Leo DiCaprio’s new apartment has ‘vitamin C-infused showers, wellness concierge’


I usually save my rants about the one-percenters for the political operatives who are literally trying to screw the poor and the middle class, but I might have to make an exception for Leonardo DiCaprio. I know Leo is a big leftie and he gives money to a lot of environmental causes/charities/businesses. But at some point, the wide chasm between “how Leo lives” and “how the rest of us live” is just too great. Leo recently purchased an eight-figure apartment in the Delos building in Greenwich Village. The apartment building is WELL Certified, which means that it has tons of features/extras for the average environmentally-conscious limousine liberal. Just wait.

Leonardo DiCaprio has just closed on a $10 million apartment at the green Delos building in Greenwich Village. “The Wolf of Wall Street” star has purchased a two-bedroom, 2 ¹/₂-bath apartment on the fourth floor of the building at 66 E. 11th St., under the corporation name of Malibu Colony PCH Property, LLC, sources tell Page Six.

The “WELL Certified” building includes amenities such as vitamin C-infused showers, purified air and water, a circulated aromatherapy air supply, posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring and “dawn simulation” provided by a circadian lighting design. Donna Karan’s Urban Zen is even providing a “wellness concierge to curate and coordinate your daily wellness experience.”

We’re told Leo — who owns a $100,000 Fisker Karma hybrid car — can even use a $1 million parking spot, the first at that price, which comes with another of the building’s units, an 8,000-square-foot duplex penthouse, until the apartment is sold. Broker Dolly Lenz and a spokesman for DiCaprio both declined to comment. Leo last month picked up an $8 million unit adjacent to a $4 million apartment he owns at the eco-friendly 2 River Terrace in Battery Park City.

[From Page Six]

I’m surprised it doesn’t come with a LEED-certified butt-washer. Seriously, though. I was okay with the Vitamin C-infused showers. I was okay with purified air and water. But somewhere along the “posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring,” I just started rolling my eyes. So, Leo has heated floors. But they are the fanciest heated floors EVER, because they are “posture-supportive.” Oh, and the whole dawn simulation thing… JUST OPEN YOUR CURTAINS, YOU ELITEST D-BAG.

So, am I just jelly? For sure. I would love to experience that level of luxury. I would love to have a spare $10 million to drop on a two bedroom condo (New York real estate, sheesh). So, yeah, I am jelly. But I’m also justifiably irritated.

(PS… even though I used the term “limousine liberal” as a pejorative against Leo, I would still prefer Leo’s brand of eco-privilege to, say, the Koch Brothers.)


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  1. Audrey says:

    If I was going to splurge on an apartment then those are the kinds of things I’d want over crystal chandeliers etc

  2. Tatjana says:

    I wouldn’t buy that condo even if I had that much money.

  3. LadyMTL says:

    Okay yes, this is eye-rollingly over the top BUT I have to say I love the dawn simulation thing. I have a sunrise lamp in my bedroom and it has really helped me during the winter when it’s dark and cold out. It’s a lot nicer waking up to a warm light that gradually gets brighter than by stumbling around in the pitch dark trying to find a light switch and then searing my eyeballs when I flip it on.

  4. It is what it is says:

    Well It IS his own money. In a way it’s good, by making such extremely (probably over the top) environmentally conscious choices, he draws attention to these choices as a factor in every lifestyle.

  5. Elisabeth says:

    on a completely different subject, I wouldn’t mind showering with Leo

  6. Birdix says:

    How do the young hopefuls–the dancers, painters, writers etc who have always flocked to nyc afford it now? I lived 4 blocks east of there back when you could thrive on a small salary in a small east village apartment. Now even big chunks of Brooklyn are out of reach w/o a wall street sized salary.

    • mercy says:

      How do teachers and other underpaid professionals manage? A city can’t survive on wealthy professionals, foreign investors, and trustfunders alone. If the local government is smart, they will institute some form of rent control, designate a certain percentage of properties for lower income housing, and have some subsidized housing, like artists lofts.

    • Val says:

      New York is one of the places where the gap between extreme money and poverty is getting wider. I think the people that you mention end up flatsharing, there really isn’t any other choice when you don’t have a wall street salary.
      What angers me the most though, is that all that prime real estate is bought by people who only live there a couple of weeks a year… and I think there’s going to be a point where governments will have to step in to put some regulations on that sort of thing… I know there was a big discussion about it in France a couple of years back, because half of the best real estate in Paris was empty because of the 0.1% buying it up.

  7. Jules says:

    I can barely stand to look at Leo the Pudgy Pedo.

  8. SamiHami says:

    Eh, his money, his choice. I think it’s ridiculous, but he can certainly afford it, so who am I to judge?

  9. Nessa says:

    I can’t pinpoint when it happened, but some time in the last year and a half or so Leo went from one of my favorite celebrities/actors to one of my least favorite. I’m just so tired of all these stories of his over the top lifestyle and his antics with young

    His acting is even a reflection of his lifestyle. It was over the top in Gatsby and Wolf of Wall Street. I did like him in Django, but still… He took that character too far. It just worked in that particular role.

    • NYC_girl says:

      I never particularly liked him and NEVER found him attractive. Maybe for 5 minutes in Titanic. But I agree he was good in Django. I walked out of that movie when I saw him hanging from his ankles in the barn. I couldn’t take it any longer… I loved Christoph Waltz the most.

    • Paula says:

      I completely agree with you Nessa – to a such a crazy degree that I’m taking the time to log in and say so – haha

  10. Penny says:

    Not on the same level but I have an alarm clock that wakes me up with simulated natural light. Right now natural daylight doesn’t hit my bedroom window til like 8am, and I need to get up at 6am so the lamp is helpful, it really makes waking up and getting up easier.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      I also had an alarm clock whith simulated natural light and i never was able to wake up

    • Liberty says:

      we use a cat to wake up. She is natural, too.

      • Seapharris7 says:

        Us too Liberty. Unfortunately she’s set at 2-3 AM & doesn’t have a reliable snooze button

      • Val says:


        Dear Leo,
        We heard you had problems waking up naturally, so please find this cat enclosed to aid you with your morning woes.
        The Celebitchy Forums, Meow

  11. Kiddo says:

    I would think all of these health infused gadgets use energy. Also, it’s a tremendously huge footprint to take up city space for a car. It’s his money, yes, but the environmental considerations are pretty much rubbish. Does he fly on commercial airlines and whatnot?

  12. feebee says:

    I’m surprised. I thought the vitamin shower thing was passé. The other things can be pretty basic, like heated floors. They just put some wanky description ahead of it to make it sound flowery. The building sounds all but certified organic.

    It’s NYC and he’s a multi-millionaire, A-list actor. Carry on Leo.

  13. Ellie66 says:

    I would rather have a big house in the country far away from noise and pollution but I’m old and not rich so here I am in Albuquerque with my 2 pugs but I do take vitamin C (it just doesn’t come outa my shower) 😉 Lol! It’s crazy how expensive NY real estate is yikes! I did like him in Django.

  14. mercy says:

    Building owners leak these kind of details to the Post all the time to hype their properties. It is what it us. Better they show some concern for environmental standards than not. If it wasn’t Leo buying, it would be some other moneybags. At least it’s not someone like that Sultan of Brunei, who’s intent on instituting Sharia law in his own country while he lives it up around the world.

  15. Jasmine says:

    It’s his money

  16. Itsetsyou says:

    Maybe it’s nesting syndrome – moving in with his gf and getting serious!

    • mercy says:

      I’d be more inclined to think he bought separate quarters for his partner and any future progeny they may have, and the help, so they don’t cramp his lifestyle too much. But he seems like more of an investor than a nester.

  17. BGirl81 says:

    “LEED-certified butt-washer”

    Haaahahaha!! For real, I’m an interior designer and I have clients that would totally go for that. Seriously, they would. One of my favorite work moments was when I went to a cocktail party given by A Very Fancy Toilet Company. It was literally held in the toilet showroom. Like, we were all drinking and small-talking among rows of $800 and up toilets. Mind you, most of them look like they belong in a Port Authority bathroom. I totally get where Kaiser’s coming from, because there are MANY times (like a week ago, when one of my clients spent $160,000 on blinds – not including labor – for a three bedroom condo) that I think, “Does it ever occur to you that you could go to Home Goods and give the rest to people who have nothing?!?!” I don’t get it either, girl.

  18. Ahh, Leo–you are ruining your shamef-ckness for me…..that’s a big deal.

  19. taxi says:

    The public water supply in my area is treated with chloramine, a less costly disinfectant than chlorine. It’s also far more harmful. My Vitamin C shower filters counteract most of the chloramine.

  20. Emily C. says:

    $1 million for a parking space is not acceptable. There comes a point at which it is not okay to waste your money on yourself when there are people in the world without health care or clean water.

  21. Nevermore says:

    I can see a future Howard Hughes in Leo. Reclusive, odd, and full of strange compulsions.

  22. Matthew says:

    A$$hat. 💩

  23. new here says:

    He is well on the road to Howard Hughes levels of eccentric freakishness. Mark my words.. he’ll be bringing his own silverware to restaurants and wearing odd getups (that face scarf at coachella, already doing it a little) etc etc. He’s very weird and is one of the few actors I ahve an irrational dislike of- I cannot see him in anythign anymore his INTENSE SQUINT move kills me inside

  24. bedbug says:

    I think he’s a little “metro”…why else would he feel the need to horde so much money…rape the economy… and Basque in decadent expenditures…?? Millions of people are jobless, poor and suffering.. he Made that wolf of wall street movie to show his ass..which is something I’m sure he does quite often anyway..

  25. Davy says:

    I don’t find any of this strange. You can buy affordable options of most of these, including water filters, aromatherapy vaporizers, vitamic c shower filters, orange glasses to block blue light and/or sunrise lamps and alarm clocks (as many stated here). Essentially, it’s all relatively leading edge health optimizers, many of which are available in more affordable brackets (though not quite as effective as higher quality products). It is all about maximizing health and wellness and if you have the resources, what better place to spend your money? Charity, sure – but he does give huge amounts of money to charity. Should he not be allowed to enjoy some of the money he has EARNED. Life is survival of the fittest and he has made it to the top of his industry, done very well for himself financially and critically, and donates huge sums to charity while generating a lot of attention for the causes he holds in reverence. I don’t see what the problem is. 100% I would get these amenities if it was an option!