Did Lindsay Lohan hook up with Chase Crawford?

Lindsay Lohan

OK Magazine seems to think they know the real deal behind Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s problems. According to the mag, Lindsay was spotted stopping by “Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford’s apartment at six in the morning. All of this while Samantha is supposedly recuperating from an ear infection in Los Angeles.

While the cat’s away, the mice play — that’s how the saying goes, at least. And, though she’s denying any trouble in her romance with girlfriend Sam Ronson, Lindsay Lohan has only been feeding the rumor mill with her behavior.

See, while Sam has been recuperating from an alleged ear infection in Los Angeles, Lindsay’s been party-hopping, and according to TMZ, that includes a 6am pop-in visit to the Big Apple apartment of Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford.

While the I Know Who Killed Me star denied any illicit goings-on with Sir Chace of Sexyshire, there is a bit of little-known history between the two young stars.

Back in Oct. 2008, Linds made no secret of her crush on Chace. The twosome met at the Diesel XXX Rock Party in NYC and swapped numbers and an insider tells OK! that Lindsay texted Chace nonstop.

“She has a habit of over texting people, especially when she’s attracted to them which is what happened with Chace. She’d have insomnia and he’d wake up to 5 or 6 text messages asking what he was up to. She has a habit of getting bored in the middle of the night and likes to flirt and get attention in order to keep her busy. Chace never acted on some of the things she suggested like meeting up, it was a little stalker like and creepy to be honest. He was just trying to be friendly!”

[From OK!]

I don’t know much about Chace Crawford, but somehow he seems too classy to hook up with Lohan. I mean that’s practically career suicide – no one respects you once you’re linked to Lindsay. And it’s fair to point out that other people obviously live in Crawford’s building – in fact, Crawford is roommates with his “Gossip Girl” costar Ed Westwick. Considering the way Lohan gets around, she could have been there for anyone.

It seems like the relationship between Lohan and Ronson is on its last legs. I get the feeling Lindsay’s just keeping it alive for the publicity – it doesn’t look like there’s anything left between the two. Once Lohan goes back to hooking up with every guy in town, people aren’t going to care anymore. Really, all she’s got left, novelty-wise, is dating someone really, really old or really, really wealthy. She’s hooked up with everyone else.

Here’s Lindsay at Fashion Week in New York on Friday. Images thanks to WENN. Header of Chase and Lindsay (separately) at the New York screening of “Filth and Wisdom” that same day.

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12 Responses to “Did Lindsay Lohan hook up with Chase Crawford?”

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  1. kiki says:

    Chance does not play on her team and ditto for her too
    Lindsay does have some money coming in from her leggings clothes line. Who would hire her? she got a bad work ethic I heard she was up for a part in Friday the 13th or some such c-list slasher movie. Porn is in her future

  2. Annie says:

    If he does hook up with her…he’ll be regretting that 7-year itch quick.

  3. CC says:

    Kiki- his name is Chace and he is one of my favorite young actors. such a hottie. I hope she didnt give him her VD.

  4. lois lane says:

    kiki – fyi she has a movie coming out in the spring.

  5. Codzilla says:

    She looks like a haggard old tranny in that header pic. Gross.

  6. kiki says:

    She does have a movie out this spring the one where she fakes being pregnant. I saw I KNOW WHO KILLED ME onDemand.. for free ,it was sp bad I turned it off after 5 minutes

  7. later lohan says:

    Her hair is so gross. What a mess.

    Why is she still relevant anymore? Really, Sam Ronson is the successful one of the two. Her work is legitimate at least. Lindsay just gets guest spots that don’t even amount to a ratings spike anymore.

  8. Ophelia says:

    There is something really hilarious about her looking like a literal street-walker and standing next to that giant exit sign. Was her “career” in there?

  9. Ana says:

    Why does she always look like she just recieved a dirty sanchez? So gross.
    He is too pretty for her. Too pretty for anyone, I just can’t believe he’s straight. Besides, isn’t he supposed to be hooking up with the girl from the show…jenny?

  10. Persistent Cat says:

    Jenny is young!!! I think he’s cute too but who wrote that drivel “Sir Chace of Sexyshire.” How much do you hate yourself after writing that?

  11. Amy says:

    He’s hot.

    Does anybody agree that Linds has been looking very coked out lately? You can see it in her eyes and her expression, the way she holds her face is subtly different… Not so much in these pics but the latest ones at some event with a fashion designer or something. Probably why she has lost so much weight so quickly too.

  12. tigerlille says:

    Congratulations, Jay-bird. You have completely dehumanized another person. And got paid for doing it.