Amal Alamuddin refused George Clooney’s advances when they first met


I know it’s exhausting, but I’m loving all of the stories about George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. The tabloid/gossip script has been turned on its ear. It’s supposed to be the girlfriend who leaks strategic gossip about how she would love marriage and babies with George, but if she ever dared confirm that she was expecting a ring or a baby, then George would have dumped her. Not the case with Amal Alamuddin, a woman who apparently kept George waiting around until she was ready.

Ladies, pay attention: Playing hard to get works! George Clooney‘s stunning fiancée, Amal Alamuddin, turned the self-proclaimed lifetime bachelor down three times before even agreeing to go on a first date with him, has learned.

The couple met “last September at a small intimate charity fundraiser,” an insider told Radar exclusively. “George immediately honed in on Amal and was formally introduced to her. He had no idea she was such an accomplished lawyer!”

“She was engaging in the conversation after the introduction was made, and then did the unthinkable,” the source continued. “Amal walked away from the group George was with! He was instantly more intrigued by her. George then inserted himself into another group Amal was talking with. She just wasn’t impressed by the Hollywood actor persona.”

In fact, the source revealed, “George asked for her phone number at the end of the night, and she refused to give it to him! Again, another first.”

And when the called to ask her on a date the next morning, the source said, “She turned him down! He was absolutely shocked. No one turns George down for a date. Amal had no interest in dating an actor, but George was eventually able to convince her to go out with him to discuss his humanitarian work. After their first date, Amal was extremely impressed with George’s work in Darfur, and realized that he was much more than an actor,” the source said.

“Amal hasn’t asked George for one thing,” the source said. “Amal has her own life, career and friends. In the past, the ladies he has dated have requested George’s help in getting acting roles, securing hosting gigs, getting new agents. In fact, Amal has made it clear she intends to not give up her law career. She will be based in London and Los Angeles. George has never been with a woman like her, and this is going to go the distance.”

[From Radar]

There are holes in this story, right? If she didn’t give him her number, how did he call her the next day? And if she turned him down when he did call, how did they ever go on a first date? Anyway, if this true, props to Amal for being that rare woman of substance who wasn’t interested in becoming Clooney’s Eliza Doolittle.

For what it’s worth, People Mag had another propaganda piece about how George finally (!!) found his EQUAL too, and the quotes are very similar to the Radar piece. A “Clooney pal” tells the mag, “He has found someone who is as smart as he is and who is her own independent woman.” You can yell at me all you want and try to make some argument about how education doesn’t equal intelligence, but I’m telling you that in this specific case of Amal and George, to do what she does and have the career that she has, she is NOT “as smart as George.” She is smarter. People’s source also doubles-down on this idea that she won’t give up the law for George: “She is not going to change, or give up being a human rights lawyer, because she is with George Clooney.” Good.

Meanwhile, People Magazine put George and Amal on their cover this week, obviously. They managed to get (from George’s publicist) an exclusive photo of Amal and George looking like a handsome engaged couple and People also got a close-up shot on Amal’s ring. Emerald-cut, more than 7 carats, with two small baguettes. You can see the cover story here.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    How can she be a human rights lawyer and defend that Syrian Minister?

    • DesertReal says:

      Hm…and to think- all that he wanted all of this time was a smarter, more mature Anne Hathaway.

    • Jadzia says:

      Well, I guess a “broad” definition of “human rights” lawyer COULD include lawyers who represent folks who are, shall we say, the defendants. (Which is kind of why I have been giving the side-eye to St. Amal from the beginning.)

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        Thank you. She is a person whose rich family allowed her to be educated at elite schools, and who became a lawyer. Nothing more, nothing less. The press is trying to canonize her into the sainthood for defending a rather interesting roster of individuals, none of whom are above serious criticism for their actions. She is a lawyer, people, not St. Francis.

      • kibbles says:

        We Are Made of Stars: +1 i am not a big fan of canonizing people who get ahead in life because they come from wealthy families. If most of us had families with money to buy us the best education and the connections to get us jobs with the best firms and companies, many of us could also be rich, successful, and even famous. Her mother has been called the Diane Sawyer of Lebanon.

    • bluhare says:

      Because he needs a lawyer. The ACLU defended the Klu Klux Klan. Sometimes rights trump personality.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        The question was directed towards the constant use of the term “human rights lawyer,” not anybody’s personality. She is and has defended some less-than-victimized and powerless people who have some serious explaining to do about their actions in the court of law. Of course our system is structured so that everyone has legal representation and due process, but this in no way invalidates questions about who she chooses to take on as clients.

      • bluhare says:

        Personality was a poor choice of words on my part. Lawyers defend reprehensible clients all the time is my point, and defending him does not make her a terrorist sympathiser.

      • Leen says:

        We Are All Made of Stars,
        If she specializes in human rights law, then she is in fact a ‘human rights’ lawyer.
        Every individual, no matter how atrocious, deserves a right to trial.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        It certainly doesn’t- but again, the facts also take a lot of the shine off of the sainted “human rights lawyer” spin from the press. It simply appears that like most lawyers, she chooses to defend some good, questionable, and not-so-good clients.

        @Leen: You are making two statements that have nothing to do with one another. If she has a specialty in human rights law, then of course we can refer to her as a lawyer who practices in this capacity. Human rights law pertains to the political obligation of governments to act in a way that preserves human rights and dignity. If you are defending an admittedly “atrocious” individual whose actions have violated these rights, I think it stands to reason that you are not practicing in this capacity with regard to your defense of this particular individual. It seems obvious that like most lawyers, she chooses to defend the victimized and the victimizers, and I therefore find the sainting of Amal by the press to be a little nonsensical. She’s a lawyer, not Mother Theresa.

      • Leen says:

        We Are All Made of Stars,
        You are still a ‘human rights lawyer’. Mind you, I shudder at the thought of defense lawyers in ICC and ICJ courts, however, I do know that ICC and ICJ courts operate very differently from the way American court systems. Maybe my perception is colored by my interactions with international lawyers and defense barristers (I have no idea how on earth they can defend people like Lubanga or serial pedophile rapists). I knew a defense lawyer who worked on the Rwandan Tribunal, and let’s just say the prosecutors were out for blood (and mind you very corrupt that they shielded potential war criminals from the rebels side), and this case, yes I truly believe the defense was acting in accordance to human rights law by protection of individual human rights of the perpetrators (yes, they do have human rights, even if they are the most abhorrent people on this earth).
        Now speaking solely from the Syrian conflict perspective, we still don’t know what is going on , how sophisticated is the Asssad regime (is it run by a one-man show? A tribe of Alawites? Are all ministers complicit? Are the prosecutors shielding potential war criminals? Who knows. And I say this as someone who has been invested in Syria since March 2011 ever since the three children were tortured by the regime).

        As for Amal, her focus seems to be on Lebanon mostly and a potential special tribunal as well as part of the investigative team of the Hariri assassination. So honestly, her law work seems to be diverse and nuanced.

      • bluhare says:

        Gotcha, Stars. I think we agree more than disagree, especially if your argument mainly centers on how “human rights lawyer” is perceived.

    • K says:

      There’s something called “the cab rank principle” for English barristers: you can’t turn down a client unless they instruct you to out and out lie, admitting that that’s what they are doing. The aim is to ensure everyone has access to representation, not just cuddly defendants/easy wins. If a barrister has the time to take a case, in theory they have to do it. It makes sense, really. I mean, our system of law relies on equal access to the profession for everyone – who decides who deserves a good lawyer, and who doesn’t?

      And she has to be smarter than he is. Honestly, she has to be smarter than most people. You don’t get where she is in that profession, otherwise.

    • MT says:

      The above comments mean ONLY ONE THING. Amal will be controversial and a lightning rod. She is waaay smarter than George, but rather dumb to be with him, unless like the other gals she’s using him to increase her profile.

      I’m no fan of his PR machine BS, and I really do not think he’s much of a man, but HE will be the one hurt in this relationship. Maybe its karma!

    • flotsam says:

      You need to know human rights law in order to be a human rights lawyer. It refers to your area of expertise, not just your advocacy.

  2. Loopy says:

    Well he is George Clooney, he got someone to track down her number. Men are very resourceful when they are in the ‘chase’.

    • Sarah says:

      That’s true, I have had guys I never gave my number, “find”my phone number through directory or mutual friends or work.He probably called her hotel or her place of work. Plus he has people working for him. I can imagine him and Leo and those kind of guys get their people on to women get like. Especially Leo when he sees something he likes in the Victoria secret catalogue!

      • Loopy says:

        HAHAHAHHAHA that’s hilarious. Can you imagine if he really checks out the catalog for his next pick?

      • Hiddles forever says:


        he probably does and it is quite pathetic!

      • bluhare says:

        If I found out someone gave out my phone number without permission there would be hell to pay.

      • Isabelle says:

        They never want to tell you how they got the number either. It’s the oh….I got it from so and so but they never come out with the exact person. Guess it gives away the game plan.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Ikr! I had a doctor call me for personal reasons after getting my phone number from my records. I filed a complaint but it was dismissed because he was on rounds which gave him access to all the records on that wing. I never believed that story but hopefully he was chastised/embarassed professionally. Powerful men are creepy, imo.

  3. Lark says:

    Did anyone catch that George Clooney’s mom said she met Amal around a year ago in a brief interview? That’s weird, because it doesn’t jive with the “official” tabloid story of them only meeting in September. I’m not surprised that she wasn’t falling all over him either, she probably meets tons of important (more important) people all the time.

    Also, I know a lot of people on here don’t like Lainey but that ring is what she described more or less (huge emerald cut, maybe double digits, very thin band, and an almost yellowish tone). She’s wrong a lot, but when she’s right she’s right (like the Amy Poehler/Will Arnett thing) and I still think she has the goods way more than BG or something like Life and Style.

    • MrsB says:

      Why don’t people like Lainey?!? Her site and this one are the two I frequent the most, I really enjoy her.

      • kri says:

        I’m okay with Lainey for the most part-she did nail the ring description, but she can annoy me the way that she bows down to certain celebs. But this Clooney narrative makes me want to scream BULLSHIT. This is almost as calculated as it gets.

      • Luca26 says:

        I think Lainey is great with exclusives and actual gossip but sometimes she’s too much. Like when she puts pregnant woman down for touching their stomach and how all roads lead back to GOOP even when there is no reason to write about her.

      • TG says:

        @MrsB – I too really like Lainey and this site. These two sites are pretty much all I read on gossip and will go to others if directed to or check People out to see what gossip has been approved for the “mini-van majority” and then come here or Lainey to get the truth. I think Lainey writes really well and after reading her for so long I actually feel more like we are all in a room having a conversation, sort of like on here too. I also don’t read for the exclusives I read for the analysis. I don’t get why Lainey is so hard on some celebs like Ashley Greene? I guess to me Ashley is harmless, I mean maybe she wants attention but don’t they all? I guess I just don’t pay attention to Ashley to even be offended by her. Also, as I get older, late 30’s now, I have zero interest in toddlers (Beiber & Selena) and wouldn’t mind if they were flushed down the toilet. Alos, Lainey refuses to give the Kartrashians space so that is a plus as well.

    • Um says:

      Yeah, when has Lainey ever given an exclusive and then been wrong about it? I’ve been reading her for a while and she always turns out to be correct. I mean, obviously Photo Assumption, etc aren’t right 100% but then again she’s not claiming that they would be.

      • KB says:

        She also knew about Uma’s pregnancy first, that Justin Timberlake wedding video, and Heidi Klum with the bodyguard…that’s just off the top of my head. She has legit sources.

    • KB says:

      BG only has info on former Disney stars and the Glee kids. Or they’ll write blind items right as gossip breaks and claim they “told you first”

    • bluhare says:

      George was over there filming Monuments Men so maybe that’s when he met her?

      • Nanea says:

        I think he met her when filming Gravity. They were in London for a long time back then, unlike the MM shoot that mostly took place in various parts of Germany. When she showed up again while GC was in London for MM, she already looked somehow familiar to me.

      • Liv says:

        He was supposed to be with Eva Longoria in Berlin, wasn’t he?

  4. AG-UK says:

    I think I am tired of this story already… get married already and go away 🙂

    • V4real says:

      Wasn’t this covered yesterday when it said she played hard to get by telling George she was busy?

    • african woman says:

      Being well educated doesn’t mean that one is smart , so i think if she is smart then she knows what better for her .

      • Sabrine says:

        She needs to be very strong or she’ll get swallowed up by Clooney’s world, not that I really think he wants that anyway. Good for her keeping her own career. It shows she is determined to be her own person. As it is her life will be much different. Her privacy and freedom will be compromised. She won’t be able to walk down the street without being harassed and bothered by paparazzi. Wherever they go, the paps will be hiding in the bushes trying to catch her in an unflattering moment. I hope she knows what she’s in for.

    • Dani2 says:

      I’m so tired too, bring back Johnny and Amber, at least their relationship is lol-worthy.

      I wish George and his fiancée the best but I’m tired of hearing about them, I just want them to get married and disappear.

    • Oh La La says:

      Then don’t read about them or comment on their articles. Easy.

    • epiphany says:

      Not too tired, I hope, because this is only the beginning. Doesn’t anyone find it just a little strange (not to mention disingenuous) that a guy who is supposed to be so concerned with maintaining his privacy has story after story coming out chronicling the minutiae of his latest “relationship?” We’ve seen proof that celebs can get engaged, get married, even get pregnant without alerting the media, if they choose not to do so. A mediocre actor doesn’t become one of the most powerful men in Hollywood by being a nice, unassuming guy. Clooney calculates every move he makes, and this engagement was announced in a very public and vociferous manner for a reason. Something is coming around the bend, and I think it’s more than just wedding invitations.

      • bluhare says:

        That’s a pretty intriguing theory. Guesses as to what’s around the bend?

      • kri says:

        Perhaps a handwritten VIP invitation to one of Bryan Singer’s pool parties for young men? And no, I’m not joking. And yes, I know I will catch some hell for saying it. And how convenient she is a human rights barrister. Crossed my mind-anyone else?

      • Kim1 says:

        I need to get some glasses I keep reading Anal rather than Amal.
        As for Bryan Singer connection Clooney prefers DILF’s not Blond TWINKs based on what I have read on Gay gossip sites.

      • Etheldreda says:

        @ Ephiphany

        Exactly. This just seems SO calculated to me. This ‘relationship’ seems every little bit as fake and contrived as the last ones. The steady drip drip of how Clooney was so impressed by Amal’s ‘brains’ (like brains were ever a feature he sought out in women until now), how she’s ‘on his level’ (puke), how she ‘played hard to get’, turned him down etc etc. How long are they going to keep this up? And what is the excuse going to be when they break up (because I don’t believe for a minute there’s actually going to be a wedding)? They can’t pull the ”Oh she wanted gorgeous George to commit, but George is an unreformed bachelor’ line, since they are engaged. I’m guessing ”career pressure” or something anodyne like that.

        And that’s how seriously I take this faux ‘engagement’. They’ve barely made the announcement and already I’m speculating as to how (not if) they’re going to break up!

      • nora says:

        This whole al air very false; prinesse diana has managed to live a story with a doctor Prince of Monaco was 2ou3 the children are learned after years and he who is supposedly private one is spirited to know every detail minutes minutes; I live in France and I can tell you that when vanessa paradis and johnny depp were together he had never ny pictures even when they were in their home in St Tropez, I understand that he wants to change his image to not become has-beens and much she loves the light you can see it; but I would anyway know the end of this story. LOL

      • Nina says:

        I hate myself for being fascinated byt the story but it’s because he’s thrown me for a loop. Totally thought he was gay. Now I realize it’s a puzzle to piece together…which one of these pieces doesn’t fit? Everything. Especially the ring photographed up close on his back — way too PR for a supposedly private guy.

  5. Kiddo says:

    Oh brother. Is this going to reach Cameron Diaz epic proportions of a daily play by play? Next, George held the car door open. Amal sat down in the passenger side. George looked up at the heavens, on a crystal clear night, and whispered to Amal that the stars in the sky didn’t twinkle nearly as much as her eyes. Amal felt herself go flush….

    Part three will continue in tomorrow’s installment of George and Amal’s early days.

    • TG says:

      @Kiddo / I am laughing at myself because I want more and your storytelling is good too! Maybe you can invent a story each day about George and Amal.

    • I was uninterested in this story from the get-go and I now am officially bored to tears by it.

      On another note, I’m going out tonight for the third Wednesday in a row. Someone needs to go to the grocery store tonight to get mimosa-makings..

      • Suze says:

        Have you had the French 75 (the DRINK!)?

        I want someone to try one and report back here. They supposedly have a kick. I am fascinated but not much of drinker and not inclined to buy the booze to make one here.

        I am bored by this story, too. The whole thing has a scripted quality that is death to gossip.

      • Kiddo says:

        O’Kitt, There was something in the news about adding yeast to yogurt before going out to get less drunk. Although, I imagine that might be contrary to idea of going out drinking in the first place, but there you have it.

      • French 75 is amazing but it’s pricey and it’s a bit too caloric for me (yet I never worry about calories when I’m drinking craft beer…hmmm). I’ll probably do vodka/sodas tonight, to be safe.

        @Kiddo-I’m actually not eating before I go out tonight so I can get MORE drunk so get out of here with that yeast and yogurt nonsense.

      • minime says:

        I’m getting jealous of your Wednesdays! I might follow your lead tonight (since tomorrow is a free day here) and get drunk with some yummy cocktails 😀

      • Kiddo says:

        @TheOriginalKitten, good. I’ll look forward to your Lewis Black angry snark fest tomorrow. I guess that means I should get some work done today. :X

      • Get on it, minime. Wednesdays are the new Fridays yo.

      • Birdix says:

        I’m newish to comments and I already appreciate your thursday morning grumpiness tok.

      • bluhare says:

        I’ve had one back when I drank, Suze. Quite delicious. Gin and champagne, right?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Remember OKitten, seven in not your lucky number. Just kidding, have fun. Wish I could go, too.

      • CynicalCeleste says:

        The French 75 is my favorite cocktail! Best to order out rather than making at home, otherwise you’ve got an entire bottle of fizz to use up (if one considers that a ‘problem’) I prefer them served in the Marie Antoinette champagne glasses.

    • Ellen says:

      Part 3 will be the baby issue, obviously.

    • minime says:

      Yes it will, and I think you will be contacted soon from some tabloid. This stories are needing all this “juicy” (open door, closing door, who said what first) detailing and they might as well start producing the movie with your help!

      • Kiddo says:

        For a lot of money, I hope. I’ll buy you all a drink. This way I’ll have you all loosened up to help me come up with new scenes.

    • Hiddles forever says:

      Kiddo, I spit my tea on the Ipad… and it is your fault!! Hahahaha 😀

    • Francis says:

      Hahaha Kiddo you have me in stitches.
      It’s probably true,well get chapter and verse, day by day.

  6. HoustonGrl says:

    I too think she’s smarter than him.

  7. flutters says:

    I have a lot of respect for George Clooney as a producer, actor, writer, and director of substance. But this “She’s his equal” crap is kind of starting to make me rage because at best, it says so much about the way tabloids treat women – they’re either in catfights or clingy or or promiscuous or failing their partners if they’re not popping out babies or b****y if they’re ambitious whereas guys are treated like they’re standing up for what they believe in, committed, manly, driven, or whatever. The double standards reek. Why not present this as a woman of substance agreeing to marry a man of substance? Is that so hard for the tabloids to do?

    I’m not even talking about what the reality of this situation is because I don’t have a clue. I’m just talking about the double standards the tabloids enforce. At least there’s that part about George Clooney being able to impress her as more than just an actor based on his knowledge of Darfur.

  8. Bubulle says:

    So tired of George and his lame PR tactics, if he was really in love he will keep his relationship private instead of flooding the media with all kind cheesy stories.

    • Sarah says:

      What about Johnny depp? He is doing the same thing with that amber woman ….., At least George picked a woman of substance to shove down our throat….. It’s refreshing that this 50 year old isn’t dating a 26 year old starlet at least.

    • Jaded says:

      It’s not him flooding the media with cheezy stories, they’re doing it themselves with no help from him. That’s why it’s 90% fiction.

      • Bubulle says:

        Come on his PR team is behind all this, it’s not just the tabloids making up stories, look at this People mag exclusive .

      • Sarah says:

        @bubulle I don’t see the difference from any other celeb. When someone gets engaged we get 50 odd stories about why and how this time it’s different and how wonderful their significant other is. The most recent example being depp who not only had his team plant stories about how intellectual and artistic amber heard is but has been singing her praises himself in interviews. Compared to depp clooney seems quite restrained so far…

      • Bubulle says:

        I never said Clooney was alone on this, Depp PR team is busy this days for sure though I think he has different motives, he wants to give his GF a career boost and make her more acceptable I’m sure he is aware she’s not well liked, also he probably doesn’t mind the publicity since his career is slowly declining, Clooney is a different case , he has been badly burned by the whole Keibler’s debacle, he is desperate to change the way he is perceive (not career wise of course), don’t underestimate his ego this man may have a good sense of humour but he doesn’t like to be the butt of jokes.

      • Hannah says:

        And depp doesn’t have an ego? Thats naive.His career is going downhill, everyone is laughing at his midlife crisis. No one is buying his attempt to legitimise heard as an equal. He looks a lot more pathetic than clooney. And this is coming from a former depp fan.

      • Bubulle says:

        Who said that he doesn’t have an ego, I’m just saying they have different agendas.

    • lunchcoma says:

      It’s in People. It’s coming from George.

  9. Talie says:

    I saw a comment the other day and someone said, “Why is she engaged to this trash!” Hahaha

  10. Jen says:

    Being a lawyer doesn’t make someone intelligent. I’m not saying that has anything to do with them, but it’s true.

    • AG-UK says:

      so true I work with people who are from fancy schools/universities and some times well a lot of times I sit here and think are you kidding me?? I Not saying that’s her of course

    • Christin says:

      Agree. This who is smarter or on an equal level storyline is getting old.

    • Jay says:

      But she’s not just any lawyer. She’s a high powered, Oxford educated lawyer. You don’t get into Oxford without being super smart.

      • Oh La La says:

        Exactly, Jay. She’s not just an ordinary lawyer. She is highly accomplished.

      • AG-UK says:

        That’s true.. but it also helps if you are from a fancy private school too as they choose them over the little people from state educated schools. There are some of those here in my office too. “Can you help me, how do I get my online banking statement?” Seriously. Oh well goodie for them… I am just going to have to ignore all of this going forwrd.

      • Birdix says:

        being book smart and having common sense don’t always overlap. in this particular case, she seems to have both though, in order to have had a career like she does and the education she has. Too soon to tell, really. I’m sure her foibles will be revealed soon enough.

      • Penny says:

        Meh, I was a Rhodes scholar and I’m no genius. It’s not really about being the best and brightest, but about knowing how to play the game. The truly brilliant people I met at Oxford crashed and burned there, whereas people like me just coasted through by writing banal essays that hit the right notes and memorizing books. The real key is being good at taking tests, and that’s a lousy sign of intelligence. The smartest people I know make a spectacular mess of tests. The questions are far, far too easy for them so they wrongly assume there is some hidden subtext there, and they dither about trying to figure out what’s between the lines instead of just writing down the obvious answers.

        Plus there were some truly stupid people there too. Any idiot can get accepted to a world class university if they have mummy and daddy spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on tutors.

        All that’s not to diminish Amal’s intelligence, by all accounts she is an incredibly intelligent woman, but don’t assume someone’s unusually smart just because they got into Oxford (or Cambridge, Harvard, Yale etc.). It has much more to do with opportunity.

      • Jadzia says:

        I used to work with an idiot who went to Oxford. True story. Don’t even get me started on the cologne–I’ve moved 5000 miles away and can still smell it from here.

      • FuzzyBritches says:

        @Penny-ITA! I have a PhD and work in academia. While I do work with a lot of really smart people, it’s surprising how many “idiots” have prestigious graduate degrees. I consider myself far from brilliant, I’m lucky enough to be a good writer and have an excellent memory. When I realized this as I was going through graduate school it was kind of depressing because everyone made such a big deal of earning a doctorate. Meh is right.

        Amal seems like a smart cookie (although not smart enough, as another CB reader pointed out, to not jump quickly into marriage with an epic lifelong biscuit-chaser). Her education and career have no doubt been helped greatly by coming from a prominent and wealthy family-not a criticism just an observation, And if she’s doing it as a calculated publicity/career move, I have absolutely no respect for another celebrity famewhore.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        Yeah, and you also don’t get into Oxford if you are smart but not from a rich and powerful family…. sorry, but who you know outweighs what you know all day and all night.

      • bluhare says:

        Stars, that’s not entirely true. My cousin’s son’s girlfriend is either at Oxford or Cambridge studying international law (with a placement in a London firm when she graduates) and she is far from rich and powerful. Matter of fact, she lived with my cousin and her family as her mother chose her boyfriend over her. She got there on scholarships.

      • Amulla says:

        I’ve known people who did summers at Oxford and they were just average, not brilliant. These people were majoring in fluff stuff like sociology, not hard core programs like engineering, math or medicine. Believe it or not, most lawyers are average intellect. There are many law schools out there that will accept anyone with a working pulse. Take the bar enough times & you will pass eventually. Brilliance is not how I would describe most of them.

    • Forthelasttime says:

      Exactly right. People need to relax about her supposed “intelligence”. We don’t know that she’s any more intelligent than any of his exes. She’s probably more arrogant being a barrister. My prediction is it will start wearing thin on Georgy porgy who has dated some grounded women in the past. And ALL Lebanese people speak French and Arabic – this is not some amazing feat on her part. Not that I am a fan of Clooney… I don’t think he’s very intelligent to be honest. Rather immature in fact with all his ridiculous prank tales in every interview. Pffft….

      • Um says:

        OK let’s be real, Amal has degrees from Oxford and NYC Law, both of which are top notch schools. She clerked for Sonia Sotomayor and works for one of London’s best law firms. I completely respect the argument that eduction ≠ intelligence, but in her case she’s obviously very bright and this whole “equals” thing with George is BS.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        We are talking about two conventionally successful people who both had a major leg up in their careers from their family members, who became very successful in two different career paths that require different skill sets. Why attempt to compare apples to oranges? I understand if you think that the spin on this story is idiotic (it is), but to attempt a legitimate argument that one of these people is brilliant and the other is a yob when all we see of either one of them is an edited version of their lives that the tabloids want us to see? It’s a fool’s game.

      • Kim says:

        And if I am supposed to take her so seriously why are there pictures of her like this all over the internet?

  11. Quinn says:

    Ugh. George Clooney stopped being interesting to me around the time he left ER.

    • Sarah says:

      Not that I ever was a big fan. Er to me is the least interesting of his work, he does decent to interesting work and has good taste in scripts and directors IMO. Definitely one of the better of the ageing pretty boys.

    • minime says:

      I don’t know…he was never interesting to me. Am I NORMAL?

    • Jayna says:

      He has produced or acted in or been associated with a lot of intelligent, interesting movies as his career progressed. In a sea of crap oftentimes at the cinema, I think for that alone he’s interesting, and as a movie-goer, I am appreciative.

  12. Buckwild says:

    All these celeb rings are starting to look the same, carats so large that the ring doesn’t even look real!

  13. PHD gossip says:

    Easy Peasy for anyone to get her number (and she knew it) because one just calls her law firm the next day and anyone will be put through to her office.

    • Ann says:

      This. It’s ridiculously easy to get an attorney’s contact information – just google them and their profile on their law firm’s website will be the first hit (unless the lawyer has an extremely common name, which this woman doesn’t). Also, in the US, all attorneys are listed on their state’s bar website with all their contact info – I wouldn’t be surprised if they had something similar in Britain.

    • That’s what I was thinking–he probably called her law office, and left her a message. I don’t think that’s creepy.

  14. aqua says:

    I’ve been married so long now that I can honestly say that I have no idea what the rules are for dating anymore. I honestly don’t know if it’s true or if it really works but I have heard that if a guy asks a woman out she t urns him down and if he’s truly interested in her he’ll keep on trying .So maybe that’s what she did. who know .One things for sure it’s a beautiful ring.

    • nofkksgiven says:

      If a man is TRULY interested – he will not stop until you give in, no matter how many times you say no.

      • Oh La La says:

        Wouldn’t he just accept that you’re not interested and move on?

      • aqua says:

        Thank for the comment that is what I was trying to type. obviously it came out wrong I hate this laptop computer!

      • lunchcoma says:

        I wish people wouldn’t spread that message. In the vast majority of cases, that’s not a lovesick guy trying to prove himself to the woman who will eventually fall for him and be his true love. It’s a guy who’s a little unbalanced and possibly a stalker, and that’s how most “persistent” guys are perceived by women who reject them.

        One invitation is fine, and maybe a second try after a little time has passed, but that’s it (and to be fair to Clooney, it sounds like this fake-seeming story is that she said no to a date and yes to a second invitation for a friendly/professional lunch, which I’d say is okay).

      • bluhare says:

        Sounds a bit like rape.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I don’t think that’s true at all. Any man I know might ask twice, but any more than that would be disrespectful and weird, stalker behavior.

        I know I have asked you 100 times, but maybe 101 is my lucky number! Uh, no thanks.

  15. Cora says:

    Ah, so now the story has changed a tad and she will be based out of London AND Los Angeles. Yesterday, the story was she would be based in London only. I’ll believe that she won’t drop her professional life for him when I see it.

    • Forthelasttime says:

      Exactly. Evidently all the “smarts” in the world aren’t enough as even this very educated lady seems to prefer the Hollywood lifestyle to her full-time career of fighting for humanitarian causes. Oh the Lure of fame… Not that different from the rest of Clooney’s girlfriends. How disappointing.

      • bluhare says:

        That has yet to be proven.

      • Forthelasttime says:

        The fact that she has spent the last six months dating him proves it. Six months of jet-setting around the world with GC and attending glitzy parties says it all. And now that they’re engaged, it proves she’s ready for more of the same. I went to university with a bunch of human rights lawyers and I am certain that despite their pledges of life-time allegiance to this cause, they would also drop it all, in a heartbeat, to socialise with face-injecting Hollywood celebs instead. That is not to say all human rights lawyers would do the same.

      • bluhare says:

        Not in my mind it doesn’t. If she’s still doing it after a year or so I’ll agree with you. And, for what it’s worth, I don’t think that going on a couple of vacations and meeting respective families is tossing everything into the wind either.

    • Ann says:

      You can be a human rights lawyer in Los Angeles….

  16. OTHER RENEE says:

    Getting engaged isn’t getting married. Wake me up when you’ve got pics of this chick in a wedding dress tossing the bouquet.

  17. snowflake says:

    they forgot, she didn’t sleep w him on the first date, cause why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. *barf* *roll my eyes* so ridiculous

  18. Rie526 says:

    Clooney’s ex, Stacy Keibler, (they broke up 8 months ago) recently got married, too. I have no idea why, but something tells me that both did this for publicity…

  19. Hannah says:

    Who knew George Clooney would pick a more interesting woman to marry than johnny Depp?

  20. Diane says:

    Oh, give me a break. Does anybody really think given who she is that she didn’t know about Clooney’s work in Darfur?? This reads like a Teen Magazine fantasy. Everything from hereon out will be totally made up crap by some teenaged fiction writers who write for the tabloids.

    • Hannah says:

      It doesn’t say she didn’t know it says she was impressed. I know he did some press conference back in the day but I couldn’t tell you what he did. I think you have to pay attention to celeb news – George clooney to know the details of his work there.

  21. Miss M says:

    Someone yesterday mentioned that his team is pushing this engagement story to probably hide some story coming up. Yesterday, blind gossip had a blind item that many people guessed it was George. I don’t think it is him, but there is also a story about the Bryan Singer scandal that people think that many famous names will surface. I hope he is not involved, but people are guessing his name is among those famous ones…

    We get, George. You are happy and you finally won in your personal life. She is your lottery ticket. I am happy for both of them, but… He has an agenda, pushing the engagement in our throats. There is something soooo off… Was hi cheated by Mrs. Keibler-Pobre?! This whole engagement publicity is weird… Is he going to jump on Oprah’s couch?

    Anyway, I am already tired of this story.

    • epiphany says:

      I have no idea if that BG item is about George, or if it’s even true, but interestingly enough, Clooney always stays at the Hotel Carlyle and always eats at Cipriani whenever he’s in NYC.

    • Luca26 says:

      Blind Gossip is mostly pure fiction. Honestly I don’t trust any blind items except possibly Lainey who very rarely posts one so you know it’s from reliable places. I think some blinds are real but when I think of the HUGE gossip stories that have dropped with nary a blind until AFTER the story drops it lets you know how unreliable those sites are. They knew nothing about the engagement I find it silly to believe they know something about why he’s engaged but people love believing that crap like the alleged Joe Jonas sextape that never was.

      • bluhare says:

        CDAN is the one that’s pure fiction. Blind Gossip has a bit more credibility. Some of their stuff actually pans out. Not all, mind you!!

      • Luca26 says:

        CDAN is the most fabricated sure but BG is only slightly less so and when their items are real it’s usually either a linked item from another site, a rewritten blind from another site, a piece of gossip that’s about to come out in a tabloid story or about minor celebrities. I’ve never seen them break a big gossip story.

    • The Original G says:

      To me, it seems more like Clooney’s engagement prompted the Blind rather than vice versa.

      Let’s say the blind is true and it’s Clooney. Who’s been harmed and who has an interest here in revealing it? The escorts? The Carlyle? That’s a big NO and NO.

      IT’s BG taking an opportunity to get slid in a story for some hits.

    • bluhare says:

      I was just over there, and George Clooney was barely mentioned in either of those blinds.

  22. The Original G says:

    I’m not a big fan of his acting, but I respect his activism.

    But, IF these two quietly tie the knot this summer at a small fete for family and close friends under the tabloid radar, I’ll be impressed.

    It’s almost enough, that this is knocking the K3 wedding off a few covers.

  23. Danielle says:

    What’s next? Amalwhatsherface refuses to have any sexual interaction with Clooney until they get married…. I’m still not buying this pr stunt.

    • Bubulle says:

      Didn’t someone claim she never had a boyfriend ? Maybe that’s why George find her so appealing.

  24. Tom says:

    Surprised at how many of you ladies are catty about this woman. Most of you seem very eager to down play her intelligence. Distrust her achievements.
    She is either a very intelligent woman to get in to Oxford law. Or Perhaps she is from a privileged background but you all think the sun shines out ofTom Hiddlestons eton and Oxbridge educated ass and cumberbatch and redmayne ( spelling?) with their public school vowels can do no wrong.
    Look at it this way. Even if she is privileged there could be no doubt she has worked hard and educated herself to get to this point in her career. That is something that should be celebrated, young women who choose education and hard work. After all we see plenty of women on this site who are incredibly privileged ( kardashians, hiltons! And never lifted a finger to educate thenselves. For a man intelligence can incredibly attractive would have thought women would be appreciative of that.
    Stupid looses it appeal quickly however pretty they are.

    • bluhare says:

      Thank you!!! I couldn’t agree more.

      • LAK says:

        Me too!!!!!.

      • Pikny Rose says:

        Same here. I mean almost every comment is dismissing her accomplishments. It is getting tiresome. This maybe (and I think it is) a PR romance, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t being very successful in her career already.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Me, three. I am so baffled by the rage over her being intelligent, and all the claims that you don’t have to be smart to be a lawyer or get into Oxford or clerk for the Supreme Court and she just got where she is because she comes from a privileged background, and she must be an attention wh@re and she takes too much vacation and on and on. What is the problem? She’s clearly smart.

    • EleanorRigby says:

      I think people are confused how this “brilliant” woman would want to be with some Hollywood Playboy, it just seems incongruent. Best of luck to her. Don’t get herpes.

    • Etheldreda says:

      ”For a man intelligence can incredibly attractive would have thought women would be appreciative of that.”

      It’s not that people don’t acknowledge Amal’s obvious intelligence and drive.

      it’s just that some of us are a wee bit sceptical as to why a 50-something man who dated a string of waitresses, wrestlers and bunga bunga girls* suddenly decides he admires intellectual women. And makes sure the whole world knows about it.

      *I’m not necessarily saying these women aren’t intelligent, but if they have any intellectual accomplishments or interests, they kept them well hidden.

    • Ace says:

      Wrong Tom. The comments about her intelligence are more to do with how the media,ie, Clooneys pr team is portraying her, not the woman herself. No one here knows her, so no one can say what she’s really like but people sure as hell can say the pr shit is, well, shit.

  25. Renee says:

    Was that diamond equitably sourced? It better be…

  26. lunchcoma says:

    It’s all just so fake-seeming. Couldn’t he have waited a couple more months and made sure everyone had their stories straight? Then again, people seem to be buying it.

    I’m also kind of over this talk of who’s equal to or above anyone else.

  27. Daffy says:

    All of this is so orchestrated.

    Staged pics in Seychelles, in Tanzania and now these pics of the ring and them celebrating the engagement. Plus all these details given to the press by his friends, his parents, her firm (George is such a private person)…and every time with the message ‘she’s on his level’. And an engagement after only 6 months…

    She is supposed to be ‘intelligente’ and we are supposed to think it is ‘love’.
    So how can she be engaged -after only 6 months- to a man who is an eternal bachelor, who said many times that he didn’t want to marry and have chidren and yet repeated it last month (early march) in France during the promotion of Monuments Men (while they were dating) ? In March, ‘no marriage for me’ ‘I didn’t find the One’ and now, one month later, he proposed? It’s weird. It’s sound so fake, so calculated on his part. Why? and why now?

    • Christin says:

      He may have truly changed his mind, but his repeated proclamations against marriage for himself should be cause for pause. It does seem strange and overly played up.

    • Cora says:

      Thank you for bringing that up, Daffy. The fact that Clooney recently re-affirmed his refusal to marry, even while dating Amal, has been bothering me, too.

    • Side-eye says:

      I agree it seems highly orchestrated. If they are genuinely in love then much happiness to them, but as was stated above, I would think you would protect the ones you love and your privacy. I like George’s films and humanitarian work and Amal seems like a lovely, accomplished woman, so I’m not trying to disparage them personally, but does anyone see COS fingerprints on this media blitz? I have no knowledge of any affiliation with them on either party’s part; it all just seems so calculated, but then again that may just be the way the PR game works.

      • lowercaselois says:

        I agree with you. Every time George goes out with someone, Team Clooney has to sell the girlfriend to the public and how she is different from the last. There are plenty of famous actors who date or marry women who are not in the entertainment business and you never know what they do or even see them around. As if I am now going to see a Clooney movie, because Amal is a Human Rights lawyer. I think his PR makes it worse by putting the girlfriend out there.

    • Francis says:


  28. gennline says:

    It’s a marriage of convenience for both. George needs to clean up his image and could not go on as he was. It was putting women off him that no sooner had he finished with one girlfriend then the next one was wheeled out like a store window dummy.
    Yes he treated them nice enough but it seemed obvious that they were arrangements, it was so obvious when the Italian one was thrown over and it was announced by the press that Kiebler was now dating him within a matter of weeks.
    Amal may need to get married for cultural reasons, and I’m sure does not want a husband that would dictate her way of life. He will be away a lot on film sets she can get on with her life.
    I’m sure she has gotten’why haven’t you met a nice guy and settled down’.
    The pressure is now off for both of them. Also there is companionship and all of his close friends are probably married.
    He always looks lonely to me and he was definitely starting to look quite tarnished.

    • Jayna says:

      Men move from one to the other. It’s not uncommon. They like steady sex and companionship for doing things especially in their 30s on. George picked women that fit that profile, available and he could still go do his own thing. Men don’t have to be in love. I Women are different, but I even have several girlfriends that are like this, lining up the next guy if they are ending it with the one they are with or feel it is ending or being dumped. When George ended with Elisabeta, it’s not that he loved her the day before and fell out of love the day he ended it. It’s usually months the relationship is going south and in their case he was away for months. So what he moved on to someone he had his eye on for sex and fun that he had met before and liked.

      I suppose Liam Neeson was in arrangements? The man before 40 when he met Natasha moved from woman to woman and was notorious for it. He even said right before meeting her he operated better on his own and didn’t seem to want marriage. I remember that model, Janice Dickinson, who wrote a book said he was pining for Julia Roberts, which they had just broken up after a year together but still blatantly came on to her and banged her and even asked her to come on location with him when he was leaving imminently. He just wanted steady sex and companionship while off on location for four months, not that he was in love with her.

      This contract talk always seems so silly to me.

      Amal is getting married because she’s expected to? LOL That’s a good one.

  29. mollination says:

    Two things. 1.) I find it weird how people are acting like he finally “found” someone of substance, as though being a humanitarian, multimillionaire actor one only runs in circles with cocktail waitresses and it’s just IMPOSSIBLE to find anyone else. Like, George sought out those previous types. There’s tons of smart accomplished women in his circle. lol. 2.) For the people thinking that perhaps George is considering a political career, how will Amal’s representing WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, affect that? He’s an incredibly polarizing figure.

  30. aquarius64 says:

    I don’t know who’s pushing the PR, but it’s basically the same in all the mags: with the exception of Taila Balsam, all the women George dated before Amal were social climbing, golddigging bimbos and Amal made him work for it.

    • Bubulle says:

      Maybe I’m gullible but I think his relationship with Céline Balitran was legit.

    • Francis says:

      Yes she made him work a whole 4 months.
      Would she have said Yes so soon if he wasn’t George Clooney? I doubt it.
      IMO she’s as star struck as the previous ladies were, but she’s smart enough to get a better contract.

  31. cody says:

    Wow daily coverage of these two and it has only been a week. What happens if they have a two or three year engagement, it is going to be long and painful. It is just an engagement, lets see if they really walk down the aisle.

  32. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think they are both smart. I think they fell in love. I think they will get married. You heard it here first. Lol

  33. Kim1 says:

    According to People Magazine her family claims they may get married in September.

  34. Francis says:

    So now her family is talking to the press too?
    Wow sounds like everyone around her has the press on speed dial.

    • Bubulle says:

      You need to google Baria Alamuddin, she sure is proud of her daughter relationship. I wonder how this is gonna work Amal doesn’t seem very confortable near her soon to be husband, maybe it has something to do with her family upbringing , I wonder if she banned George from kissing her in public or any kind of PDAs, I don’t expect her to flaunt her bikini body in Cabo anytime soon, not she has to mind you.

  35. Amulla says:

    I don’t get how he is some Hollywood heartthrob. George Clooney is a self-absorbed old man who doesn’t want kids.

  36. Side-eye says:

    One additional observation:
    Last fall (October), George was linked in the gossip press to Monika Jakisic, Katie Holmes and Amal. Jakisic in particular got a lot of press and the story was that she and George had reconnected in September 2013. In late October 2013 Clooney’s reps denied a relationship between he and Amal to People magazine after they were spotted at dinner in a group in London. I haven’t read all of People’s coverage on this story but has that been mentioned? Clooney himself said in a taped interview at a BAFTA ceremony in November that the above rumors were all made up. I guess the argument would be that the relationship was new but it doesn’t seem to jibe with the timeline per this latest story. I get it, it’s gossip and shouldn’t be taken too seriously and we probably never really know the whole story. George/Amal don’t owe the public a detailed account, but things like that that make this big media blitz seem forced, as if none of the above happened. Again, not knocking the couple, just commenting on the coverage.

    • nora says:

      +100 monika same as a picture of a tweeter it a playing a basket in house of clooney was ain october or november he should think to spin doctor because there a littl starles better manage their communications to him

  37. Liz says:

    It’s not just Amal’s mother who is talking to the press. Clooney’s mother and I think father have also given statement to the press. This convinces me even more that this is all for PR. As Lainey said, they even arranged for proper lighting for the photos. Clooney knows the public is on to his tendency to hire escorts/girlfriends.

  38. It’s refreshing to finally see George with someone like Amal. She seems to offer a great deal of substance. They’re a good match and it seems genuine. I wish them nothing but the best and lots of Clooney babies! 🙂

  39. John says:

    I’m happy for them, but until they walk down the aisle, it’s all rumor and conjecture. This might be the first of many rings he buys to take his rep to the next level.