Star: Is Kristen Stewart quietly dating her female friend Alicia Cargile?


Since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke for good last year, Kristen has often been seen out and about in the company of her female friends. She has a lot of girlfriends, to her credit. These are not showbizy playdates like Taylor Swift’s friendships, nor are the friendships some sort of ultimately self-serving, publicly smack-talking hen party. Kristen and her girlfriends take road trips, eat real food and (I would imagine) get high a lot. Sounds like college to me.

Anyway, because Kristen has a bunch of tomboyish girlfriends, a core group of female friends she’s had for a long time, there were always rumors. Lesbian rumors. I mean, I guess it wasn’t just the fact that she spent a lot of time with her girlfriends. The rumors were around because Kristen is a tomboy, because she’s not a “girly girl,” and because many people can be rather small-minded about things. But as the months go on post-Sparkles and Kristen continues to not have a boyfriend, I guess the rumors are coming up again. As if they ever left. According to Star, Kristen has been quietly seeing her friend Alicia Cargile, the girl with the short dark hair in these photos.

Now that Robert Pattinson is officially out of the picture, Kristen Stewart is turning to her girlfriend. Kristen, 24, is rumored to be getting hot and heavy with her BFF Alicia Cargile. Sources say a romance began after Alicia comforted Kristen following her devastating split from Rob last May. The pair have dropped hints of their own by frequently stepping out on different occasions wearing the same clothes.

“Love is love to Kristen,” says a source. “She’s really happy with Alicia.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Would I be absolutely shocked if it turns out that Kristen is bisexual? No. Would I be shocked if people just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that she’s a butch straight girl with close female friends? Nope. If Kristen is dating Alicia, good for them. If not, then I hope their friendship won’t be affected by stupid rumors. And I can only imagine the Twihard meltdown and conspiracy theories within conspiracies if Kristen ever did come out and confirm that she was in a relationship with a woman.



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  1. NewWester says:

    Do the managers and public relations people of these actors feed these stories to the tabloids, in order to keep their clients in the spotlight? So she hangs out with women and has not been seen with a man in months big deal. Maybe she needed a break from dating and just wanted to go have fun with some none Hollywood friends.

    • Nola says:

      Kstew definitely needed a break from dating.
      She was in 2 serious relationship for almost 10 years of her life.
      She started dating that Michael A. at 13/14. That lasted about 4 years before dating Rob at 18/19 till 23.

      Girl needs to be by herself for awhile.

      I dislike the small mindedness that surrounds her sexuality but I do think that she is a love is love type person and could be bi.

      • Reality Check says:

        She’s been joined at the hip with Alicia for the past nine months, they have matching tatts, share clothes, wear each other’s jewelry, drive each others cars, spent ALL the holidays together last year, and have met each others families.

        Alicia flew to Germany last summer to visit her on the set of Sils Maria. She spent her 2 weeks off trailing around after KStew in Europe. KStew even went to Alicia’s office Xmas party at Nomad studios where Alicia works. Who does that if you aren’t a couple?

        KStew even went down to Long Beach to meet Alicia’s parents (there are pics of this). And Kristen took Alicia to an intimate family party the day after Thanksgiving. Supposedly, Alicia has been living at KStew’s house since Halloween. This is way, way more than anything you say about two 23 year old women who are “just friends.”

        And she isn’t famous for wearing her friends clothes, she just used to wear some of Rob’s and she dressed like Rupert for the SWATH premiere in LA. That’s her thing, wearing the clothes of whoever her current lover is.

      • mimi says:

        As I remember it, Kristen’s other close friends also flew to Germany to spend time with her while she was filming Sils Maria. It wasn’t just Alicia. There were pap pics of the whole gang all exploring the city. Her London friend Nettie even joined them. Like Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen’s close friend is also her PA. Her PA friend Suzy was also in Germany with the whole gang & her steady boyfriend was there too. One thing I noticed with Kristen’s close knit girlfriends at the moment, most of them have serious boyfriends now and have been spending alot of alone time with their guys. It happens. Your close friends suddenly fall in love and want to spend more time with their boyfriends than their female friends. It’s possible Kristen is hanging out more with Alicia these days because Alicia isn’t preoccupied and busy with a boyfriend at the moment like the other OC girls. Who knows?

        As for the same tattoos, a few of them got the same small infinity tat as Kristen when they were all roadtripping together last year. I don’t see anything suspicious about that. It was obviously done as a solidarity friendship thing with her whole group of close friends.

        At 23, I didn’t have a serious boyfriend while alot of my friends did. My roommate from college didn’t either. We ended up becoming roomies again and spent almost every day together because my other girlfriends all wanted to do alone things with their boyfriends. Looking back now, it was a really fun time not being attached and having a close friend who wasn’t either. We borrowed clothes, shoes, jewelry, cars, went on mini vacations together. My best friend is Jewish so I spent family holidays with her and since I’m Christian, she spent my holidays with me. Neither one of us is gay and not even bisexual but we were extremely close back then…like sisters. Since Kristen grew up with brothers only, maybe she too found a true friend who is like a sister to her. Instead of trying to insinuate a sexual relationship, why not just be happy she has a close friend, regardless of gender, who she trusts and likes spending time with.

      • Reality Check says:

        Sorry, mimi, no matter how you try to explain it away, it won’t go away. Alicia is a lesbian, she’s not waiting around for a boyfriend. She used to be Ashley Benson’s girlfriend, she still has tons of pics of Ashley on her twitter.

        Yes, Suzy went to Europe as KStew’s assistant, because KStew is high maintenance and can’t stand to be alone. She always needs someone around. And Nettie and her boyfriend Benedict had already planned a trip and it just coincided with KStew being there.

        But Alicia had her two week vacation from her work and she spent it all with KStew in Europe. It wasn’t just something casual friends do. They aren’t 14 and they aren’t casual friends. Kstew goes both ways, her fans need to deal with that.

      • mimi says:


        Are you the one who is feeding Hollywood Life these stories about Kristen? You are wayyyy off on your “insider” details. Ashley never dated Alicia! Ashley and her boyfriend broke up briefly and during that time she started hanging out with Kristen and the OG. Once Ashley and her boyfriend got back together, she started spending her time with the boyfriend. It happens. Also, every celeb has a personal assistant who usually travels with them during filming and press. Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend is her personal assistant. It has nothing to do with a celeb being “high maintenance” which I find extremely funny since Kristen is probably one of the least “high maintenance” stars in Hollywood.! LOL

    • boopti says:

      Agreed. But forget twihards – what are the haters gonna do when she gives birth to Rob’s baby in 3-4 mos? Hold on nonnies. 😉

      • Lark says:


        Completely agree, and I feel the same way about TSwift. Who knows if some of it was PR or not, but sometimes a girl at that age needs to just be single for a while.


        Kristen has her fans and detractors, but you are the flip side of the insane twi-hards who think she is the embodiment of evil. I thought this nutty rumor was put to rest ages ago here on Celebitchy. She’s a slender girl who was too skinny at one point and gained some weight and looks healthy again. She’s been papped drinking. As I like Kristen, I know she just started filming in New Orleans and it’s not an indie so it will probably be shot over a couple of months….and then she has a film scheduled in August to film in Tokyo. So your theory makes no sense when you look at facts. Move on girl, they’ve been broken up (or ended their PR thing) for nearly a year and she seems happier, healthier, and is working on a fairly steady basis.

      • boopti says:

        Lark, but why u mad tho’? Lolol

        I’m in the business. I know shiz. No need to accuse me if being a Twi hard. I’ve only seen 2 of dem movies anyway. Lol

        Um. She was a skinny girl? No she wasn’t. She had quite the cute very petite figure and a great azz. Diff from skinny. In fact she was knotting those tees and showing her tiny waist off just 12 mos ago.

        Now she’s not. 😉

        Now you can believe she would gain weight (no where else but her waistline) and start wearing layers and jackets hiding her belly and then proceed to book two movies where her figure doesn’t need to be on display…but that doesn’t sound plausible. It does sound plausible to do if you’re pregnant.

        Actresses don’t do what you’re suggesting. There isn’t an early 20s actress out there who is a size 2 and says to herself….oh yeah…I want to look “healthier” so Im beefing up to a 4. You sound ridic. Lolol. Stewart has always been healthy and petite and on the athletic side. She had no ‘monster’ type role she needed to gain weight for either, so don’t go manufacturing that.

        If she suddenly got slouchy (just in the belly and inexplicably over 12 mos time) she’d lose the 5-10 lbs before she stepped onset. Actresses don’t ask for bigger slouchy clothes from wardrobe to hide it. That’s not how you stay employed in hollywood hon.

        Denial is a river grrrl.

        Here’s a fun exercise try finding a pic of Stewart showing her waistline from the last 5 mos. 😉

      • feya says:

        Did you miss the pics of her smoking and drinking on her b-day this month?

      • Miss Bennet says:

        Booptie, if you’re “in the business” I’m Hedda Hopper. And I’m not Hedda Hopper.

      • Reality Check says:

        KStew was throwing back vodka cocktails 3 weeks ago in NY with her dad, she’s been drinking alot over the past 6 months. Sash made up that pregnancy rumor last AUGUST. She would have to be 8 months pregnant by now, and she isn’t.

        She’s still smoking, drinking and flying, and eating raw fish. Her friend Lindsey instagrammed her birthday lunch at a sushi joint. Pregnant women can’t eat raw fish. She was smoking weed in that park in NO last week. Pregnant women don’t do drugs, do they?

        She drank beer every day when she was film SM in Europe. She cam back with extra weight, a beer belly. You can see it in her Channel pics from the Dallas event when she’s wearing those horrible orange pants. She’s the exact same size now as she was then. She was never pregnant.

        She has some of the worst fans in the world. Most of them are delusional, the only difference is the degree of delusion.

    • Lark says:

      There are photos of her wearing skinny jeans and a tank top with a beer in hand, running around with Emile Hirsch, from Sundance a couple of months ago. There are recent photos of her running around in skinny jeans and tight Ts, and smoking on break while filming. If you don’t think she’s slim or was skinny in the past or present, then you have a warped, unhealthy sense of body image. Again, she’s filming until June or July and then again in August so your insanity doesn’t add up.

      You have to be trolling. I like Kristen and am a fan, and I can not believe someone who claims to also be a fan is still hung up in the Robsten crap to the extent that they are delusional like you are. My guess is you really think Rob is “Edward” and Kristen is “Bella” and have issues conflating fantasy with reality to the point that you don’t realize you are being rather insulting towards Kristen.

      • boopti says:

        Lark, aside from the ‘smoking onset as her character’ pic with not one single pic of her inhaling. Please find a pic here you can see her waistline and a flat tum (like we always USED to see – see any pics of her from LAST YEAR). You can’t do it. She has worn tanks showing her arms but has not yet showed belly or waistline. Also at sundance, 1st trimester she was hardly showing – she’s been fooling a lot of people because she is so slight anyway. Also drinking? Please. Lolol. Again if these pics ‘proving’ she’s drinking are out there why not link? You have no idea what she was drinking or what she wanted you and the Papz to THINK she was drinking. This girl is hyper aware of papz always has been and she’s also hyper aware of what’s being said on the internet..the whole point of them going underground is to get thru most of this in relative peace. As long as haters think it’s the last thing on earth that is happening and refuse to believe…it’s working. Hahaha 😉

      • Anon33 says:

        I have no dog in this fight and could absolutely not care any less about these people or this story, BUT: I’m sorry there is no way that that is a pregnant person. Even Rachel Zoe looked bigger than that while pregnant.

      • Melly says:

        She doesn’t show her waistline anymore? It is soooo simple: She has gained a few pounds and like so many, many people hides her belly because of that. (Which doesn’t mean they are fat, but they don’t feel so comfortable with their waistline anymore, apparently.)

      • mary says:

        I like how you think she was smoking “onset as her character” when there were no cameras, no co-stars, and no director in those shots of her smoking pot and drinking beer.

        Seriously, this is SO crazy I actually fear for you a little. She’s been papped smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, drinking cocktails, smoking pot. And you guys have been insisting she was pregnant since Sept. Yet she hasn’t gotten any bigger, she’s signed on for more work, and her behavior hasn’t been altered in the least.

  2. Showbizzy play dates! Publicity smack-talking hen parties! LOVE

  3. blue marie says:

    What, they hung out together more than once so now they’re obviously dating? Why can’t they just be two friends that enjoy each others company? How dumb. If she is bi and they are dating then good for her. But if they’re not dating, still good for her because she obviously has very supportive friends.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:


    • don't kill me i'm french says:


    • Sisi says:


    • Chaz says:

      Hanging out more than once? No. Alicia out and about driving her car. The two sharing clothing. A lot. The fact that she’s seen with her ALL the time now?

      Let’s put it this way. If Alicia was a GUY, what would you think?

      • blue marie says:

        Why so hostile? I don’t pay that much attention to Kristen anymore, but I honestly don’t care who she dates, guy or girl.

      • Nicolette says:

        Read an interesting blind about her recently. It basically has her mother in the role of one of the worst stage moms ever. Allegedly her mom pimped her out (Lucifer’s Home Girl listen up, you have company), had her taking Adderall to keep her thin, and wants to keep her relationship with Alicia quiet.

      • Jen says:

        That describes my relationship with my roommates (we hang out a lot and share clothes and sometimes drive each others cars) and uh, we’re all straight as arrows.

      • What are we, 13-years-old?
        Kristen and Alicia sitting in a tree?

        I’m with Bluemarie and Jen here.

      • melodycalder says:

        If that is all it takes to be dating then I dated a lot of women in my late teens and early 20s.

      • Lee says:

        I think Chaz’s point is that, when a male and female celebrity do all of those things, it’s perfectly acceptable to speculate but all of a sudden, when we speculate about two women or two men, we’re making assumptions that seem to offend people. I mean, look at the Ellen Page – ASkars thing. How much speculation about a romantic relationship did that elicit? And people were mostly offended by those who maintained they didn’t buy into it because they thought she was gay.

        Of course straight women can be butch or be tomboys. But I’ve had plenty of female roommates with whom I never did any of those things. I did have one close female friend who I DID do those things with and we were more than friends.

        I honestly don’t know what Kristen’s romantic situation is and I’m not making any assumptions. I just don’t see why people are always offended by the suggestion that a tomboy celebrity could be queer. If Kristen does turn out to be in a relationship with a woman, it doesn’t retroactively queer all of your straight female friendships. And if she turns out to be 100% straight it doesn’t take anything away from my queer relationships.

      • gg says:

        I see your point, but I think the point that everyone else was making is that we couldn’t care less whether she is or not.

      • Leen says:

        In that case, apparently I am in a relationship with 3 different women.

      • Lee says:

        which is awesome. 🙂

      • mia girl says:

        @Lee interesting post and you should post more often.
        Aside from the tomboy=lesbian speculation (which in general is stupid), in THIS specific fan universe, I kind of see that Chaz’s point can be taken.

        Because these very types of dynamics were used in the past as “Twihard Proof” (thanks Kaiser) that Stewart and Pattinson were a couple and super in love – i.e. sharing clothes, visits on set, spending holidays together (which I just read on another site that some say she and Alicia have).
        So when you also add that dynamic into the mix, this kind of speculation can be fair game I suppose among this fandom.

        I’m not offended by the speculation though, I just don’t care what her sexuality is and in this case don’t believe the rumor of a relationship is true.

      • boopti says:

        Nicolette, you haters will walk a country mile in shoes made of broken glass to try to not so subtly come up with reasons why Kristen’s figure looks pregnant. Hahaha.

        Stage mom had her on adderall?! Took her off at 23. Hence the preg belly she’s hiding under layers. Ahahaha nice try girl, bye.

      • boopti says:

        Lee, who exactly is offended? From what I know about Kristen and her family they’ve always been pro lgbt. Her mom made a lgbt film last year, Kristen’s played women who are lesbian – and she’s close to supernova lesbian women like Joan Jett and Jodie Foster. I don’t think she’d be coy about coming out nor do I think she’s the type of person to not be tight with someone just because they were gay and it would make her look gay. It’s not how she was raised. The sad truth is..whether it’s Alicia or Rupert Sanders or others – there are a faction of haters who make it their business to spread misinformation about Stewart for their own silly hateful usually pattinson based reasons. Even getting tabloids and gossip blogs to go to print with their lies and misinfo.

      • Lee says:

        Oh, I didn’t mean Kristen and co. would be offended, I was referring to the reactions from other people to the speculation.

      • decorative item says:

        This is all my roommate/best girlfriend relationships, and I’m not gay.

      • Cheap Trick says:

        To everyone who says “who cares?”: LGBT+ people care, that’s who! Teens especially. Because 99% of public spaces and popular media are plastered with heterosexuality, so every little display of anything queer is important. Visibility and representation matter!

      • Sandy says:

        @Nicolette That blind sounds very much like Lilo/Dina and nothing like Kristen/her mom.

      • FWIW says:


        Agree. Kristen and Alicia spend too much time together to just be friends, in my opinion. What made me think that was also the fact that Kristen spends more time with Alicia than with her other friends, and they have been in her life longer. It’s the thing you do when you have a significant other. Her old friends are not around as before. i think Robsten was real only the first one or two years and after that it was PR. Rob still doesn’t have a girlfriend which i find odd, so I’m thinking both Rob and Kristen are bi. Ted said it a long time ago and, well, looks like he was right. It’s their life so they can do as they please and they do. LOL

      • Nicolette says:

        @boopti, where did you get the vibe that I’m a hater? I actually like Kristen, and have commented in the past that I feel she was really treated badly after the Rupert scandal. And where the hell did I say anything about her being pregnant? I merely was commenting on a blind item I read about her. You go on with your bad self and think what you want.

    • Lauren says:

      I totally agree with you blue marie. Very well said!

    • Hannah says:

      I disagree with @bluemarie. If kstew was papped a lot with a male friend there totally would be tabloid rumors. I never see posters having these kind of reactions towards a straight rumour almost as if it’s offensive to speculate before it’s confirmed even though we speculate on many straight rumours that probably isn’t true at all. I thought kaiser put it perfectly well I could see her dating a woman or maybe she is just a butch straight girl with close female friendship. Big deal.

      • “I never see posters having these kind of reactions towards a straight rumour”

        Then you’re not here often enough.

        If you want a fresh example, just go look at today’s
        Katy Perry post. Plenty of us doubting that she hooked up with Sparkles or Leto, even though she and Sparkles have been seen together on many occasions.

        People speculate about celeb relationships all the time and everyone has an opinion. Being skeptical isn’t automatically indicative of homophobia simply because the couple in question is of the same sex.

      • Lee says:

        Exactly! Thank you!

        @TOK I really don’t think anyone is trying to ‘frame people’s doubts as homphobic’. I just think there can be a bit of a double standard. and for what it’s worth, I’m here all the time even if I don’t often comment.

      • Hannah says:

        @ kitten I am here often enough that I would have to respectfully disagree with you on that one.

      • What’s the “double standard” though?
        Who’s being treated unfairly?

        I don’t get it.

      • blue marie says:

        I’m not sure I get the argument either, but I’m having a slow day.

      • In order for a double standard to occur, one party or group has be treated inequitably.
        I don’t see how K-Stew is being treated unfairly by anyone on this comment thread. Some people think she’s dating Alicia and some people don’t…seems like it’s merely a difference of opinion, like we see on ALL speculation-based celeb relationship threads.

      • Lee says:

        Let me preface this by saying that you may disagree with all of this, which is fine. I just figured I might as well explain my position further since you asked. And to be fair, this particular post is actually pretty tame in regards to the replies.

        Perhaps ‘double standard’ wasn’t the best choice of words. But if you want to compare it to the Katy Perry post, over there the disbelief is mostly expressed as a simple ‘I don’t buy it’ and if that disbelief is explained in further detail, it is usually more related to the impression someone has of the celebrity involved (ex: Leto probably thinks he is above Katy Perry so I doubt he would go there).

        On posts that involve same-sex speculation, people often use their own experiences to counter the speculation (ex: I have never had an intense female friendship develop into something more therefore this speculation seems baseless to me). And when someone tries to argue for the possibility, people sometimes pile on with countering arguments of the same personal nature in a way they don’t tend to on other posts. There are always going to be more commenters here who haven’t had those experiences, but that doesn’t negate the experiences of those of us who have. And going down that personal road at all ends up creating a lot more discord than you see on posts like the Katy Perry one. I mean, why was Chaz’s comment deemed ‘hostile’ anyways? I think often times, it comes down to tone, which we probably shouldn’t read too much into on the internet anyways since it is misinterpreted all the time, especially when we are coming at something from very different perspectives like we usually are on these types of posts. But there it is.

        At least no one here has tried to claim that even wondering if someone could be in a queer relationship is inherently offensive. That’s always the worst to me.

      • @Lee-Ok, that was a thorough and well-articulated explanation. I do get what you’re saying here-I really do.
        That being said, I guess I am of the group that thinks that speculating about sexuality isn’t entirely fair.

        My little cousin just came out to our family by announcing that he married his partner (BOOM 😉 ). We all knew he was gay but he had never “formally” come out. Not that anyone should have to make some sort of a public declaration, but I also don’t think that people should be forced to clarify that kind of thing if they’re not comfortable with being open about their relationships.

        I get the argument that by acting like sexual orientation is “off-limits” to discussion could imply that there’s something wrong with it. However, I also think people are simply entitled to their privacy when it comes to who they choose to date, which is something someone should be able to discuss or not discuss on their own terms, in their own time. I think everyone here wouldn’t bat an eye if K-Stew came out as a lesbian, but I also think it should be HER CHOICE.

        I’d also like to add that I detected a lot of assumptions in some of your statements. You stated that we’re essentially filtering everything through a personal lens, which is actually a very natural way for people to understand things-we relate it back to ourselves and our own experiences. However, I honestly don’t think that’s what’s happening here. How do you know that all the commenters here have never had a gay experience or are bi or gay themselves?

      • Lee says:

        Fair point on your last paragraph OK. There was one comment where the person specifically mentioned they (and the friends they were referencing) were all straight, but extending that same assumption to all of the other similar comments may not be fair. I do still think that it is statistically more likely that we will have more comments coming from a straight perspective than an LGBTQ perspective on this blog though, which is why I end up commenting more on articles like this one. Elsewhere, other people have usually already made the points I wanted to make. I mean, we can all agree Alan Cummings is the best part of that Michelle Williams post regardless of our background. 🙂

        I get what you mean about allowing people their space and privacy, but I think that makes more sense when we’re talking about people in our real lives (like your cousin) or when we are coming from a position of power in the media. But I think that when we’re just a bunch of commenters on a celeb gossip site, treating sexuality as an off-limits topic is done in a different context since we gossip and parse every other aspect of people’s personal lives. I also think that the more we openly discuss sexuality in the same way that we discuss anything else, the more people will be comfortable being out.

      • blue marie says:

        It may seem like I’m piling on but in this I agree with OKitt. It should be Kristen’s choice, not some trash gossip magazine. I honestly don’t care who she dates, if it is Alicia and she’s happy then good for her.

        I really do appreciate you clarifying your point to where I could understand Lee. As for me asking “why so hostile” to Chaz, it was simply the way I read the comment. I read it as Chaz expecting me to know all those things about Kristen and Alicia that I wouldn’t know unless I was a huge fan. The assumption was made that I have a problem with the rumor simply because Alicia is a woman, which is just as offensive because ya’ll know nothing about me other than what I post on here.

      • Lark says:


        It was probably assumed it was a hostile comment because Chaz wrote in capital letter and because the reaction to Kristen can be…..intense by some. She has her fans and a lot of detractors like many celebs, but there is a special breed of twi-hards who think she’s the embodiment of evil for her scandal or stan for her at an extreme level.

        I think the reasoning behind a lot of people’s thoughts are that people shouldn’t be outed unless they are comfortable being out as bi or gay. You really can’t compare her it to straight relationships, because they don’t have to deal with homophobia that often faces a lot of people (especially public figures) who come out as bi or gay. I like Kristen and I could easily see her being bisexual, but most of this speculation about her dating her long term friend seems baseless and based off the old bi rumors that have been surrounding her since Twilight started and the fact that she has a handful of gay and bi friends (like Tegan and Sara and their circle and gfs) in her circle of friends. In fact, a lot of this was “re-brought up” several months ago on twitter from what I understand by the bizarre Robsten twi-hard fanbase who don’t seem to understand how a young woman can work or be happy without a man in their lives and have gay or bi friends (a rather conservative and ridiculous viewpoint, but these are people who were hooked into Twilight so not a surprise) and the bizarre anti-stans I mentioned above and they started putting all her gay and bi friends under a stalker mirror.

        Swapping clothes with friends, having a friend drive your car once (maybe she had a few drinks and wanted her friend to be the designated driver, or hates driving at night, or they met up at her house and then took one car out while hanging out), and this particular girl being a part of a group of friends that she vacations with hardly seems indicative of a relationship. I’ve done all of those things with friends, including two who happen to be gay, and it’s especially normal behavior for people in their early to mid 20s as Kaiser pointed out. Now, call me if Amber Heard and Johnny Depp break up and then Amber and Kristen start hanging out or Kristen is papped on a beach in Mexico one on one with this Alicia girl or cuddling up to her…….Anyway, I think Kaiser and Blue Marie worded it best in that if she’s dating this girl good for them and hope it works out and if she’s not I hope these dumb rumors don’t influence their friendship.

      • Lee says:

        @marie, I can understand why you took it that way. I certainly don’t mean to accuse anyone here of being homophobic for these comments and I didn’t take chaz’s comment as implying that either, but I understand why you might. That’s what I was trying to get at when I mentioned tone. I just think that there are other perspectives on it that are important to express, which is why I expressed mine. I do love that we can actually have productive conversations like this on celebitchy even if we don’t agree on things in the end.

      • boopti says:

        Lee, let’s not be disingenuous though…I’m sure we all recall a time not too long ago when despite her constant public togetherness with bf Pattinson you had posters who were calling her gay, him gay, basically anything to denounce the relationship. In those cases being gay was absolutely used as an insult, and it happened and still happens all the time with kstew..even those who think and want to believe she’s done with pattinson or who were calling her a tramp and a Ho re sanders, still love using lesbian as a slur for her.

        …so let’s not forget where we started.

        that said…the spec re Alicia for me, I don’t buy because I have on good authority she and pattinson delib went underground when she became pregnant.

        Also, even if THAT weren’t true….because I think based on how she was raised and where she comes from – if she were lesbian she’d have no problems sharing subtly or not so subtly that she was. She has said she likes men.

        While i think there are some people who might lie to themselves until they felt safe or comfortable in their skin, because from a young age she’s had gay friends, taken on lesbian roles and been in that environment/community..i don’t think she’d be prone to doing that.

      • Cheap Trick says:

        I’m not even offended by the broad display of heteronormativity, just really amused. Funny how straight people see the point but also simultaneously ignore it. Not just in this thread, there is actually a broad pattern of queer people needing to spoon feed and graffiti spray using giant cap letters. For example, a friend of mine once wrote a story a for her creative writing class that was literally about two women getting it on and straights were still like “clearly it is a metaphor for motherly love” – No.

        LGBT+ folks on the other hand are skilled at detecting the teeny tiniest crumbles of queer. And we hold on to them like it’s Sauron’s goddamn ring! This is how we survive, lol.

      • ….and the “heteronormativity” gets dropped.


        Love divisive terms like this.

        ….because nothing is more conducive to a productive, worthwhile conversation than an esoteric term that doesn’t even apply to the conversation at hand.

        “For example, a friend of mine once wrote a story a for her creative writing class that was literally about two women getting it on and straights were still like “clearly it is a metaphor for motherly love” – No.”

        Well if a couple heteros in a creative writing class thought that then clearly ALL straight people are incapable of understanding or respecting homosexuality.

        Anyway, I’m glad we “amuse” you. We truly appreciate the patronizing attitude with a dash of haughty disdain. This is definitely how change happens-through thinly concealed acerbity directed towards people who really don’t deserve it.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Blue marie in no way implied that she was offended by the idea that KStew might be bisexual. She clearly stated that it’s not possible to know from the information we have, and whatever the truth is, she’s glad KStew has support in her life. Then, her words were completely twisted into something else. Broad display of heteronormativity. Please. You are seeing what you want to see, and gaining such obvious satisfaction from your imaged injury.

    • AND... says:

      They also have been living together since November
      just saying…

      • Nighty says:

        Oh my, then I dated 3, no 4 women at university, since we shared a flat because of the expenses… and one of them, we actually shared the room.. 😛

      • Lark says:

        Um, that’s a pretty big assumption to say they are living together….I’ve never even heard that rumor.

    • Missy says:

      Agree. The immaturity factor of some fans (probably Pattinson’s fans) & these gossip sites. Just because some hag sends you an email about Kristen Stewart doesn’t mean you have to fall for it & publish it.

      • Tig says:

        And the use of the phrase “hag” is the epitome of maturity. You can usually tell when posts like this are going down the rabbit hole when “maturity/immaturity” starts being bandied about, along with physical attributes.

  4. Dame Snarkweek says:

    Mehbe, mehbe not.

  5. mary says:

    Her own fans are the ones that first started wondering about this. The tabloids are actually months late to this party.

    • Lark says:

      The weird Robsten twi-hard stans and the anti-stans have been wondering about this, but I always thought it was baseless speculation and I’m a Kristen fan. I could easily see her being bi, but there is nothing to indicate that she is dating this girl. I would have dated half of my friends, including two lesbians, if borrowing clothes from friends was an indication of a romantic relationship.

      • Missy says:


      • mary says:

        And if your friend actually WAS a lesbian (which Alicia is), lived with you, you wore things like her rosary beads, and she traveled with you frequently, people might wonder if you were more than friends too.

        And it’s not just Robsten/Twi-Hard stans who are thinking this. If anything Robsten stans will brush off anything because they delusionally think Robsten is still Unbroken. It’s the people who’ve been fans of Kristen’s since even pre-Twilight who wonder if there’s something there, because they’re the ones who wouldn’t care and think she and Alicia are cute together.

    • Courtney says:

      Yup. The gossip is that Alicia travels with her and stays with her frequently. They think it’s at least an unusually intense friendship, if not more.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      There are way too many balls in this thread. Always in the KS threads, those damned BALLS!

  6. Ali J says:

    I dont know gay is hot now

    • Cheap Trick says:

      Wrong. Gay was, is, and will ALWAYS be hot.

      • meh says:

        Replying to say I second every single one of your comments on this thread-especially some of the ones I can’t reply to directly.

  7. Lark says:

    I like Kristen (so don’t freak out any stans as I don’t mean this in a bad way) and I could easily see her being bi-sexual but I don’t think she’s dating that particular girl because borrowing clothes from your friends does not mean a relationship. Plus, she’s been filming back to back and that isn’t exactly conducive to a relationship.

    As one of the few Kristen fans that read this blog lol, I do know that the anti-stans and the twi hard Robsten type stans keep freaking out though because she is close friends with several bi and gay people along with straight people like Emile Hirsch and Riley Keough. She’s tight with Tegan and Sara and Tegan’s gf, for example. Kind of ridiculous that they (many of the twi-hards) have such outdated, dumb and vaguely homophobic views….but considering they were people hooked into Twilight not a big surprise.

  8. Inlike says:

    She seems more at ease around this woman. Can’t tell if they are a couple are just two good friends. But at least she’s smiling instead of scowling.

    • Sandy says:

      She’s happy like that around all her friends. And she is notorious for sharing clothes with all of them. I think she is just rumored to be dating anyone she is standing by at any particular time. If she is seen with the same person more than once, it suddenly becomes fact. Let’s face it, Kristen doesn’t give a damn. If she were a lesbian, she would be shouting it out loud. She’s just a hipster with a wide circle of friends.

  9. Loopy says:

    I feel sorry for these female celebs sometimes, if they are single for a while they have to deal with rumours. However if they jump into another relationship they get called names. Is Cara Delevegne bi or a lesbian? as she is new don’t know the history of her love life

    • Aurie says:

      Men have to deal with gay rumors way more often than women do.

    • Cheap Trick says:

      Because it’s THE WORST being assumed to be lesbian/gay or bi?! You understand that when nobody says anything people are ~automatically~ assumed to be straight? Why does nobody complain about that? Compulsory heterosexuality literally kills queer teenagers because they don’t know how to cope with being different, because they can’t imagine a happy future for themselves, because they don’t know how to vocalize and push back societies 24/7 implied hetero expectations. Yet, it is poor poor straight people dealing with a rumor or two of maybe be not the straightest straight that ever straighted?

      • Blackwood says:

        Oh My God.
        I’m bi too, and I don’t ever recall feeling like it was the end of the world, or even something mildly negative. I was a fact of life, like being brunette and having curves. Your points might be very valid, and they are, but the emphasis on “heteronormativity” “compulsory heterosexuality” (?) babble makes you seem like a drama queen. Not everyone regards being different as a terrible tragedy, some people are actually proud of not being like others and enjoy it. Clearly, there are people who suffer through it and painting heterosexuality as the only viable option is dangerous at worst and naive and ignorant at best, but I don’t think that would stop anyone from making heterosexuality the simplest/first assumption, since whether we like it or not, most people are actually straight.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thank you, Blackwood. Not to mention that it’s not surprising that people assumed Kirsten was heterosexual as we have been inundated for what seems like forever with the details of her relationship with a man. And you’re exactly right. Cheap Trick would have some very legitimate points if they were made in a rational voice, not this one of a hysterical, whining martyr. Seriously not helping.

      • meh says:

        @blackwood, why are you using the word heteronormativity in scare quotes? It is an academic term used in sociology to describe the mainstream straight cis culture of western society, not some dig at straight people that Cheap Trick made up in the midst of their “hysterics.”

        @goodnames, “your thoughts would be valid except the fact that you got emotional means they aren’t, haha!” Is another tried and true derailing tactic. Are you just going off of derailingfordummies dot com or what?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I often get emotional when I’m passionate about something. But if you look at all of Cheap Trick’s posts on this thread, you will see that she has twisted people’s words to suit her own agenda, and rather than thoughtfully expressing her opinion and trying to reach some understanding, she has escalated the vitriol and hatefulness of this exchange. She has been rude, demeaning, condescending and pompous. Rather like you. Explaining to us the meaning heteronormativity as if we didn’t know what it meant. Calling me a dummy. Such valuable input. So dignified, intelligent and mature. Goodnight.

      • Blackwood says:

        because I’m borrowing the terms she used, but wouldn’t choose to use myself. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Next time I’ll just copy/write and put (sic) next to the words I’m taking from another poster.

  10. minime says:

    She might be bisexual, but she might also just really enjoy her friends. In my circle of friends we often heard the rumors of us being lesbians, just because we used to hang out all the time, sleep at each other’s home, go on holidays together, do everything together (even when we were in relationships, we would always take the time for that). Even in my late-20’s, with a long-term boyfriend I heard those kind of insinuations…I don’t really know what the problem with society is, but it’s there. Is it rare to be close to your friends??!

    • gg says:

      I’m starting to think it might be an unusually fortunate situation to have a true soulmate friend. Everyone should have somebody they can tell their inner thoughts to without fear of betrayal. You are lucky indeed.

    • mimif says:

      No it’s not rare, but as gg wrote, you are lucky. As am I, and I’ve also been a suspected lesbian almost my whole life, despite the fact that I’ve basically been a serial (straight) dater. It’s infantile, not to mention rude speculation IMO, and in my experience born of bigotry and ignorance.

  11. Helvetica says:

    Yes, she pings my lesbian-dar.

    • SnarkySnarkers says:

      Mine too, this really would make much more sense to me than her and Sparkles ever did.

      • Courtney says:

        She at least seems happier with Alicia than she ever did with Rob.

      • mimi says:

        I beg to differ with the statements that Kristen never looked happy with Rob. They lived together for almost 5 years. We as fans only saw maybe 1% of their lives, mostly from pap pics. Let’s face it, neither one of them is ever happy and all smiles when the paps are following and hounding them. The other 99% of the time away from the public eye, I’m sure they were happy and smiley hanging with their friends and family. Remember how affectionate and playful they were at Cannes…especially at the On the Road afterparty. They had no idea the paps were filming them. We saw them hugging, kissing, joking, laughing, etc. when they thought nobody was looking. After Rob’s Cosmopolis screening in Cannes, he went directly over to Kristen and she embraced him very warmly and affectionately in the theater. They had their moments in public, showing support and affection for eachother. I’m sorry but I will never believe either one was in a fake romance for Twilight. Rob constantly gushed about having a big crush on Kristen from the very beginning and Kristen was always very nervous around him in public during Twilight press. They had a nice 5 year run which is good for two young Hollywood actors in their late teens/early 20’s.

      • Nicolette says:

        That’s because her ‘relationship’ with Sparkles was nothing more than PR, as are so many other relationships in La-La Land.

      • Original Tessa says:

        Mimi, they didn’t live together for five years. That’s insanely bad math. And Kristen was all over Rupert a few months after Cannes, so whatever love you saw that night wasn’t really there now was it? I think that all but proves it was PR. She was good at pretending to love Rob, but had other stuff going on on the side. They made a big show in Cannes when it was truly important to their careers. That’s how you get the most mileage out of a Promance.

      • janey says:

        lol, what I remember about Cannes was her shoving him away instinctually after he kissed her. Something she did more than once as the years went by. Face it, whether they were for real or not, something in her continually rebelled against wanting to be with him. I don’t know if she’s gay/bi, but I do feel like she was with him for her career, whether she consciously knew it or not. Their on and off-screen chemistry was terrible once they actually decided to be a couple.

        We still only see 1% of her life, but she looks immeasurably more happy these days than she did in 2009-2012.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      Same here, much in the way that Jodie Foster did for years before she came out. Not that I care either way of course, just I wouldn’t be shocked if she was lesbian or bi.

    • Cheap Trick says:

      Yes. From space.

    • Hannah says:

      I saw one Twilight movie (which sucked), came home and googled, “Is Kirsten Stewart gay?” because she gives off that vibe. I did not think she was charismatic, a good actress or movie-star pretty. The Rob Stewart thing seemed fake- I am not sure what was the deal with the married director.
      Read this and you won’t have much doubts-

  12. tracy says:

    I thought most girls traded and borrowed clothes, with their friends. . I thought most female friends end up buying very similar, if not the same clothes. I thought most girls hang out with their female friends. So to recap… two female friends share clothes and hang out together. It must be a slow week.

    • Lulu says:

      Its just idiotic & immature Pattinson fans & some Kristen fans that are constantly throwing this out there. It’s embarrassing.

      • Cheap Trick says:

        Or it’s embarrassing how the entire thread is all about explaining the gay away. Makes plenty of you look rather homophobic, if even the slightest possibility of a woman being les/bi makes you so uncomfortable that every other comment is “she can’t be gay because X”

        By the way: I traded my clothes, too. And I’m totally bi. So according to the logic of many, I am free to say that – based on my own experience – omg, omg, you all can’t be straight boohoo? See how ridiculous it sounds?

      • meh says:

        A lot of people “throwing this out there” don’t give a crap about pattinson, but ARE queer people who’s gaydar pings hard on Kristen and a desperate for some representation in Hollywood/celeb culture.

  13. Josephine says:

    She strikes me as someone who has a very small group of friends, so no big surprise that she is seen with the same few people. I think she’s a terrible actress and a spoiled princess, but her sexual orientation is neither here nor there. If can’t imagine a single person caring either way — if anything, it seems to help young actresses these days to be bi or gay because men for some reason think it is provocative.

  14. mia girl says:

    Meh, I think they are just very good friends.

    As far as borrowing clothes, let’s hope Alicia never borrows that horrible burgundy romper Kristen is wearing in one of the pictures above… egads!

  15. Size Does Matter says:

    Now can we chat about Swifty and the VS girls being lesbians? Or is it only the Chuck wearing girls who are suspects? ~s

    • Mo Cheeks says:

      What I want to talk about- is that a button on the crotch of Kristen’s jeans? Because I’m in fits of laughter right now at the thought of a grown woman pinning buttons on her cooch.

      • mia girl says:

        Funny, but nope not a weird hipster placed button. It’s just one half of the sunglasses she has hanging from the top of her jeans.

        But hey, thanks for causing me to zoom in and inspect Stewart’s crotch area. That’s a first for me. Haha

      • Mo Cheeks says:

        Hahahah I’m sorry to do that to you. Thanks for checking 🙂

      • Lucinda says:

        Err.. I’m pretty sure those are her sunglasses.

    • Lee says:

      I’m not sure that’s a fair comparison since Swifty has a new VS bestie every week. But if you snoop around in the high fashion model fan section of the internet, there is a lot of speculation anytime a woman hangs around Freja Beha Erichsen. I think it has just as much to do with the (false) assumption that straight women and lesbians can’t have a deep platonic friendship, which is a pretty offensive notion.

  16. Sarah says:

    living an actors life is very lonely. you will meet a lot of people but you wont be able to connect with them. most stars have someone close to them travelling with them and spending time with them. those are either good friends, family and generally Enablers, think Justin Bieber.

  17. Louise says:

    Any speculation of her being gay is ridiculous considering what she did to herself and two other guys back in 2012 and if it was true I hope she gets backlash for cheating with a married dude and breaking her BF heart only to come out as confused teen who want to experiment smh

    • Tig says:

      Being in relationships with men, or even being married to a man ( see Meredith Baxter for one) doesn’t preclude a woman from discovering her true sexual orientation at a later date, either gay and/or bi. That being said, I agree that Rob was way more into her than vice versa. If he wasn’t, that is w/o a doubt the best acting job I have ever seen.

      • mimi says:

        Same can be said about Rob. He has a very close friendship with Tom Sturridge. They lived together at one point, shared clothes, vacationed together and as someone mentioned Tom even came to NY to spend time with Rob while he filmed Remember Me, etc. Not much different from Kristen and her close friend Alicia.

        Isn’t it possible that both Rob and Kristen are just really lucky to have close friends of the same sex they love spending time with? Does it have to be an indicator of sexual preference having a same sex close friend you just like hanging out with?

      • Reality Check says:

        I love it when Kristen fans relate everything to Rob and try to twist it around and make it fit.

        The difference is that Alicia is openly gay and neither Rob nor Tom are. Rob was with Nina for 3 years and Tom was with Nettie W. for longer than that, the whole time they shared a flat in London. Rob and Tom have both proved that they will wear anything if it’s clean and available. Those boys just don’t care what they wear. That doesn’t make them gay, it makes them average boys.

        Both of them have always been in relationships with women and never shown any interest in men. Tom is with Sienna now and has a child with her. Rob has never had a gay best friend or even ran with a group of gays the way Kristen has (Alicia, Alannah, Brit, Lindsey B, Charlotte, Kate, Tamara) — they’re all openly gay women and KStew has hung with them almost exclusively for the past year. She hasn’t been seen with Suzy or any of her old gang since last summer when Suzy went to Germany with her.

      • mimi says:

        @Reality Check

        Kristen still hangs out with her old friends. One major difference since last year is that most of her girlfriends have serious boyfriends now and have been spending alot alone time with their guys. It happens. When Kristen and Rob were together, most of her close friends were single so they all hung out together more.

  18. BC says:

    The idea of her dating one of her close friends is so gross considering how that friend used to hang out around her ex like ew girl have some class

    • jaye says:

      I’m not sure I’m following your logic. Now if her FRIEND had started dating Rob after the split, THAT would be gross and classless.

    • janey says:

      Rob was never close with most of her friends. He’s never been seen with any of her inner circle people since the break-up. She’s close with a few of his friends, but the general consensus is that Rob never cared for her friends and that it was probably a contributing factor to their break-up.

  19. Shallow end of pool says:

    I find the jeans super unattractive. It’s weird because both ladies have great figures but those jeans are six kinds of ugly.

  20. Mylene - Montreal says:

    “Kristen and her girlfriends take road trips, eat real food and (I would imagine) get high a lot. Sounds like college to me” . ……….. Sound real life .. people need to stop hating this young women. She do her thing and don’t reach for fame attention like so much .. too much other celebs.

  21. Olivia says:

    Doesn’t her ex boyfriend share clothes with his friends and take road trips/travel/hang with these same friends? Maybe both Rob and Kristen are bi.

    • Lena says:

      Are you saying he’s banging all his friends because they have shared clothes and travel together? Lol I don’t remember rpatz being pap everywhere with the same guy and the same guy being the guy he shares clothes with.

      • Lulu says:

        Well, you haven’t looked at his pictures close enough. He even talked about sharing clothes with his friends during interviews.

      • @Lena says:

        Tom Sturridge. He lived with Rob in London and again in NY during Remember me filming. Tom and Sienna have an open relationship; she is bi, he is bi. There’s nothing wrong with that if all parties are in agreement, but yeah. Rob and Tom were always notorious about sharing clothes and going to all events as a couple. He was fondly known as Lurking TomStu because he was always in the background of Rob’s pics.

      • Lena says:

        Eh it’s the fact that Alicia is openly gay, and that There are more pap pics of kristen and Alicia ALONE than with robert pattinson or rpatz with any person, with who she went out mostly in groups, well at least per pap pics.
        Again that’s typical of dudes and girls when they’re teens/early 20s. This guy is almost 30, do you see him doing that anymore? We all did that when we were 18-21. We all grow up when we move to mid twenties.
        As for sienna miller and tom Lol how do you happen to know anything about their relationship, and that they’re both bi at all? Was it because she was joking around with cara? Lol

    • janey says:

      Not really, no. Back when he was younger, but like most people, as he’s grown up he’s on his own more often. His friends don’t come to his sets. He hangs out with them when they happen to be in the same cities. Most of his friends are married/engaged/have kids now. He’s basically the only single guy in his circle.

      Besides that, I think people are ignoring that the reason Kristen has these rumors is that her friend actually IS gay. If she were hanging around a girlfriend who had a boyfriend, I doubt that many people would make a big deal. But she’s hanging around this much with a lesbian, so people wonder.

    • Reality Check says:

      Wow, Lena. Can you point out where Tom or Sienna have ever said they’re bi and have an open relationship? Because that’s the biggest load of BS I’ve heard in a long time.

      Tom was with Nettie Wakefield for YEARS, and then dated Carey Mulligan and some other women before ending up with Sienna. He’s never been with men at all, so I’d like some receipts for your claims.

      And Sienna just told Esquire that Tom was her stability because of his strong character and moral values:

      ESQUIRE: Tellingly, later on when we are talking about the difference between her upbringing and her fiancé Tom’s, she says that while he grew up with a strong sense of right and wrong, a reliable moral compass, she didn’t necessarily have that.

      So where is your BS coming from?

      • mimi says:

        Same can be said about Kristen. Since the age of 14, she has had two serious relationships and both were with guys. When she got caught cheating on Rob, it was with a guy as well…not a woman.

  22. Lena says:

    Well, every time she gets pap nowadays, she’s with this girl; soo maybe

    • boopti says:

      Ok as I was saying…Tom Sturridge and Rob have been best mates since school days. Rob lived with a girl in london pre twi. (Google it, shes given an interview once) Tom was never known as ‘lurking tomstu,’ (first I’m hearing of that nickname) he was more well known than Rob so he wouldn’t have been in his shadow. They were both part of the pubclub musician brit pack that included Marcus foster and Sam long. All straight brits. The hatedom in this fandom is almost like brangelina…where you have women so obsessed with the coveted male they get devastated over who he’s in love with and start spreading lies and attacking him. Lol

      • Miss Bennet says:

        I’m not particularly interested in Pattinson and I don’t care for Kristen Stewart’s acting. Most people who don’t see her as talented couldn’t care less about Pattinson. As for this hatred to speak of, no one with a rational cell in their bodies cares enough to hate some actress. Because of your own emotional involvement with your idol you attribute strong emotions to those who don’t care for her. But, go right ahead making Stewart into a victim of prejudice, and irrational hate. At least you have a hobby right?

  23. Marybel says:

    My Chucks look as bad as Kristen’s. I’M A LESBIAN! I’M A HIPSTER!

  24. mfmaefh says:

    she spends good time with her friends, that is all what I can see

  25. Christo says:

    Hardly surprising. Anyone who saw her in Panic Room could easily surmise what was awaiting her in her adult years.

  26. ramona says:

    If she’s dating a chick and she’s bi, fabulous! If she’s making more time to hang out with her girlfriends and doesn’t currently have a boyfriend, tremendous! Kristen has always struck me as the type of actress who has no interest in sharing her personal life with the public – except for her “mea culpa” a while back regarding her cheating – so if she wants to leave us guessing, rad.

    I won’t be losing any sleep over it. But if she is bi, and she did come out, it would be pretty great for any young Twilight fans who may be struggling with their identities and see her as a role model.

  27. Nina W says:

    I’ve never seen this girl in anything and she got so much exposure in such a negative light I kind of don’t care for her but I have to say, aside from the red hair photo and the raccoon eye make-up, she is amazingly photogenic. Who can look at her friend in these shots? Also I bet they’re just friends and there is nothing wrong with dressing like a teenage skate rat. I’ve been doing it for 30 years and I’m totally into dudes. It’s a California thing I guess, we’re tomboy slackers.

  28. Tammy says:

    I wouldn’t say spending a lot of time together, sharing clothes, or going to family functions together make them ‘coupled’. Yes, these things can be a sign of romantic entanglement, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

    My best friend and I, before I met my boyfriend, would literally see eachother everyday. I would spend nights at her house, shes lent me pants, shirts, socks. When her great grandmother died I was present at her wake, I was at the hospital everyday with my friend before she passed, much to her families disdain. We refer to one another as ‘my wife’. Weve even held hands and cuddled while drunk, I imagine people have probably speculated about us as well.

    However I can assure you we’re both straight. Now our boyfriend s call eachother my boyfriend. Not every friendship is as conventional as others, I don’t think that because they have a level of closeness others do not in their friendships that they have to be intimate together.

    • Starring says:

      Your situation is a little bit different, for one, you’re and your friend are both straight and have boyfriends. Alicia is openly gay and has had girlfriends. So naturally people are wondering and speculating about this very close relationship with a lesbian and her seemingly straight girl friend. That quite different from two close straight friends who have boyfriends, getting mistaken for being in a relationship.

  29. Debbie says:

    Why do all of you people keep comparing a multi millionaire to your broke college selves living with your roommates? #questions

  30. Dita says:

    Not gonna lie my girl crush on K.Stew started when I watched The Runaways. She was serving some serious hotness as Joan Jett. Which is crazy cause when I watched her on Twilight and felt nothing.

  31. Lili says:

    Perhaps she’s a closet lesbian, perhaps she’s not. I’ve never really thought of her as into girls, but on the other hand I don’t have a specific idea of what a lesbian looks and acts like. But people in general do and that’s why these rumors don’t surprise me. Nor do the rumors about Taylor Swift. It’s kinda sad though that it’s expected of Stewart to get a new boyfriend as soon as things end with her previous one. What if she really enjoys being single? You shouldn’t have to date as soon as you’re single again. Being on your own can be a good thing, too!