Kate Upton fought with her agents, wants to be ‘an example for girls’

Kate Upton

Kate Upton covers the June issue of Vogue UK. The shoot is by Mario Testino, and the magazine has only released the cover and a preview so far. The theme is a beachy one with Kate doing a classier version of an SI: Swim shoot. She’s right at home here and also promoting that romcom movie that we’re all tired of talking about. I’m not crazy about this shoot so far because Testino could have done more with Kate than feed her beach bunny image. She looks lovely, but we’ve seen this many times already.

Kate’s been doing press for The Other Woman. She told E! Online that she wasn’t thrilled with her body during her famous bikini-running scene: “I always try to live a healthy lifestyle, but that was my birthday week. So that was the least healthy I’ve ever been. I just turned 21.” She was partying with Cami. Here are some excerpts from Kate’s Vogue interview:

Her career struggles: “It’s weird that in the press they’ll be like, your biggest fight was with the industry and the designers, and I’m like, no, my biggest fight was with my agents, trying to get them to sign me into the castings. I thought, how I’m going to come out of this will be an example for girls.”

On comparisons to Marilyn Monroe: “I always thought Marilyn was so beautiful and iconic, it was amazing to even be mentioned in the same sentence as her. I feel like nowadays it’s easy to be genuine and show your personality, whereas I don’t think Marilyn had that opportunity. And clearly she had a dark side, and I don’t have that.”

[From Vogue UK

Kate makes a good point about being able to show her true self. It’s a lot easier to carve your own image with the aid of social media. Can you imagine if Marilyn Monroe had been alive during the rise of Twitter? She doesn’t seem like she’d be into Facebook, which is a bit too invasive. Marilyn would have had a ball on Twitter.

I assume that Kate’s fights with her agents were always about her move from bikini babe to high fashion shoots. Her voluptuous body type was a handicap at first. Many people still don’t think she’s right for high fashion. Kate has shown herself to be a versatile model though. I hope her agents apologized! She’s also on the cover of Cosmo Australia for June.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Photos courtesty of Vogue UK & Cosmo

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  1. snowflake says:

    i remember when my boobs used to look like that! lol. good for her

  2. Tiffany says:

    So she was fighting with her agent, the people she is paying to represent her, to get her work and they did not want to do it. She has gotten new representation, right?

  3. Miss M says:

    I like her and I liked her in the movie. Good for her for sticking to what she thinks is best for her.

  4. ella says:

    Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I’ve never heard of this “celebrity”. Kudos to her though, for wanting to set a healthy example for girls.

  5. Dani2 says:

    That first shot is gorgeous, I love the floral two-piece.

  6. BendyWindy says:

    I just don’t “get” Kate Upton. She’s completely unremarkable to me. NEXT.

    • John says:

      And if she wants to be “an example for girls”, she should stop hanging out with Uncle Terry and getting ahead by being objectified (I know, I know, “use what you’ve got.” Pretty girls succeed in acting and all sorts of fields without posing for underwear and bathing suit photos).

      And if she had actual acting ability, she would get auditions and book jobs. She’s the flavor of the minute, once the next one comes along, I hope she’s already snagged DiCaprio or some football player.

    • Ash says:

      I’m with you on that.

  7. poppy says:

    wouldn’t her agents have put her up for castings if they felt she had some talent outside of jiggling?
    doesn’t it behove agents to have their people doing as much possible that they are capable of?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Agents usually want to book you work of any kind, managers try to steer your career into the types of jobs that help build a brand and image. Perhaps her agents wanted to focus on bikini modeling, as it would be an easier sell for them to do. They might have to work more to get her into jobs that are less traditional for her type.

      Kind of like with actors, some agents would be fine with you doing commericals forever because they make you/them a ton of money, even if they aren’t artistcally fulfilling. Sometimes you get paid less for a higher quality of job if you are new to that type of job.

  8. Almondjoy says:

    I can’t believe she’s only 21! Kate looks much older, in my opinion. Beautiful girl though. I like her alot, she seems very sweet.

    • Mindizzy! says:

      Oh wow 21? I thought she was older than me, crazy. Don’t know much about her though, just glad she’s not a stick figure.

  9. Tatjana. says:

    She’s not for high fashion. Not because of her body, but because of her face. She has a beautiful face, but it’s not versatile. She’s not a chameleon like Karlie Kloss or Freja Beha.
    She’s be perfect for VS. And I would love to see women of different body types on runways.
    I think it’s great that we have a popular model who doesn’t have an hour glass figure. Shame they had to photoshop her a waist.

    • Damaris says:

      Who needs high fashion if you’re Kate Upton? I bet she doesn’t even care. She’s landing Vogue covers and movie roles. She’s got her hustle and she’s working it. I bet more people know who Kate is than Karlie and Freja. Karlie doesn’t get interviewed on late night shows. Freja wasnt recently in a major motion picture film.

  10. vee says:

    I love the way you don’t see her rib cage. Healthy girl.

  11. Geneva says:

    I like Kate Upton all the more after reading this . Upton is a family name of mine- it’s been around since the 13th century in the UK and she is big boned and level headed. Sounds like an Upton! Her high school friends probably called her Uptown or Uppie.

  12. Maryjones says:

    She is dumb as a box of rocks. No one put you up for anything because you probably can’t read. An example for girls? What example?

    • El says:

      How do you know she is as dumb as a box of rocks? Are you personally acquainted with her?

  13. Jay says:

    Example for girls? Since when is letting your giant cans flop around for a living considered “an example?” Nothing wrong with it if that’s how she wants to live, but she really needs to stop acting like she’s a role model. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
    Side note: hooooooooly photoshop.

  14. Kriss says:

    I’m just glad we have a famous model here who looks like she eats! She’s realistically full all over, not just in the boobs. And on the cover of Vogue too!
    Anna Wintour has really changed hasn’t she?

  15. Jenna says:

    She seems like a nice harmless kid. Kinda bland, but sweet. What I can’t really grasp though is how she always seems to manage to look more top heavy in photos then I do? I’m 6’2 and a 32E, and I think in addition to being larger in the chest (she’s supposedly a 33D/DD) I’m 4 inches taller and wear a larger dress size (8 to her 4/6) AND I weigh like 15lbs more… and I don’t look anywhere are massively top heavy as she does. Is it just that stylists and photographers don’t know how to manage a model with actual curves and keep dressing her… well… wrong? Because the more I see of this girl I just want to drag her off to the places I’ve found my own clothes at, throw her in a dressing room and not let her out until she gets a real grip on dressing her body. She is pretty and has a better body then I do, but she almost always seems to be ‘off’ in the shots I see of her and it’s starting to make me a bit crazy.

    Well. One small contributing factor to the crazy. Can’t blame it all on terrible stylists for a gal I’ve never met. Would be nice if I could though!

    • Kriss says:

      Well, they want the emphasis to be on her breast. Just like with Victoria Secrets models, I’m sure Kate’s wardrobe people have tricks up their sleeve. The VC models are bigger than traditional runway models but aren’t as nearly as voluptuous looking off the runway without the specialized underwear for the show. Remember alot of the purpose of modeling and fashion is to create illusion. Get a hold of those wardrobe specialist and their photographers and you’ll look like DA BOMB!

      • Lucrezia says:

        I probably look as top heavy as she does. But I’m only 5 foot 4, size 4 and wear a 32F. Scaled up to 5 foot 10, I’d expect that to translate to something more like size 8 and 36DD.

        So if those sizes you gave are right, then I agree with Kriss, it’s styling. They’re likely stuffing chicken fillets in her bra, which is not what most of us with D+ cups do.

  16. Dee says:

    I really don’t have a problem with Upton and if they ever decide to make an Anna Nicole Smith bio (Please god no) I hope she’s at least in the running. The problem I have is with how people venerate her as this savior for the everyday woman in media and fashion. She is weirdly proportioned but there’s no shame in that, I have the exact same body shape from the mountain sized tits to the spindly legs. The problem is that Kate doesn’t really embrace her shape thou, does she? Every single magazine image I have ever seen of her has been photo-shopped to give her a figure that isn’t hers. How can people keep saying that she’s representing when what she’s presenting isn’t hers. I don’t get it. I understand smoothing out things here and there but when you photo-shop someone with Kate’s body so that she looks like Christina Hendriks from the neck down then what’s the point? Who’s representing the box-shaped women of the world?

  17. INeedANap says:

    Holy mother of Photoshop, the cover for Cosmo Australia is a complete work of fiction from the neck down. She’s a beautiful woman, but that is not her body. What hope do the rest of us have when a gorgeous gal has her body replaced?

  18. bobbisue says:

    I love when she’s not photoshopped and you can see her natural curves. Like Rachel Hunter back in the 80s…beachy, tan, etc. Love it.

  19. janet says:

    I think I have to take back every thing I’ve said about her: being fat. Yes, she is larger than models you see on the runway and very few people are as stick thin skinny as a model. But really, Isn’t it better business for the fashion industry to have realistic women as models so us normal women will buy the clothes? She does seem quite sweet.

  20. eva k says:

    This is the girl who got famous for being photographed wearing way-too-small bikini tops while simulating fellatio on a popsicle, right? And she wants to be an example to girls?