Heidi Klum: Teen models have more cellulite than I do because they eat crap

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Before we cover this story, I would like to point out some of the many McDonalds commercials Heidi Klum did in her native Germany. Klum wasn’t just eating the salads, either, she was seen eating fried chicken wraps and burgers in the commercials. I was living in Germany at the time and it seemed like I saw Klum’s face everywhere. Heidi has endorsed a lot of things, so when she derides young models for eating junk food and having cellulite, I guess she can’t be expected to make any connection to her McDonalds spokesperson role. Heidi covers the new Body Issue of US Magazine, which makes me wonder why the Kimye wedding didn’t rate. The Kardashians must not have given US an exclusive or maybe we’ll get a Kimye wedding cover next week. Here’s some of what Heidi told US.

On young models’ diets
I try to explain to the girls [on Germany’s Next Top Model] that eating is important to stay in shape, but also to have beautiful hair, nails and skin. They eat a bunch of crap. They’re 16, 17 years old and some have more cellulite than I do! It’s like, yeah, you eat one bag of chips after the next or those fruit tarts – what do you call them? – Pop-Tarts. I’m pretty good about not eating too many carbs. I love vegetables.

On NYC breakfasts
I don’t eat bagels – no way! A bagel is basically a cardboard box. And if you slap cream cheese on it, it’s bad on top of bad. I’d rather do a black bread with half an avocado and salt and pepper. But usually I’ll have a smoothie in the morning.

On dessert
I go to a lot of birthdays, with four kids. I hate all those cakes: carrot cake, cupcakes. I like ice cream, though. I don’t do anything fat-free. I do whole milk, whatever that is.

On her weight
I go up and down at times, which is tricky for my stylist. It’s like, ‘Oopsie!’ But we just take the dress out. My scale ran out of batteries a year ago, and I never put new ones in.

On looking ageless
I don’t! If you put a 20 year-old next to me, of course you see a difference, but that’s normal.

On what’s attractive
I love a funny woman who doesn’t take herself seriously. That, to me, shows confidence. That is sexy.

On her boobs after breast feeding
I breast fed four kids. My boobs were bigger before, but they’re still good! I had to do what I had to do.

On body image
Not everyone wants to fit into a pair of skinny jeans. Some women feel sexier when they have more meat on their bones. Their guy likes it more or they like it more. Me, I like it when I’m more fit. I feel very comfortable with the way I am right now.

[From US Weekly, print edition, June 2, 2014]

I agree with her about eating well. I try to eat a lot of salads and healthy foods and I feel better for it, but I do splurge. It wouldn’t occur to me to examine young women for cellulite, because I’m not comparing myself to younger women. Plus it’s rude to say that! I mean, Heidi is mentoring those models and their bodies are on display, so in that respect of course she notices them. In Heidi’s mind she’s still hotter than models half her age, and she’ll tell you about it. That’s what matters to her. And doesn’t this US cover kind of speak to that? It’s still her career.

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  1. PunkyMomma says:

    God bless her for saying she doesn’t do fat-free.

    • Low carb is the new fat-free!

      • Lisa says:

        Fat free sucks, though!

      • msw says:

        for good reason.low fat and fat free diet should have never become the norm for weight loss. We have become so scared of fat, and for no good reason. we need fat, we don’t need nearly as many carbs as we consume.I found a low carb, high fat, high protein diet give me much more energy than I ever had on a low fat diet. As an added bennybenny, I get to eat lots of delicious food and I never feel hungry unless my body needs to eat.. I would encourage anyone who is stuck with weight loss to try a low carb diet. It has literally changed my life.

      • Amulla says:

        Where do low-carb dieters get their vitamin C from, since they don’t eat fruit or drink fruit juice?

        Many fruits have powerful cancer-fighting properties and are loaded with anti oxidants. It seems scary to me to go on a diet without fruit.

      • Sarah-Jane says:

        @amulla you do realise veges like brocolli and such have vitamin C in them?

      • chaochao says:

        @amulla low-carb diet doesn’t necessarily mean Atkins. Fruit are complex carbs – staying away from simple carbs like bread, pasta, white sugar etc. is also considered a low-carb diet.

  2. eliza says:

    Oh shut up!

    • CuriousCole says:

      +1. Such a hypocrite! Heidi has given interviews about how she gained weight from all the pastries, muffins and candy she ate when she first came to the States as a teenage model.

  3. Maria says:

    Shut up and just look pretty, Heidi.

    • Birdix says:

      was it that bad? seemed pretty harmless to me…

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Eh…not THAT bad but it makes her look pretty insecure when she’s slamming younger models for their eating choices, not to mention hypocritical when she has a McD’s endorsement deal.

        Like “Yeah I eat super-healthy but I’m endorsing a company that shills poison in the form of fried foods.”

      • SpookySpooks says:

        She’s in Germany’s Top Model. I see it more as constructive criticism.

      • sienna says:

        I think had she not been mentoring them it would have been mean. But I get what she is saying, minus the cellulite part (which I think is mostly genetics)… you look at a 17 year old who can live on junk and you want to tell them to stop because someday their metabolism will slow down, plus your skin looks so much better when you don’t eat cr@p.

      • Maria says:

        Bad, no?

        Hypocritical given her endorsements, yup.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Most 17-year-olds eat crap. Then they turn 25 and they start to realize that diet matters and the focus switches to healthy diet.

        It’s not a big deal IMO. I think the time to enjoy stuff like that IS in your teenage years. Even if you spend 25 years eating crap, you can easily make up for it by eating healthy for most of the rest of your life.

  4. SpookySpooks says:

    Finally a model who doesn’t say she’s naturally skinny and can eat what she wants.

  5. msw says:

    I know people like to pile on Heidi, but this seems like a really sensible approach. She seems to have a healthy attitude towards food, based on these comments. As a side note, I cut out all carbs except for vegetables and I feel better than I have felt in years.

    I don’t really care that she’s endorsing McDonalds in Germany, though. Germans don’t eat fast food on the daily like we do here in the United States. It just isn’t the same kind of epidemic problem there. Germany has a rise in obesity levels right now, but the link there is more between traditional (delicious) German food loaded with fat and carbs and beer and not overindulgence in fast food. Man… I miss German food 🙂

    • Nerd Alert says:

      That’s the kind of food Germans have always eaten. Why do you think they’re only getting fat now?

      • msw says:

        the increase has been steadily rising for years, with the increase of modern conveniences that allow for less physical activity and easier access to fattening foods. I’m not saying that fast food has nothing to do with it. My point is that Germans fast food more moderation than Americans. they eat at home much more often than Americans do, but the food cooked at home have a more significant increase on weight gain the foods Americans typically cook at home.

      • deanna says:

        In Berlin the food of choice is Pan Asian or pasta/pizza from what I observed. The traditional fare was not as prevalent.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Um, that’s not quite true. We (Germans) get fatter every year because of fast food and candy, there’s no two ways about it. Maybe not so much McDonald’s but we have other fast food we love. And candy, we eat a lot of candy as far as I know. AND we don’t excercise enough. So basically, we’re trying to keep up with the U.S. and the UK.

      Traditional German food is not the problem (my mom/grandmother/aunt never cook(ed) with that much oil/butter or make the heavy cream sauce and such), it’s the stuff we eat in between meals and “on the go” etc.

      As for Heidi, I wouldn’t say a word about this if she hadn’t endorsed McDonald’s and (years ago) candy. She is not wrong though, if you eat crap, you’re not going to be fit and that’s their job if they want to be models. I feel like she’s trying to hammer that home, not tell them “neener neener, I’m still hotter than you”.

      • SpookySpooks says:

        I still remeber her Katjes commercials that were all over the TV when I was a kid. Katjes yes yes yes 😀

      • msw says:

        Candy is a big problem for sure, you Iguys make the best candy I’ve ever had. I am an American, but I lived in Germany for quite a while. my comment want based on my own personal experiences or observances, though,I got that information from German research exploring the cause of the Rising obesity rate.again, I’m not saying that fast food has nothing to do with it.I’m saying Germans don’t eat out nearly as much as Americans do,because many Americans are literally eating every meal out of the house or indulge in fast food or restaurant food five to six times a week.if Germans are eating out that often, I haven’t seen any statistics to back it up, although there are certainly some who do. just like how there are plenty of American to eat most of their meals at home.I’ve seen data to back this up (Americans on the whole eating out more than Germans on the whole), but I cant find it right now. Interesting area for exploration though. it certainly is an issue that is affecting Europeans more than it ever has before.

      • SpookySpooks says:

        But don’t products in America have more sugar in them? American bread for an example is very sweet.
        Interestingly, American chocolate isn’t sweet at all.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ msw: It’s true, cooking/eating at home is the norm, going to a restaurant or getting take out is not. But we are definitely moving in that direction and studies have shown that eating out often means eating more (hey, you paid for it so why leave it on the plate?). We’re not super sizing our portions yet though. But there definitely is a tendency to go for processed food, frozen meals etc. And candy. I cannot stress the candy enough. Sugar is awful in large quantities. So maybe we’re not doing exactly what Americans did to get where you are but we are definitely on the same track. There’s very little difference between getting fast food and getting a frozen/prepared meal at the supermarket. Except maybe the portion size.

        People simply don’t know enough about nutrition and the food industry here is as bad as anywhere else. Tons and tons of sugar hidden in procecced food. You think you’re getting a healthy breakfast but instead you might as well eat some chocolate. Even salad dressing is full of it. Ugh. I sometimes think this is a bigger problem for us than McDonald’s could ever be.

        And our candy is fabulous (especially the chocolate). 🙂 And I love Katjes.

      • msw says:

        I agree with you 100 percent. it’s ironic, considering that Americans often look up to Europeans for their healthy lifestyle.I remember a lot of my friends getting asked by their school students in all Americans were fat! I don’t think the reality of the situation has hit everybody yet.it’s really easy to get used to sugar being in everything, even when it’s not necessary at all. I completely cut out processed food and I feel so much better its ridiculous. It’s becoming a global problem.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        @littlemissnaughty: Didn’t she even have a candy business at some point? In Germany?

      • Dee says:

        American products have a lot of sugar but aren’t really all that sweet in comparison. Weird to say I know, but really our products have a very high sugar content and yet while some things can be really saccharine sweet most things still don’t taste that sweet. My mom was surprised when I told her how much sugar was in a sweet tea. She thought because it didn’t taste as sweet as coke or lemonade that is was somewhat healthier. Nope. Same amount of sugar. Every time I visited my relatives abroad I just over indulge in soft drinks because they are soooo sweet compared to American soft drinks but that’s because they use real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

        I mean I drank so much soda that my relatives kept saying “oh, no wonder you’re so fat, you don’t drink water.” Most of the times I had to go out and buy drinks daily because they just didn’t keep that many sodas and juices in the fridge. They just buy a few at a time and I noticed they only really drank juices or sodas or wine with a meal and in between mostly drank water. YET, after a month overindulging abroad, I came home to find everyone here saying “wow, you lost weight.”

        I went from 173 to 145 in four weeks. No exercise, no dieting. Hell, I ate more junk than I do here in the states because I kept marveling at the variety of candy. I think I ate a different kit-kat every day just because they had so many damn flavors and I wanted to try them all. But, we rarely ever ate fast food. I think in the moth I was at my cousins house , we ate “fast food” maybe twice. We ate out a lot but it wasn’t what anyone would consider fast food. Also, their lifestyle is much different there. We went grocery shopping like every two or three days so our foods were fresher and we walked or biked almost everywhere. I seriously felt so fat next to everyone and yet everywhere we went was either a bakery, a chocolate/candy shop, an ice cream parlor…I don’t know. I’m sure the using real sugar thing plays some part in it.

      • Mingy says:

        @Dee, I’m curious, what kinds of kit-kat did they have?! I’m in Canada, the only different flavor I’ve seen is the orange one, which was goood.

      • Dee says:

        Oh my god Mingy, too much to name. Maybe it’s due in part to the shop owner being Japanese but there was candy shop in a little courtyard like a two miles from my auntie’s cottage and they had like 20 different kinds of Kit-Kat. Creamsicle, rose, green tea, coffee, peanut, plum, potato, cheese, milk tea, sweet corn, cheese cake, berry flavored….

        It was honestly the one candy I ate the most. I think half my suitcase was filled with nothing but candy I wanted to bring back : )

      • lrm says:

        @Dee Great story.
        And yes, real sugar plays a huge role. The body does not know how to process fake foods; they do play games with metabolism, endocrine system, etc all of which are part of weight. People think fake sugar is better for example, or the dreaded filler corn syrup [Even if it’s made from corn, it’s not ‘real’ food the way cane sugar that hasn’t been processed is actual food].
        I agree with heidi-I live in southern CA and grew up in the NE of the USA-we never had a scale and ate a hearty new england style of food-home cooked, good food though and never were allowed soda or sugary gum. But sure, we had sweets cooked with corn syrup sometimes, etc. None of my family has ever had weight issues and I t hink some of it is that we did not have a scale in the house and ate actual meals. I also think a huge factor today is that people eat out SO much. Growing up, we rarely ate out-it was a huge treat. And in fact, fast food to go was not an every day occurrence the way it is today.

        In so cal, I am standard thin weight like most here-but the main thing is that if i eat a burger, i eat a burger and fries if i want them. If i eat icecream, it is not fat free. I don’t eat fat free yogurt or milk either [blek! milk is meant to be whole IMO]. I eat the ‘real’ thing less often perhaps but not b/c of depriving myself. I find that I don’t want these things every day. And I”m satisfied when I do eat them b/c they taste good and solid and satisfy my craving or need for them. Fat is good. and absolutely needed. Fake food is not. So many people have eliminated all oils from their diets today and are paying the price. We need oils for their minerals and nutrients and to lubricate the system and skin, hair, etc as well.

        Anyway, if I eat one really good quality gelato, it’s so much more satisfying and I”m done, vs. eating a tub of icecream with a bunch of fillers and guar gum/carob bean gum and air. I always tell people to eat real food, if/when they ask me what I do. #realfoodrocks!

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ Pumpkin pie: I don’t think so, she only endorsed Katjes if I remember correctly. Yoghurt gums to be exact … which … I mean the ingredients in those are horrifying. I still like them. 🙂

        I agree with everything that’s been said. I don’t avoid sugar like the plague but when I eat it, I want to know that I’m eating it. I don’t want to put granola on my yoghurt in the morning and eat 20 grams of sugar and various questionable additives. It’s so frustrating sometimes. I’ve become pretty good with deciphering ingredients but unless you prepare ALL your food yourself, you will be eating weird crap.

        I’m not sure if we have the same issues with high fructose corn syrup in our foods, I think we don’t although it is certainly used. But sodas still mostly contain “real” sugar. This is a problem with kids as well, they drink too much soda. I remember as a kid we weren’t allowed lemonade or anything like that unless it was a special occasion or we went out to eat (not even once a month). My mom never even gave us juice when we were very little, only water or un-sweetened tea. I still drink only water/coffee/tea (no sugar) about 95% of the time. I honestly believe it’s all about what you’re used to and whether or not your parents cook fresh meals.

      • Bridget says:

        One of the biggest issues with fast food is the portion size – its getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and its just full of empty calories.

        Many of the typical American candy and soft drinks are made with high fructose corn syrup vs pure cane sugar (its cheaper that way) but make no mistake: pure cane sugar is still bad for you. It still has no nutritional value, it still is a source of completely empty calories. Yes, its always better to reach for a natural option vs a chemical option, but cane sugar isnt exactly healthier.

      • Mingy says:

        Dee those flavors are insane! Potato? I’d get the green tea, I love green tea-flavored desserts…and the cheesecake..and the coffee..and plum..the milk tea sounds interesting too 😉

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ Bridget: Of course, sugar is nothing but empty calories as well, it’s not healthy at all. But the main thing is that the brain gets the message “full” at some point when you eat sugar. HFCS doesn’t do that. I think it has something to do with insulin which isn’t produced when you eat HFCS? You simply eat more and in the long term it screws with your appetite and metabolism.

    • phoenix says:

      Here in Southern California, she was in a Carl’s Junior commercial eating a really big hamburger, so she’s done it here too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHfuHWhpsBg
      It would be nice if celebs promoted things they actually ate. But maybe she does it eat em sometimes.

  6. InvaderTak says:

    Well that’s a great thing for a mentor to say!/sarcasm. I for one never thought she was that hot. I just never got her.

  7. Carolina says:

    Yeah, she might eat healthy but she smokes like a chimney, too.

    • I Choose Me says:

      See I don’t get that. You take time to get fit or maintain your fitness as well as eat the right foods and then ruin the whole thing by sucking down tar and nicotine. SMH.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Nicotine is an appetite suppressant, and many models smoke as one of their tools to keep weight down. They also do much worse. A healthy diet is great, but I’m not sure it’s enough to counteract the punishment their bodies take to remain a size 0.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        People who are image obsessed are frequently like this because as much as they protest, it’s all about their image, not their health. I used to have a workout friend who was a personal trainer at Gold’s, did body pageants, ate plain chicken and fruit, the whole nine yards of “health.” But then I would go out with her and her fitness world people and they would drink like fish, baby oil tan, take roids and supplements like Madonna and the rest of it. God forbid you ate something that involved bread, though.

      • Liv says:

        Isn’t that ridiculous? You can rather eat fast food 1-2 times per week than smoke! I’m not against smokers, to each their own, but these actresses and models who pretend to eat just vegetables and fruits to be healthy and then you find out they smoke!

        Besides you don’t get cellulite because your eating habits are bad. That can increase cellulite, but a big part of it are genetic endowments.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      An idiot wrapped inside a chicken sandwich inside a pack of nicotine. Shrill shill.

  8. T.fanty says:

    That’s fair. It’s totally an age thing. I used to eat crap constantly, then I hit 30 and realized my body wasn’t elastic anymore, and didn’t bounce back the way it used to. Now, I eat better, and am stronger, and in better shape than I was at twenty.

  9. Hannah says:

    That swimsuit just screams “Heidi”, doesn’t it?

  10. Kiddo says:

    I’m tired of Heidi. There is too much of her and her ‘talent’, whatever it is other than being a model, it just can’t sustain this level of exposure without becoming irritating. She’s better in much smaller doses.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Oh hello…I was wondering where you were.

      She’s annoying but I do give her props for her outstanding Halloween costumes every year.

  11. Skins says:

    At least she is not fornicating with the help anymore

  12. Rie526 says:

    It doesn’t look like she’s eating any of the McDonald’s items she’s holding.

  13. A.Key says:

    Wow what a b****. Talk about being a bad role model. So she’s shaming them for their bodies, because hey, god forbid someone doesn’t have the fat-free perfect body that all women must have? Sit down you silly self-obsessed egomaniac. Also, her diet regime sounds like a nightmare, you need a big dose of denial (or a fat paycheck, in her case) to eat only vegetables and never splurge in the odd pizza or bagel in your life. What a sad waste of opportunity while you’re on this earth.

    • SpookySpooks says:

      She’s talking about models who are competing in a modelling competition.

    • Tapioca says:

      She’s not talking about 16/17-year old’s in general, though – she’s talking about MODELS who’s JOB it is to be slim and in shape, because she knows that is what the INDUSTRY DEMANDS. If she was commenting on regular kids, then that would be really bitchy!

      I’ve heard a lot of older models say that the rise of airbrushing is to blame – the bar for perfection is set so high and so easily falsified by technology that they see a lot of younger models turn up to shoots looking wrecked because they know perfection is unobtainable and the computer will do its magic.

  14. Jaded says:

    Someday in some future world a woman’s (or a man’s) worth won’t be judged by having or not having a perfect body. Someday in a future world there won’t be any Heidi Klums shilling out anything and everything for money and fame. Someday in a future world there won’t be any anorexia or bulimia or fat-shaming and the whole sick fashion/modelling industry built around totally unreal expectations of what is beautiful will be a distant bad memory.

  15. cro-girl says:

    I fail to understand how pointing out cellulite on models is a bad thing? They are models. There’s a standard there they have to comply with, that’s just part of the job. Its not like she’s walking up to someone on the beach and pointing it out. And its not like she didn’t say she doesnt have any, she said they have more and she was making a comparison by age. Besides, point was, if you want to model you have to do certain things to maintain your beauty. And that goes for all models, “plus size” models can’t walk into a photoshoot with yellow teeth and damaged hair and alcohol bloat…. nevermind the cellulite.

  16. TheCountess says:

    I don’t think what she says is that terrible, or hypocritical. There’s nothing inherently wrong with eating fast food once in a while – it’s eating there daily, multiple times per day that creates a problem. In her comments, she acknowledges indulging in moderation, and carefully (for example, ice cream instead of cake) and doesn’t deny eating carbs, simply that she tries to eat more veggies *than* carbs.

  17. pf says:

    Females have to do deal with so much self-criticism of their bodies, even when they’re young and pretty much perfect. We’re always finding faults, even ones that don’t exist, because society has taught us that we will always be judged by our looks. Heidi’s comments certainly don’t help, but what do you expect from someone who works as a model?

  18. pnichols says:

    cant stand this woman

  19. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    I’m sorry but I really don’t like her at all. She ruins America’s Got Talent for me .. I guess it’s because I love the comedians and maybe she just doesn’t get the humour because she’s not a native english speaker or because she doesn’t have a sense of humour but .. I just really cringe whenever it’s her turn to speak.

  20. iggie says:

    She’s a spokeswh0re for McDonalds then says people shouldn’t eat crap? Did I miss something?

  21. pf says:

    Also, I wanted to add that about 90% of women have cellulite mostly due to hormones and genetics. Even though men eat tons of crap they don’t get cellulite. So my point is Heidi should stop putting down women for something that is really out of their control. You can be the healthiest eater in the world but that won’t stop you from getting it.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      She’s not the brightest bulb is she?

      Here are the factors (aside from poor diet):

      •Fad dieting
      •Slow metabolism
      •Lack of physical activity
      •Hormone changes
      •Total body fat
      •Thickness and color of your skin

      I don’t think she made the comment for the sake of “constructive criticism”, I think she just wanted to feel superior to the younger models.

      • cody says:

        What causes cellulite? The causes of cellulite are not well understood, but there are several theories that have been put forth as explanations. Among these are:

        Hormonal factors – hormones likely play an important role in cellulite development. Many believe estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and prolactin are part of the cellulite production process.

        Genetics – certain genes are required for cellulite development. Genes may predispose an individual to particular characteristics associated with cellulite, such as gender, race, slow metabolism, distribution of fat just underneath the skin, and circulatory insufficiency.
        Diet – people who eat too much fat, carbohydrates, or salt and too little fiber are likely to have greater amounts of cellulite.

        Lifestyle factors – cellulite may be more prevalent in smokers, those who do not exercise, and those who sit or stand in one position for long periods of time.

        Clothing – underwear with tight elastic across the buttocks (limiting blood flow) may contribute to the formation of cellulite.

      • Kiddo says:


      • Isadora says:

        THIS!! I have always been eating fairly healthy because I grew up that way (my mum had a health food shop in the 70s, so that’s where I come from), I’m in my late twenties and I always had SO MUCH cellulite. It’s genetic, my connective tissue is just sh*t. Even my orthopaedist said this because of my joints.

      • A.Key says:

        YES, thank you Kitten.

    • SpookySpooks says:

      She’s talking about models, for Christ’s sake.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Models are still human and subject to the same natural rules as the rest of us. They are just (in most cases) taller.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Believe it or not, models actually still qualify as “women”-they’re not aliens or anything like you might think…

        EDIT: Shannon you beat me to it 😉

      • SpookySpooks says:

        Yes, but it’s part of their job to look the way the industry demands. I would love to see women of all shapes and sizes with “imperfections” on the catwalk and in magazines, but until that happens, models are held to a certain standard, the successful ones get paid huge amounts of money for doing not so much, it’s part of the job.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Totally agree Spookyspooks, but you are talking about something completely different. Yes, it is their job to remain slim and keep themselves looking their best. There are things they can control – their weight, their fitness, their hair color/health, their personal hygiene (as a blanket term for maintaining themselves). What they cannot control, no matter how conscientious they are about their body maintenance, is cellulite. Tall, short, fat, thin and everything in between – no one can control whether or not they have cellulite, period.

      • SpookySpooks says:

        Aren’t there cosmetic treatments to minimize celulite? Surely models can aford them.

      • Shannon1972 says:

        Only a small handful of models earn enough for the kind of treatments you may be referring to. However, most remedies don’t do anything, and the ones that do simply minimize the appearance – and need to be done repeatedly. Very expensive for something that isn’t even guaranteed to work, and any results are temporary at best.
        I wish it were otherwise, but there is no true remedy for cellulite at this time. You can’t roll it away or dissolve it. Good lighting and body makeup are the best way to mask it. Diet and exercise are great and can help you look your best, but they won’t get rid of cellulite the way Heidi is implying it should.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      Yep, this! My mom is a larger woman, she doesn’t exercise and has no cellulite. I’m very slim, have a good diet and do Pilates regularly, but I do. It’s luck of the draw.

      Edit: dehydration can cause cellulite?? I had no idea…good to know.

      • Christin says:

        I found that interesting as well. I probably need to drink more water, but even then who knows. My mother is an average size lady in her 70s and is mostly bedridden due to severe RA, yet she has no cellulite. I have some, so it really may be just luck.

        It did make my mom happy recently when I pointed out that she has absolutely no “cottage cheese” look to her thighs. 🙂

    • Happyhat says:

      Exactly – I was thinking that. Cellulite is just a way for your body to distribute and store fat. It’s fat-dependent, not food-choice dependent. If they wanted the models to have no cellulite, then they’d get them to be thinner – which the do. So she’s talking out her ass. Models are only required to have a healthy look to them as far as it shows up on the camera – makeup and Photoshop take care of the rest.

      But, I guess she can be a McDonnalds spokesperson. There’s a huge difference between hawking food for money and eating it on a daily basis.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah but if you’re the “Face” of a fast food company then isn’t it a bit disingenuous to turn around and preach about healthy eating?

        Would be like if Goop became the face of Pillsbury.

      • K says:

        It is disingenuous, especially if you consider all of the plastic surgery she has had to complement her exercise and diet choices.

      • lrm says:

        except thin people have cellulite, too.

      • snowflake says:

        @ OK
        how so? there’s plenty of healthy stuff at mcd’s. wraps, salads.

    • Whatwhatnot says:

      Thank you!. I have had cellulite since I was 13 yrs old and stood 5″8 and weighed 100lbs! It didn’t matter that I was painfully skinny beyond my control (fast metabolism). And as fast as my metabolism was it didn’t stop my cellulite from forming. All the women in my family have cellulite.

  22. Bridget says:

    The interview would have been just fine if she hadn’t felt she needed to make that cellulite comment. It has very petty undertones.

  23. BooBooLaRue says:

    Am basically amazed to read that she has a stylist!

  24. Annemarie says:

    Cellulite is not caused by bad eating, but everything else she said is correct.

  25. Pandy says:

    I didn’t think she was slamming other models – she was mentioniong the toll a bad diet can take on your body, even at a young age. I do wonder about her breast feeding comment – did she have a boob job after the four kids? Is that what she means by I did whatI have to do?

  26. Eileen says:

    I think I’ve heard her say she eats a Big Mac and fries once a month and she grows a vegetable garden ,her kids eat well rarely eat junk food

  27. upityklue says:

    Corn syrup is what’s making people fatter. Read up on it. The government puts all that secretly into our foods, even fruits and veggies. All that corn syrup isn’t good for you anyway.

  28. caz says:

    All the hidden chemicals & fillers food mfg put in to cut costs are just bad. No wonder obesity is rising. Boo to hipocritical celebrities too.

  29. snowflake says:

    i hate how everyone acts like you can’t get healthy food at mcd’s. i worked there for three years, ate grilled chicken, wraps, yogurt parfaits. just like any other restaurant, there’s healthy and not healthy options, not fair to give them a bad rap. I would work the register and ask, grilled or fried for the chicken combos? 95% of time people would choose fried. not mcd’s fault you choose to be unhealthy. i had some guy, one night, telling me how unhealthy it is. how’s that? you can get the chicken grilled, apple slices instead of fries, etc. don’t blame mcd’s b/c you dont have the willpower to choose the healthy foods.

  30. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    In the last photo she looks like Rachael Zoe.