“Gwen Stefani will replace Christina Aguilera on ‘The Voice'” links

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani will replace Christina Aguilera on The Voice. Good fit? [Evil Beet]
Sarah Silverman joins Michael Sheen on Masters of Sex. [LaineyGossip]
Rihanna‘s very NSFW shoot. You can see every tan line. [Dlisted]
Stephen Colbert is not impressed with the Star Wars cast. [Pajiba]
Julie Bowen wears Marchesa & it isn’t awful. [Go Fug Yourself]
You may want to change your iPhone privacy settings. Crikey. [Buzzfeed]
Stacy Keibler shows off her hot pink bump. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Jonah Hill doesn’t mess around with his frozen yogurt. [A Socialite Life]
Gwyneth Paltrow is a backup singer now. So horrible. [Bitten & Bound]
Tila Tequila‘s pregnancy is already a damn trainwreck. [The Blemish]
Blake Lively makes goofy faces on the Adaline set. [Celebslam]
Dean McDermott claims he was suicidal after his “affair.” [Starcasm]
Gisele Bundchen can still rock a bikini anytime. [Popoholic]
Nene Leakes hopes she inspired you on DWTS. [Reality Tea]
Maitland Ward wears a tacky dress for Mom’s Night Out. [Moe Jackson]

Gwen Stefani

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  1. lucy2 says:

    I stopped watching the Voice but I imagine Gwen will do a good job.
    I just learned about that iphone privacy setting in a “prolong your battery life” article. Crazy!

    • Tatjana says:

      She has such an annoying voice.
      Is she funny? I’ve only seen one interview of her. With Simon Amstell at te Brit Awards and she was incredibly stiff.

  2. paola says:

    Rihanna what were you thinking with those pics? that photoshoot is ready to be on redtube.

    • Nick says:

      She’s trash.

    • Val says:

      Is it me or are her boobs bigger than a few years ago? I hate making any surgery assumptions, but she always used to complain that she was kinda flat, and it always looked like she had A-cups… but recently she’s looked more endowed in that department.

  3. Willa says:

    I can’t imagine doing a full face of make-up everyday. Waaaay to much!

  4. Sea Dragon says:

    Maybe it’s me but back in the day I always looked at Gwen as one of the coolest chicks around. Now though, she’s strikes me as a sellout. First the plastic surgery, then the constant pap pics, now the cheesy reality talent show. Why Gwen, why? You never needed it to be great in my book.

  5. kimber says:

    She should be okay. I think she has to do something so teens and teens know who she is. With the 90s retro trend phase finally moving on from 1993 to 1996 she will be just fine. 🙂

  6. Gistine says:

    Sorry, but I think her voice is marginal and can border on annoying sometimes. I like her as a person, but there’s others out there who can actually sing.

    • Dee says:

      She doesn’t have the voice for R&B or soul but I think her voice works for her genre of music. I remember Britney Spears once said she hates doing slow songs (love songs/ballads) because she knows she does the voice talent for them but I honestly don’t think most of her pop songs would have worked as well given to someone like Christina Aguilera. Anyway, I don’t watch The Voice and couldn’t care less who they hire, but if America Idol has the balls to hire JLO….

      I mean, I know you don’t need to be able to do something to Judge it or even coach it really but still.

  7. Dee says:

    What’s wrong with her lips? I like her mostly (I lost some respect for her when she insisted on bleaching her young son’s hair) but she needs to stop messing around with her face (and her hair could use a break). She has perpetual duck lips.

    • skeksis says:

      How do we know the kid didn’t ask her to do it? Was it really done at Gwen’s “insistence”?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        But when a kid is younger than 5, even if the kid asks you to do it, as a mother you should say no. Bleaching hair white can be painful to the scalp.

    • BabyCakes says:

      I said the same exact thing twice on posts prior about her. No three year old needs bleached white hair. I’m glad she didn’t have a girl. Her voice is marginal, her look is tired. I hate her look.

      • homegrrrl says:

        It should be illegal to apply toxic grooming products to small children, and I agree, that’s when I realized GS was one of those humans with too little parenting knowledge and waaaay too much money.

  8. Sisi says:

    yikes @ those eyelashes

  9. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    This is not a permanent replacement. Gwen is only contracted to be a judge for the 7th season due to Christina Aguilera’s pregnancy. Christina will be back for the 8th season.

    Pharrell Williams ‘has’ been hired as a permanent replacement for Cleo Green (who probably quit before he was fired over his ‘sexual harassment’ case).

  10. Maritza says:

    I thought Cristina Aguilera was already replaced by Shakira, in that case Gwen Stefani will be replacing Shakira. Likewise Usher replaced Ceelo then that means Pharell will be replacing Usher.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Maritza, who wrote (and responded to me?): “I thought Cristina Aguilera was already replaced by Shakira, in that case Gwen Stefani will be replacing Shakira. Likewise Usher replaced Ceelo then that means Pharell will be replacing Usher.”

      They brought Usher and Shakira in because C-Lo and Christina had schedule conflicts: Cee-Lo had a tour and Christina recorded a DVD and, well, got pregnant. Usher and Shakira were only hired for ‘one season’ of “The Voice.”

      Now, Cee-Lo (who has been involved in a sexual harassment court case) has officially quit the show, so he will be permanently replaced by Pharell Williams, and Gwen Stefani has been hired to replaced Christina ‘only’ for the 7th season. Christina will be back in season 8 because she remains a permanent judge.


  11. magpie says:

    She probably has an album coming out this year and needs to promote. Worked for Ricky Wilson/Kaiser Cheifs in the UK.

  12. Zip says:

    Are Rhiannas tan lines photoshopped? I learned that black people can get a tan (I had to google as did not know so I apologize if my question is highly ignorant), but the contrast between tanned/untanned in the photos surprised me.

    • ORLY says:

      Why would it be surprising that dark skin becomes darker when exposed to sunlight? Skin is skin. Darker skin won’t burn as easily, but black people get sunburnt as well.
      Rihanna is of a lighter complexion, but they could have photoshopped a bit to make the tan line more prominent.

      • Zip says:

        The tanning itself does not surprise me, it’s just the extreme contrast in some of the pictures (some parts look almost white).

    • Sadie says:

      I think it’s a spray tan

    • Isadora says:

      I think it’s a combination of tan and photoshop. Remember those heavily photoshopped H&M ads last (?) year that caused a bit of a stir because some people said they encourage extreme tanning and therefore skin cancer? I think the style/lighting looks a bit similar.

  13. Jackson says:

    LOL@Jonah Hill. Nom nom nom.

  14. emma says:

    I think it’s a good fit because she has such an unconventional voice that it may inspire and promote more than just the “diva” style singers.

  15. JenniferJustice says:

    This woman has always confused me. She is genuinely talented – good singer, great vibe, banging body, super stylish and great fashion sense. But she’s insecure and had unneccessary plastic surgery. I say unneccessary because Gwen is a good-looking woman naturally with a great shape naturally. First she was with that dude from No Doubt that treated her like crap and dumped her. Then she gets with a known bi-dude, marries him and has kids with him? WTF! Two years ago rumors were aplenty that he did indeed have gay experiences and that he currently enjoys trannies dressed up like her – sorry but that is sick! She is obviously insecure and that is what I don’t understand.