Brad Pitt: ‘I’m a farmer now… I enjoy cleaning the forest & walking the land’


Before I discuss what I actually want to talk about regarding Brad Pitt, let’s get through this Vitalii Sediuk nonsense first. Sediuk is a douchebag. He assaults people. What he does should not be considered “pranking.” More often than not, his actions are criminal. So after Vitalii Sediuk punched Brad Pitt in the face on the red carpet Wednesday evening in LA, it’s no wonder that bodyguards and LAPD officers “quickly tackled” him and handcuffed him.

So, what’s going on now? Well, CNN reports that Sediuk was actually fired from his Ukrainian TV job after the American Ferrera incident at Cannes. He had been on probation ever since he bum-rushed Adele at the Grammys. He was held in jail on a $20,000 bond which apparently he couldn’t pay. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has taken out an emergency protective order against Sediuk which is good for five days. If Brad wants a protective order against him for longer, Brad and his lawyers will have to go to court and ask a judge for something more severe.

Meanwhile, Brad has a new interview in Wine Spectator Mag (this is what I wanted to discuss). He talks about how much he loves Chateau Miraval and how he’s a “farmer” now. Some highlights:

Brad has upped production of his award-winning rosé from 5,800 cases to 16,000 cases.

Buying Chateau Miraval for $60 million: “We became impassioned with this place, which could produce its own wine, its own food, and become a place where artists could congregate and share ideas.”

A different approach to wine-making: “For better or worse, given my compulsive nature, if we are going to be in the wine business, let’s make the best wine we can. I asked the question, ‘Why can’t we make world-class wine in Provence?’ The business model didn’t make sense to me. Let’s approach it like a film, and let’s make something we can be proud of and people can enjoy.”

Farmer Pitt: “I’m a farmer now. I love learning about the land and which field is most suitable for which grape, the drama of September and October… Are we picking today? Where are the sugar levels? How is the acidity? Is it going to rain? It’s been a schooling for me. In the off months, I enjoy cleaning the forest and walking the land. It’s very peaceful and the antithesis of the drive, the want, the need to get ahead indicative of life in Hollywood,” he says. “I’m instantly reminded what quiet sounds like.”

His new goal? A super Provence red wine. “Give us seven years,” Pitt promises.

[From Page Six & People]

This really does feel like it’s more Brad’s passion project than Angelina’s. Angelina is more concerned with drinking the wine than making the wine. Save a few dozen cases for her, Brad. Mama needs a big bottle of rosé. Now, did I roll my eyes a little at Brad’s farmer talk? Sure. But I also believe that he loves it out at Miraval and that he truly is passionate about wine-making. Let him have this.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Wine Spectator.

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  1. lunchcoma says:

    I was prepared to mock him based on the headline, but that answer actually seems to demonstrate some knowledge of agriculture, so I’ll refrain. It is nice to see an actor who appears to have hobbies other than acting and shopping.

    • Liv says:

      Yep, I agree. Good for him to have other things in life.

      On another note: Why is he always wearing sunglasses now?

      • Luca26 says:

        @ Liv I’m pretty sure he has a light sensitivity.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        If I’m outside, I’m ALWAYS wearing sunglasses, because otherwise I’d be squinting and getting a glare from the sun in my eyes all the time. And if I had camera flashes going off in my eyes all the time, I’d be walking around blind! Thank goodness the public doesn’t care about little ole nobody me, or else I’d probably get called a pretentious snob by some people. Not that I’d care though, I’d rather be able to see.

      • CityGirl says:

        I love me some Brad Pitt (older Brad, young Brad, short hair clean cut Brad, long hair and scruffy Brad) so I would like to think his sunglasses are because of light sensitivity but the trifling b**** can’t help but think he is wearing them to hide some ageing….
        And for the record: if I could get away with wearing my sunglasses 24/7 to hide my eye bags I would

    • Nev says:

      Just Super HOT all around Big Daddy. YUM.

    • Kate2 says:

      I’ll mock him. He’s sincere but he comes off pretentious as hell.

      Then again I’m hopped up on Percoset due to the kidney stone I had this morning, so I could be coming in harshly on this landing.

  2. break says:

    Hey Brad, I’m an artist! I’ll be waiting (forever) for my invitation to congregate and share ideas.

    • Tanguerita says:

      I’m not an artist yet, but I can be one, for sure. Depending on how much wine i’m allowed to guzzle down.

  3. THeOriginalKitten says:

    Ha ha…oh Brad.
    Honestly between this and his passion for architecture, he comes across as incredibly self-important at times. Still, he seems like a well-meaning guy and I can’t fault him and his wife for being so well-rounded.

    Eh, I still have a soft spot for him and more importantly, I’d love try that wine!

    • mimif says:

      I have a half case of the rosé (amongst other things) so quit being all Boston Strong & come out to Cali (bring kitties).
      Omg totally OT but my poly pixie bob boy hath been born and I get to pick him up soon! *screams and throws vodka at Kitten*

      • THeOriginalKitten says:

        Are you effin with me? I don’t think you told me you were getting a pixie bob? That’s amazing! You need to get on Tumblr so I can see kitty pics!

        *grabs vodka and starts chugging*


    • Birdix says:

      “I love learning about” mostly saves “I’m a farmer now” from being self-important. mostly.

      • THeOriginalKitten says:

        Ok you really do have a point and as I said, I still like him. He just seems a little caught up in his own shit sometimes.
        Then again, us stoners tend to do that ;)

    • Esmom says:

      I love him but I couldn’t help but hear his words in that pretentious tone he took for those Chanel No 5 TV ads. But…at least he’s not comparing winemaking to going to war or some such nonsense! :)

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Amen, Kitten. He’s starting to sound like Gwyneth.

    • Kath says:

      For me it was “a place where artists could congregate”.

  4. SpookySpooks says:

    Where I’m from, pretty much everybody has a vineyard and produces his own wine. It takes a lot of work, which I’m sure Brad has people for, but he does show some knowledge , so props to him.

    • astra says:

      Are you from Moldova?

      • SpookySpooks says:

        Croatia, but it’s not like this in the entire country, just in my region. Oh,and people make wine mostly for personal use, not for sale.

      • siri says:

        @SpookySpooks: My Croation neighbors just brought me a bottle of Dingač…what a (heavy) delight!

    • astra says:

      Oh! Croatia is amazing, you are so lucky! It looks like a wonderful country and so gorgeous, I want to see the Plitvice Lakes one day!

    • SpookySpooks says:

      Aaaw, thank you! You should definitely come, and Plitvice Lakes are indeed beautiful.
      I’m not much of a drinker, but I do like Dingač now and then :)

  5. mimif says:

    As someone who lives in NorCal wine country and grows herself, farming is hard (sometimes bone crushing) work. It can be incredibly rewarding at times and also ultimately depressing when nature doesn’t work in your favor. I appreciate what he’s saying here about working with the earth, but babe let’s just get something straight: You ain’t a farmer, you’re a connoisseur.

    *ETA and I love your rosé so keep on congregating bro.

    • THeOriginalKitten says:

      “but babe let’s just get something straight: You ain’t a farmer, you’re a connoisseur”

      THANK YOU!

      *throws rose at mimif and runs away*

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s the best way to put it. It’s very nice that he’s learned all about it and is very involved, but he’s not out there doing the back breaking work day after day. Kind of reminds me how he used to talk about designing hotels – something that in reality takes a TON of schooling, training, and thousands of hours of work. It’s great to have hobbies and interests outside of your own career though.

    • doofus says:

      have you seen “Bottle Shock”?

      I’m not even really a wine person and I really liked that movie. and it has Alan Rickman, so…

      ETA: I think it’s (admirable might be too strong, but whatever…) admirable that he’s actually trying to learn about it. how many celebs slap their name on something (clothing line, perfume, restaurant) without learning ANYTHING about the biz?…

      • Kate2 says:


        Someone up thread put it best that he talks like he’s actually tilling the soil. We all know he’s supervising and that’s it. I think it’s great when people expand their horizons and wine making is an incredible hobby if you have the resources, which he obviously does. So I don’t criticize that, he’s just coming off all weird about it.

      • Ennie says:

        +1 he is actually doing things he is passionate about, and going for it, like when he decided to start a family.
        I love that he has a passion for learning, he also has the means to make it into a business and give people jobs. His New Orleans construction project , this wine making venture… He is ambitious and I think that he has his heart in the right place.
        HIs children have something good to learn from each parent, they are not perfect people, but they sure are in a rout.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes! I was thinking Farmer WannaBe but connoisseur has a much nicer ring to it!

    • Suze says:

      Darling, I agree 1,000,000 percent.

    • Kate2 says:


      Where are you? I was in Sonoma a few years ago and I adored it. If I were to ever move from Boston on my own I would move to either London or Sonoma. It’s gorgeous there.

  6. T.Fanty says:

    What the what?

    I’ll give him a little credit, but really this is just his new hobby. I presume he’s bored of architecture now that it’s less hip than viewing oneself as a man of the earth.

    That said, any man contributing to the international production of wine is alright by me.

    • The Original G says:

      What’s your limit on how many interests a person can develop?

      • T.Fanty says:

        Three. Then they have to apply to me in writing if they want to take up any new hobbies. I will decide based on whether I thought they finished the earlier ones to my satisfaction.

        Seriously, though, I like Pitt well enough, but I do think he’s just seeking something to give him as much depth as his partner. Jolie is a world power, has defined herself as something so much more significant than an actor, and now maintains a really solid identity as someone who is an expert in foreign affairs. I think Pitt is looking for the same kind of Renaissance Man (woman) gravitas. He can do as he pleases, but I sometimes feel like he’s kind of chasing what’s culturally hot and attaching himself to it in the most high-end way possible. Kind of like he changed his look to match each of his girlfriends. I don’t think I’m necessarily saying it’s a bad thing, and kudos to him for trying, but he didn’t get on the cover of Wine Spectator because he’s he’s a major vintner.

      • littlestar says:

        Farming is not an interest. It’s an actual job, in my opinion. How many people do you know who just decide to take up farming for fun? None that I know of. Most people inherit the farms they own today from family because it is just too expensive to start up farming on your own. Brad is lucky in the fact that he’s rich enough to take up hobby farming.

      • The Original G says:

        @T. Fanty. I suspected that was the process…….:)

        I just think that in this world more of us need to get out and live our interests and passions and I applaud him doing that. The world is filled with dull naysayers and nervous nellies. I find his openess to grow refreshing for a guy who is by most peoples definition a fat cat.

        BTW, have you recieved my application make a painting studio in my shed?

      • From North of Boston says:

        I think it’s what used to be called a “gentleman farmer” – Someone who has an interest in it, and the money and the acreage to have a farming operation, who maybe spends some time and effort on it, but isn’t the person doing the hard work. He’s not trying to make his living by producing something for other people, which real farmers do.

        But good on him for trying something new, trying to create something, and not just sitting around doing nothing.

    • Kim says:

      He is still involved in architecture, the firm he is associated with working on the Zahara Jolie Pitt TB/ AIDS Center in Ethiopia. He also still designing furniture according to his design partner.

      • Pandy says:

        I think he can assume the farmer title. Even if it’s gentleman farmer. And they made an award-winning product and he’s world famouse, hence the mag cover. Why wouldn’t he indulge all of his interests, given that he has the time and dollars to do so? I envy him and yes, totally glad to see he does more than go shopping in LA.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Oh, I get all that, but I think that much of his life is probably in Jolie’s shadow. I think he’s trying to step out and get something that’s going to mark him out as her equal. I just sometimes feel that he’s trying REALLY REALLY hard to convince us that he’s as awesome and cultured as she is.

      • Rhea says:

        @T. Fanty : I’m not sure he feels like being under her shadow, though. He has his own fame and name as a brand before he met her. It’s more like he’s the type of person who likes to try out different things depending on what is it that catching his interest at the time. In the passing, for outsider like us he might seems…idk…impulsive? Flighty?

        But I think he truly enjoys the process of making/designing—-whatever his hobby is. He probably already like that before but Jolie seems to be the only lover who lets him and encourages him to try many things that he thinks interesting without shooting it down as a stupid things to do. Perhaps that’s why we see him more open up about his hobbies. Anyway, that’s JMO.

      • abby says:

        Rhea – you are spot on, imo.

        Brad has talked about architecture, designing furniture, etc – all of these little pet projects – in many of his early interviews long before he met Jolie. In fact, these are projects that he talked about in his years before (and during) his time with Gwyneth Paltrow. So no, these are not just some random fads that Brad is chasing in same lame attempt to keep up with Jolie. This is Brad finally pursuing the goals he set for himself many years ago but somehow never got around to achieving for whatever reason.
        Perhaps Jolie inspires him to do so since he witnesses her achieving her own lofty goals.

      • drea says:

        I don’t think Brad’s living in Angelina’s shadow. If he was, she wouldn’t want him.

    • littlestar says:

      I will love Brad Pitt for forever and a day, but I have to agree with you T. Fanty. I think he’s what you would call a “hobby farmer”. He doesn’t make an actual living off of it, but he enjoys watching things grow. Nothing wrong with that. But I have no doubt he has employees who do the actual hard physical labour of farming.

      Side note, my dad is an actual farmer, and I grew up on a farm so I know what hard work it is, and it’s never as “eloquent” sounding as Brad makes it out to be. Yes, there are wonderful things about being a farmer, but it’s damn hard work. My husband always says that it’s interesting that everyone cannot wait til retirement, but farmers will be 90 years old and still out there combining with everyone else come harvest time. Hopefully Brad will be one of those 90 year old farmers who just cannot give up working the land :O).

      • Amanduh says:

        Grew up in a farming community and I have to say (in my opinion!) that farmers have one of the toughest jobs out there; you’re up before the sun, still going when it goes down, the day is very labourous and yet there’s always something that needs to be done. Huge respect to farmers out there!

  7. Abbott says:

    Is that same khaki outfit he always wears?

    • truthSF says:

      He probably has 20 pairs of those pants. I’m the same way. When I find a comfortable top/pant, I buy a lot of that same style/color to wear repeatedly.

      • Abbott says:

        I get that. But if you’re schlepping your newest venture on the cover of a magazine, wouldn’t you… I dunno… not dress like a box car hobo? Get some pressed pants! Drop crotch parachute pants! Tear away windbreaker pants!

      • Rhea says:

        @Abbot : Lol. Believe it or not, my husband even more worse than Pitt regarding his favourite shirt. Sigh….

  8. Cornucopia says:

    I like Brad Pitt but he never sounds very articulate in any of his interviews. Oh well.

    • Anne tommy says:

      He’s ok as an actor and has stepped up and put money into producing some good films, think he was a producer of 12 years a slave. So good on him. But always seems a bit humourless and a teeny bit pompous, and have never fancied him in the slightest.

  9. Jac says:

    He came off sounding a but like he was in a perfume commercial again, but i can’t fault his passion!

  10. Cecilia says:

    “cleaning the forest”

    ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

    • June says:

      Why don’t you grow up?

      How is that sentence funny?

      How about your idol who once said John Mayer thinks thoughts…..

      • doofus says:

        BALLS OUT.

        and no, I won’t grow up. :-P

      • Kim1 says:

        Everyone can’t indulge in interesting hobbies like sunbathing in Cabo.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Grow up you mean?
        Some people can never out grow the hatred and dislike they have for Brad because of what they think happened 10years ago. Its best to just ignore them So they can wallow in their stupidity.

      • Cecilia says:

        yep doofus…BALLS OUT!!

        Having been born & raised on a large farm; I know the terminologies & “cleaning the forest” isn’t one of them. It made me laugh. He does none of the work. He should have said “clearing the forest.” I just found it funny, but as usual, you just attack.

        Edit: I just read Princess Charlene & Albert are expecting their first child.

      • pinkytuscadero says:

        his search for meaning in other professions is what’s “indicative of life in Hollywood.” ha. indicative.

    • Heat says:

      :) That’s the line that stuck out for me as well. How does one “clean the forest”? Perhaps it’s full of trash. Or, is it all the dirt that is dirty? Tee hee.

      Seriously, though, I want some of that wine.

    • Wren33 says:

      As a forester by training, I laughed a lot at that line too. Did he mean clearing?

    • The Original G says:

      I suspect it was a typo otherwise, it would have been edited.

      Or maybe he just said that so the gleeful c@nts over at FF could open up a 3 year long thread that would keep them off the steets and safely channel their hysteria.

    • strawberry says:

      Heh. I found that funny too.

      “Cleaning the forest.” What does he do? Go around picking up poop from small animals? Or does he wipe down the trees? Dust the flowers? :D

      He so silly.

    • darkdove says:

      Cecilia always does this trolls around in Brad or the Angelina news and jumps in every time some one writtes any thing negative o well she must be really lonely.

      • Amanduh says:

        Really?! I’ve read things she’s posted and the seem rather benign to me. She’s praised Angelina and Brad and has also commented on other posts that don’t concern this “triangle”….not only that, when someone posts a mean/negative reply, I’ve never seen her attack the poster or question their maturity (ie. “Why don’t you grow up?!”).

      • Cecilia says:

        Thanks so much, Amanduh.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        +1, Amanduh

        Oh my god..the idea that because a commenter isn’t a RAGING stan that she must automatically be a troll is SO. OLD.

        Not everyone has to adore Brangelina, guys. Diverse opinions makes this site more fun.

        Also, BALLS.

  11. Maggie says:

    LMAO! This dumbass should keep his mouth shut. He’s insulting real farmers. You know…the ones that actually get their hands dirty.

  12. peaches mcdooby says:

    plowing fields now instead of Angie?

    good for him

  13. Renee28 says:

    I generally loathe celebrity products but I have to admit he makes a good rosé.

  14. ML says:

    Did he have his di*k in his hand when he said this? Because that was a load of wank.

  15. I Choose Me says:

    I was all ready to side-eye but his comments are all right by me. I don’t know wine making so I can’t judge if he knows what he’s talking about but he sounds like he really loves the process. Keep on keeping on Brad.

  16. A mascarada says:

    ‘Why can’t we make world-class wine in Provence?’
    Who said they couldn’t? Provence didn’t wait for Chateau Miraval to have a world-class rosé.

    • lucy2 says:

      I thought that was a bit odd myself. Provence has been pretty well known for wine for centuries, hasn’t it? Perhaps better to say “at Miraval” specifically rather than the whole area.

    • A mascarada says:

      Exactly, lucy!

    • Ennie says:

      I take it as he meant him and his wine company, not the whole region. They were making the reose, and a red wine means a different process for which they have to prepare many things.

  17. Melissa says:

    Is there a pic or video that actually shows him getting punched?

  18. Ginger says:

    I can’t fault him for wanting that kind of life. A wine-making chateau in France? It sounds heavenly.

  19. Cupcake says:

    That magazine cover – lolololololzz!!!

  20. Sara says:

    My inner hippy just made me fall in love with BP again . He is looking fresh again.

  21. kc says:

    I can imagine that statement (about being a farmer) was made as a joke. It’s print, tone and intent get lost : (

  22. elo says:

    Oh Brad! “Clearing”? The forest? He’s from Oklahoma\ Missouri, I don’t doubt that he enjoys the work and the nature. Now I want to enjoy the wine ;)

  23. smee says:

    He’s farming a “hemp” patch as well, no doubt. ;)

  24. hmmm says:

    He’s a businessman, not a labouring, sweating, worrying farmer (my FIL was the real deal). Honestly…… Talk about delusions of grandeur.

  25. heigl says:

    Farmer Brad how is the Marijuana crop doing this season?

  26. Tippy says:

    Most of Sediuk’s pranks/stunts/assaults are of the homoerotic variety.

    I heard that after the initial punch, Sediuk then attached himself to Pitt as if he was an octopus and the two men needed to be pried apart.

    • eva says:

      From the video I saw it didn’t look like he punched brad, but went for the crotch area again, it looked like brad was punching or pulling away from a downward position, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Sediuk has some sort of fetish.

    • winosaurusrex says:

      Either way he’s been banned form all Hollywood events, the event locations and specifically brad and angelina.

      I still think he should be prosecuted for what he did to America. This creep has shown a proclivity for inappropriate behavior that can be characterized from assault to sexual assault and battery. If he ever (or anyone really) did something like that to me you better believe I’d be pressing assault charges, but also a civil lawsuit or two.

      Oh and he has 20 days community service for his latest “stunt” as most of the media dubs them.

  27. cro-girl says:

    I dont think he meant it seriously, I think it was very tongue in cheek but also serious in the way that he was trying to express just how much he enjoys this type of thing.

    I have two raised garden beds that I use to grow my own vegetables and I often say I’m a “farmer” now. Haha.

  28. JLM says:

    Ugh, he’s not too bright, is he? I feel like his heart is in the right place, but he just doesn’t have the intellectual goods to back it up. Between this interview and the Jonny Lee Miller interview from yesterday, I really want JLM and Angie to be together!

  29. reba says:

    changing the subject just a little bit … did you see the cellphone in Sediuk’s hand. I noticed that people go around with the phone attached like an appendage. But from there to being handcuffed and keeping the phone in the hand?? Whatwhat?

  30. jonB says:

    He’s dumb , he should be grateful he’s hot

    • Trillion says:

      nah. I know people who have worked with Pitt (in architectural design) and they had nothing but great things to say about him – smart, funny, down-to-earth, that kind of stuff. They are hard to impress, and they liked him.

  31. pwal says:

    Scoffers are going to scoff, especially if it’s quotes from Brad Pitt. However, I think that some are too quick to find fault instead of seeking out true intent and I think that Brad’s intent was sincere.

    I remember when I was in college and my best friend’s boyfriend announced that he was going to be a farmer. Former pot-smoking boyfriend. Boyfriend was from a reasonably affluent family who expected him to go to college. And he began learning about farming from ‘hobby farmers’ who worked at a university during the day and retreated to their wind-powered farm on the weekend, in the early 90s. And today, he has an organic family farm with my best friend (they married) and their kids. He works the farm full-time, while she teaches. But I always like thinking about him in the early days, learning about permaculture (sp), methods of farming seemingly unfarmable (not a word-sorry) land and talking so passionately about various methods.

    Long story short- farming, for some people, is an intensely fascinating vocation that can become a passion. Is Brad one of those people? Maybe. But it is unfair to automatically scoff because he doesn’t resemble the American farmer stereotype.

  32. Velvet Elvis says:

    He’s a farmer in the way that me having a garden out back makes me a farmer. I own a garden. He owns a vineyard. But we ain’t farmers.

  33. Liz says:

    He never speaks with conviction. He tries so hard to be European but he fails. Even that statement about how in 7 years they’ll have a good red: he sounds so American.

    He wears sunglasses when he wants to hide the tired, wrinkled eyes.

  34. Camille (The Original) says:

    Good on him. Can’t find anything to shade about with this.

  35. d says:

    Me and my Friday afternoon glass of rose, say “All hail farmers and anyone who can keep people employed in the world of agriculture and what have you”. Listen, so what if he’s a gentleman farmer; I mean, he IS a Hollywood actor, but that he’s doing SOMEthing constructive with his time, so it’s all right by me. He’s getting involved in something that’s got a benefit, he no doubt employs people, and maybe it’s a very healthy passion to have. No doubt farming is hard and back-breaking. I grew up on a farm too and I miss it, no matter how heart-breaking it was or how hard it was … there’s something about the smell of the earth, about plunging your hands into rich soil, about working in the fields and in the forest. I don’t miss being poor and wondering if the bank was going to take everything, but still, aside from that, I admire anyone who can make some kind of living off the land and I would change my office job for it if I could. I dunno, he seems like a decent guy, he means well. I don’t know why people pick on him.

  36. peachcobbler says:

    I would love to farm. I really would like to garden but don’t even know where to begin.

  37. LaurieH says:

    It’s like Under The Tuscan Sun meets A Walk In The Clouds meets A Year In Provence. It seems a little over-romanticzed, but okay – I agree that it’s way better than the usual Hollywoood vapidity of shopping and posing. Bon pour homme!

    • Vee says:

      I love it! I love they can have other interests besides film making, which is like the rest of us. I have many interests. They are just so much in the spotlight.

  38. sandy says:

    i would like to be farmer with this guy.

  39. melsbells says:

    Looks like his furniture design venture didn’t work out so well.