Dean McDermott got a ‘Tori’ tattoo in a very private place

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still here. The first season of Lifetime’s True Tori has finally drawn to a close. No word on whether the series will be renewed. No matter what, Tori will be handing us plenty of vom-worthy details of her sex life. Plus there’s the awful screaming, drag-out fight that will live on in infamy.

Before the season was over, Tori had to toss in one last bit of disgustingness. She revealed that Dean got a special tattoo just for her. He already had a tattoo of Tori’s face above his elbow, but this one is somehow worse. Yes, that’s correct. Dean has a tattoo above his nether regions that reads, “Tori’s.” Gross:

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s reality series, True Tori, came to an end on May 27, and viewers were left with quite the hefty dose of TMI.

Spelling revealed during a girls-only lunch that her estranged husband of eight years has a tattoo of her name — in the possessive form, reading “Tori’s” — above his penis.

When discussing whether she was okay with the TV host leaving to film Chopped Canada in Toronto — the same city where he previously cheated on her with Emily Goodhand — a friend suggested she make him sign a legal document about the consequences of cheating or drinking again.

Spelling, however, then pointed out that even having a tattoo of her name on his body didn’t stop him from fooling around. “It says ‘Tori’s.’ And months later he cheated on me,” Spelling told her friends.

Aside from revealing McDermott’s intimate ink, the episode also showed the couple go on their first date in six months to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary.

In the end, McDermott ended up heading to Canada to film the show, after his manager warned him there could be a $5 million lawsuit if he backed out.

“I’m mad at myself. This was the biggest f–k-up of my life. I jeopardized everything — my wife, my family, my career, everything,” he told the camera.

Despite her reservations, the 41-year-old told mother of four told McDermott he had to go. “It means everything to me that you wouldn’t go,” she said. “[But] we can’t let one huge mistake define us.”

The next day, the whole family took McDermott to the airport to send him off, where the couple shared a kiss and an emotional goodbye.

“I know what’s at stake here,” the 47-year-old told the camera, “My relationship with my wife, my relationship with my children. It’s tough. We’ve gone through a lot. But I will not let them down.”

[From Us Weekly]

I did not need to know this, but at least we know for sure that Dean didn’t really cheat. Not even made-up Emily Goodhand would sleep with some dude with a “Tori’s” tattoo above his crotch.

Here’s a quick round up some more Tori tidbits from the past few days:

* Radar has a very non-shocking exclusive report about how Tori purposely “shaped the truth” on True Tori to make Dean “look like the bad guy.” Ya think?

* The Mail says Tori’s dramatic hospitalization for “severe abdominal pains” and “migraines” was “stress induced.” Tori was also dehydrated. She’s fine now.

* Radar has a hilarious report about how Tori uses two full-time nannies all the time. But when she went into the hospital, Tori told the nannies to get lost so that Dean would have to take care of all four children by himself. There’s also sadness in this report because Tori’s oldest kids, Liam and Stella, “seem so lost in all of this. No one is paying attention to their needs.

* Yet another report from Radar (do you see a trend yet?) says Tori and Dean’s neighbors are completely irritated with how the family moved in and started filming. All of a sudden, the neighborhood was turned into a haven for a film crew and tons of paparazzi. Tori also has “five or six dogs” that bark around the clock.

Also, Tori stopped by Toys ‘r’ Us and bought a ton of crap. She surely called the paps.

Tori Spelling

Here are some photos of Dean’s tattoos from 2009. He has at least four other tattoos for Tori.


Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, WENN & Fame/Flynet

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  1. QQ says:

    Surely that will stop him from cheating Oooh Yeah!!

    • NewWester says:

      He probably makes sure the lights are off( actually that is a good idea, who wants to see him naked? Gross)

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      It is hard to fathom anybody wanting to ‘sleep’ with him but Tori did, and now the poor young uns have to suffer them 24/7 – at least we can turn our TV’s off.

    • Jacqueline says:

      At the very least, even if it doesn’t stop *him* you would think it would stop the other woman… Let’s enumerate the turn-offs: 1) Dean, he is a turn-off all by himself 2) a tattoo of Tori’s face 3) her name above his tiny penis. Any woman willing to get that far, and still take it there, gets what she deserves (and probably wanted pretty badly). Any wife who needs to brand her husband to such an extent, and it still doesn’t keep him from straying, needs to realize her worth and ditch that loser.

  2. Tracy says:

    There goes my breakfast. 🙁

  3. NewWester says:

    Dean, for the sake of all of humanity. Please keep that special tattoo hidden. With all the problems in the world right now, seeing that tattoo might push us over the edge

  4. daisyfly says:

    I didn’t know you could get a tattoo on your dignity. That is the only thing private we haven’t seen yet, right?

  5. Miffy says:

    Romance, you guys. Romance.

    • starrywonder says:

      And I just sprayed coffee everywhere. These two are a joke.

    • deehunny says:

      Hahaha. But you have to admit, the tattoo of her on his elbow is really well done lol

      • Jag says:

        lol Great one, Miffy! 🙂

        deehunny, I was thinking the same. And that it almost doesn’t look like her, so if they break up, it wouldn’t take much at all to make it look like someone else.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        That tattoo only looks good because the hair is hiding half of her horse face.

      • mayamae says:

        Ahhhh, I feel bad when Tori’s looks are mocked. Her mother made it clear she was an ugly child – something she should have considered before breeding with a man who looked like Aaron Spelling. All of her plastic surgery smacks of self-hatred. I have image issues at times and I had a mother who only praised me.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I usually don’t mock people’s appearance but I happen to dislike both she and dean for the way they treated their spouses. I also take issue with the way she mocked Mary Jo’s infertility. I’m particularly sensitive about that because of my issues with infertility. I happen to think Tori is ugly inside, which makes her appear hideous on the outside. If she were a nice person I might even think her attractive

  6. Dani2 says:

    They just need to disappear and stop over-sharing.

  7. paola says:

    When is the acronym TMI coming handy in this situation?
    I mean.. when is too much just too much to share with the WHOLE world?? Next thing will be a picture of him suffering of hemorrhoids?

  8. lucy2 says:

    I feel like he keeps getting these tattoos to convince himself he loves her. “I’m going to cheat…quick, write her name on my leg!” It’s kind of hilarious, in a really sad way. I don’t think even her name across his forehead is going to stop him.
    I feel incredibly bad for their kids though.

    • paola says:

      Well since is such in a delicate place.. he should remember he loves her while he takes it out of his pants to cheat on her. Or maybe he just doesn’t look that way.
      Let me tell you though that if I was one of his classy mistresses I would just get grossed out by that and I’d put miles between me and Tori’s di*k.

      • Miffy says:

        Paola, you raise a good point. Who are these women? And why are we sharing oxygen with people so lacking in self-worth that they’re happy to be The Other Woman in a situation where Tori Spelling is tattooed on anyone’s anything?

    • Miffy says:

      I think he does it to convince her, actually! ‘Look, baby! I got your face tattooed over my own face! How much more faithful can one guy be?!’

      • lucy2 says:

        Ah, that makes more sense. “Forget about all those other women, look, I put your face on my elbow!”

      • harleyb says:

        I literally burst into laughter quickly followed by choking on popcorn that flew back into my throat at the visual of her face tattooed onto his face….worth it!

  9. Eleonor says:

    It is a truth universally aknown that when you get a tattoo of your boyfriend/husband etcetc. your relationship is over.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I knew that was coming. Tell that one to my husband, who tattooed my name on his leg at age 18 (after two years of dating). We’ve now been together 18 years and married 9 years.

    • Ange says:

      I knew a couple who were married 30 years and got the tattoos, two months later it was over. It was terribly sad and desperate, the relationship was going south and no amount of ink in the world was going to make it better.

    • Lauraq says:

      False. My parents have been married more than 20 years, and my dad has a tattoo of the state of Texas (where my mom, myself, and my siblings hail from-and no, he is not my biological father but he is my dad), a yellow rose, and my mom’s name on his shoulder. I know couples who have been married 40+ years that have name tattooes, or wedding ring tattoos. Also Ozzy has Sharon’s name tattooed on his arm, and we all know those two will be together till the world ends.
      And everyone saying genital tattoos are gross should remember that Angelina Jolie got one for Billy Bob. I’m not judging her for it (I’m sure it meant a lot to her at the time). I’m guessing most of you judging Dean for it wouldn’t judge her for it either.

  10. Izzy says:

    And let’s not forget how broke they are. Which is why she bought a truckload of stuff at Toys R Us. Because Tori, she’s so Truth-i.

  11. tifzlan says:


  12. eliza says:

    They disgust me. Awful people.

    Aaron Spelling would be horrified by both his daughter and his wife blabbing such nonsense to the public. It is well known he was totally against Dean, hence Tori being basically cut off.

  13. Eileen says:

    I swear these two and Tori’s mother Candy are all suffering from a severe case of diarrhea of the mouth!

    • Christin says:

      The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, indeed.

      Do these other women truly exist? I’m starting to think Miss Goodhand resides at the South Pole (I would say North Pole, with a Mr. Claus as a neighbor, but her name sounds more suitable for the *South* *Pole*).

  14. Andrea says:

    Her show is such BS. In one scene she claims to be so stressed “raising FOUR kids” all by herself while sitting at lunch with girlfriends. WHO EXACTLY IS LOOKING AFTER YOUR 2 and 3 YEAR OLD WHEN YOU LUNCH TORI?! Obviously the older two are I school but literally she is a bold face lier! I really find her and Dean do repulsive … Yet I watch her show. I know, I’m part of the problem!

  15. Susan says:

    She lucked out with her name being Tori. How else would she come up with the titles of her shows and books. Plus, if her name were something long like Elizabeth, that tattoo would probably be longer than Dean’s “manhood”.

    • Pumpkin Pie says:

      Her real name is Victoria 😉
      + I thought guys give their manhood a man’s name. Real guys do that, right? But I think it’s ok for cheaters to have their wife’s name tattooed down there – I don’t know if you can publish that. And even better, tattoo the name of all women the man cheated on/with.

  16. Bess says:

    Why are these two idiots receiving daily news coverage?

  17. decorative item says:

    Every second she looks more and more like her Mum.
    I know nothing about the show, does he have a job?

  18. Ag says:

    why did i click on this story? i hate myself right now.

  19. Pumpkin Pie says:

    These two are completely disgusting.
    Plus: hopefully if the kids inherit some of that fortune, they would receive the money only when they are older, Like 25yo. And totally independently from their parents.

    • lucy2 says:

      I keep hoping there’s an educational trust fund for them, so they can get the hell away from there as soon as possible.

  20. Delta Juliet says:

    If he wasn’t such a d*ck, and wanted to prove his “love” for her, he should have had her name over his heart, not his d*ck. Sh-thead.

    • JudyK says:

      Agree. There’s something deeply disturbing about having to prove your love with sexually graphic tattoos on your body.

  21. iggie says:

    It’s so hidden that no one will ever see it… almost like it doesn’t exist – because it doesn’t.

    • decorative item says:

      BINGO! There is no way he would be able to tolerate the pain. Do not believe!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        If it does exist, it’s probably covered by a mountain of pubes. That man looks hairy, and dirty.

  22. aenflex says:


  23. Carrie says:

    Gross gross gross gross did not need to know that.

  24. Raised Brow says:

    I’m confused….Dean DIDN’T CHEAT IN CANADA??? I mean, I agree – Tori is a famewhore and has sacrifced her children’s emotional stability with this show but I’ve watched it (guilty) and her anguish seems pretty legit to me. She’s not a good actress, y’all….she seemed extremely devastated by Dean’s indiscretion. In her words, the show was all about “telling her ‘truth'”, which I figure means, she was desperate to not only stay relevant, but to change the narrative of Dean’s cheating.

    • Lady D says:

      Does anyone else feel cautious when someone says they are going to tell you their truth? The alarm bells start ringing in my head.

      • jjva says:

        Yup. There’s only one truth, and it’s the truth. Someone telling you “their” truth does not understand the meaning of the word “truth.” They are telling you their interpretation, or their story.

        Sorry, sTORI.

  25. HS says:

    His right arm tattoo is particularly vulgar. That’s nice his kids see it everyday, what a great childhood memory for them.
    Thanks for cropping his feet out of first image.

  26. Ag says:

    also, whose arm is that “truly madly deeply tori” tattoo on? he seems to have a cross on the inside of one arm, and the other is totally tattooed with other stuff?

  27. Green Is Good says:

    Ha ha ha! The tattoo of Tori is better looking than she is on real life!

  28. Helvetica says:

    These two are so vile

  29. qtpi says:

    Regarding the tattoos….. it is comical to me that one is from behind and the other covers half the face with her hair.

    Agree with poster above…. the name should have gone over the heart, not the d$%k.

  30. Bridget says:


  31. lola lola says:

    His “career”? Did I miss something? What’s his ‘career’?

  32. Mixtape says:

    I can’t stop thinking of the poor tattoo artist having to power through that job without either laughing or throwing up.

  33. Ginger says:

    The poor poor kids. They have no choice in this crap.

  34. Juliette says:

    I hope his ex-wife, Mary Jo, realizes how lucky she is to be rid of this dirtbag. He’s beyond gross and skeevy looking. Imagine the broke down chicks he’s cheating on her with, gross.

    They are both pathetic, the only ones I feel sorry for are the children having to grow up in this mess and having it all over the TV and the internet will be great for them too!

    • briargal says:

      Tori will never win Mother of the Year award as she surely doesn’t give a damn about her kids with all her famewhoring! Totally disgusting behavior!

  35. decorative item says:

    In the picture of her opening the door, is she smiling or crying?

  36. OrangeBlohan says:

    I hope Leann Rimes watches this show and sees her future, minus the 4 kids of course.

  37. Jenny12 says:

    While Dean is a POS for what he did to his 1st wife and their son, I strongly believe that Tori is in charge in their marriage, for whatever reason. He allows himself to look like the bad guy, with a story clearly made up for publicity, and a show designed to humiliate him. HE is covered with tattoos dedicated to her; he now has 4 young kids with her. I think Tori has little interest in parenting (neither does Dean) and these kids are publicity props they can barely afford. The only time you see all these kids with either of them is on shopping trips or set up photo shoots. Poor kids- it’s like Octomom or Kate Gosselin, who want babies or a way for money, not to be parents. Tori always said they wanted a hockey team, but they don’t really want to spend time parenting, and as kids get out of baby stage, they lose interest. Now these kids- two of whom are in grade school- have to have their parents’ sex life and fake issues played out in front of the world.