnt make her a bad mother!

    • Jenna says:

      She does not hide their nannies.
      I have seen lots of pics with their nannies a number of times.

      It is not a crime if she chooses to hold her kid’s hands rather than have the nannies hold their hands…

      • Omega says:

        I dont really follow her as much as people on this forum but I have read that there is a rule on how far back the nanny needs to be when there are cameras around. And I have seen a sequence of photos showing the nannies edging away from the picture to let the parents look more hands on. Its a sequence to would very damning if it were Halle or Beyonce or Madonna but not so for Angie, I guess. To be clear, I have zero problem with a very successful woman using delegating some child rear.

        But like I said, I am no Jolie expert, so I wont argue the point. You could be right and maybe that website was wrong.

      • Jenna says:

        Where did you read this “rule”? A tabloid? FF? A legitimate source??

        Where is this sequence of pics? I have seen their nannies in pics, but Angelina & Brad are the ones handling the kids and sometimes the nannies are helping to.

        If the nannies were with the kids, B & A would be attacked for not taking care of their kids, when B&A are with the kids they are accused of hiding their nannies…..can’t win either way.
        I have also seen pics where the kids reach for Angelina. One instance on a balcony, Vivienne was being help by the nanny but crying & reaching for Angelina. As soon as Angelina took her, she stopped crying.

      • Candy Love says:


        I think the website is mostly wrong. I’ve seen pictures of Jennifer garner, Brad and Angelina, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba ex.. nannies walking next to them.

      • Just Passing Through says:

        Holy Shit Balls!!!!!

    • FirstTimer says:

      I’ve seen pics of their nannies, or teachers if I’m correct, and she said in her interviews that they have help with the kids so I don’t think she’s “hiding” them.

      • Eva says:

        She talked about Pax and Zahara’s? teachers/nannies appearing with them in the cursing scene in malficient, she’s hardly keeping them a secret.

      • Yep–she’s said that they have teachers who teach them about their cultures, and I think in that same interview she mentioned that for Aurora’s christening, she suggested that they have different cultures/races of kingdom’s come–so there’s an African princess (obv. Zahara), an asian/Vietnamese prince (Pax)–which I thought was really cool of her to suggest. I watched this documentary (it was really short) about this lesbian couple that adopted two girls from China, and to get them to keep their heritage, they went to a ‘Chinese’ school–where they learned a lot about their culture, as well as the language. I think that’s cool.

        And I don’t the diss about having help/nannies. They’ve never hid the fact that they’ve had help. I remember on Oprah, after their twins were born, she asked them about their routine, and they said that they had help at night, part of the week, so that they would be able to spend a lot more time (be less tired) with the older kids during the day.

  20. Jh says:

    What’s the balls reference?

    • Lady D says:

      It’s a deflection from the vitriol that seems to permeate AJ/JA threads.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Actually, it was a deflection from the shade cast at Jennifer Aniston on a thread from yesterday (04/10/2014). They’re only using it today to save face, as they stated yesterday it was to ‘deflect’ the hate for both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

      You can scroll up yourself and see where the ‘Ball-ettes’ started their ‘Balls Deflection’ today … and it wasn’t in a negative comment about Angelina Jolie, it was after a negative comment about Jenifer Aniston.

      It’s one of the silliest things I’ve ever witnessed.

      • Just Passing Through says:

        Misunderstood BALLS.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Oh, Emma, you’ve seen through the balls conspiracy! You clever, rational girl! See, when you’re not looking, we meet in secret and decide to “pretend” that we’re just tired of the crazy on the Anniston/Jolie threads, when our actual motive is to protect Jennifer from any criticism. And how clever of you to see that today, in order to “save face” we have once again decided to band together to misrepresent ourselves by saying balls on the Angelina thread, once again lying and saying we aren’t on either team! Because that makes SO much sense! And not one of us has cracked yet and revealed the truth. Only you, in your Sherlock meets CSI way, have figured out the truth.

        Crazy balls!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        That’s some bitter balls yo.

      • Esmom says:

        “It’s one of the silliest things I’ve ever witnessed.”

        I’ll take silly over angry and hostile any day. If it really bugs you that much you can always take your…er…ball…and play elsewhere. Just saying.

      • doofus says:

        well! I guess I’ll take my balls and go home.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think “silly” is getting so angry over celebs! This is supposed to be entertainment right? Why get so hostile, why not have fun?

        I think it is HYSTERICAL that people are accusing the Ballers as being on one team or another. The whole team thing is silly, and that is exactly what the point is.

        For the record, I am not a super fan of either actress, but I don’ t hate them either. I think they both have talent. It is crazy how people can’t understand that there are lot of people who are don’t have a ball in the game here.

      • Just Passing Through says:

        I know…..she’s a real BALL buster. 🙁

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @GoodNamesAllTaken, who wrote: “Oh, Emma, you’ve seen through the balls conspiracy! You clever, rational girl! See, when you’re not looking, we meet in secret and decide to “pretend” that we’re just tired of the crazy on the Anniston/Jolie threads, when our actual motive is to protect Jennifer from any criticism.”

        You Ball-ettes don’t have to convince me you meet at FF and Ian Undercover to discuss strategy … but thanks for confirming it. 🙂

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Esmom, who wrote: “I’ll take silly over angry and hostile any day. If it really bugs you that much you can always take your…er…ball…and play elsewhere. Just saying.”

        Wow … you Ball-ettes aren’t subtle either, are you? 🙂 Passive-aggressive, but definitely ‘not’ subtle.

      • ~Z~ says:

        If you think she was trying to be subtle, then you really are a bit off.
        Did Jen steal your boyfriend in high school or something?
        Kill your family?
        Kick you in the balls?

      • V4Real says:

        Damn our secret socirty of Balls have been revealed. It takes BALLS to say that.. some big harry juicy BALLS. And this happened on Balls Out Friday.

        The passive-aggressive crap has gotten a bit stale, don’t you ball busters think so.

        On Emma… smile, where just busting your balls. 🙂

      • blue marie says:

        What is Ian undercover or FF?
        I didn’t realize I visited these sites just because I said BALLS.

        @ ~Z~ clearly Jen stole the bounce to her balls.

      • Peppa says:

        Hmmm… humorless balls.

      • mia girl says:

        @Emma the JP lover-
        You are right, the balls thing is very silly. That was the point of it. To be silly on some intense threads.

        It’s totally fine if it’s not your cup of tea. I’m sure you are not alone, and not to worry because balls will fade with time.

        But, the fact that after three days (not two) of ball silliness, you can perceive it to be a grand conspiracy by all of us to secretly deflect solely in the name of Aniston makes me so sad. Really sad. It’s as if our point was in Buenos Aires and you landed in Siberia.

      • CynicalCeleste says:

        Long live the balls! I have never before been able to handle reading this far down on a JA / AJ post because of all the intense cray-cray, so my hat is off to the ballers. Keep on ballin’!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “Ian Undercover or FF”?
        What the BALLS are you talking about?

        Anyway, you guys crack me up..I’ve finally found a reason to love The Triangle of Doom threads!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Ball-ettes ….

        The problem is there was ‘nothing’ intense going on when the silliness started. It was started as a preemptive deflection, but when we didn’t pay attention to it, other comments were rudely hijacked in order to ‘make’ us pay attention.

        Please see my very last comment on the subject in number 7 above. I’m off to see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” … again! Have a great day! 🙂

      • Just Passing Through says:

        Actually, Emma….this is what preempted BALLS…..

        Kitkat says:

        April 9, 2014 at 10:35 am

        PREACH. Hahahaha.

        To everyone else…Please not THIS AGAIN…Please DON’T SWALLOW her PR flack Stephen Huvane’s KOOLAID, lol – the ish has tried this particular stunt many many times. At the end of the day, this is a comedy per her usual, with a no name awful director (see, movie ‘Beastly’) per her usual. This Ish thinks not bleaching her hair malibu blonde and slef tanning herself the color of a tangerine, is a Matthew McConaughey like transformation, hahahahaha.

        Check out or Google the exact same PR fed press she got for, ‘Management,’ or ‘Friends w/ Money,’ or ‘Derailed,’ it’s the same PR ploy she’s attempting with this movie…i.e., See makeup free Rachel Green go sooooo very daring when she ditches hair dye and clown blush. Lol

        We basically get two PR programs, ‘see Jennifer as you’ve never seem her before stripping and getting raunchy, bad girl style OR see Jennifer as you’ve never seen her before in a harrowing or real person role.

        Bottomline, she will suck in this like she sucks in most things, but for the next almost year, we will AS USUAL when it comes to Aniston and her PR, be deluged with bullshite press items: her PR will set up lots of press items and interviews touting her metamorphosis (because of course her naturally plain homely face, has to be all makeup and prosthetics – they’ll have to let us know she’s not really THAT fugly, lol).

        Then we’ll get to hear from Aniston incessantly ‘oh..(flutter) everyone said it was so brave of me…and I had never felt so gritty, raw and less glamorous before…blah blah blah.’ Yeah, remember Sandra Bullock in 28 days from like 10 yrs ago? It was a comedy about her being a grimy looking alchie in rehab. I’m sure this will in the same mode, but 1000x worse, because Aniston sucks.

        The way her agent picks crap for her has always bothered me, it’s like they either go 1) the raunchy sidekick to a big male comedian so she can coast on his success route, 2) the lets mirror Aniston’s tabloid loser in love persona route (single looking for love and babies, or single breaking up) or 3) lets do the antithesis of Rachel green and go on about how different this role is for her. It’s like you can see these pr tactics coming a mile away . She is so tiresome. The fact that she still has people 10 years and 1000 awful movies later, wishing she could somehow deliver on a promise that she NEVER showed to begin with, just shows how much this woman is coddled and enabled STILL, because Brad had the audacity to leave someone that looks like them….average and plain. That’s what it’s ALL about.

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        Pearl says:

        April 9, 2014 at 11:57 am

        Yikes. Why do you care so much? I could never imagine wasting so much time/energy – hundreds of words tirade – on a celebrity I so obviously didn’t like. Kind of scary

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        lasagna jones says:

        April 9, 2014 at 12:06 pm

        i see you’re a fan

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        Tiffany 🙂 says:

        April 9, 2014 at 12:43 pm

        Traffic made me cranky this morning…but your post has shown me how unhelpful it is to carry around negativity.

        Just thought you could use something to silly to laugh at, and balls are always funny.

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        Allie says:

        April 9, 2014 at 1:21 pm

        Whoa. That was a long hate filled post.

        And so, Emma, herein lies the difference between Team C’s definition of ‘nothing’ intense and those that are overly invested……that’s what this is all about….trying to give some levity to too much negativity…..and thank you for helping us reinforce the point we’re trying to make. You always manage to come through and remove all doubt.


      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thanks for posting that, Just Passing Through.

        Emma, that was how it started, and the resulting balls comments were just a light-hearted attempt to make the Jolie/Anniston threads less hateful. You misunderstood from the start. I wish that when you did, I hadn’t responded to you so sarcastically. I hope you can just take it as face value and not be offended by it, because that was the opposite of the intention.

    • Kiddo says:

      I kind of like this: The Secret Balls Society. How does one get to *hang* with the others? If I join, do we get to walk in parades like Mummers? Is there a special handshake or password greeting? How often do the balls meet?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Is the Secret Balls Society at all related to the Undescended Testes Society?

        Sorry, had to bust your balls on that!

      • ~Z~ says:

        Well we do stick together! 🙂
        Especially on hot days…

      • doofus says:

        Z, that was GOLD!

        (still laughing…)

      • ~Z~ says:

        Well, thank you….And I love the name doofus! We call our dogs doofuses all the time!

      • Cecilia says:

        Oh Ladies…the balls are definitely in your court.

      • Kiddo says:

        @~Z~, If there are schweddy balls, does that mean that Alec Baldwin is on an Emeritus committee?

      • ~Z~ says:

        If it’s funny Alec, then YES!
        If it’s cranky Alec, then NO!
        This has been too much fun! ♥
        And what’s even funnier is how someone REALLY DOESN’T LIKE IT!
        How dare you conjur BALLS to throw shade at my IRE!
        Have a great weekend my BOSOM BALL BUDDIES!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        OH MY GOD..I honestly didn’t think I could laugh harder….
        This thread is killing me.

  21. darkdoved says:

    that so funny how they claimed kicked out of 12 hotels in 2 years so why are we just hearing about it now no one really knows anything about this people they are the most famouse people in the world but when it comes to their personal lives it is very protected and nothing gets out unless they wanted out, so this tabloides have to make it up this star magazine claimes thay are number one in celebrity news more like number one in celebrity made up and inveted crap, and the Jennifer aniston saga will it ever end why after more tan 9 years this people still insist in painting that woman as the ever eternal victim of angelina jolie.

  22. Soxfan says:

    Meh-I’ll wait for the tell-all from Empress Z in a few years…

  23. Bea says:

    That’s all Huvane has got this week? Epic fail.

    Bollocks. Said with pinkie appropriately raised.

  24. Maya says:

    Only thing I can say is that my aunt (who works in the UN) and my two cousins (who worked on the sets of Maleficent) only praise Angelina and her 6 children. That the children are well mannered, happy and easy going and gets along with everyone.

    It seems to me that Angelina & Brad haters always uses the same old lies about Angelina supposedly being a bitch, not raising her children, bad parent, no female friends and no career to try and put her down.

    But Angelina doesn’t seem to care and just lives her life with her partner and 6 children. She must do something right because she is currently the most powerful woman in Hollywood, has award winning career, universally praised and awarded for her charity work, engaged (maybe even married) to one of the most powerful men in Hollywood and they genuinely looks in love, has 6 wonderful children, several friends (both male & female) from all sorts of fields.

    If this is what people call bad karma then I want to know what those people clasify good karma as.

    • daisy says:

      My friend who was an executive with Unicef had the complete opposite to say about Angelina. Says a total dog and pony show.

      • Esmom says:

        Oh Daisy, look out. Better get your balls in a row before it gets ugly.

      • Blood&Sand says:

        Surrrrre she does. She’s never met Angelina nor worked with her since Angie works for UNHCR not Unicef.

      • Katherine says:

        Sorry, Daisy, Angelina does not work with Unicef.

      • Maya says:

        My aunt has been working for humanitarian causes for over 2 decades and has been working in her current role at UNHCR branch in London for the past 10 years or so. She has seen and worked with her fair share of Hollywood stars, politicians and other famous people and has enough experience to tell who is fake and who is real.

        If my aunt says that Angelina is genuine, down to earth, polite, funny and very intelligent – then I would believe her 110 percent.

      • Ennie says:


      • Cecilia says:

        Swift kick to the BALLS

  25. Lucky Charm says:

    That Star article is so stupid it’s funny. But I was just thinking last night “I wish there was a new Brad & Angelina post on CB!” and voila, here one is, yay! The reason I was hoping for one was because last night I watched Melissa & Joey. They were having an argument and she told him that sometimes she fantasizes he’s someone else while they make love. He asked if it was Antonio Banderas, because he could be Antonio. She said No not Antonio, but could he be Brad Pitt? He said sure, then as sultry as Joey Lawrence can be he asked her if she could be Angelina Jolie. She replied Not a problem since they are both hot, mysterious and raising kids they dodgy give birth to.

  26. Nev says:

    “what the hell did I do to these bitches”!!!


  27. videli says:

    I envy these Star writers for their jobs, if they get paid, that is. It’s got to be so easy. I can see them completely shit-faced by 1pm, grabbing a stack of old issues, and collaging a new article from various lines.

    • I KNOW! I mean, seriously–they must put a bunch of nouns and adjectives in a hat, pick a few out, and VOILA! there’s their story. Or maybe they throw darts for subject matters…

    • Esmom says:

      Word. No creativity required. At all.

    • Just Passing Through says:

      Exactly…..they copy and paste their articles with as much precision as their cover photos.

    • Emily C. says:

      No kidding!

      “What woman shall I trash today in the most unimaginative way possible? There, took 15 minutes, I’m off to have a 5-martini lunch and go golfing.”

      I want this job. I’d be more imaginative, I promise. Angelina Jolie wouldn’t just be screaming in the ocean; she’d be sacrificing the blood of goats to an ancient Babylonian goddess in order to WALK on water. Where have all the fun tabloids gone?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Do think they play gossip Mad Libs? I think they play gossip mad libs.

  28. Soulsister says:

    LOL. It’s interesting that the tabloids have to still rely on the tired old memes regarding Angelina to sell their magazines. e.g, she’s crap mother, her kids are out of control etc.

    It really just shows that the tabloids know absolutely nothing about what goes on with the JPs but you think that by now they would at least be able to come up with some original BS to sell their garbage.

    • lower-case deb says:

      one video of her that reminds me of my mother was this one, when she was in Tunisia to visit a refugee camp. around 1:20 mark, she’s speaking with a family with two kids. the younger, a toddler, was perhaps trying to aggravate the older sibling, and she just quietly took the toddler to her lap.

      i have 7 siblings growing up, though my mother had 12 pregnancies in all (she lost the other to childbirth towards her later years). and she never said no! or yell or scream because screaming at 7 children all day could do great things to your vocal cords. instead she would just scoop up whoever she thought was the ‘naughty’ one and “lock” the child on her lap as she sewed endless clothes/grind spices/fold envelopes for extra money/etc.

      we were so well-trained that once grown a bit she would just call our name quietly and askes “do you want to sit on my lap or do you want to play nice with your siblings?” sometimes we would deliberately pull someone’s hair and sit in her lap anyways.

      my mother’s old now, and she would grin whenever she saw me pull the same tactic with my three children, though it’s less effective if i do it. for me, i get better results threatening to take their game consoles away.

  29. someone says:

    I’m an Angelina Jolie fan and I believe the general sentiment of the accusations to be true. When I picture some like GOOPS house I see white walls and white carpet and kids who don’t dare mess it up. When I picture the inside of the Jolie-Pitt house I see walls with cheetos fingerprints all over them. Not that that makes the Jolie-Pitts bad parents. There is just no way two laid back parents like Brad and Angelina are going to have a sterile household. Some of the smartest most charitable people I know have messy chaotic houses. It doesn’t make them any less of a good person. They just don’t stress order in their home, they save it for their work.

  30. Kelly says:

    You lost me at “She hates Jennifer Aniston still and is really competitive with her”.
    Enough already.

    • Carla says:

      That line is just proof that Huvane wrote the story and got Star to print it. Its vintage Huvane.

    • Moore says:

      That may be the stupidest part. Especially because Angie won, she got the man, there is no reason for her to hate Jen now.

      • boopti says:

        Or ever.

        It was ridiculous to follow the narrative that if Brad hadn’t been ‘won’ by Angelina or ‘stolen’ by Angelina he’d still be with Jen. Especially since Oprah was shaming Brad on her show for saying he and Aniston might not make it two years before He even met angelina.

        People lose all ability to be sane and rational when it comes to Brad’s love life. Somehow every douche from John Mayer to Vince Vaughn is allowed to dump aniston just because they’re fed up and want to – but somehow movie star and icon Brad Pitt has to be fought to the death over by two warring women and then lured away by voodoo mystic siren queen of Sheba sorceress of evil Angelina.

        …and whatever you do..Please don’t ever imply that it was Brad Pitt went who chased after Angelina, followed her around the world and then had to show her he’d be a devoted father before she’d even consider him being in her and mad’s life. Brad can’t possibly have any kind of free will and be shown to want angelina so bad he zeroed in like a heat seeking missile once he and Aniston were over.

      • lenje says:

        Hey boopti – catch these balls!

  31. LadyZenArcher says:

    There’s insane BS stories and then there’s this tripe like this which seems to go beyond a level of insane. But because Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie have rather successfully guarded their private lives they are going to be punished and dishonest crap like this will continue to be published.

  32. Mabry says:

    Aha! JAs team can now capitalize on this article by saying J really, really wanted children, but did not want a pothead as their father.

  33. claire says:

    Are those kids wild? I dont really know. But judging from all the videos and pictures I have seen of them all I can say is ” Those children seems incredible HAPPY ”


    • doofus says:

      not only happy, but very loving toward and protective of each other.

      The way they hold hands or one has their hand on another’s shoulder, etc…it’s cute.

  34. Kim1 says:

    I find it amazing that these people who have inside info always repeat tabloid BS.I would believe they used to work for JPs if they had any exclusive info.
    Did they have celebrities visiting them? If so who?
    Do the kids have accents?
    If you worked for them what was your schedule?
    Did you meet Brad’s family?
    Did the kids have playdates?
    What type of music do they like?
    Favorite foods beside Cheetos?

  35. Shelby says:

    “The ocean is all, “What the hell did I do to these bitches?” This made me laugh 🙂

  36. Tippy says:

    I can’t begrudge them an occasional toke or underwater scream therapy if it helps them cope.

    The characters traits that children develop by age five are often carried forward into adulthood, so it’s best that kids learn about boundaries and consequences early on in life.

  37. Jeanette says:

    Even if it is true I give them a pass, and if they have that many nannies..then someone needs fired for the mess. Angelina and Brad make bank, you know they pay those folks a LOT of clean up the messes. Kids are messy and that is just that.

    As far as the pot smoking..bfd. If I had that many kids and I was a, and could do it away from my kids and in damn skippy id be stoned a lot! Honestly she strikes me as more of a stoner than him.

    As far as the leg goes, doesnt matter how pretty they are, at some point some dude is fed up with their crap. Thats just the way relationships go.

  38. lunchcoma says:

    Dad smokes. Mom sometimes screams to herself to let off stress. The house is messy.

    I’m guessing these people’s lives are pretty weird due to wealth and fame, but these are not the things about them that are weird. These descriptions could apply to half the people I know with children.

    • Just Passing Through says:

      Sounds pretty normal to me.

    • And I also don’t get how Brad pot smoking is supposed to make him be ashamed as a father–it’s not something that he hides. He doesn’t advertise it, but he’s not going on and on about how he quit for his kids and he’s never, ever, EVER touched another joint (he has said that he was worried that it messed with his brain, and that passed on to the kids, or something like that)…..I remember during Inglorious Basterds–Quentin Tarantino said that he convinced Brad to do it, after they got drunk and smoked weed. Obviously Brad wasn’t too torn up that that story ‘got out’…I’m pretty sure he was right next to QT when he said it.

  39. db says:

    I love the Jolie-Pitts, and totally believe they are quirky, super rich, pot luvin’ people. I can totally believe the whole 24/7 nannies, tutors, etc thing too. I mean, between them they’re probably worth at least 100 million, probably a lot more. As for Ange, therapeutic screaming — why not. Sorry, I just don’t see the problem with any of this (whether it’s factual or not is another story).

    Now is her humanitarian work a façade? Who cares? Does it matter? She does tremendously well bringing, and keeping, the plight of people around the world in focus. For me, that’s enough.

  40. kpist says:

    The ocean is all, “What the hell did I do to these bitches?”

    That is hilarious

  41. Comity says:

    Aren’t these kids always on planes with one or both parents? If a child is ” out of control” at home, def going to see a tantrum or twelve on a plane. That or a trip to a Jason’s Deli makes kids go ballistic for some reason. Soooo, never heard of them being rude or jerky in flight (that would totally make the tabs even if they fly private) so this sounds dubious. I’ve always had some wariness of any boyfriends exes so not liking Jen seems natural. Are we expecting them to go to happy hour? Pot and scream therapy (primal scream) are nothing new to humans.

  42. Shantal says:

    “and a housekeeper is expected to clean it all up.”

    How dare they expect a housekeeper to do the job s/he is being paid to do!

  43. Vl says:

    wonder if the bullshit about the children not being allowed to speak English at home is fabricated from them raising the children bilingual? I don’t know if they do raise them bilingual and tabloids do manufacture headlines out of thin air, but some people take “I only speak X with the children” to mean “the children are only allowed to speak X with me”.
    I only speak Swedish with ours, my husband only speaks English himself so an obvious choice there and the nanny sticks to Spanish (we live in SoCal). The only times they’ve been asked to correct their responses is if they’ve use mixed sentences (Jag want helado).

  44. Jeanette says:


  45. Janet says:

    Doesn’t Star run this crap story at least once a year?

  46. tracking says:

    It’s amazing how people keep buying these recycled bs tab stories. I don’t think we know much that is authentic about any of these people.

  47. A:) old prude says:

    I know I’m looking for trouble by making this comment but here it goes. I don’t get how they are raising their kids. Do they go to a regular school? It seems they travel with their mum or dad where ever they are working and are home schooled, which can’t be great for the kids. She makes them go from 1 place to another with no normal friends. I think it would be better if she adjust around her kids schedule while they get a permanent home, school and friends rather then her kids roman all over the world adjusting to her schedule.

    • They are hardly the first/only family that has to travel, a lot , because of their parents work. It’s a trade off. Either they bring their kids with them, and they stay together, as a family, or one parent doesn’t get to see their kids for a few months at a time.

      And they do have friends. I don’t understand why that’s even a *thing*. Why that’s a thing with all homeschool kids. Do you only see your friends at school, and never hang out with them outside of school? Never gone to the park? And they haven’t been homeschooled all their lives–they went to this school that had multiple schools all over the world….

    • abby says:

      They do home school. And since home-schooling is generally based on a particular school curriculum and I believe some of their “nannies” are actual teachers, then I imagine the eduation standard is where it should be.
      btw, the kids are not traveling to suit Angie’s schedule but to suit both their parents’ schedules and keep the family together. When Angie filmed Blood and Honey the family accompanied her and when Brad filmed WWZ (in various locales) the entire family followed him. This last time (Fury and Unbroken) when she and Brad were working at the same time was a rare occurence and while the kids were primarily with Angie, she and Brad swapped the kids and shared time.

      I suppose they could settle in their home base (LA or France) and still take turns working (for the most part) but even then one parent would be traveling (for months at a time in some cases) while the family remains behind. I think when they first became a couple and decided they wanted to be a family (Mad and Z already in the picture) they did not want to spend long periods of time apart and away from the children, at least as much as they could help it.

      It makes perfect sense to me. Perhaps their physical environment changes rather often but these kids are always with their family – that family presence is a constant and reassuring thing. They wake each morning to be greeted by the non-working parent. That parent organizes activities and outings – with the help of the nannies/teachers of course. The working parent joins them during breaks in filming. And so it goes on. And yes, they do meet and socialize with other children.
      Angie has spoken about keeping special items to help them adjust and of course, as they get older, they recognize that LA is “home base,” so to speak.
      As for friends, we know they have them – Madd and Pax were papped playing football with some pals in LA, Madd frequently accompanies Angie to London and I think he visits friends while Angie does her business, and we saw him and some pals are a car racetrack. Zee was at some American Girl party a few years ago and we saw her and Shi with pals as well in LA . Their Pitt cousins keep in touch as well. The kids likely keep in touch with their friends around the world via Skype or Instagram or whatever social media.

      btw, their lifestyle is not that new or unusual. It’s just scrutinized beyond measure.

    • Ennie says:

      “She” makes the children move?? Mmmm those children have TWO parents who work in a field that requires moving. Once I read a more or less detailed schedule of their moves and trust me Brad has filmed and worked more than Angelina, so they would be moving for him more that her making the family move.

      I think they vowed to keep the family as Much together as they can, they are trying to making it work. I hope they succeed, so FAR the children look Happy and healthy.

    • boopti says:

      You wrote…’she makes them do this and she makes them do that and she she she’ you do know these children are in a TWO parent household, right? Brad Pitt is their Dad..any critical comments you want to make about what HE makes them do? Or does that not make you feel AS warm and fuzzy to hiss, scratch and claw at the man’s eyes and infer he’s a bad dad?

  48. LaurieH says:

    I hate to say this, but I kind of believe this. All of it, in fact. I know Brad’s still sneaking ciggies (he’s been photographed in the act many times) and I am sure still smokes pot, as does Angelina – though I wouldn’t go so far as to classify him as a “stoner”. I think he and Angelina are just as likely to relax with a joint as they are glass of wine. So what? I doubt seriously they do this around the kids. As to being messy, this I totally believe. Neither strike me as neat freaks and with 6 kids and hectic lives, I can totally see their house being a mess (as well as the floorboards of their cars). Again, so what? Life’s messy, then you clean it up. As to not spending that much money on staff – why not? They buy each other planes and motorcycles. They most certainly would spend that much on staff. And finally, as to the “scream therapy” – this I totally believe. Angelina has long had problems with anger and stress and I know severally people that engage in these primal exercises and find them quite helpful.

    • Kim1 says:

      They buy each other planes and motorcycles ? According to tabloids…. Neither Brad nor Angie has ever mentioned buying planes, motorcycles,etc for each other. This is the problem people believe stuff in tabloids. Brad and Angie have mentioned, kids writing on the walls, dog pooping on the floor, putting a sheet on the floor and playing in watercolors,etc, in interviews.

    • gg says:

      Anybody with an ax to grind could have made up that entire blather just to vex them.

  49. Lucky Charm says:

    If you want to talk about a bizarre pot-smoking parenting style, Brooke Mueller just got full custody of Bob & Max. Apparently the judge felt she is a fit parent again and gave her back custody of the twins.

    • DarkSparkle says:

      This feels like a punch in the throat. I feel so, so sorry for those boys, and what is happening to their childhood.

  50. Mylene - Montreal says:

    They smoke pot, GOOD for them ! PEACE

  51. Teri says:

    “Star also claims that the Jolie-Pitts employ three full-time tutors, six day nannies, two night nannies and a team of bodyguards. Do you believe that? I do not. It’s not my Brangeloonie freak flag flying either – I just don’t believe that Angelina and Brad would spend THAT MUCH money on staff. ”

    Well why wouldn’t you believe it? If your as famous as them yes, you are going to have a lot of bodyguards out of necessity especially if you have young children. And aren’t the kids home schooled since they travel so much? So yes you will have full-time tutors. Six kids with a nanny for each makes sense especially if the parents work and travel the way they do.

    • Katherine says:

      Why would each child need their own nanny? Why would the older children need nannies at all? Why would you need “night nannies”? Don’t the children sleep? Or do they roam the house like vampires?

      It’s all so silly and over the top. They seem to have kept the same staff for eons. You know those people aren’t talking to anyone. I believe Angelina has the same housekeeper she had in England when Maddox was a baby/toddler.

  52. I Choose Me says:

    “She screams IN the ocean? But Aniston screams AT the ocean!!! The ocean is all, “What the hell did I do to these bitches?” 😀

    And this is why I love you Kaiser.

  53. lisa2 says:

    I knew this story would be featured..

    I believe that people that don’t like them hold on to the tabloid stories and gossip stories as true because none of them can quote an actually person that has said something negative about Brad/Angie or their kids. NOT ONE.. it is always unnamed sources.. a friend.. etc. But why is it they can never put a face or name to the stories of Angie being a bitch or the kids being terrible. I have worked with children. I know that if a child is bad, bratty or horrible they are that everywhere. You can’t make 6 children pretend to be well behaved outside your home in restaurants, theaters, airports, zoos and such. If these kids were the bad seeds the non fans of this couple for some reason need and hope them to be after 9 years we would have see at least one picture of them being so. They are a well photographed family. Yet nothing.

    I guess for some the thought of Brad and Angie (especially) being good, caring and loving parents is too much for them to handle.

  54. GeeMoney says:

    I bet that there is a small amount of truth to this story… the kids might possibly be wild, and I believe that Brad is a pot head.

    But then again, I’d expect their house to be a DISASTER zone because there are 6 kids living there.

    But I don’t believe the Jennifer Aniston stuff at all. She ANGELINA. I’m sure JA after all of these years is just an afterthought to her.

    • L says:

      I am one of six. Our house was not a disaster. My mother had someone who helped with cleaning, but otherwise she was on her own. My father, a doctor/surgeon, had a very demanding career. She was organized, and we had responsibilities to help with maintaining the household and family life.

      • Cecilia says:

        There ya go…just because you have 6 kids, doesn’t necessarily equal total chaos.

      • Yeah, I’m one of five. And I get a little offended when I hear posters (very rarely) say stuff like ‘how do they pay attention to all of those kids?’…..’how do those kids get to know their parents’, etc. They have six kids–not 19 and counting. It’s not rocket science.

      • Rhea says:

        @L : Just curious. Was your mother working, too like your dad? What about the age gap between you and your siblings? Did your mom have a family around to help? I have a friend who have a twin newborn, a very energetic toddler, a busy husband and no help to help cleaning nor live in a close distance with her family. She basically needs to take care everything by herself. Let me tell you, she used to be a neat freak and very organized person. Not anymore. Lol.

  55. anne_000 says:

    I don’t believe that AJ is jealous of JA. What for? AJ’s public image is based on her ongoing accomplishments while JA’s is based on a marriage that ended nearly a decade ago.

  56. lambert says:

    This story sounds so stupid. Can’t even stop laughing. Highly doubt any of it is true.

  57. Moi says:

    “The ocean is all, “What the hell did I do to these bitches?”. THAT made me laugh so hard, thank you. Awesome.

    Scream Therapy huh? So instead of screaming into a pillow, you scream under water. I could actually go for that right now. I will leave the ocean alone though, I think it’s been through enough.

  58. rudy says:

    Those kids looked loved and nurtured, fed and educated. They travel all around the world. Their mom is very hands on. So what if Brad is a pot smoker and they like butt plugs.

    Scream therapy in water? Great idea. I should try that. Actually, I have. In the summer time sometimes when my teenage girl gets to me.

    If someone investigated my house right now the press article with a few embellishments could make my home seem completely awful.

    No family with that many kids is going to be quiet and sedate. And Brand and Angie seems like great parents to me. Good to have a balance of discipline. My spouse is stricter than I am in some areas and I am stricter in others.

  59. jwoolman says:

    They lost me at the claim that AJ hates and competes with JA. I doubt that either AJ or JA even think about each other.
    Re: the balls issue. PING PONG BALLS. Best cat toy ever. Bought a gross years ago for a cat in training for the Olympics on the kitchen floor. Don’t know where she and her successors stashed them all, but it’s almost time for another gross. Find them all over the yard also.

    • boopti says:

      I agree on Angelina. She just seems to focus on things that matter. Aniston not so much. I believe there’s a consensus that she’s a lightweight neurotic person on the shallow side. Also,l I would think Aniston is also forced to ‘think about,’ Angelina, especially when her bestie Chelsea Handler (who also shares Aniston’s longtime PR flack) keeps getting major press and ink when she constantly name drops and viciously attacks Angelina publicly, and the media never fails to include Aniston in that story (i.e., wondering what jen thinks, or if she’s put handler up to it? etc.) – so yeah, your logic seems biased and shakey.

  60. Evi says:

    While I don’t believe the pot smoking lifestyle or the language ban, I have to say that I sometimes wonder about how these children are growing up. They don’t appear to be attending school regularly, they don’t appear to have their own friends, outside of their own family and it raises the issue of socialisation. The dynamics of socialising in your family are different from the world outside, where you have to compromise. How can parents teach compromise when they pay staff to chauffeur them and shadow them everywhere, not to mention nannies to do the ‘boring’ parts of the parenting job: make beds, bathe children, etc? That’s what nannies are for isn’t it?
    When they were in Sydney, they were surrounded by staff. Don’t look at what the photographs show, as paparazzi don’t photograph the staff, but they’re always there.

    • Carla says:

      Have you heard of a concept called homeschooling?

    • lenje says:

      The nannies probably bathed the children and made their beds when they were, you know, babies and toddlers. I think now that the children are growing up, they’re there to watch the children, make sure they do their homeworks, pick them up from their friends’ houses, or fix lunch and dinner, just like all other sitters or grandmas/aunts/uncles do when parents can’t be around?

  61. Barristerette says:

    FFS can we all just STOP this???? Gawd!

  62. Jeanette says:

    I believe I will have a ball! 🙂

  63. bettyrose says:

    Even if this article were completely true, I don’t really get what’s so bad about it. Why is “conventional” parenting the ideal? So, rather than living in a palatial mansion with a dad who smokes pot in a different room and nannies who encourage you to learn foreign languages, the “conventional” kid speaks only one language, has parents who drink in their presence, and gets told repeatedly to quiet down because the parents are tired after a long work day. Most parents would do more unconventional things with/for their children if time and money allowed it.

  64. Jayna says:

    I am stunned 297 people actually responded to such an obvious pile of sh. t. Jennifer Anniston isn’t even on her radar. It was a million years ago. Brad Pitt hated who he was sitting on the couch smoking dope all day. This article was laughable and I thought nothing of it. A typical Star piece of fiction. And the I see all these responses to it.

  65. Doobie O'Etiquette says:

    This is BORING.
    You all have no lives.

  66. Liz says:

    They waste a ton of money flying in private jets, buying overpriced art, maintaining chateaus,etc. Why wouldn’t they spend money on full-time nannies and tutors. Those two live the luxe life.

  67. norah says:

    actually even roger deakins who is the cinematographer? for unbroken said he took the job because he wanted to work with angelina and also can’t they sue the magazine for this stuff
    i mean talking about brad and angelina is one thing but to drag the kids into such a tabloid – Great balls of fire!

  68. Serena says:

    another story plantd by team aniston. Boring and stupid. Like she cares about jen, jealous even!lol sure jen, keep dreaming.