Nadya Suleman sent Angelina Jolie multiple letters, ‘creeped her out’


Nadya Suleman claimed she didn’t have an obsession with Angelina Jolie, despite clearly having cosmetic surgery (which she denies) that makes her look more like Jolie (which she also denies). She told Ann Curry, “I have never thought of Angelina Jolie except the last time I saw one of her movies.” However according to the Chicago Sun-Times, that’s far from the truth. Suleman has sent Angelina letters over the past year, which, according to sources in the Jolie camp, complete creeped her out. Not surprising, considering how dishonest Suleman was about so many other things in her NBC interview.

Along with many Americans, Angelina Jolie herself is said to be ”totally creeped out” by Nadya Suleman, the now-infamous mother of six who just gave birth to octuplets — all thanks to artificial insemination. Though Suleman categorically denies she’s undergone any plastic surgery to make her look like Jolie, neighbors, friends and family members of the unemployed single mom of 14 challenge those denials — as do earlier photographs of Suleman clearly indicating thinner lips and a different-looking nose.

Furthermore, a source close to Jolie — herself the mother of six children — tells me it’s not just reading about Suleman in the press that fuels the Oscar winner’s irritation.

Apparently, over the past year or so, Suleman has made attempts to reach out the the actress — sending her admiring letters and extolling her talent and humanitarian efforts on behalf of children’s issues around the world.

”At least she wasn’t a total crazy … like the stalkers who try to actually meet Angelina and follow along with the paparazzi,” added the source, who also said, ”It is clear this woman needs psychological help. It’s one thing to clip out a celebrity’s photo from a magazine and ask your [hair] stylist to copy that cut. Who hasn’t done that? But to have a nose job, have collagen injections in your lips and start talking like Angelina — that’s over the top.”

[From the Chicago Sun-Times]

Nadya Suleman just keeps digging herself into a deeper and deeper PR nightmare. She’s claimed she doesn’t receive welfare, but admits she does get all sorts of government payments, including food stamps and child disability payments for three of her oldest six kids. She’s also claimed she hasn’t been paid for any interviews – a statement which NBC has echoed – though it’s now seeming very likely that’s untrue as well.

DID the NBC network pay Octomom Nadya Suleman close to $1 million for coverage of the maniacal mother and her eight preemie babies? NBC vehemently denies it. But an insider told us, “Everything was filmed. The birth, everything. Then [Suleman’s people] said negotiations would start at $1.2 million for the video and pictures, which is when producers from Oprah Winfrey, ABC and CBS left the room. NBC stayed.” Our source suspects that NBC made a “donation” through an intermediary. Suleman gave Ann Curry the interview, in which she said a lonely childhood made her want to birth 14 kids with a sperm donor. An NBC rep said, “NBC News does not pay for interviews. We did not pay Nadya Suleman, or anyone who represents her, for our interview. We didn’t license a single photo or video from her or anyone who represents her. Not a dime. There is no deal with anyone at NBC Universal or NBC News.”

[From Page Six]

What’s more, Nadya and her family have been getting death threats. Even her publicist has gotten them – forcing everyone to relocate last week. Can you imagine trying to pack up that whole family and hide?

Nadya Suleman, the now-infamous mother of octuplets, has received death threats, her publicist, Joann Killeen, claims. Killeen says the threats got so bad that Suleman, 33, and her other six children recently moved into a rented house and out of the home she was sharing with her parents in southern California.

“Because of the death threats to Nadya and her family, as well as the death threats to me and my agency, we were in a secure location last week,” Killeen says on Thursday’s Dr. Phil show. “When the risk was determined, it was no longer a high threat, we were able to leave that location.”

Suleman and her children are now back with her parents… On Wednesday, blogs were abuzz after Suleman launched a Web site, asking people for donations.

Dr. Phil says people need to focus on the children’s well being. “There are 14 children here,” he said. “We always say we don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water. Well, we don’t want to throw out the babies with the mother here. We’ve got to focus on these kids.”

[From Us Weekly]

Obviously the octuplets didn’t pack up and move with Suleman since they’re still in the hospital, but that must have been quite the ordeal, nonetheless. I certainly understand why people are upset about this situation and upset with this woman, but threatening her life and/or the safety of her children is absolutely uncalled for. There should be all kinds of investigations into how this was allowed to happen. Whatever doctor implanted her embryos is incredibly unethical at best.

But in the long run, let’s hope Nadya finds a decent way to support her children financially and give them what they need. Rarely do I agree with Dr. Phil – and I haven’t seen the entire show yet, so I’m only referring to his quote from Us Weekly about supporting the kids – but in this case, it seems he’s right.

Thanks to Radar for these before and after cosmetic surgery pictures of Suleman. Thanks to CoverAwards for the Life & Style cover.


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  1. Kaiser says:

    Yikes. Let me say it again: YIKES.

    She’s dumber and crazier than I thought if she didn’t get paid for any of those dumb, crazy interviews.

  2. NotBlonde says:

    I totally knew it. I called that shit the minute this woman showed up with her puffy lips and Angelina’s exact nose.

  3. AnnaClaire says:

    I think we all agree this woman is not all there mentally. To demonize her is to demonize anyone who acts irrationally and is potentially harmful to others in society.
    So who approved her for these procedures? They are the villains, not this poor demented soul who mumbles and gazes off into space and just is not sane.
    Now there are victims, little children, but our fear for their safety should not lead to us vent hatred on the obviously crazy lady who was allowed by supposedly trained professionals to undergo the procedure to give birth to them.

  4. Chiara says:

    I wonder why there aren’t more comments from psychologists on this woman’s inability to parent these children.

    Her mother mentions her exhaustion at caring for the first 6.

    If the babies are the first consideration, loving, adoptive, homes in which they would not be exploited might be the best answer.

    As far as security? … With the press in front of the house 24/7?

  5. doodahs says:

    AnnaClaire, I couldn’t agree more. Research indicates that this woman has a history of mental illness (severe depression and post natal depression, paranoia and alleged post traumatic stress disorder). Someone, somewhere in the chain of medical practitioners she has had in the last 10 or so years has massively f-ked up because this has spiraled out of control. I suspect this is bigger than her now. The media circus has gone crazy and now this woman’s family is in potential danger.
    She needs psychological evaluation, not a career in a freak show.

  6. SeVen says:

    Omg. Woman needs help. Those kids need to be put in protective services or something while she gets help. And Death Threats from whom? Who would want to kill that? Shes not important, shes not famous, shes an attention whore who has some psychotic attraction to having babies. I think her PR team is full of shit, just as much as she is.

  7. texasmom says:

    Yeah, I think we’ve gotten to the point where everyone has to realize she is mentally ill and stop poking her with a (figurative) stick — just like we all did with Britney. There comes a point where there isn’t any fun in criticizing someone who is so far from ok.

    Is there anyone in the situation who can take charge and straighten things out, the way Jamie Spears did with Britney? This lady’s family has enabled her to get this far, so I can’t see them getting this situation under control. I wonder when the state will have to step in? I just hope it doesn’t take one of the kids getting hurt or even killed from neglect before this gets addressed.

  8. HEB says:

    The nose doesn’t bother me as much as the lips, I sorta hope she got injections instead of a permanant implant…

  9. Sauronsarmy says:

    Death threats? Really people? Ugh I can’t stand the woman but come the hell on thats just ridiculous, those poor kids have it bad enough.

  10. Kayleigh says:

    Baboon’s bottom, that’s all I see.

  11. Ash says:

    Wow, her before and after are a hell of a lot different. At a quick glance, I wouldn’t even put them as the same person. What a messed up woman.

  12. OXA says:

    Take all of the kids away and give each child to a fimily that can take care of them. The muther is a nutjob incapable of puttin their needs first and needs to be spayed and locked up.

  13. Tia says:

    Death threats? WTF? Who does somebody think they are to think they can harm another person. LIKE WHO ARE THEY?? Give me a break. We all are different and people disagree with people everyday, that is what makes the world go round. But to say harmful things is really disgusting. Those types of people have serious mental issues themselves!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Anoneemouse says:

    This woman clearly has a mental problem along with the doctor that allowed all of this to happen.

  15. Jaclyn says:

    I am so sick of hearing about this insane woman. The whole situation is messed up and I have no idea what she is going to do. I feel horrible for those kids and it is clear she is not sane and needs help.

  16. kate says:

    there’s a reason some women can’t get pregnant…so, let’s forget the IVF treatments. if you’re unable to conceive naturally, then you’re just not meant to have kids.

  17. TinaWithPom says:

    Everything about this woman makes me cringe!

    What she desperately needs is a serious intervention.

  18. Trillion says:

    What’s more unbelievable: Death threats or that Angelina Jolie is reachable to the general public via mail?

  19. saintdevil says:

    So…if an obvious nutjob with 6 young children, no job, no education, no financial securities whatsoever, no partner to help her…comes into a clinic and says “Me want more babies!” and a doctor gives her IVF…Who should be held responsible, the crazy person or the doctor?

  20. Jen says:

    @kate ~ That’s an extremely hurtful and ridiculous thing to say. I’ve met quite a few women in my life who were fortunate enough to conceive without any intervention but had absolutely no business being mothers.

  21. Mandy says:

    My parents retired a few years ago to a ranch in Wyoming, and decided to adopt several wild horses. They had to fill out a lengthy application, turn in financial statements, and give a tour of the stable facilities to a representative from the agency, all in order to prove that they had the time, money, and space to care for the animals. They were initially turned down because the fence of the enclosure was 4 inches too short. Once they were approved, the agency checked in on the animals every month for a year.

    Now, why in the hell is the background check for horse adoption apparently more thorough than that for IVF?!

  22. Wif says:

    You sound young Kate, wait till it happens to you.

  23. clare says:

    I hope her mother stays with her to help with all these children. It’s too scary a thought of her being the responsible one.

  24. Jen says:

    Regarding the fertility clinic’s culpability: If she “shopped aroung” as her mother indicated, and given her propensity for lying, I think it’s very likely that she lied to her new IVF doctor in order to get what she wanted.

    My mom’s best friend lied to her doctors to get lap-band surgery. She went as far as putting weights in her pockets when she went to her appointments to guarantee that she would be eligible for the surgery.

    I don’t think it’s right to blame the doctors when we don’t know the entire situation. It’s certainly unfair to hold them accountable for duplicitous patients…if, indeed, that’s what happened here.

  25. Jen says:

    “shopped AROUND” …sorry!

  26. CB Rawks says:

    The death threat thing probably isn’t even true. Just a way to get the pity that has not come her way at all yet. They probably didn’t bank on everyone being furious.

    And Kate, what you said is so appallingly heartless. There are many women out there who would make wonderful mothers who just need help to get there. It’s not their fault they are infertile.
    And there are many absolutely HORRIBLE women giving birth right and left. Life isn’t fair.

  27. boomchakaboom says:

    Damn. I feel bad for the kids. They certainly don’t deserve to be universally despised just for being born to a wacko. Besides, said wacko is their mother and they will love her dearly. I’m wondering if the Pro-lifers will step up to the plate, put their money where their huge mouths are, and help these kids out.

  28. girlygirl says:

    I am flabbergasted by this woman. First of all, how can she afford plastic surgery? What did her first 6 children give up for her to have her nose and lips done?

    Mandy, your parents sound like good people…would they be willing to take on 8 kids? *wink*

    I am afraid for her children and her parents. Her mom and dad did not ask for this, they should be enjoying their life, not raising children.

  29. Rreedy says:

    Makes one re-think reproductive rights.

  30. Diva says:

    Right now I dislike Kate more than I dislike Nadya Suleman.

  31. daisy424 says:

    I second that Diva.

  32. Lisa M. says:

    People are upset because her actions effect us all. In a womans right to choose,more cost to couples seeking IVF for new regulations to come, wefare, healthcare costs and her profit seeking on public sector. So an emotional public is fair(without death threats)!We know she’s irrational & delussional. If grandma is leaving for Iran is DPSS seriously letting her care for all 14 alone? Preschools are regulated to 5 kids 1 adult. Autisum too!!

  33. Orangejulius says:

    No, boom, they won’t step up to the plate. They’re only interested BEFORE the kids are born. My brother has a severely disabled child (think worst case scenario, tube fed, can’t breathe on his own, blind, etc) and his church did everything possible to ensure that she didn’t have an abortion. They brought food to the house, helped out and were always available. After the birth? Nowhere to be seen.

  34. Lisa M. says:

    It’s 12:00 pm 1 baby is sick with ear ache and you must go to ER. so you pack up children 2 at a time.It’s considered endangerment for the waiting children to be left alone to and from ER.

  35. YoMomma says:

    I mean she makes me sick, but Death Threats? This woman should be spayed like a dog.

  36. Laddy says:

    I don’t believe the “source” that says she’s sent letters to Angelina. Proof or Sun Times is just trying to stir rubbish.

  37. caribassett says:

    Way harsh. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  38. girlygirl says: said it! I agree 100% with you!

  39. disgusted says:

    death threats are absolutely wrong…no one deserves to be threatened just because they are emotionally imbalanced. Poor babies, that all I have to say. What kind of a life is she going to be able to give them?

    how can she afford all this medical attention on herself? Better yet, what’s her secret? I’d like good medical care.

  40. Lulu says:

    i’m with Kate, sorta. it must be terrible for women who can’t have kids and want them, but there needs to be a limit. it sickens me when someone well past the age of natural reproduction decides to spend a fortune on fertility treatment while there are countless children in need of a loving home. too often women pursue IVF out of sheer selfishness and don’t consider the children.

  41. raven says:

    agree with Chiara. Some investigation should happen to determine whether these kids should even be given to this mother, who seems to want the fame more than the kids.

    disagree with Lulu’s thoughtless statement. There are plenty of women who pursue IVF for all the right reasons and who would make excellent parents. Most are satisfied with a single pregnancy and provide a stable home environment.

  42. gg says:

    I agree with SeVen, it’s all just a marketing ploy. Which I hope goes flat real quick. Nobody needs to be making millions off of this tragic situation. Also, nobody wants to kill the b!tch, that was probably just trolls sending messages on the website and the PR took that and ran with it. Just another spun Drama from the fame machine.

    Somebody please rescue those babies and the grandparents from this crap they’re unwittingly stuck in now.

  43. Annie says:


    I just. I’m losing words. (Shocker, I know. :P)

    This woman is beyond crazy. She’s redefined insanity.

  44. Stephanie says:

    If I can weigh in as one of those apparently useless infertiles…

    My husband and I were having difficulty getting pregnant because I have a difficult cycle, and then last year I lost an ovary to cancer. Now my fertility doctor tells me that I will need IUI or IVF to get pregnant.

    I’ve always dreamed of being a mother, and my husband will make an amazing father. I don’t interpret what I’ve gone through as God’s judgment on me, or the belief that I wasn’t ‘meant’ to be a mother. It’s going to be harder for sure, but thank God there are options for us.

    Kate and Lulu, please consider what kind of hurtful things you are putting out there without knowing all of us that you are so willing to dismiss as unworthy of parenthood. We are not all using our reproductive capabilities (or lack thereof) for attention like Nadya Suleman.

  45. Proud MAMA says:

    I don’t think the children should se separated they should be allowed to stay together because it is not there fault that they were born.

  46. czarina says:

    First of all, where is the California version of Children’s Aid? Has anyone even been over to check on this situation?
    Second, not for one minute do I believe that out of the thousands of fan letters Jolie gets (a month? a year? I admit I have no idea what normal amounts of fan mail for movie stars would be) she would have personally read SEVERAL of this woman’s letters?
    That sounds more like Suleman’s fantasy.
    And how the hell does this woman have enough money for plastic surgery and IVF????????? Where did she get the money for that???
    I know that plastic surgery is expensive, and I thought in the U.S. IVF was as well. How on earth did she afford that??
    I can’t stand this woman. I think the doctor who agreed to this process should have his license revoked.

  47. kelly j says:

    The child protection agency in California is surely taking custody of these newborns. The only parent is obviously unfit. There is no way the other six will escape scrutiny either, thank God. Six kids in seven years? even considering there are a set of twins, that still makes all of them a year apart. Christ!

  48. susan says:

    Anyone else think Angelina could be saying these things because she’s afraid that people will think badly of her because of this crazy chick? After all we’ve herd about how shrewd she is about her p.r. I totally think that’s why this comes out now when she sees the backlash against this crazy hefer! And yes C.P.S. should totally step in before those babies are allowed to go home with that nutcase!

  49. cindy says:

    where did she get the money for the nose job and injections for in invetro, the rent for the safe house?

  50. Pamela says:

    I agree with CW, I think her PR people planted the Death Threats story to get sympathy and hope that it will jump start donations to her website. Let me ask the group this question? This woman has received $167,000+ TAX FREE,her fourth child has AUTISM, which most parents will tell you would be a full time job all by its self. But Nadya feeling “unfulfilled” has twins after that. You would think she would save whatever money she had left as a nest egg for her children, but NO she greedily spends her remaining money on her IVF treatments. This is just not right.

  51. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    susan: I am thinking the opposite direction: Angelina didn’t even say what this rag is saying she said. I doubt she said anything about it at all. Why would she?

    I doubt the death threats really happened. I doubt AJ said anything.

  52. Hmmph says:

    she’s been on work comp disability here in cali for over 10 years, gets SSI for 3 disabled kids and welfare benefits!!! Kaiser Medical has requested payment from the State for over $800,000 to care for the batch of kids she just had!

  53. stellapurdy says:

    Until you have suffered through infertility you know not what of you speak, KATE and LULU.

    This woman obviously is a nut job so all of the sudden you feel the need to group her craziness onto other women who have sought fertility treatments? If anything the dr. that treated her should be held accountable.

  54. jazmine says:

    I can’t believe yea I thought the same thing an angelina wanna be. She should just give up and if they give her a reality show i will definatly not watch it. I like the family reality shows we have already like jon and kate plus 8 and 17 and counting! I dont wanna see nadya 6 and 8 twins poor living at home with mommy and is on food stamps. thats just ridiculous I hate to say this but all of those kids deserve better. Nadya stop trying to be someone your not your not famous or rich you got a settlement so you could act rich. well you know what? angelina adoopted babies you just kept trying to keep up with her and she out beated you. ahahah Grow up

  55. Faye says:

    now… do you actually have to implant 8 seperate eggs? or could it just happen? unsure on this, regardless, the choice this woman made was a wrong one and there should be some sort of regulations of IFV and to whom it is allowed. The fact is she had 6 children before this, no husband that I have heard of and no proper way to support the children she already has…the children should not suffer from this woman’s mistakes…yes and how did she pay for all these various surgeries? and she does look very similar to AJ, coincidence? I think not…weird..

    Kate and Lulu..I have also seen many women who are mother’s who shouldn’t be and many couples/women who have had problems concieving who would be amazing parents…that was really just rude.

  56. santacruz says:

    Boycott Dr Phil and anyone else that jumps on this maniac’s bandwagon…any publicity is better than none it seems…the best thing that could happen to these children is to be put in a position whereby they are free to be adopted by good folk, that will truly be after their best interests…I think this woman creeps everyone out, she’s hideous!

  57. James says:

    just watched the dateline interview…..amazing how she had the money and especially the time to get a manicure and french tips.

  58. Linda says:

    I wish you would all stop acting like the bully in the playground and use your energy to send those babies and Nadya your PRAYERS. We all can agree They really need that from us and it won’t COST you all anything.
    We’ve all made mistakes we can’t change or take back

  59. CB Rawks says:

    Yes Linda, but she did this on purpose. And she’s not sorry.

    I would send the babies prayers, but no prayers for the crazed incubator.

  60. CB Rawks says:

    Best of luck to you, Stephanie.

  61. Linda says:

    I wish you would all stop acting like the bully in the playground and use your energy to send those babies and Nadya your PRAYERS. We all can agree They really need that from us and it won’t COST you all anything.
    We’ve all made mistakes we can’t change or take back

  62. Diva says:

    I’ll give you the time part, James, but, again, you can get white tip acrylics for $25. Not really an indicator of anything.

    I’m much more interested in how she had the TIME and the MONEY to get her face reconstructed from top to bottom.

    I just read the doctor who implanted her also has a 49-year old woman he implanted with SEVEN donor egg embryos and she’s having quads.

    The guy needs to be stopped.

  63. Linda says:

    She never expected to have 8 babies I bet the crazed Dr. did’nt expect that either.I am also angry at the fact that we will all pay for this, but that anger is better spent on the government for there poor chices. Lets not loose our anger about thatand send out more prayer for those children.

  64. Jag says:

    If God didn’t want women who were having fertility problems to reproduce, He wouldn’t have led someone to invent fertility treatments.

    As for the babies, I really hope that CPS steps in, and they can be adopted out to good homes. Preferably more than one to a home, but they should all know about each other.

    I’m wondering why no one has stepped in to call this woman incompetent, and/or made her see reason in order to get her to put her children up for adoption. That’s the only way I see these kids having good lives…

    Also, I still don’t see the grandmother as this wonderful person. She’s (and her husband)are the ones who raised the daughter that we’re all in shock over, as it is.

  65. CB Rawks says:

    Say again, Linda?

  66. CB Rawks says:

    We’ve all covered the fact that she already had SIX kids, no income, no home, no job, no partner to help. Then she tried for at *least* one more, a SEVENTH, and thought deliberately implanting half a dozen embryos seemed a nifty plan.

    I’m not going to try to reason with any more nutbars who tell us to be sweet to her and support her.

  67. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Stephanie: Good luck, girl. May all your dreams of motherhood come true!

    @ Kate: How about a nice big cup of STFU.

    There was a lady I worked with (we worked nights for the US Postal Service), who was in her late 40s. She and her husband had tried for many years to have a child, but finally resorted to IVF; the result was 2 beautiful little girls. This woman took the job at the Post Office specifically to “get away from those kids” because she said they drove her crazy. She complained about them all the time. I was appalled at her, and I remember thinking “I hope to God those little girls never hear their mother talking about them like that”. Not likely, though.

    I have a really hard time believing that the parents had NO IDEA their daughter was receiving all this disability money; the first time she came home with something I knew she couldn’t afford, I’d have been all over that sh*t to see where it came from!

    I’m so disgusted by this whole story. I can’t even think clearly enough to say everything I wanted to.

  68. Teresa says:

    Angelina is also a little bit insane to have with Brad’s help all “the family”. Her fans extreme behavior only proves it. The most funny is that Jennifer Aniston is seeing as a poor one. She is looking at all that mess and thinking….am I really the one who needs compassion?

  69. so what says:

    I feel really sad for those 14 kids..and would give money to help, if the money wasn’t going to thier mother, who is mentally unstable..I just saw a pic of her buying video games????I think her kids need a big enough home to keep them all in, not video games..also seen her doing an interview, she said she saved up for the what did her kids do without in order for her to “save up”????

  70. tess says:

    stephanie – may 2009 be the year your prayers are answered.

    kate & lulu – if the doctor tells you have cancer, does that mean you are meant to die right away? do you judge those people for seeking treatment?

  71. 88modesty88 says:

    Uhm, I’m so angry right now I’m thinking Kate and Lulu’s moms should never have… won’t finish that thought.

    It’s hard went you want kids and can’t have them. I know of many people who definitely don’t deserve the kids they have. And I don’t just feel that way because I can’t have kids.

  72. Mimi says:

    oh, no: surely those lips are natural!

  73. Tami says:

    Dr. Phil states “we’ve got to focus on these kids” WHY do WE have to do anything???

  74. kate says:

    can the other kate please change her name or at least capitalize it or something?! i was here first as “kate” and then the other one came on and it is causing some confusion.

    anyway, back to topic-yeah i agree….death threats are a bit much. geez!

  75. MsTriste says:

    I wonder if she used her school loans or the disability payments for her nose job.

  76. Jane Doe says:

    I agree withe the persons who say, if you can’t have kids natural, your body is telling you something. That’s why these moron women are having litters. Humans are not supposed to have litters. If you can’t conceive there is a reason for that. ADOPT

  77. Faith says:

    Nadya Suleman is obviously emotionally disturbed as well as being supremely stupid, greedy, and opportunistic. She and her backers have badly misjudged the climate of the times; the American taxpayer is infuriated with the leeches and parasites that have attached themselves to the body politic and are the unfortunate spawn of both Wall Street and Main Street.

    Just as we shouldn’t have to bail out mismanaged banks and car makers, we should not have to pay for the selfish and shortsighted behavior of this idiotic and freakish woman. Her children are to be pitied because they have a whiny, self-serving, and narcissistic moron for a mother. They will also be followed by the disgrace of how they were brought into this world throughout their lives. And if they remain with Suleman, what kind of upbringing will they have? Can they avoid being buried by an avalanche of filthy clothes and diapers? Will they receive even a modicum of attention from their self-absorbed, immature, and foolish mother? The octuplets should be removed from Suleman’s custody, and any of her ill-gotten gains should be placed in trust (administered by a non-family member) to help offset the enormous cost that will accrue as these children face the numerous physical challenges (and probably emotional and developmental problems as well) that will haunt at least some of them all their lives. Suleman should be institutionalized for her own (and the world’s) protection before she spawns again. Additionally, the incompetent and egomaniacal doctor who was behind this abomination and Suleman’s sperm donor should be held accountable to the taxpayers of California as well.

    And as for Suleman’s defenders who say that it’s nobody’s business how many children Suleman has and how they got here, Suleman’s mouthpieces should remember that with freedom must come responsibility. Freedom become sociopathy when it impinges on the rights of others; taxpayers did not ask for this responsibility and feel that being forced to pay for Suleman’s stupidity and blatant greed interferes with their own rights. They deeply resent the bill for the Suleman fiasco that is starting to come due just as their own bills keep piling higher and higher. Perhaps taxpayers should have the freedom to say no to supporting this loathsome creature.

  78. czarina says:

    Faith; I agree completely with everything you’ve said, but would point out that it’s not the “loathsome creature” the taxpayers will be supporting, but her children who are, let’s face it, innocent of everything but the sad fate to be born to a woman who is insanely selfish and self-serving.
    It’s a very difficult question: how far can the state (representing the tax payers) interfere with childbearing? Is there a way to stop someone who is not capable of supporting children from having them? Is it even right to do so? It is a very complex problem and there is no obvious side to take–many, many shades of grey.

  79. Am says:

    Kate is 100% right. This is not God we are dealing with here it is science. 100 years ago woman could not have children also and had no options and the world was just fine. Im not saying that if you cant have kids that you are a bad person but everything happens for a reason. You are just not made to conceive a child. Forget the IVF everyone knows you never only get one child you end up having a litter of children which is not normal for a woman to do. Every one always says accept what God gave you…well except what he didn’t give you as well. There are so many children to adopt . Stop being selfish and give the children who are already here a chance too.

  80. Am says:

    And tess comparing IVF to cancer is the dumbest thing i ever heard. Cancer is something you cannot help getting and just happens. But being implanted with children is a choice, not something that just happens. Think about what you say before you say it.

  81. Maggie says:

    I think she is look like Lyv Tyler more…

    Don’t you think?

  82. Maggie says:

    I mean Liv Tyler.

  83. Jill says:

    Comparing cancer treatment to IVF may well be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. No one ever *died* because they couldn’t have a baby. Sheesh.

  84. Carrie says:

    @faith “with freedom comes responsibility” – so true, and IMH that failure is at the heart of this whole mess.

  85. Faye says:

    I think that the cancer-implant analogy was only stating that we cannot control what happens to our bodies….if we get ill, or have something wrong it is human nature to try find help or a cure for the problems…and if you are unable to have children..yes you can adopt and that is a great choice but a couple wanting their own offspring is normal but these sort of procedures MUST be regulated. I really hope this is a wake up call to the state of California and the rest of the world..WAKE UP, not any psyco dick or jane, or dick turned into jane should be allowed to bring INNOCENT children into this world!!!! They are human being’s and their right’s need to be protected prior to IVF!! The doctor in this situation should be punished by at LEAST having his license revoked and a law should come into place allowing only married couples with the means to support a family to have IVF, not gay couples (sorry), men that have turned into women and Single women. The childrens well being MUST be the 1st priority!!!

  86. Debutante says:

    Can’t they just put her in a mental institution where she obviously belongs ? and then just put all of those children up for adoption??? Then her poor parents can have some peace.

  87. vixen says:

    Well, I agree that this woman has some deep psychological issues she needs to work out. BUT it is not the babies fault. Poor things they are so tiny and sickly. THEY didn’t ask to be brought into this world as publicity stunt. Some people are so heartless. THEY ARE NOT A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT!!! They are human beings that obviously GOD wanted to bring them into the world or it would have nver of happened!! As for all this about looking like Angelina Jolie, I see it. But if she did get plastic surgery to look like her that is awful because Angelina isn’t the only type of beauty out there. People should just be happy with them selves and quit placing such a high value on Holly Wood ( the land of make believe and fantasy)Oh then again that may be her natural look. Who knows.

  88. vixen says:

    What a dumb thing to even say. “put all those kids up for adoption” like they are a bunch of kittens. That lady chose to have them all. So she has no one to balme but herself.

  89. aa says:

    It says she has been getting threats and that the police are investigating them. WHEN WILL SHE BE INVESTIGATED FOR FRAUD OF DIABILITY FOR THE $165 FROM PREVIOUS JOB AND THE SURGERY’S SHE PAID FOR WHILE RECIEVING ASSISTANCE ON FOODSTAMPS AND MORE? Here in VA you have to show you are in need with proof of income or lack of and bank statement records. Why didn’t the Social services look at her. I hope they are now. She is to getting money for this story and shows, books and things to come. They need to freeze her money and assets that she is assible to whether donatons or money given in the kids be half to keep out of her name and pay back everything. Also if she gets money I hope she pays every dime and more to her parents for the money they lost over this and the house they lost.

  90. aa says:

    PS she also needs to be investigated for possible neglect since she cant do this on her own. Clearly she is mentally unstable and has no priorities and spends money on her self and her sickness instead of on her kids. That $165k could have bought a nice house for all of them in some low cost neighborhoods. They need to have child protective services in there for her sickness. she has already shown she cant afford them and not rsponcible with her money or providing for them.

  91. Nadya Killer says:

    I hope people follow through with their death threats. She deserves it. The babies should be put down too to save them from lives with aweful heath problems. This woman is evil.

  92. vixen says:

    It really gets me that some people see other people as just part of a math problem an equation that can canceled out. That is a crazy idea .They deserve to live like everyone else. “put down to avoid health problems” ?????? Just because they are ill doesn’t mean they cannot get better. That would be terrible if every time a child is sick we wipe them out like they are nothing please think before you say shit like that!!! Thankyou!! oh yeah what makes you so much more important? Nothing thats what.

  93. golden says:

    Along the way in this sad tragedy someone or some group really dropped the ball and should be legally accountable for it. Ms Suleman’s mother did have the courage to speak up and warn Nadya’s Doctors, at that point a really competent psycological evaluation should have been made on Nadya and the family dynamics. If 3 of her 6 older children all ready have disabilities (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) certainly Nadya’s parenting skills would have been stretched thin as is. I know families with 1 child that happens to be autistic and both parents and many other members of the extended family are running on fumes. Children with disabilities require and deserve huge amounts of time and effort. Instead of attenting to these issues with the 6 children she all ready had and I believe 6 IS a huge family, for a single parent and by today’s standard she decides to have at least another child. Her Mother speaks up to Nadya’s Doctor’s knowing even one more child is too much. She did what a responsible person should do. All actions after her words were unconsionable!

  94. James David Chamberlain says:

    Tonight on CNN Sharon Liko ( so-called “Family Law” specialist) states that we should just leave her alone, yet it is Nadya Suleman who built a pronounced public image into her situation. Sharon Liko clearly makes a mint from representing single moms in the typical sham “Family Law” proceedings, because otherwise she would not be waving the feminazi banner in Nadya Suleman’s defense.

    Sharon Liko states “It’s nobodies business” what goes on with Nadya Suleman – although Nadya Suleman goes on to glibly state that “it takes a village to raise a child…and in this case several villages”. So Nadya Suleman herself insists on inviting us into her life in this regard.

    Despite the fact that Nadya got herself into this mess by forcing the matter through artificial means, and against reasonable consideration of her being flat broke (although she finds time to use her welfare money on fake lips, nose and video games), Nadya goes on to say that she is not perfect and admits that she will need help from a broad base of sources.

    Why should we not want accountability if she is reaching out to us with open hands?

    After using welfare money to finance her Beverly Hills forced/artificial child birth, and somehow finding the money to undergo plastic surgeory to thin her nose and blow out her lips, Nadya Suleman has been pimping her self and selling her story on every national TV network.

    If the American populace had applauded this sick woman’s distorted decisions Sharon Liko would have kept her filthy mouth shut about the American populace airing our views.

    America is in a war, facing the worst financial downturn in history and will naturally want to turn to traditional American family values and Judeo-Christian standards regarding the sacred institution called family (one man married to one woman producing a family through natural conception).

    Notice that Sharon Liko goes on to demand that families used to be 14 large and larger, but this is what is at the root of the hostile outrage toward Nadya Suleman’s case.

    When we used to have larger families we also had nuclear family units based on a common community of Judeo-Christian ethical standards and the support system was already built in for a traditional family unit (one father married to one mother producing children naturally) to thrive.

    What America is outraged by is this insane woman who acknowledges her actions are a form of self therapy, spending welfare money on superfluous expenditures, living totally irresponsibly, forcing artificial birth of 14 children outside of a natural family unit while broke beyond all repair.

    America wants to get things on track and this woman personifies the worst form of decadent self indugance and defends herself with an arrogant rationalization which is based on an overinflated (if not infantile) sense of entitlement.

  95. craig says:

    Interesting, I just read a post on another forum where angry readers were criticizing human rights in China, citing their ‘one child’ law. Meanwhile, I’m reading in these Suleman posts, angry readers posting statements saying we should “sterilize” her for having so many kids. The ironic thing is that it’s probably the same type of person with a holier-than-thou attitude which is ragging on how a country with a billion mouths to feed where many people are making a dollar a day that’s also suggesting sterilization or even making death threats. What these people fail to see is that no one’s perfect and they should just let others be. When we start seeing everyone having 8 kids because of Suleman and it actually starts to affect the economy, let’s talk about it then, or if you really cared about China and its interests, let’s hear a bit more about how you believe that human rights to unrestricted reproduction trump the right for the country to prevent famine (millions died in China following World War II due to famine). But if the concern is not genuine, these people should just mind their own business and shut their traps.

  96. kate says:

    screw this sick bitch! i hope she swallows those lips, how dare her. they should call her “womb raider” angelina isnt even good looking so in her efforts nadya tried to look like her and ended up looking more like a nut. just another welfare regular looking for a free ride. Karmas a bitch and when shes judged i hope im there to meet her in hell with a red hot poker ivf

  97. Denise says:

    Well, I wonder if Nadya has also sent Alanis Morissette letters, because dang, she looks a lot more like Alanis Morissette than Jolie:

    but why hasn’t Nadya tried to look like Michelle Duggar?

  98. Dee says:

    I’d like to know if the Adult film company that offered her to do a movie is blind. This has to be a joke.

  99. RJ says:

    Anyone, giving donations to her is a fool. Perhaps she should have thought that through before having 8 more children. To rely on the government or people’s handouts is disgusting. What ever happened to people being accountable for there actions. Now-a- days people are rewarded for their ineptness. You go on welfare have a child you get a stipend. You have another child the stipend goes up. If you can not afford the first children why does the government continue to pay for additional ones. I imagine if the gravy train stopped so would the reproduction machine(thus less unwanted children ending up in the crappy foster care system the US currently has). Furhter, the MD that performed the procedure should be held finacially responsible not to mention legally.

    If someone wants to donate money to a worthy cause give it to a Children’s emergency shelter/ Children’s home. Perhaps people should be writing their state representatives to voice their concerns so that future bills/laws could be made/passed to prevent this from happening again.

    It is tragic that her children have been born into these circumstances.
    They do not have a choice. But how much of the money would they really see. She is a selfish person and would most likely spend the money on herself. The fact that someone is offering her a television show just shows how disgusting hollywood has become that they are glamourizing this situation.

  100. Rebekka says:

    That’s a hell of a deviated septum she must have had, the way her nose was before. It was likely corrective surgery. The “Jolie” shape to it was already there, it was just slightly bigger and crooked. I’ve seen that before..My mum had a deviated septum. so in that instance I actually would say they just straightened it out and made it smaller, otherwise keeping the natural shape..

    The lips, on the other hand…….

  101. anita says:

    she’s crazy and user!

  102. sushshaf says:

    i don’t believe that she sent angelina any letters. just like i don’t believe that angelina has considered giving her money. i think it is made up by the media to create some story for us suckers to read.
    with regard to the woman who did ivf and got twins and then got a job to get away from them; you just never know what you are going to get. i have ivf twins and they are very different as is my third singleton by natural methods. my one twin is difficult at times. i have tried various methods to stop the tantrums and tears. her behaviour impacts on everyone in the household. they all got the same attention at the start of their lives. as time goes on i am becoming a different parent to them as much as i would like to treat them all the same. i try my hardest to teach them all the same lesson but living in our home each has their own microcosm. the same applies to any family. who knows the dynamics of the postal worker’s family

  103. it is so easy for every one to nagg at her. And the real problem is that most people with no or just a few kids have way to much time to have comments on every one else. i bet a mom of 14 doesnt have the time for that.

  104. Kelly says:

    I know it’s not a popular attitude but I cant understand why you’d put yourself and your potential children through IVF when there are millions of neglected and desperate children languishing in state care, or no care at all. IVF is suboptimal for many different physiological reasons and I cannot think how an informed woman longing for children would choose it over adoption. Let alone a nutter like this piece here.
    My cousin went through IVF recently- she should never have been a candidate for a dozen reasons but there seemed to be no checks and balances on the process. The result? Two sickly, premature, physically and mentally challenged kids who had no say in the whole shebang but will most definitely suffer the consequences. *sarcastic applause* to the fertility industry. Because we need more Nadia Sulemans.

  105. Jim Zable says:

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