Did Lindsay Lohan party with Bill Clinton at the Chiltern Firehouse in London?


I love Bill Clinton, but that man is a dog. He loves women. He loves ALL women. But he prefers a woman with a big booty. Truth be told, Bubba likes ‘em a little bit chubby. To his credit, he doesn’t really seem to go for the cracked-out ladies. Like, he doesn’t go for women who look like they’re coming off a bender. So I have to wonder… would he ever go for a woman like Lindsay Lohan? The reason I ask is because two nights ago, Bubba and Lindsay Lohan were at the same London establishment at the same time. Since everyone in London seems to be going to the Chiltern Firehouse these days, obviously this was going to happen at some point. So… Bubba and the Cracken: WHAT HAPPENED?!

I don’t know what happened. No one does. We only know that Bubba was there with “a massive security detail” and Kevin Spacey (his friend). We know Lindsay was there at the same time and she wasn’t wearing a bra. That’s it. That’s all. I’ll give Bubba some credit and say that his type is more Kelly Clarkson than Lindsay Lohan.

Meanwhile, there’s a funny/sad story about Lohan, in case you care (you don’t, I’m sure, but read it anyway).

A new article in the UK’s Sunday Times details the trials and tribulations of an interviewer for that paper being canceled on repeatedly over a number of weeks by troubled starlet, Lindsay Lohan. But, why did Lohan want to talk to an arts journalist in the first place?

He reveals that ‘My recent diary is full of days, sadly, marked “Lindsay?”. April was a month of telling people I might have to leave at any minute. Apparently, she wanted to speak to Culture because she wants to be on stage, in the West End. I was at a lunch with a casting director, and she laughed. Who would insure her? We came up with Waiting for Lindsay, a two-week theatre run for which people pay £20 to watch Mean Girls and hope…”

[From Broadway World]

That sounds about right. LL tries to give an interview to The Times’ culture guy about how she wants to crack around on “the stage” and she’s too cracked-out to even make the appointment for the interview. That’s Lindsay Lohan in a nutshell.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Chiltern is the new place were everyone goes to get seen in London. I don’t even think daily mail tried to make something out if it they just said she rubbed shoulders with Clinton and Kevin spacey because they also were seen there so lets not go there shall we? LL seems to be there every night today daily mail has an article about her rubbing shoulders with prince Andrew and. Suki Waterhouse because they happened to go there too last night.

    • BangersandMash says:

      I guess her sober self has found a niche… which is to go networking at Chiltern, rather than say… market herself with art house interviews and that sort.

      • Sarah says:

        I hope she is sober but to be perfectly honest I am a little sceptical given her past form and her need to go to clubs all the time. With regards to networking the uk film industry doesnt have much money and timekeeping is even more important where the theatre is concerned. My impression is more that she likes to be seen out at places with other celebs. Also keeps her in the press. Chiltern is the place to be seen right now.

      • RuneRobin says:

        Maybe she has friends in the restaurant or meeting with people on a business matter.

      • Miss5280 says:

        Sober? Doubt it. It’s just pills and powder instead of fancy cocktails.

  2. marjalane says:

    Yeah, Bill Clinton’s a nice guy, but I think you’re giving him way too much credit as to the type of bimbo he chooses to party with. I think he kind of likes braless party girls.

  3. lucy says:

    Ugggg, those revolting boot are the worst, it looks like she’s got leather hooves.

  4. swack says:

    For goodness sakes Lindsay, put a bra on!

  5. Anname says:

    The Broadway story is her reality, the Daily Mail story is LIndsay’s fantasy of actually rubbbing shoulders with these people. But I am sure in her mind she doesn’t feel the need to change her ways since she is still getting her picture taken and still in the gossip magazines. I cannot understand how she is not embarassed or even aware (?) at the way people run from being associated with her. It is very sad to see what she has done to herself over the years.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Waiting for Lindsey…they could turn it into an audience participation game, everyone betting how late she’d be for each performance, or if she’d show up at all.

  7. Patricia says:

    What this interviewer went through is basically what the whole Lindsay documentary was about – Lindsay’s inability to just commit and show up. People said they felt “held hostage” by her stunning lack of accountability and reliability. She literally didn’t show up on time (or at all) for anything: photo shoots, interviews, meetings with directors, etc.
    I remember an article years ago, when she was still the “it girl”, and the author of this article talked about how difficult it was to get her to arrive and sit down and do the interview. She’s always been this way. It’s a serious, serious character flaw – especially when she spends the rest of her time whining and crying and bemoaning her “poor me” fate of not getting any work. She seriously doesn’t put two and two together. She’s an imbecile.

  8. Abbott says:

    Doubt they hung out. But no doubt she will try to convince everyone they did.

  9. eliza says:

    Well now that Lohan has infiltrated Chiltern, the mystique is off the place for me.

    • RuneRobin says:

      Yeah because showing upfront at an establishment with a warm reception is a sign of a true cunning monster, too unspeakable…….??

  10. neelyo says:

    Hell, good luck getting her to show up for a rehearsal. She doesn’t know the first thing about professionalism. On her reality show she got a ‘Funny or Die’ gig and behaved like it was 2004 and she could still get away with the diva antics of HERBIE: FULLY LOADED. Ridiculously late, lazy and full of bullshit excuses. For a ‘Funny or Die’ gig!!! She can’t pull it together for that, there’s no way she’s doing stage.

    And I wish the press would stop referring to her as a ‘starlet’. That term implies someone upcoming, not someone at this point is a burnt out shell of a has been.

  11. Angie says:

    The lovely Keira Knightley was here too (there was an article on Lainey gossip). I love her, she is so chic and adorable, and she seems like a nice person. I’m more worried about the cracken wanting to crack stalk or trying to associate herself with Keira. At some point, Keira and the cracken almost worked together for the movie Edge of love but she was fired and remplaced by Sienna Miller, ha.

    • RuneRobin says:

      Nice to see Lohan hate is out in full force before 10am.. Taking sources from questionable media, overanalyzing her wardrobe, try to put her soberity in every discussion like a harmless dinner out. Please, this is not a big deal for morning venom.

  12. RuneRobin says:

    I think she looks nice in causal, jeans and boots, as seem quite mirthful and refresh. Lainey and others will still try to kick her down, even as mundane as a dinner out with friends, just to push the “miserable human being” narrative they have for filler content and ad revenue.

    • The Original G says:

      …and Lindsay will contimue to complain, blame others, pay lip service to her recovery, not show up for work and take all the support that has come her way in the way of rehab, counselling, paid rent, trainers, life coaches and professional connections and sh!t on them.

    • anon33 says:

      She *IS* a miserable human being. And has been for a very long time.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Oh, hi, RuneRobin! You were the one shilling Lindsay’s “project” and Michael’s whatever–some app?–on the post about her getting drunk in Cannes.

      I assume you’re in the Lohan camp, either by DNA or by paycheque, because I can’t imagine Lindsay has fans anymore.

  13. iheartjacksparrow says:

    DM has new photos of Lindsay leaving Chiltern wearing only a bra (she went in wearing a shirt).

  14. S says:

    You could have completely skipped everything about Lindsay in this article and just posted that Bill Clinton/Kelly Clarkson picture, which I had NEVER seen before and it would have been completely worth my time. I can’t stop giggling!

  15. Eleonor says:

    She is wearing those awful “uncircumsied boots” Kim. K used to wear two years ago.

    • anon33 says:

      Yeah exactly. That’s literally the last time she could afford something designer.

  16. mimi says:

    This Chiltern Firehouse is also a restaurant, if I am correct. Clinton was probably there having dinner the same time Lindsay happened to be there. I doubt the two were hanging out…more like being in the same place at the same time. A few days ago, The Daily Mail tried to say Robert Pattinson had dinner there with Emily Blunt, when in actuality, Emily was there having dinner with a group of people and Robert was there with an entirely different group of friends. Both were papped entering/leaving on the same night (but not even together), so The Daily Mail decided to connect the dots and fill in the blanks with their own made up version. Typical. smh

  17. K-rock says:

    LOL@ “crack around on the stage” haha

  18. Sea Dragon says:

    Bill has a charming, effervescent personality. It’s too bad though, when I look at him I see a cheating husband with a long history of misconduct and alleged violence towards women. I also see a man- the former most powerful man in the world- help the push to hypersexualize the young. Misogyny isn’t my thing but I’m impressed that he’s shameless enough to take on the role of a celebrity and continue to enjoy the limelight.

    As far as Lindsay being there, I think they’d enjoy each other’s company a great deal. Two master manipulators in the same room. Lights, camera….

    • Azurea says:

      I posted earlier that Clinton is a predator…a known predator…which is not charming OR funny. Strangely, my post disappeared! I have a huge beef against so-called charming men who predate women, especially women who are in a “lesser” position than them. This goes way back to university, where I worked behind the scenes to get a teacher reprimanded for
      behaving in a subtle but unmistakeable sexually harrassing manner to a friend of mine in one-on-one meetings, meetings which were a standard part of the curriculum at this school.
      I knew he was also dating a student. I’m no prude, but this is just wrong.

      • sea dragon says:

        I hear you, Auzeura, loud and clear.
        And good for you! There’s nothing prude about helping a friend (or any female [or male!] for that matter) escape a situation where their dignity has been stripped and they’re at the mercy of another’s sexual whims.

      • Azurea says:

        Thanks, Sea Dragon 🙂

    • Lauraq says:

      Love him as a politician but yes, he is a predator. He is like a shark that can smell low self esteem from a mile away, and he preys on it (my ex was the same way). He is charming and he was a great president, but I’m not convinced he’s a good person…And Lindsay would probably be right up his alley.

  19. Matty says:

    Using LIndsay Lohan and Bill Clinton in
    the same sentence shouldne against the
    law. I’m sure that between the two of them
    they probably have every STD known to
    man. Gross.

  20. taxi says:

    Her extensions are really bad. Very cheap mall fake hair.