Britney wears a fur shawl in hot LA

Britney Spears veered slightly away from her fashion formula as of late – a babydoll dress, cowboy hat, bad wig and boots – to step out in jeans, a cowboy hat, bad wig and boots – and a patched together fur shrug. It’s ridiculous for anyone to wear fur when there are so many other non-cruel ways to keep warm, and it’s an even more obvious faux pas when it’s done in LA at the end of April.

Later that night she switched it up with a white hat and silky white skirt – with the same mismatched brown boots she always wears and that terrible white fur thing on her shoulders. How hard would it have been to buy a pair of strappy white heels? Doesn’t she go shopping like every day?

This isn’t the first time Britney has worn fur, and surely it won’t be the last. Does she not know any better or does she just want the added attention that comes with committing so obvious an error? It seems to me like she would get a lot more attention if she brought her sons out with her for once instead of trotting all over LA in those awful boots.

Pictures from FlynetOnline and BreatheHeavy.

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