Cannes amfAR gala: Jessica Chastain in Givenchy, Lara Stone in vintage Versace


The annual Cannes Film Festival amfAR benefit was held last night at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. The guest list was kind of meh – I mean, there were a handful of big names there, but this whole Cannes Film Festival has seemed like one of the weakest that I’ve ever observed over here in the cheap seats. The movie stars (honest to God movie stars) are few and far between, there are just a bunch of models who walk every carpet, and the whole thing just feels… budget.

Anyway, here’s Jessica Chastain in Givenchy Couture. This is a custom gown, and you can tell. It’s beautiful on her, although Jessica has a much better figure than this gown allows for (it makes her midsection look thick, which is the design, not Jessica). And while I kind of think the necklace weighs her down a bit, I do like seeing some major bling.


Lara Stone vintage Gianni Versace . I kind of love that she did this. Is it flattering, appropriate or fashion-forward? Absolutely not. But I still love that she just went ahead and did vintage Versace and that she’s almost pulling it off.


Marion Cotillard Alexander McQueen Fall 2014. I’m shocked it’s not Dior. I’m not shocked that I still dislike it. But I wouldn’t blame Marion for being exhausted with the sack drama nonsense coming out of Dior. She looks like a knocked up bride.



Karlie Kloss in Chanel Fall 2011 Couture. I’m side-eyeing the fact that this is three years old, but I don’t remember seeing it on any notable red carpets, so props to her for finding an interesting Chanel dress. I actually like this, even if it is a little bit plain. I’m a sucker for a good sleeve.


Riley Keough in Louis Vuitton. Sigh. #1: pull back your hair, #2 stop trying to make “cowgirl chic” happen, it’s not ironic, it’s just stupid, #3 put on a real gown and #4 burn the crap on your feet.


Michelle Rodriguez in Elisabetta Franchi. Pretty. Not ground-breaking, but she looks nice.


Irina Shayk, working the “two fug dresses hatef—ked each other and made one fug baby dress” vibe that Julianne Moore usually owns.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. SpookySpooks says:

    Lara looks terrible. She looks boxy and her breasts look saggy, and I’m sure they aren’t, she’s a frinckin supermodel.

    Karlie looks the best.

    Irina looks sooo tacky. Has anyone seen the cover with her and Christiano? I really liked the fact that the man was naked, usually when they do couples, and one of them is naked, it’s usually the woman ( Khedira and his girlfriend a few years back, etc.)

  2. blue marie says:

    Karlie Kloss and Swifty look like they’re becoming the same person. Her dress is really the only one I like though.

    Michelle looks good but I don’t like the eye shadow, is that blue or gray? (or is it just the dust on my computer screen?)

    • Kiddo says:

      Do not like: The illusion of draping created by the beading is reminiscent of funeral parlor window treatments/drapes. The flip flops or sandals look like she is schlepping, doing laundry around the house or something.

      Riley Keough is about to yodel any minute now.

    • Tanguerita says:

      +1. And Kloss definitely stole this dress from Keira Knightley.

  3. nora says:

    jessica Chastain deserves a post in it all alone because it has been splendid throughout the festival; for me it was the only star at Cannes this year all her outfits were beautiful (the blue dress and purple dress) and I saw her in interviews for the first time I have found funny intelligent and very great beauty actress underestimates ;
    ps: I’m not his family

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Red carpet is becoming Fug city anymore.

  5. Talie says:

    Poor Lara, those big tittays aint doin her no favors as she gets older. Gravity sucks.

  6. j.eyre says:

    Oh lord, I need my head examined. I should hate Irina’s dress, I should be making several jokes at its expense but I don’t hate it and I can’t figure out why. I could/would never wear it but I don’t hate it on her.

    • Lucrezia says:

      I have 2 theories.

      A) Because shiny.

      B) Because the shimmer, combined with the way it’s wrapped around her neck, is subconsciously reminding you of a boa constrictor and you’re actually paralysed with fear.

      • j.eyre says:

        Both very valid theories and make me feel much better than the “I need to not wash down an entire pizza with a bottle of zinfandel anymore” theory I was working on. It could be the drapey straight jacket that has my attention or it could be… SQUIRREL!

  7. Jenna says:

    Riley is wearing a top that has some of the most hideous seaming detail on the front that I’ve ever seen a woman wear – and I’m including the day my aunt gritted her teeth and wore a mother’s day gift my totally unable to sew and had to be taken to the ER the night before to get the sewing machine removed from himself (long story, but in my defense, I DID tell him to leave my industrial machine – nicknamed ‘Thor’ – alone, it wasn’t for fabric, I used it to often sew through sheet metal. Nitwit refused to listen, didn’t want to use the ‘girly’ machines and ended up sewing himself TO himself, and through bone) – that was like a bad satin origami nightmare. The top looks like she is wearing a cheap satin bathingsuit with massive cutouts over a crewneck men’s undershirt. Just… why?

    • I Choose Me says:

      Um, did you say through bone? Yikes! But it is wrong that I sympathize more with your aunt? :D

    • Diane says:

      Can someone explain to me what Riley’s talent is? Other than being Elvis’s great granddaughter, what is her story? Does she act?

  8. M.A.F. says:

    I like Karlie Kloss’ dress. Who cares if it is three years old.

  9. Tanguerita says:

    am I the only one who thinks that Cotillard completely lost her hotness?or was she ever hot? – i don’t remember.

    • Clara says:

      Marion’s style is somewhat still reeling after that godawful Dior collection from two years ago they kept force her to wear. She looks tired though and that high neck is only accentuating her eye bags.

  10. Clara says:

    Oh my God…. This Cannes edition was not even second rate… abysmal in so far as prestige goes…
    I mean really it opened with Lively and a Jenner sister and just kept on getting worse.

    • pru says:

      I’m not excited about any of the films I’ve heard coming out of Cannes and the fashion has been sub par. This year’s festival has been pretty disappointing.

      • Clara says:

        The fashion’s been underwhelming… atrocious would be a more adequate term. it’s like some of these people were dressed from the second hand haute couture thrift shop.

        The movies affected by geriatric hipster-ish pretension.
        Foxcatcher – the only notable almost unanimously well-receive American film – very progressive in all its three white male leads. I’ve no doubt the performances are top notch, tho.

  11. Eleonor says:

    I remember that vintage Versace, I am happy to see it again.

  12. Kali says:

    Jessica Chastain just KILLS it again in that black dress. I would love to see it without that little black insert in the V neck (so it would just dip down into the V) but all in all, stunning. And YES to jewel p0rn, a big fat yes!

  13. lucy2 says:

    I like the top half of Karlie’s, but not the white beading detail. Jessica looks pretty.
    I don’t really hate Marion’s for some reason.

  14. whatsmyname? says:

    Didn’t Jessica already wear that Givenchy dress or something similar? or maybe it was someone else?
    AHH Was thinking of this one: She should have gone with another color..

    Marion outside of Dior isn’t much better when IN Dior..
    I kind of like Irinas dress but I wish the top part wasn’t there (seriously wtf is that? ew) and the slit wasn’t so high because the color looks really beautiful on her.
    I love Karlie as a model but girl keeps dressing like a grandma going out for tea and decided to put on her “fancy dress”.
    Georgina, neck up YES and the color of the dress is nice. Lara meh Michelle meh Riley double meh

  15. MrsBPitt says:

    There are rumors that Jessica Chastain will star in the new season of True Dectective on HBO. I’m not too happy. I think she is really overrated. Of course, I think I’ve only seen her in Zero Dark Thirty (thats all I remember, anyway) which I didn’t think was very good, and that she was terrible in it. I couldn’t believe she was nominated for an Oscar for that perfomance.

    • Pinky Rose says:

      Her reps have denied that actually. As HBO has, though she was offered a role on it. She simply could not do it because of her schedule.

      • Clara says:

        Doesn’t help that one or two of her movies in pre-production have had delays. The Secret Scripture I think was the one, changed director or something. And filming True Detective would’ve taken her at least three or four months to shoot.
        Maybe next year…
        What if for the sake of diversity, they’d pick Viola Davis instead?

      • Kori says:

        Love Viola Davis but she’s already starring on an upcoming show–the new Shonda Rhimes one this fall. Also headlining new shows–Octavia Spencer and Halle Berry. There’s actually a good bit of diversity and big names on shows this fall.

  16. Cupcake says:

    Give those girls a lift Lara!!!

  17. Maggie says:

    Jessica Chastain is so beautiful it doesn’t matter what she wears. I think she’s a great actress too.

  18. taxi says:

    Chastain has dressed better this month than any other time. I think she’s tweaked her face a bit. Her nose is different, maybe a smidge shorter? I’ve seen Zero Dark 30, Jolene, The Help, Tree of Life, The Debt, & Take Shelter & something is different. Maybe just better makeup & shading?

    Kloss’s thong sandals don’t go with the dress & Shayk’s dress is one of the worst ever but her body is great. Most gals who dress like that are paid escorts.

  19. tessy says:

    What’s with that one wearing the crop top? Is it just bad posture? She looks slender enough but it looks like she’s sticking out her stomach and she has flab hanging over the waist band on the side. And the straps need a bit of shortening on the crop top, her bobs are sagging.

  20. Lili says:

    Chastain looks stunning. She’s been dressed incredibly well lately. And she looks so fresh! I would never guessed she’s 37.

  21. Aye says:

    I’m in love with Jessica Chastain’s style and look. How would I describe her style? Classic, elegant, a dose of the regal, modest and understated, and just beautiful. She may “simper” (see poster up there) but it’s genuine; I think she’s sweet! And I do think she’s a good actress. I even watched that weird film Mama; proves she has range. Love her style anyway and I always check out her red-carpet blog posts. This dress is just so glamorous and timeless. If say Nicole Kidman were wearing it it’d look so plasticky but Jessica has enough “earthiness” to pull it off. The other dresses are blah and Irina Shayk always looks too manly for me, despite her insane bod.