Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes a high-tech scale

Katie Holmes was not impressed with a gift her husband Tom Cruise excitedly showed her. The pint-sized actor, who has struggled with his weight and was looking a little porky a few months ago, brought home a big package for Katie. She was not amused to find that it was a scale that also measures body fat:

Katie Holmes, all grins when Tom Cruise brought home a huge package for her, rolled her eyes when she discovered the surprise “gift” was a high-tech state-of-the-art bathroom scale that not only registers exact weight, but body fat as well! Blowing off Tom’s hyper-drive hyperbole about how the sale measures precisely how one measures up, newly-svelte Katie – clearly NOT amused – sighed: “I’m skinny ENOUGH!” Quickly back-pedaling into his trademark “I am not a control freak” smiley-face mode, Tom – apparently the only guy in the world too dumb to know you NEVER hint that a gal needs to pare her pork – told wifey he simple thought the super-scale was a super-cool tool… and she looks fabulous, of course… Katie… stalked off!

[From The National Enquirer print edition, Mike Walker's column, April 30, 2007]

That sounds like something Tom Cruise would do. He seems kind of clueless and dorky like that.

Meanwhile Mayor Bloomberg has declared that it’s not “appropriate” to honor Tom Cruise for his purification project for 9/11 workers, which is a front for the Scientology cult. Bloomberg responded to an official proclamation by a city councilmember honoring Cruise, and said that “I think that reputable scientists do not think Scientology has any basis in science. It may be a cult, it may be a religion, it may be beliefs. It’s other things, but it’s not science, and we should only fund those programs that reputable scientists believe will stand the light of day and the scientific method.”

Here are Tom and Katie in NY for the fundraiser for the detox program on 4/19. Tickets were $6,250 a head.

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