LeAnn Rimes: ‘People get this idea Eddie & I take our selves seriously & we don’t’


If you haven’t been following the epic and neverending #LeAnnHealthCrisis, let me fill you in. Last week, LeAnn was tweeting about going to the doctor for… (wait for it)… a hangnail. She went to a doctor. For a hangnail. She had to have surgery. She had to be medicated. There was drama. As always. But then #TheGreatHangnailTragedyof2014 took an extraordinary turn: LeAnn’s hangnail surgery led to a staph infection, and she had to tweet about that too (including posting a photo of her finger with some white goop on it). Shots were given, complaints were aired on Twitter. But brave LeAnn managed to get through it all because Eddie sang John Legend’s “All of Me” to her so she would feel better (even though poor Eddie was “sick” too). Pray for them, please. Meanwhile, LeAnn has a new interview with The Las Vegas Review Journal. Some highlights:

Her personal life: “Personal life is good. I’ve been home enjoying it a little more, which has been very nice. I love to cook and I love to be able to be home. Two weeks at a time is the right amount, a great amount of time, and I’ve had a lot of those from the beginning of this year. It’s been nice to be at home.”

Subtle shade for Brandi: “Living in a blended family, there’s always going to be some turmoil, but the kids are fantastic. Eddie and I have a very quiet, normal life. Unless someone needs to use it to spin the press for some reason to try and mess with us.”

The tabloid stories: “They still come and it’s funny because Eddie and I have really learned to laugh at it because the stories that people come up with are just ludicrous. Apparently the other day I underwent surgery for ab implants. I didn’t even know you could get ab implants. My publicist and I had to look it up to see if you can even actually do it. I don’t know how they come up with this stuff. Apparently, I saw a psychic recently to get pregnant. It’s such craziness that you have to just sit back and separate yourself from it and just laugh at it when you hear it because if people believe that, then let them have fun believing it.”

The VH1 reality show: “It’s been super fun filming it. We both were really stand-offish on any kind of show like this. When we spoke to VH1 about it, they gave us an opportunity to have fun with it. You get a sense of our relationship, obviously. It was one of those things like, ‘You think you know us, but you have no idea’ kind of thing. ‘So why don’t we play around and show you?’ People already write our lives for us, so it was not intrusive. It was honest and fun, and we enjoyed it more than we thought we would. I think sometimes people get this idea Eddie and I take our selves seriously, and we don’t.”

[From the Las Vegas Review Journal]

She talks a lot about music and her country career and sort of breezes over the fact that her last albums have been dismal flops and that she got kicked off her record label. I get the feeling that she really does miss having a singing career, but not enough to actually make good music and tour consistently without being a hypochondriac drama queen. Speaking of, LeAnn is scheduled to sing the National Anthem at this year’s Indianapolis 500. Let’s see what illnesses pop up before then.

leann nail staph


Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. aims says:

    I didn’t know she got dropped from her label. That’s huge! I can’t wait until the show tanks, what kind of spin will she do? She and her husband has zero chemistry together. It feels forced and uncomfortable.

    • gessiewtf says:

      It isn’t true. She was tied into a long term contract and was finally emancipated from it. Curb records used to be good, but Country singers are fighting to get released. We are waiting to see what she does without their yoke around her neck.

      • Jayna says:

        They never tried to keep her, washed their hands of her, and didn’t promote her last album. She has been meeting with labels for months and months and no offer. Who is she fooling? Her last two albums sold horribly. She barely tours. She obviously doesn’t have much of a fan base anymore. Radio doesn’t play her. She has lost the country music industry support and fan support basically. The Christmas album was a good idea, because that will probably sell decent.

      • Yo says:

        So far, not much.

      • ya says:

        she has a major PR problem so who knows what she’ll be able to do next.

        That said, Curb is a horrible label, and her disputes with them throughout her career have become pretty infamous – she was the first to speak out against them years ago, and other people like tim mcgraw followed. She’s definitely better off without Curb, especially considering that with the way the music industry is going nowadays, being without a label is not necessarily a bad thing.

      • Michele says:

        “We are waiting to see what she does without their yoke around her neck.” Lol~Really? Super. You and her 6 fans? No one else in humanity really cares and it’s mind boggling that she still gets booked for any gigs at all anymore IMO.

  2. briargal says:

    She is one PATHETIC JOKE!!

    • Erinn says:

      I especially enjoyed “We both were really stand-offish on any kind of show like this”
      Umm what? Was this not the woman who ended up essentially paying to make sure she got a show and was talking about it non-stop?

      “It was honest and fun, and we enjoyed it more than we thought we would.”
      Isn’t it, according to her, a scripted show?

      • Tracy says:

        She is a walking contradiction.

      • Sonia says:

        Walking contradiction, or liar? She is a lying liar face that lives on liar street in liarville.

      • Ming says:

        @erinn- exactly!! Which is it? She can’t keep the lies straight.
        I believe she makes things up all the time, but calls it “her truth”

      • Jayna says:

        I think the scripted part ended the first few days of shooting or planning for it when it fell apart. They never hired child actors like she said they were going to do for the sons. They have used their real friends, not actors. No hired actor to be the ex-wife. The scripted part was long gone early on in the filming of the show.

    • JennySerenity says:

      Oh, FFS. I’ll start a prayer chain immediately.

      I think most normal people would laugh at LeMann’s assertion that “…Eddie and I have a very quiet, normal life.” In what universe is she *normal*??

    • Ginger says:

      Exactly! On the one hand “we were stand-offish about it” and the other “we asked VH1 about it” That makes no sense!

  3. OrangeBlohan says:

    Usually people who whine about other people creating drama, are in fact, the ones who are creating the drama! No matter how she spins it, if that reality disaster of theirs ever airs, it will be yet another flop for her. Her and Ed are both a couple of a$$hats. I can’t believe she has a publicist, this person must have just given up at this point!!

    • lucy2 says:

      Your first sentence is DEAD ON, especially when talking about Leann. All her drama and crazy publicity comes from her.

    • Deanne says:

      That is so right. It’s deflection. The biggest drama queens are always accusing everyone else of drama and the biggest liars are always the ones calling everyone else liars.

      • Christin says:

        That’s been my observation as well. And in a lot of cases, people going on about ailments are often not quite as ill as they proclaim. Most people who are truly very ill or incapacitated won’t complain or constantly talk about it (some will – but I’ve found most won’t because they’re too busy struggling through their day).

        I have a saying to that effect – Those who suffer most often complain the least. And that seems to fit for hangnail drama, miraculously healing fingers, etc. It’s also interesting when one is well each time a vacation or fun times are on the agenda.

  4. Tracy says:

    We saw the clips, LeAnn. Your show is far from fun and it highlights the total lack of chemistry between you and your bought and paid for husband. You two are one big joke.

    • Michele says:

      Exactly Tracy and I have no clue how she ever, ever, got him to even want to be in bed with her. How’d he get past her voice, then her face and then her swimmers shoulders and big a__??? Someone tell me, did she just instantly offer BJs then cold cash and a Harley?

  5. Khadijah says:

    I took a break off Leann stories. I just get so frustrated with her. She could have been a contender, instead she flushed it down the drain for some stupid drama. It would be better if she had had a Lindsay-like tailspin, just because Country Music seems to love that kind of comeback. Now her only hope is if she got rid of Eddie, became first friends with Brandi and wrote music about “how a woman must look past the man to find herself”.

    • Christin says:

      She really could have carved out a decent spot. I don’t equate her to other, more successful country singers who had drama yet were likeable, talented and tenacious enough to carve out a long running career and legacy. She just seems to repeatedly toss it away.

      Her contradictory comments are way too transparent. She stirs the pot via social media and photo opps, then acts as if she and the paid companion are so private and oblivious to how the drama happens.

    • MollyB says:

      I’m not a fan of her music or the country genre in general but I thought the reviews for her last album were pretty positive across the board. It’s just that no one was really interested anyways.

  6. Elisabeth says:

    doesn’t take herself to serious but reads EVERYTHING written about her. Even googles to research ‘said’ rumor. Stop it. Anyone who tweets about their ‘hangnail surgery’ needs a swift hard kick up her boney ass

  7. Tiffany says:

    Well, there is something that we can agree on LeAnn. I never took you and Eddie seriously either.

    • briargal says:

      Right! Because noone can believe ANYTHING she says as she lies constantly. Must be pretty bad to be living a life that is a total lie but yet try so hard to make people believe she is sooooo happpppeeeee!

      • claire says:

        It’s just creepy how much she lies with total confidence. She really kinda gives me the heebie-jeebies.

      • Lady D says:

        Lying comes as natural as breathing to her, always has. You’d think after a couple of decades practice she would be better at it, maybe learned how to do it without getting caught? Dense as well as dishonest.

      • briargal says:

        @claire–Just read an interview on GR where she claimed “they are stalked by the paparazzi”. Okay…it’s her story and she’s sticking to it even though we all know she has them on speed dial. Otherwise we would have seen a lot of pics when she went to the dentist, and pics of Eddie sneaking off to do WHATEVER! On of many, many lies. She is one lying, pathetic little joke!

  8. anon33 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes.

    Don’t understand WTF she is wearing with them though…

  9. claire says:

    Is she ever going to address the questions of why all the previews for the show were removed, or just continue to live in her delusional bubble?

    • Tracy says:

      I put my money on delusional bubble.

    • Deanne says:

      They are ignoring the questions about it completely. They are apparently doing a “colourful, photo-shoot” for the show and Eddie is wearing purple pants and green socks. ” They try so damn hard to make themselves a thing. I think that Eddie is just as deluded as LeAnn is. He’s living in the dome of delusion right along with her. Otherwise, why would he continue to set himself up for ridicule.

      • dlo says:

        who said it was the K ed? He is MIA no pics of him or anything he gave her for their anniversary, but they are HAAAPPPIIEEE

  10. GIRLFACE says:

    Girl stop with those Urban Outfitters sunglasses.

  11. doofus says:


    …if you want to show the “reality” of your life with Cibrian, WHY IS IT SCRIPTED?!

    does she not understand or realize how ridiculous she sounds with contradictions like that?

  12. FingerBinger says:

    It’s a shame Leann is such a nut because she’s actually a talented singer.

  13. HappyMom says:

    I actually gasped when I saw that first get up of the white shirt over the tube top.

    • JennySerenity says:

      That’s the same top she had pinned on her “Eveleigh Rose” Pinterest account. I’d love to know why that creepy story hasn’t gone wide?

      • mrspatrickbateman says:

        Me too. It seems too good of a story to pass up.

      • briargal says:

        Especially creepy is all the pent up hatred and anger she pinned on the account. That is what is so troubling! Yet noone will print anything about that!

      • Lady D says:

        Someone needs to get ahold of happykappy and have her drop a line to Radar.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        Short answer: No lawsuit-averting proof it was really her account, and nothing in that account that was specific enough to give a gossip-spinner any traction.

        i.e. You can’t create a good blog post with “So there was this weirdly angry Pinterest page…”

  14. Alex says:

    Does anyone know if that network music pilot show she did got picked up? She’s been really quiet about that.

  15. K-rock says:

    Weren’t the teaser clips for the new “reality” (cough puke) show taken down the other day? I’m thinking there’s a chance its been cancelled?

  16. D says:

    And they obviously don’t take their careers seriously either since neither one of them is working….they are so pathetic.

  17. nemo says:

    I’m so tired of her.

  18. LeAnn Stinks says:

    For once I actually agree with you SkeezAnn, no one else takes you seriously either.

  19. elisa says:

    That is one of the ugliest, most unfortunate outfits I’ve seen in a while – and that is the nicest thing I can say about her.

  20. Jessiebes says:

    Le told the journalist (as in fluff piece writer) that the boys would be on the show. The boys won’t be though, Le lied again…. Sky is blue, rain is wet.

    • stacey says:

      Yeah, I saw that too. What a nut job. Thats some pathological lying right there. Girls got major issues

    • Jenn12 says:

      Yes, to mess with Brandi (because it’s all Brandi’s fault, everything is to Leann) and to drum up publicity by using two young children to get it. Two kids who aren’t hers and whose mother has asked her to stop.

  21. Christin says:

    If she does show up for Indy, does anyone foresee her trying to take the spotlight away from Jim Nabors, who has performed a song at the race for 40-plus years. He announced this is his last year, so HE should be the news out of that day. Let’s see what happens.

    • briargal says:

      Oooh…I’ll bet she makes on like she is his best friend forever!

      • Christin says:

        Or, if the Patsy tribute post-interview is any indicator, she may make some attention-getting comment to draw the next day headlines her way. Or she may do some OTT wardrobe or singing theatrics.

        Oh, but what am I thinking. She will be classy, demure and respectful.

    • Deanne says:

      She’ll show up for Indy because she thinks it’s higher profile exposure and Eddie will want to come and watch the race. It’s the basement casino gigs and small venues that she blows off, screwing over her few loyal fans and making up lame excuses.

  22. TheTruthHurts says:

    wtf is she talking about with the tabloid rumors? I read all the gossip crap about her and never saw any story about her “getting ab implants” or “seeing a psychic to get pregnant.” she is always lying. Just like she lied to the reporter in Palm Springs about the kids being on half of the episodes of her “show.”

    She’s a pig. That’s all.

  23. Leslie says:

    LeAnn lied in an interview? SHE LIED??? OMG, I am SO shocked. The person who interviewed LeAnn had to check with her PR person to get the truth. How could she tell the interviewer that Eddie’s boys were going to be on the show when they’re not? Does this crazy woman not realize that people know she’s lying? HOW DOES SHE NOT KNOW THIS?

  24. Jenn12 says:

    This trick is so crazy, it’s exhausting. I feel for Brandi and her sons, who didn’t ask for this toxic level of crazy in their lives. She even used the boys for PR, lying that they’d be in the show, which was for her own gain. She just keeps up the verbal diarrhea: she’s the world’s best bonus mom, equal to the mom, everyone else is jealous, she is an innocent victim, Brandi stirs up all the trouble, her marriage is paradise…. her nose should look like a tree trunk by now.

  25. Sonia says:

    Shame on eddie. Shame on him for being such a terrible father.

    • Lionbdadddy says:

      My sentiments exactly. I hope Brandi can have a normal mothers day this Sunday without this crazy woman started up her twitter rampage trying to engage Eddies Ex. It’s Brandi’s day and not Leann’s. I hope Leann remembers this come Sunday, although I’m doubtful.

    • Lady D says:

      More than willing to harm his children if it means getting back at Brandi. His immaturity towards the boys is staggering. Unfortunately, they will be the ones to pay for it.

      • I agree. I’ve said it before. If Eddie had hooked up with a Leann that didn’t want to piss off Brandi, then I don’t think those kids would ever see their father. I mean, he might’ve gotten them in the beginning–but maybe a year later, I could see him blowing them off. But, unfortunately, he picked himself a crazy sugar mama that made it her life’s goal to piss off the ex wife–even when she was just the girlfriend (which is SO disrespectful when you’re the new wife, let alone when you’re the girlfriend), and THAT’S why he has those kids. Because Leann likes to play house for a few days a week, and brag on twitter how amazing she is as a ‘bonus’ mom (seriously, I follow her, and I’m surprised she hasn’t blocked me yet).

        When Eddie finally moves to greener ($$$$$$$) pastures, then I think he’ll blow his kids off AND continue to not pay his child support.

  26. Izzy says:

    Dear MeAnn and Ediot: so glad you don’t take yourselves seriously. Because we don’t take you seriously either.

    Seriously, we don’t.

  27. Relli says:

    Hahahaha I wanted to say something about their true undying love. But this entire thread of comments is priceless, well done!

  28. Lionbdadddy says:

    Still living her delusional dream. By the way of her Twitter and alleged Pin account. Her real life screams a different reality entirely to the life she talks about during her interviews. It’s scary how deep and committed she runs with it. Nobody as happy as she claims to be, acts this determined to prove to others how happy they are. In my opinion she lives for attention on Twitter probably because she gets no attention at home. The show clips are the confirmation of what I already suspected. No chemistry between them and fake. I mean, look she has to compete with a pillow. I know of no man that would rather snuggle his pillow than his wife. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they sleep in separate rooms and beds.

  29. Lionbdadddy says:

    I have to write this because it needs to be put out there.

    I agree with one portion of a tweet she posted yesterday, people are obsessed. Whether they like to admit it or not, some Brandi fans are totally obsessed with her. Not in a jealous sense, but they dislike her so much they let it consume them. They are obsessed to the point that I think they are just as crazy at times. Leann knows posting stuff gets a rise out of them and like clockwork they start up. When your TL is 20% or more about Leann then it’s time to take a break off Twitter because she doesn’t deserve that much of your attention.

    The Twitter war between their fans is a joke and not a funny one. Brandi and Leann take a back seat while they go at it. The fans receive threats, are subjected to bullying and even LAWSUITS are a possibility. Are these two people really worth it. They don’t care. Brandi is too busy for the nonsense and Leann doesn’t care what fan gets hurt in the process of defending her, all that matters is that they are defending her. I will post comments on here but not invest any time the way some people do on Twitter.

    The best way to get Leann’s back up is to ignore her and act like she doesn’t exist. Brandi has learned not to rise to her and it drives Leann nuts. Why doesn’t her fans follow suit. I find it funny that people tell Brandi not to engage to Leann’s baits when they do themselves. I also think some people on Twitter would have withdrawals if they had to go a day without tweeting something nasty to her.

    I’m not saying that she doesn’t deserve some of the feedback, because she is a rotten little creature, but why are people giving her their time of day and giving her exactly what she wants, craves and lives for. ATTENTION!

    An example of how stupid some of Brandi’s fans are that despise Leann, is tweets of boycotting the show yet other days tweeting they can’t wait to watch it. Walking, talking contradiction. Just ignore the women, stop the Twitter madness and let her do crazy all by herself. At least if you can’t pull yourself to ignore her crazy, don’t @ her and don’t mention her name in the tweets, just refer to her as it. Certainly don’t @ people who tweet her something innocent and then insert yourself into their tweets with rude remarks. I see many BG fans do that and use filthy language.

    BTW. Stop with the ridiculous “we’re gonna boycott” tweets of products half of you never actually use. If you do happen to use those products just stop buying, companies rarely ever buys those boycotts tweet until they actually see the proof in the sales or ratings. Done!

    • Leslie says:

      @Lionbdadddy, I agree. Some of the Twitter nuts are WAY too obsessed with LeAnn and Brandi. A few that I’ve seen (I’m sure there are many more I haven’t seen) tweet mean comments 24/7 about LeAnn/Brandi. Makes me wonder if they have jobs or any kind of life outside the Twitter world. They are doing the same thing they accuse LeAnn of doing.

      • ya says:

        ya…. except worse – it’s one thing to tweet about yourself 24/7, even if it is in an unsuccessful attempt to portray some kind of fantasy/unrealistic image of your own life. It’s completely another thing to tweet 24/7 about someone you’ve never even met.

      • Lionbdadddy says:

        It’s makes me wonder too. I understand there are a lot of people that are out of work because of the current job market, not ideal and some are stay at home mothers, but you don’t need to dedicate this much time on Twitter to calling out Lr or Bg. Actually would be best if you dedicated 0 amount of time to that level of crazy that is going on on Twitter. You’re right that they are doing the same thing they accuse Leann of doing and are too stupid to realize it. Not the brightest crayon in the box. When it does affects them directly and cause them issues in their real life don’t go crying victim when you were actively participating in it.

    • Deanne says:

      I closed my twitter account because of that crap. It got ridiculous. Really, when people start doing background checks on strangers, attacking people’s children, spouses, personal appearances, (both “sides” guilty of this) filing fake police reports because someone insulted them, creating multiple accounts to harass celebs and there fans, etc., they are way too invested. It’s Twitter. It should be fun, not filled with drama between virtual strangers, fighting a war over C-list celebs.

      • Deanne says:

        I meant their fans, not there fans.

      • Lionbdadddy says:

        Deanne, couldn’t agree more, it is ridiculous and some of it even dangerous. They can’t accept how stupid they all look on both sides. If these were immature teenagers looking to curb their boredom by starting fights on Twitter, I’d get it. But even I don’t think immature teenagers would take it to the level of background checks, attacking peoples children and filing fake police reports. These are grown women who are above the teenage years, some have children, adult children to add to that and even grandchildren. It’s insane.

        I’ve seen them go back and forth, some do it from the morning until they sign off for the night. Using words like the C word, disgusting. They unite on Twitter in what they call support which looks a lot like hate for either BG or LR. How far do these idiots plan to take it? Both sides want to keep it going, because they’d rather respond and give attention than ignore. I think even if Leann and Eddie got divorced and the boys were no longer an issue they’d still keep it up.

        Both Lr and Bg aren’t playing with a full deck, they don’t care because if they did they would try to do more to stop the nastiness. These two are not worth consuming your everyday life, going to jail, losing your job or having kids involved as a direct affect of engaging in this silly mess. Step away and let BG and LR handle their own mess.

  30. Michele says:

    That face!! Ugh, how does Eddie do it? I’d need a cash infusion every morning to deal with that.

  31. "BONUS" MOM'S DISASTER says:

    I agree with some of what is said about the twitter feuds. People carry it way too far. I think that Brandi has a few devoted fans that feel protective of her because in the very beginning Leann and her few devoted fans waged a horrible war of words on Brandi. These few girls banded together and started giving it back to help out Brandi and it has carried on from there. But really there are haters for every celebrity out there. They are nameless people who say really vile, disgusting things. Social media has opened up a whole new kind of crazy because it can be done anonymously for the most part. Strangers tweeting to Brandi regarding her abilities as a Mother and that her kids should be taken away, etc. so the BB girls felt the need to protect her and give it back. Doesn’t make it all okay but just explaining. If you want something funny, google tv fishbowl Leann Rimes vegas concert flop. Says it all why she is no longer taken seriously as an artist and pretty funny.

  32. Lori-Anne Ferullo says:

    Wow !! I have never seen LeAnn looking like that I don’t like what she has on at all it doesn’t look right on her omg !!!