Michael Phelps won’t be prosecuted for smoking weed, SC sheriff says

Michael Phelps
Just two weeks after the photos of Michael Phelps smoking a bong were released publicly, the South Carolina sheriff who vowed to investigate the crime claimed that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute Phelps. So it looks like Phelps has gotten away with it (for now).

Or has he? Phelps either lost several of his contracts, or the contracts are not being renewed, like his Kelloggs contract. All because the Olympic golden boy smoked a little weed. After the sheriff’s announcement that there would be no prosecution, Phelps issued yet another apology. People has more:

Less than an hour after a South Carolina sheriff said he would not file drug charges against Michael Phelps, Olympic star – who was photographed last fall smoking a marijuana pipe – issued another mea culpa and pledged to “dive back into the pool.”

“I’m glad this matter is put to rest. But there are also some important lessons that I’ve learned,” Phelps, 23, said in a statement Monday.

“For me, it’s all about recognizing that I used bad judgment and it’s a mistake I won’t make again. For young people especially – be careful about the decisions you make. One bad decision can really hurt you and the people you care about.”

Richland County sheriff Leon Lott announced earlier Monday that a nearly two-week investigation had failed to produce enough evidence to prosecute anyone present at a November party at the University of South Carolina, where the photo was taken.

From People Magazine

Bill Maher was recently interviewed on Larry King Live, and Maher claimed that Phelps shouldn’t have to apologize, because, in Maher‘s words “pot never killed anybody”. It’s an interesting view, but it’s a view that won’t win over all of the moms and kids who adore Phelps and his Olympic achievements.

I’m glad Phelps isn’t going to be prosecuted, though. I tend to think that his apology and the pulling of his contracts and endorsement deals should be enough “punishment”. It’s not like he was abusing dogs or anything – he was just smoking a little weed.

Michael Phelps is shown signing copies of his biography on 12/11/08. Credit: PRPhotos
Michael Phelps

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  1. Shelly Shellz says:

    I agree w Maher…he shouldn’t have apologized. Though in sum ppls opinions its wrong, its HIS decision. I have never understood y cigarettes r legal & weed isn’t. So he took a hit off a bong…get over it!

  2. geronimo says:

    Got to say, he’s got the public apology down to a fine art – tone perfect, humility, responsibility and redemption! Behind closed doors next time, Mikey, just like the rest of us do.

  3. Bodhi says:

    I swear that sheriff is looking for a book deal or something! There is SO MUCH more crime in Columbia than a dude smoking pot at a party.

  4. texasmom says:

    I think it is ok he apologized — I don’t have any problem with responsible use of pot (like responsible drinking) but as a mom I’d rather not have big role models seen with it. It has less to do with the nature of pot and more to do with how current drug laws will cause grievous harm to your life. I don’t want my kids getting in big trouble for buying or owning an illegal substance.

  5. JUDY says:

    Whomever set him up is an ahole And he was set up. This cop made himself look like a moron going after this guy like this and I hope he gets a demotion for wasting taxpayers money for going after this guy..it was almost personal. I wonder if he had anything to do with the set up?

  6. Bryant says:

    I am not an advocate of pot in the least. He was using a controlled substance. But for the life of me I can’t understand why they are putting him through the wringer. Let us remember, pot is not good for the lungs, and I’m guessing that this wasn’t his first time smoking the reefer. despite all of this, he still slammed every country at the olympics. I would understand the outrage if he was using a performance enhancing substance, but he was using a substance that is known to decrease performance. Why the outrage?????????????