Video of Heather Mills’ fall on Dancing with the Stars

Haughty Heather Mills fell on her butt last night on “Dancing with the Stars.” At the end of her samba routine to “Heaven Must be Missing an Angel,” the hated estranged wife of Paul McCartney put her right leg up on her partner, who was kneeling on the floor, and lost balance.

Her left leg was amputated below the knee after a 1993 accident when a police motocycle hit her, causing multiple injuries. She has a prosthetic leg and was unable to balance on it at the moment before she fell.

Mills handled it well and laughed it off. She did well in the ratings from the judges and since she completed her routine without incident it didn’t seem to affect her.

The fall looked natural but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was staged to garner votes. Although she should be commended for helping raise awareness of amputee causes, her appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” is questionable so soon after the announcement of her divorce. Some amputees have also expressed dismay that she is making it seem simple to be active and have warned that all disabilities are different and that having a leg amputed above the knee is much more limiting to mobility.

Update: Commentor Annie is an above-the-knee amputee and feels that Heather Mills is not doing the amputee community any favors by making it seem easy to be active. She agrees that there’s a huge difference in mobility between above and below-knee amputees, and says that Mills can also afford multiple state-of-the-art prosthetic devices while most people are lucky to get one adequate one.

Thanks to ONTD for linking the video. Pictures from The Daily Mail.

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13 Responses to “Video of Heather Mills’ fall on Dancing with the Stars”

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  1. Nom de Plume says:

    Ah, good old Hooker Mills, falling to garner sympathy.

    If as an amputee she is raising awareness of her cause will she also be as an ex prostitute raising awareness of the oldest profession.

  2. kikistar says:

    I don’t find it funny. Rather painful actually. The real scoop for me is that she HAS some sens of humor!

  3. annie says:

    I am an above knee amputee. This article hits the nail on the head. Above knee amps have NO mobility. Hooker Mills gives the impression its easy. Plus, she has Pauls money which affords her the start of the art artifical limbs. Most amputees are able to afford ONE. They are extremely expensive. Able bodied people think of her as an inspiration. WRONG. Look for a disabled person who lives pay check to pay check, without the media attention, who just tries to live life day to day. Hooker Mills is NO STAR and I really cant wait for her to return to the UK

  4. Fabiola Thing says:

    She’s a gold digging whore, end of story.

  5. Action says:

    I don’t even think she dances that well but all the judges can keep saying is, “You do so great with that artificial limb!” Oh Please. This is a competition! Her score should NOT be padded for her limb. That’s like saying to John Ratsenburger (sp?) that he should get more points because he’s older or to the basketball player because he’s a bigger guy….

    Also, most people with disabilities that I know don’t WANT to draw attention to their disability. They want to be viewed like everyone else.

    She’s milking this for all it’s worth and the judges are falling hook, line and sinker for it.

  6. Diva says:

    I’m no dancing expert, but if this WASN’T a garnered sympathy ploy, wouldn’t she have put her bad leg up on the guy’s chest and held her weight and balance on her GOOD leg?

  7. AC says:

    She doesn’t move great in general. But yeah its impressive to do that with half a leg. She’s BELOW the knee though, right?Not above the knee, im sure there is a big difference. Not that that means its a peice of cake.

    Good job and the fall was probably real. High heels AND one leg.

    I still don’t like her but she does well dancing for what she’s got.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Don’t kick her when she is down, she is still has a leg up on the competion.

  9. Action says:

    Anon–I love puns. Those were great. 🙂

    Yeah, I can think of at least two that will go before she does (and for good reason)!

  10. FunintheSun says:

    Oh, cut us a break. You all talk as if you have only one leg to stand on. How amazing that Mills is showing the world that being an amputee does not mean a life of limited mobility and pain. Mills was on Ellen the other day and she did admit that it did hurt, and it was difficult to do the dances, especially slower dances where she needed to balance. I think I look at amputees with new awe and respect. Here in Colorado, Breckenridge has a ski program for amputees. It’s a beautiful sight to see these guys and gals realize that they can still do so much as they ski screaming down the hills. Now more than ever with so many of our guys and gals coming back from Iraq without limbs, any raised awareness is a good thing. Let the girl dance. Let her work speak for itself. I don’t see the bitch Sir Paul claims. She certainly behaves a whole lot better than other celebs. At least she is trying.

  11. Action says:

    I believe all of them are trying (aside from Clyde). And her work is speaking for itself, she’s not all that good and it has nothing to do with her leg, it’s the rest of her performance, too. She’s definitely NOT going it WIN the competition.

    That said, she IS a GOOD dancer (not great, just good). However, I do feel like she’s trying to use her limb to her advantage to gain points.

    And as for being a bitch, it’s easy to show for the camera for 3 hours a week. I’m not saying she IS one since I don’t know her personally, but I’m definitely not going to say she’s nice as pie either.

    If she wants to do a good deed, the let her go stomp pavement and go out there and do interviews, shows, and commercials using vets to garner support (you know, the ones who can’t afford a limb for every new dance).

  12. Megan says:

    She isn’t a very good dancer, but I don’t know how much of that is to do with having a flase leg, and how much is due to her having no co-ordination. I think she’s just on the show to try and get people to like her, but that’s probably obvious.

  13. HDK says:

    “She certainly behaves a whole lot better than other celebs. ”

    So, demanding millions of dollars she doesn’t deserve and had no part in earning equals better behaved? OK, terrific.

    She’s a disgrace, as an amputee and as a modern woman.