E! reveals Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy wedding gown, wall of flowers

E! News has finally released the first exclusive photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding – GO HERE to see the full photo set at E!. I was wondering what was taking so long, considering the fact that E! paid lots and lots of money to get exclusive footage from everything to do with this extravaganza. Anyway, we now have a better look at Kim’s Givenchy gown, the wall of flowers that served as a background, and Kanye’s tuxedo (also Givenchy). Thoughts?

While I think we can safely say that Kim’s Givenchy gown is a lot better than most of the crap coming out of Givenchy these days, I still don’t really like the dress. I think those cutouts and lace panels are really tacky. It makes the dress look so cheap. I guess she was aiming to look like Duchess Kate with the lace sleeves, but I’m not into it. I’m also sort of surprised that she wore her hair down for the ceremony? I thought she would wear it up. Anyway… enjoy!


Photos courtesy of WENN, E! News, Khloe Kardashian, Twitter.

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  1. Lindy79 says:

    The top front looks like a giant bib.

    and HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ that vacant duck face in the last picture.

    • Lee says:

      All ready for a Red Lobster reception.

    • Josephine says:

      My exact first thought. Not an impressive dress, but not quite as sleazy as expected. That low back would have been complete with a tramp stamp.

      And did she wear flats for that photo? I know she’s really short, but isn’t he also really short/

    • Audrey says:

      The flowers look like mouldy cauliflower

    • LadyMTL says:

      Seriously, the top of that dress is ugly as f*ck. I actually like it a lot from the waist down, and I like the veil too…but the rest of it is just tacky. Then again, what was I expecting, really? :P

    • Stephanie says:

      That last picture cracks me up a lot, too. Stepford all the way. You know she has spent hours practicing in the mirror. Lol ;-)

      • mel2 says:

        You know Kanye helped design that dress because this is the most conservative cover up dress Kim has ever worn.

    • lauren says:

      The cutouts look tacky and the top looks like a giant bib. Also the wall of flowers looks like mold.
      He looks good though.

      • QQ says:

        The Superficial was describing it all as her “Pre wedding Tit Parade” and I love em for it

        Also Is anyone else catching life from how all legit news outfit and even the sympathetic ass Extra! Have been shading her for it being her Third marriage and “hopefully this one will last” and digging clips of her saying how she couldn’t find anything wrong with Basketball Frankenstein and all that

      • Lindy79 says:

        Pre Wedding Tit Parade wins everything for me!

      • word says:

        @ QQ

        I noticed that too ! On the E! channel yesterday they dug up old footage of when Kim was dating Reggie and she was talking about how they’ll probably get engaged and how she wants 4 kids by the time she’s 35. I was more shocked by what she used to look like. She has slowly been getting stuff done to her face over the years. Her nose is literally half the size it used to be. She looked so good during the time she was dating Reggie. I don’t know why she didn’t stop her “procedures” back then as now she’s gone too far and it just doesn’t look natural…she is still a pretty girl though but she doesn’t look “natural” anymore. She was also a lot darker back then. She used to be obsessed with spray tanning. I wonder why she stopped?

      • Petee says:

        Word you are right.She was so pretty before.She looked happy with Reggie.I could see the break up coming after he won the Super Bowl and her and her Mom went running on the field like they had done it.His face was priceless.The writing on the wall.

      • Lady D says:

        Her and her mom? PMK really has no shame at all does she? She’s as pathetic as falcor.

    • Ellen says:

      Yep! It’s a bib dress. Gah.

      • kri says:

        I thought it looked like a dickie more so than a bib, but now that i think about it, she would need a bib for the honeymoon activities. She seems to enjoy getting…messy, doesn’t she. A splash-guard would come in handy.

    • heebeegeebee says:

      Aww look, a Bridal Bib!

    • Hayley says:

      It’s all that botox. It makes one dribble. Even the close-up picture (on the E Site) looks like she’s pressing her face against his but isn’t really kissing him. That frozen lip thing isn’t very attractive.

      • Jackie says:

        I saw that pic too. Absolutely no passion in that kiss. Same as when she kissed him during the “surprise” proposal.

    • Bb hardy says:

      Ick. Ugly dress. Bottom half isn’t so bad but
      What the heck happened to the top.
      It looks like a apron or cloth diaper. Haha.
      Money can’t buy good judgement or taste.

    • Liberty says:

      She looks like a pilgrim.

    • krtmom says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Back is pretty but the bib has got to go!!! She’ll get it right in one of her upcoming weddings!

    • Jackie says:

      It does indeed look like a bib. Or the bodice of a pilgrim’s dress. It looks like she had some more botox and fillers before the wedding. I didn’t think her expression could be more frozen than it was, but it is. Now she has that permanent blank deer in the headlights look, and her mouth seems to be perpetually hanging open.

  2. Lori says:

    Preferred her dresses at her last wedding.

  3. booboocita says:

    She looks like she’s wearing a big white bib in the second photo. The dress she wore for her wedding to Kris Humphries was much better.

  4. QQ says:

    Looks like that tacky Pnina Tournay shizz the hack in TLC Say Yes To the Dress that the slutty brides always want to wear

    But Ye’ looks happy bless his heart

    What’s the over under for this? 2 years?

    • booboocita says:

      I give it three years — just long enough for IgNori to become an adorable toddler, then an adorable small child. The marriage will fall apart when PMK tries to whore her out and Kanye forbids her exploitation, at which point all hell will break loose.

    • Erinn says:

      I does look pnina-ish, doesn’t it? I hate those super sheer, cut out bodice dresses. My gram would DIE if I wore that shiz in a church.

      I say 3 years, one more kid, and at least one giant Yeezus rampage.

    • Audrey says:

      Lmao it does.

      Those dresses are the worst.

      This is seriously a cheap and tacky Vegas version of Kate’s dress

      • QQ says:

        OMG you guyses her designs are just a Monstrosity! And the way they at the store and she herself front like “Epic Glamour and Class -So Expensive -an Original PNina” those messes look a step above Gipsy Weddings attire!

      • Audrey says:

        I always think of them as Jersey bride dresses

        JWow or whatever will probably wear one

      • littlestar says:

        Haha oh QQ I was just going to say how Pnina what’s-her-face always just “shows up” for the tacky bride who wants to wear her dress, like she’s the trampy fairy godmother of the trollupy brides to be lol.

      • Reece says:

        @littlestar Have you noticed they’ve been doing that with other designers now? They just magically show up to the bridal store.

    • Emma13 says:

      Thank you! You are so right. Pnina Tournay designs the tackiest looking dresses. I haven’t seen a single one I like even a little bit. I watch way too many bridal shows for my own good, so I think I’ve seen nearly every one of her designs. I like the cut out look for going out, but not for a wedding! I was actually looking forward to seeing the dress, but I should have known better.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Whoa, I didn’t know who she was but god-awful!

  5. MsGoblin says:

    I’m sooooo glad she wore white – this being her first marriage and having no kids. White is perfect.

    • Loopy says:

      Right and the veil too lol the nerve.

    • Rice says:

      When I told my hubby that Kimye was getting married this weekend, he replied, with a serious face, “So she’s not wearing white, right?” I spit out my tea all over his T-shirt!

    • Nev says:

      it’s 2014.

    • Ollyholly says:

      Well this is a dated comment, and also quite sexist.

      • Audrey says:

        Dated, yes. Or more specifically, traditionalist.

        But it’s not sexist at all.

      • Ollyholly says:


        Wearing white in wedding traditions are a form of symbolic sexism: a woman having to give in to societal pressures to remain a virgin. When a woman who is clearly not a virgin ( I mean, she has a sex tape for God’s sake) wears white, and it is remarked upon by others noting how inappropriate or hilarious it is- they are submitting to societal idea of a woman using white to signify that she remains a virgin for her husband- a pressure that no groom ever has to submit to.

        Sexism is when we hold one gender to a set of standards different than we do to another, and her wearing white at her wedding is her choice, and comments based on the fact that she is not a virgin are perpetuating the sexist stereotype that only virgins should wear white to their weddings.

        There are a lot of things we can make fun of her about- I mean she’s got cut outs on her tummy which look totally stupid- but to comment how funny it is that she wear white when she’s not a virgin, is not really okay. We as women should at least stand up for each other against such horrible stereotypes, even if you hate her, let’s not make this about the lowest common denominator.

        Yes, it is sexist. But I am not saying the poster is a sexist person, she just made a statement that was… And a lot of people have made the same exact statement. But I am wondering why you don’t think it’s sexist at all?

      • HH says:

        @Ollyholly – AGREED!

      • Ag says:

        @Ollyholly – YES!

        we can say a lot about KK and her sideshow family, but she should not get crap for wearing white to her wedding, be it her 1st or her 3rd. it’s ridiculously sexist and a total throw-back.

      • Laura says:

        It’s not really a symbolic form of sexism at all – white wedding dresses didn’t become a ‘tradition’ until Queen Victoria wore a white dress at her 1840 wedding to Albert. There were no connotations of virginity or purity whatsoever.

        These apparent connotations only developed much later, mostly to do with Christian wedding traditions anyway – so I really don’t think it’s quite the sexist issue.

      • Ollyholly says:

        @ Laura

        Yes, that is true. But, just as you said, it is a connotation that developed in modern times and still very much connotes virginity, and it is sexist.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        The world is and always will be holding women to a higher and different standard. It doesnt matter how many times people point and declare “Thats a sexist statement!!!” Doesnt matter. It will never, ever change.
        That being said. If she had ANY class at all, she could have worn a gorgeous, buttery pale golden, cream or pale pink blush.
        Im 45 and on my second wedding I wore a pale gold.
        Shes been around the block MORE than one time, has a child, its flat out tasteless and undignified for her to be parading around as if shes some dewy, young thing in stark snow white. Ugh, Give me a break.

    • littlestar says:

      I’m fine with her wearing a white dress. It’s the over the top excessiveness for her THIRD wedding at age THIRTYTHREE that I think is just awful.

      • Ollyholly says:

        I agree, and a better critique of her in general would focus on the ostentatiousness of her wealth while the rest of the world struggles through recessions and poverty runs rampant- there are people who can’t afford to feed their children, and these people spend money on private jets to fly from Paris to Florence for literally no reason? Not to mention the effect those pointless things have on our ecosystem, which is already going to mass climate change.

        That is a valid reason to hate on Kim Kardashian. White dress while not a virgin? Just plain sexist, and pointless when there are so many better things to rag on her for.

    • Ennie says:

      Oh, get over it, she is not just sexually active and already a mother, The pron tape is why this woman and her family got famous for. She was in a porn video which she could have left in the memory drawer, but she went and profited from it,she got millions, she still does! it is like if that Farrah teen mom wore a veil and all the parafernalia for her own wedding. It would probably be sexist to laugh at her, but I would. .

      • Liberty says:

        I am reminded of Susan Sarandon’s character in Bull Durham, when she tells a young bride-to-be who had quite a few previous boyfriends, “Honey, we all deserve to wear white.”

        I am not a KK fan at all, but the color of her wedding dress is her choice.

      • Ollyholly says:

        That’s okay if you hate her, but I just hope you know what that means for women, please just try to hate her for legitimate reasons and not sexist ones.

        And the comment about Farrah is confusing- are you saying a veil as in Islam? Because she is part Arab, but was not raised Muslim, so that doesn’t make any sense. And, Muslim women don’t get married in the veil to signify that they are virgins. The veil has nothing to do with virginity, as the white dress does. Very different things.

      • Ennie says:

        I had no idea about Farrah beyond her name and that she was in that silly video he hired a pro pr0n actor for. I am talking about the veil some women use to their weddings, yes, she is entitled to put on a red dress or a white bikini if she wants to, actually I did not side eye Pamela Anderson getting married in her bikini in Cancun. It is not that they are virgins, as I said, it is the joke of selling herself to the public and as if she had not sold her other marriage already…
        It is that people like KK live their lives like in front of an audience, their whole lives, I was aware of her before to last wedding, this seems like a joke already. Selling her wedding again? it is like if they ever need money, Kim will get married and sell her wedding AGAIN? Excuse me if I laugh at it. I do not laugh at nicer / more serious matters, this KK marriage is funny and outrageous. Fake self obsessed woman who cannot move her face marries a self entitled man with Bieber pants who thinks he is the sh*t. Sorry if I sometimes read these posts and I laugh.

        Truth is that the K-women put themselves and their lives out there in reality shows (and in everyday activities) for mass consumption, it is not the same as if they were regular actors. In this case, they are selling their lives, wanting all, being private and selling to the public at the same time. They are rich, but they are in the same level as any cheap classless reality show.
        They have a huge following and are admired by many, good for them, it ensures continuing money flow to their accounts. Beyond that, not much to admire.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Ollyholly, why dont you stop policing everyone?? Who are you? The thought and opinion police?? Get over yourself! Tiresome!!!

    • Oh La La says:

      Oh c’mon…how many brides these days wear white when they are not virgins?

  6. Jac says:

    Damn. I would’ve loved it if Kim or Kanye had picked up North and walked back up the aisle with her after the vows, as a family. They both look so happy, I can’t bring myself to pick apart the dress.

    • Jag says:

      That’s what normal, caring people would have done. These narcissistic jerks can’t be bothered to pick up their child during their wedding when it would really mean something. The only reason she’s there most likely is because people would’ve asked where she was, and she’s a good little accessory being all matchy matchy with her mother. At least they were smart enough to not have the nanny holding her and carrying her up the aisle.

    • Rice says:

      When my cousin got married, he and his bride included their daughter in every aspect of the ceremony. But then again, they don’t have an army of nannies, walkers, diaper-changers……

    • Sabrine says:

      It’s not the 1950′s for heavens sake! Those ideas about wearing white are outdated and silly in the 21st century. Brides can wear whatever the heck color they want to for their wedding dress. Having said that I only like this dress from the side. It has a shapeless bib effect from the front. The sleeves are pretty. She looks much nicer with her hair down and minus that ridiculous beaded hairpiece thing she had for the wedding to Humphries.

      Nori looked adorable in her little white dress.

    • Ag says:

      they DO look happy, don’t they. and kim even smiled – holy crap.

      • Chrissy says:

        Well Ag call me cynical but she just had a guaranteed payday.
        Of course she’s happy and smiling! Kanye will have his eyes opened soon enough!

    • original kay says:

      I thought the same thing! where’s the baby?


  7. Alexandria The Great says:

    @Khole. Yes, I have.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I thought the exact same thing. Pretty much anything else really..

      • mimic says:

        Actually their matching just married leather jackets are pretty much the most magnificent thing I have ever seen.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Well who doesn’t want a T-Bird themes selfie at their wedding?
        Vacant duckface out in force in every shot.

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I think it was a sweet thing for a sister to say, though.

  8. BreeinSEA says:

    It would have looked so much better without the bib look. Anything to draw attention to her waist I guess… Kanye looks happy. Thats all I’ve got.

  9. Wilma says:

    Aww, Kanye looks happy with his golddigger bride!

  10. Birdix says:

    It’s not my style, but it suits her. And she looks happy, which is nice. The wall of flowers is such an opulent idea, but looks like insulation to me (but I’m not a fan of white flowers). Here’s wishful thinking that this is the end of all this!

  11. Jackson says:

    Sorry, no likey. It’s like the trash/stripper version of Kate’s gown. “Imma put lace and long sleeves on it so everyone can see how demure I am, then Imma cut out sections of it so you can see how fine and sessy I am.” It’s like My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding but without the poof skirt and rope lights.
    And why go all that way and marry in such a beautiful location if you’re going to stick a wall behind you as your backdrop? Sure, a wall of flowers, but you could do that in your own damn backyard.

    • Jag says:


    • snowflake says:

      yep, she wants to be kate so bad, but she couldn’t stop being sesssy for one day. i was shocked to see how conservative her dress was, then they showed the back of it, same kimmy.

    • HH says:

      I think because Kate is the only high-profile person who’s had lace slaves, people comparing the dress to hers, however, I don’t find her dress to look anything like Kate’s aside from the lace sleeves (which Kate isn’t the only bride to ever wear).

  12. Kat says:

    The dress was very surprising for how refined it actually was, although I’m also not a huge fan of the sheer panels. A lot of people thought it was tacky that she’d wear white for a third marriage, but I think the more conservative look was really appropriate and worked–who thought we’d ever say that about her? I also like that the second dress she changed into was a mini dress, so it wasn’t like she had 3 ball gowns like at the last wedding. It actually made sense why she’d want to change into something she could dance in.

    • melior says:

      The expectation to NOT wear white if you’ve already been married is sexist as hell. Not to defend Kim or anything but these people should just shut up.

      • Nev says:


      • shannon says:

        This x1000 – the idea of ‘white’ being only for virgin brides is ridiculous. This is 2014, most first-time brides aren’t virgins. I’m getting married next spring and plan to wear white, and I have two children. It’s a bridal color, it doesn’t really signify virginity. Now, I’m not having a huge, opulent ceremony like those two. I’m going super-casual beach wedding. But even though I’ve been married before, it’s a special day for us, and I want to look like a bride lol :) also, it will be my first wedding, my first marriage was jop. We can shade Kim for plenty of things, but wearing white? Please. She can wear whatever color she wants to.

      • Kenny Boy says:

        YES. White as a symbol of purity is a made up tradition anyway. It’s a fashion trend meant to show wealth.

  13. Buckwild says:

    Kate Middleton didn’t invent lace sleeves or panels on wedding dresses. I’m not a big fan of the lace on the sides of the midriff but Kim looks beautiful in these photos.

    Can’t believe they went all the way to Italy to get married in front of a wall of flowers – they could have set that up anywhere and had the same look!

    • Len says:

      I agree, they completely blocked the view with those flowers. O well, Kanye looks happy. And Kim doesn’t look bad. I think the more conservative look suits her and apart from the bib-thing the dress is quite nice. I do think that, if I got married, the first thing I would do is hug my child. Maybe they did and there are no pictures of it.

      • Steffa says:

        Yes, maybe they did. WE don;’t know. Everyone is criticizing and losing their shit over two images of what is sure to be thousands of picture snaps. We are so quick to pass judgement without having all the facts. CONSTANTLY.

        It pisses me off just how stupid a lot of these comments are about how they’re raising their child when nobody knows what goes down in the Kardashian-West household aside from what the cameras have been approved to show us. They’ve spoken time an again about how they make an effort to keep her out of media images when they can and to their own discretion.

      • JH says:

        Thank you. So much hate and wild speculation/criticism. I have never seen KUWTK or really have an opinion of Kim (I do think she’s beautiful- sue me), but they both look genuinely happy. Everyone needs to calm down a bit.

      • jwoolman says:

        If they had pictures of Kim or Kanye interacting normally with Nori, they would post it. There was one pic of Nori apparently smiling, I wondered briefly if they hired an actor baby… But it was a tight shot, we can see hands from at least two people but no way to know who they are. My first guess would be a nanny for one of the pairs. Again, if a family member was making her laugh- their style is that they would beam it around the world. I wondered if Demon Mother had practiced with the baby to make sure she wouldn’t do her usual “who the heck are you?” on the way down the aisle, so she might have been able to not spook the kid, but can’t imagine Demon Mother not getting in front of the camera…

      • Steffa says:

        Actually, no it’s not their style;e. They have taken a lot of precaution to not whore North’s photos around for public consumption. They pick the images they want to share of her in that space aside from the few pap photos that have been captured. Like I said, we don’t shit, so we ought to calm down with the lynch mob speculation of their love for their daughter.

    • L says:

      I like the flowers and I LOVE the veil-but that entire dress is a hot mess. The front and the back. The back of it is totally fug.

      • Steffa says:

        Disagree. I think it’s very pretty on her and tasteful. I don’t find anything about it tacky at all. She’s incorporated conservative and demure aspects while being true to herself as a woman who appreciates her curves and being sexy. I find it classy-sexy

    • Andrea says:

      I was thinking the same thing about going all the way to Florence to get married, then obscuring the view entirely with that wall of flowers. What a waste. Leave it to these two to think they could improve upon Florence as a backdrop.

  14. bella says:

    front of dress does certainly look like a bib..
    i’m utterly fascinated at how figure flattering this dress is, right?
    she looks like she dropped 20 lbs. as compared to other dresses she wore a day or 2 before.
    i can’t believe i’m wasting energy commenting on this vile woman…

  15. Sabrina says:

    I love the side and back view of the dress but hate the front of it. However this is probably the most covered up I have ever seen of Kim.

  16. Hannah says:

    Don’t care for the dress much but, on a positive note, she looks less… vulgar than usual. It flatters her body more than what she usually wears. It shows that it was tailored to her body.

  17. snowflake says:

    wow, i saw that pic and thought, wow, she is trying to copy kate middleton’s dress. why else would she be covered up, we know she likes to go without clothes. i think she really does think shes a princess like km. shes also trying to revamp her brand and kanyes trying to make her more classy. good luck with that. and they talk about how good she looks. h*ll, i’d look like a supermodel if I had someone to fix my weave, do my makeup, and high-end designers to make my clothes. if she had some brains or personality, i’d be more impressed! people act like it’s such an accomplishment being good-looking. usually it’s genes and/or plastic surgery. being smart or talented at something is much more impressive to me. and i hate myself for commenting on her, lol!

    • Steffa says:

      Oh, but you like Kate Middleton and what talent and skills does she have exactly? Nothing but arguable pretty face who married into royalty after waiting around for a long time for a ring without making something of her life as an independent woman. I’m just saying. Kate might not be vile as you find Kim, but she is hardly someone to admire for anything except maybe her tenacity to get married to the future king of England.

      • angeliesw says:

        Kate does have more class and dignity then Kim does. Sorry but Kim is trash and her dress looked like an ugly version of Kates. And funny how nobody really covered the wedding other then Americans. Nobody in Italy even knows who the Kardashians, people living where they got married thought it was a Kennedy getting married.

    • me says:

      Actually Kate’s not a princess, she’s a dutchess.

  18. JessSaysNo says:

    Her crown jewel and the true love of her life; her waist to hip ratio, is on full display here.

  19. feebee says:

    In response to Khloe’s question, yes… yes I have.

    Now I see why he got her a ‘wall of flowers’ for Mother’s Day. Bulk discount?

    The dress was designed by his friend so I imagine there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and the end result was somewhere in the middle.

    I will give them that it looks like a genuine happiness smile from Kanye and her smile might even go up to the eyes.

  20. LeahMommy says:

    I love everything about the dress except the front, which like others have mentioned looks somewhat like a bib. The back is my favorite part, She looks amazing and her make-up is subdued for once. I wished her hair was a little more formal. And Kanye looks great too.

  21. Sayrah says:

    She went with sleeves! Color me so surprised

    • Sayrah says:

      It looks lovely from the side and I love her hair and veil but from the front, not a good look

  22. Loopy says:

    You would think walking down the aisle they would take Ignori with them.

  23. Talie says:

    Givenchy does great wedding dresses, but they are all carbon copies of each other.

    Lara Stone had an original design that was a bit more sexy and Vanessa Traina was pretty much the first person of note who wore one of his lace, long-sleeved creations. After her, they all look like imitations.

  24. Amy Tennant says:

    I don’t care for the back of the dress at all, but that’s just my preferences. I’m sure she loved it.

    I’m also not going to snark at anyone wearing white for their wedding. I used to do that a million years ago, but time has mellowed me. Now I’m fine with anyone wearing anything that makes her happy to her own wedding., even if it’s the third or the eighth. Of course, if I should ever have another wedding, I’m going to wear something like bright red and scandalize everyone! :)

    • word says:

      Lots of cultures wear red on wedding days…Chinese and Indian to name a few. Go for it !

  25. shelley says:

    I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. It does seem to fit her well, but the front looks kind of like a huge bib. I like the scalloped hemline in the front.

    • HH says:

      Same here! I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. And with wedding dresses, a lot of them look far more magnificent in person. There is a lot of intricate detail to the lace. I would never wear this, but it’s a decent wedding dress. Better than I thought it would be.

  26. AG-UK says:

    Wow he’s smiling and I like the cut of his suit. The dress ummm not my taste but what is with her lips/fish mouth. She has that same expression in every photo the one pushing the baby in Paris and all the others. If she is happy goody for her /him. Maybe they can go away for a year now

  27. mar says:

    I love everything but the front of the dress

  28. Jag says:

    I’m so thankful that it’s a bib dress and not a sheer-front dress like I had worried it would be. A number of years ago I saw a runway wedding dress that literally was just see through mosquito netting from neck to waist, and then it had a regular type of wedding skirt. It would’ve been right up Kim’s ally, but I guess Kanye didn’t want her to wear something which had already been done.

  29. word says:

    That pic of her standing in front of the mirror where we get a good look at the dress from behind is a nice pic. The dress looks very nice from the back angle. However, I wonder why she wore her hair down and parted in the middle? That’s how she wears her hair everyday. It’s been reported that wedding dress cost $500 000. It doesn’t look like it cost that much plus I’m pretty sure Kimye got a major discount. Not that it matters, but I find it odd Kim has never been married in a Church. She talks about her faith constantly and her mom owns a Church right? Maybe the next wedding?

  30. Nev says:

    the dress is gorgeous nothing tacky about it.

    she looks tremendously better than Kate Middleton to me.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      “Tremendously better that Kate Middleton to me.”

    • angeliesw says:

      Ugh Kate might be pretty in an average way, but she is way better looking then some woman who looks like a pig with plastic surgery. Kim is not pretty or a good looking woman with or without surgery. Not a striking woman at all like how many people here claim. Thin upper lip with a full lower lip, long horse face, small eyes. Not attractive.

    • Steffa says:

      I mean, Nev can have her opinion of who she thinks is prettier, no? Personally, I think Kate ages like shit and looks awful without her makeup. She’s decent looking. Average. And while I think over time Kim’s cosmetic procedures are ruining her natural beauty, she is naturally a really pretty woman.

  31. Dawn says:

    Not a fan so I have to just say ick. I don’t believe anything from this worn out trick. I wonder if any man will ever want her after this. I don’t see it happening, I think she is stuck with him but I am sure she will start looking in maybe a six months to a year. Especially since she is not getting the doors opened she thought she would. People are simply tired of it all. And how stupid is NBC for allowing E! to foot the bill once more?

  32. LilyT says:

    Yes Kim, I HAVE in fact, seen things more magnificent than your circus act TV stunt of a shit-show wedding.

    I’ve seen people getting married who are clearly together on their wedding day because they love each other. The people in attendance all love and support them. The day is a beautiful celebration of love and the desire to spend their lives together.

    It was NOT an embarrassing, over-the-top stage production to document the bizarre coupling of a maniacal, possibly brain damaged and delusional egotist and his vapid, soulless, inept, vomit reflex inducing “muse”.

  33. Elisabeth says:

    they did say that North wore a matching dress to mom, that might explain the bib front

  34. Thatshhhcray says:

    I would like to see pictures that haven’t been retouched before I make any assessments. You know that those photos have been photoshopped. Girlfriend is not that small.

  35. NewWester says:

    I am disappointed her dress was not yellow

  36. shannon says:

    The idea of ‘white’ being only for virgin brides is ridiculous. This is 2014, most first-time brides aren’t virgins. I’m getting married next spring and plan to wear white, and I have two children. It’s a bridal color, it doesn’t really signify virginity anymore. Hell, I’m wearing a white t-shirt as I type this lol. Now, I’m not having a huge, opulent ceremony like those two. I’m going super-casual beach wedding. But even though I’ve been married before, it’s a special day for us, and I want to look like a bride lol :) also, it will be my first wedding, my first marriage was jop. We can shade Kim for plenty of things, but wearing white? Please. She can wear whatever color she wants to.

    • aquarius64 says:

      We’re not talking about the virginity aspect. White generally means first marriage, no matter what level of sexual activity a woman had before she says “I do”. The custom is going to ivory, off-white, or cream for wedding no. 2 (leave the blusher, that’s also for the first marriage). Wedding no. 3 and beyond – you go for color, but no full cathedral-train gown, and definitely no veil. Kim is getting shade because Kanye is soon-to-be-ex-husband no. 3; the gown is a bimbo-fication of Kate Middleton’s gown; and Kim’s trying to sell herself as a “royal” bride. While a woman can choose what she wants to wear on her day, people are going hard on the new Mrs. West because we know it’s another pay-per-view wedding and we feel the marriage will be a joke just like the last one.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Exactly! No one is shading the white because she’s not a virgin. This is her 3rd marriage.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      ……..Try cream or a pale pale gold, buttery color.

  37. aquarius64 says:

    Like I said before: white for wedding no. 3, complete with veil and blusher. REALLY?

    The veil looks nice but the dress. Cutouts inappropriate for a wedding and the dress accentuate the butt (but this is Kim), the bib front is suppose to be a bid for modesty (yeah right).

    The true test is will dressmakers do knock offs of this gown. How well the copy sells depends on the popularity of the wearer. Kim has her fan base, but given the grief she gets I can’t see this this dress selling well. Numbers were hyped about the Vogue cover (500,000) until the actual numbers came out (up to 250,000). The K clan wants to show how “influential” they are they will hype a possible knock off and its sales, if any.

    • Lexie says:

      I remember for her last wedding, David’s Bridal sold a knock-off in their Vera Wang line of at least one of Kim’s (3) dresses. But when the marriage lasted all of two months, they quickly re-named that dress…

      • aquarius64 says:

        And that may be the reason some dressmakers won’t bite on this gown. Brides to be will see a Kim Kardashian knock off wedding gown as a curse to their own marriages. Talk about loss of profits.

  38. dorothy says:

    Wonder what her next wedding dress will look like?

  39. Andrea says:

    The back of the dress looks awesome, the front of the dress looks like a disaster!

    And is just me that Kanye look ridiculously happy with his smile and her smile looks forced.

  40. aenflex says:

    I got married in a courthouse annex. With my husband’s buddy there as a witness, (we didn’t need one, but weren’t aware). It was more romantic than this charade, as it was real. No plastic, no millions, no cameras.

  41. eliza says:

    I heard the wall was poorly constructed (I know it was temporary, but still) and not all the flowers were real.

    That dress is typical crap from Tisci. I wouldn’t like it on anyone.

    I will day ONE nice thing. Kanye looks genuinely happy in that one photo.

  42. John says:

    The only explanation for that dress is that they were serving lobster at dinner. Even the back looks trashy, with the too-low butt-cleavage tease and that odd-looking belt at the waist.

  43. Lexie says:

    I was prepared to like it when I saw it from the side and the front. Yes, the front with the high neck made her boobs look a little dowdy, but I’d have allowed it.

    But then I saw the back. I actually like a backless dress for a wedding, but this one can down too low – it should have stopped at her waist.

    And the sleeves look a little too baggy.

    I do love the colors of the flowers though.

  44. Jessie May says:

    This is pretty classy for her. I was expecting it to be trashy. All the people complaining about her wearing white about half of Hollywood and the world wouldn’t be wearing white on their wedding day let’s be serious.

  45. lucy2 says:

    The dress looked OK in the first photo, but the front view? Ugh. Giant bib.
    I think the “wall of flowers” has a mold problem.

  46. tealily says:

    I didn’t understand the random “wall of flowers” he gave her on Mother’s Day, and now that I see that this is what they were planning for their wedding, it seems even more random.

  47. christine says:

    That “Wall of Flowers” looks gross in pictures. Like foam on beer. Or messy soap suds or something.

    • Gistine says:

      What blows my mind is the top of the wall of flowers! What? They couldn’t at least cover the top with a white covering so it doesn’t look like folded cardboard? Don’t get that at all. It looks SO cheap!

  48. Christo says:

    So, the daughter of 90′s OJ Simpson attorney lifted her backside in the air on a sex tape to the 3rd-rate rapper-brother of a late 90′s R&B/Sitcom star….and found fame. Fast-forward 7 years, she and the family of said sex tape “star” are merchandising shoes, clothing, perfumes, etc. at department stores as well as celebrated by the fashion elite. Ohhhkay.

  49. Jayna says:

    I was thinking I was going to love her gown and hated myself for it I love lace. From the side stunning. Then the front shot, what the? It does look like a giant bib from a distance. Maybe it’s better up close?

    All of these photos of her staring off vacantly are bizarre. I’ve never seen a bride look like that in so many shots in the days before and of her wedding.

  50. swack says:

    First, let’s get over her wearing white – it is what it is and it doesn’t change things. Second, I have never been to a wedding where the veil was only worn while walking down the aisle and then removed. Is this something new? Most weddings I have been to, the veil part that is covering the bride’s face is lifted off by the father of the bride (if there is one). Third – what happened to the “crowns” they were going to have?

    • John says:

      I’ve only ever seen the bride walk down the aisle, then the veils is raised and placed over the hair for the rest of the ceremony and recessional, not fully removed.
      Who knows why these two do what they do?
      Glad they 86ed the crowns.

  51. Jayna says:

    I’ve never seen her soft and glowing except with Reggie. She adored him. This wedding and the one before she’s not glowing.

  52. Gabriela says:

    I usually just read Celebitchy and don’t comment…but I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the front of Kim’s dress looks like a bib! And the flowers would have looked so much better with colorful roses and peonies..instead of the muted white and off white. IMO

  53. me says:

    That’s a fake Khloe Kardashian twitter account. It’s not even a verified account. She never posted that pic or typed that comment.

  54. JH says:

    Kanye’s tux is perfection and I really love Kim’s dress. I think they both look beautiful!

  55. oc says:

    I hate how Kim wrote “Mr. and Mrs. Kanye West” on a pic she posted on twitter. You don’t lose your identity when you get married and you don’t become the property of your husband. I also hate when people say “I now pronounce you man and wife” instead of “husband and wife” as if he’s the man and the wife is his property…like “man and dog”. LOL sorry not sure if anyone else would agree with me, but it has always bothered me. Ok go on with your day :)

  56. Damaris says:

    Kim, I’m really happy for you. I’mma let you finish, but Vanessa Traina had the best Givenchy wedding dress of all time! Of all time!

  57. Diana says:

    I actually think they look beautiful. I hope that she can get away from the idea that her physical appearance is all that she has to contribute. I can’t help feeling sorry for Kim. Her vapid personality and ceaseless need for attention really point to a soul that is loveless and hollow. The sooner she can break away from her poisonous mother the better.

  58. Michelle says:

    They are trying to milk this wedding for every cent they can. They will draw this out forever. Ugh.

  59. word says:

    The groom is dressed better than the bride. Also I think she wore her hair down because Kim doesn’t like how her back looks. She rarely shows her back without her hair down. She also hates how her hands look for some odd reason.

  60. JudyK says:

    Neither a Kim nor Kanye fan and far from it, but I think they both look outstanding.

    Kim’s dress is beautiful and classy…so glad she didn’t feel the need to reveal her boobs for a change.

    Kanye is almost as handsome as she is beautiful, and I never thought I’d ever give him a compliment.

    • Gypsy says:

      They and the wedding were traditional, otherwise known as “old school”, traditional with a touch of elegance.
      This is what you get when European couture plans your wedding.

    • Anne says:

      I’m not a fan either (I’m still up in arms over the vogue cover) but I like her dress and it’s nice to see them happy.

      • Gypsy says:

        Not a fan either, could never sit through that show they have, but I do like the fact that they went for traditional elegance with a bow to the European couture, that dress style has three hundred years of ceremonial history behind it, it makes me wonder if there was a nod to her Armenian heritage.

  61. anne_000 says:

    The style of this dress reminds me of those worn by women in a polygamous cult. The women who all have long hair, piled up on their heads and wear dresses in the style of prairie women back in the 1800s.

  62. Gypsy says:

    When she married Kris Humphries she went American classic, but this time she went European classic. – Very nice.

  63. Byte Me says:

    Is Kim incapable of closing her mouth, it’s always slightly open in all of her pictures.

    • jane16 says:

      It looks like she got lip injections right before, she probably couldn’t close them.

  64. starrywonder says:

    Sorry the wall of flowers looked super cheap. As someone above said they should have covered that with some tulle, lace, something up there. And nope, her dress is a definite 0 for me period. It looks really bad. Plus having her hair down like that…that’s another nope from me. She should have put it up and had some tendrils coming down or something to soften her face.

  65. GreenEyes says:

    What was w/ the just married Native American Phoenix rising bomber jackets? Not European or Irish at all?.. Ideas?

    • Steffa says:

      How about it’s because they just wanted to? Why is that such a foreign concept? Do you not just make choices about your attire because you want to wear what you want to wear or maybe you have a running inside joke with someone about it?

  66. Camille (The Original) says:

    That is one ugly dress. Yuck.

  67. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Don’t like that front bib-like part at all! Looked pretty from the side, but really hate the front.

  68. jane16 says:

    These last pix confirm what I thought all along about this vulgar extravaganza. There is no artistry, or taste to any of it. From the aerial pix, it looks like the wedding was held on a dirt lot (there was a green park next to and below the dirt part, but they chose the dirt). It had a great view, which they promptly blocked with “wall of flowers” which as mentioned upthread, looks like moldy cauliflower. I don’t like the dress at all, the front looks like a bib or the front of some nun’s habits, and the back is weird with the backless part and the little belt that wraps around her waist. wtf?

  69. Caz says:

    Ok. We’ve all had our curiosity sated by photos of the wedding dress. I officially don’t care about anything this family does anymore. No more daily Kartrashian posts please.

    Boycott all paid publications & products shilled by these people. Laugh at them for free online if need be. They’ve jumped the shark with this wedding. We’ve all been konned enough. No more.

  70. DiamondGirl says:

    The little belt looks like tape wrapped around to hold it together.

  71. Marybel says:

    Classless. As usual.

  72. Maria of MD says:

    And to think Givenchy used to dress Audrey Hepburn and now this….

  73. carnival says:

    I thought she looked good. I don’t know what’s going on with her face though. Her mouth seems to be wanting to escape her face – slowling creeping downwards.

  74. Nudgie says:

    Isn’t it GREAT that people are NOT falling for this reality show like they did for the last one? I didn’t even read any of the post, only wanted to comment on it. The Kartrashians have set the bar for useless ‘celebrities’ for our age. Kanye has set the bar for ‘musicians’ who think they are better than…well, any musician.

    Here’s the deal – they are an Internet circus Sideshow. I am happy for the bloggers who get to make money (and very little, IMHO) for posting all this stuff, but the bottom line is they will NEVER get the press KKK does.

    Hopefully this will be over in a few years and there will be one more baby who is abandoned by her rich and imbacile parents and the world will more on to the next set of jackasses.

    God Save IGNori.

    • angeliesw says:

      Yeah. There is zero hype about this wedding. Even her second marriage, the wedding was mostly covered by Americans. The Kardashians are nobodies in most parts of the world. And Kanye is officialy off the A list status by marrying her. He is now a fellow C lister or even a D lister like her and her family.

  75. Trashaddict says:

    I hope E! didn’t pay much for these pictures. They’re pretty “blah”. I think the aggravation with the white dress is how deluded Kim is in believing in the whole marriage thing, when she travels in circles where it is completely outdated. Marriage #3? Honestly, why bother? Symptomatic of our society lately. Flash over substance. If they make it to 5 years I will eat my words gladly.

  76. LAK says:

    What a waste of flowers.

    For one day only. Tsk Tsk Tsk

    The environmentalist in me is sad that they couldn’t come up with a more sustainable solution.

  77. LOLA says:

    Legends in THEIR OWN minds.

  78. devons says:

    These two really do think of themselves as Brangelina or Will and Kate or some powe couple like that. They are nobodies and are pathetic. Kanye married a 2 bit wh0re who is famous for a sex tape. She married a rapper who seems to be a legend in his own mind only. They are ‘influenital’ to people who have an empty mind or are just brainless. Wonder how long this marriage will last.

  79. Nadineed says:

    Still a trashbag. She can copy Princess Kate gowns all she wants, she can try and marry a legit celeb who is famous by his own right. can waste millions of dollars on a wedding that wont last but people will never respect her. Kanye West can rant and rave all he wants about how his wife and child are in the same league as Royalty but people see them as trash. Kim is still not apart of the Hollywood A list circle and her being with Kanye has not opened any door for her at all. The Vogue cover flopped badly and her popularity is in its fading stage already.
    And good on Beyoncé and all the A listers for not attending this joke of a wedding.