Tim Gunn: style-wise, Angelina Jolie ‘always gets it right’

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I love Tim Gunn. I love his good heart, his style, his voice and mannerisms. I love Project Runway, even though I may never see it again because it’s stuck in litigation. And it’s great that Gunn adores Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie – he admires them so much they are the top two people he wants to meet on Oscar night. Gunn will be co-hosting ABC’s “live pre-Oscar special”, which I think is just a fancy way of saying “red carpet”.

Gunn gave an interview to E! Online, and he was he usual sassy self. Last year, he famously called Jennifer Aniston’s style “desperate”, so you know he’s totally Team Jolie. In this interview, Gunn calls La Jolie’s style “age appropriate” and “context appropriate”. I’m a Brangeloonie, but even I don’t think Angie’s style is flawless. She’s been dressed in glittery, pale sacks for most of the red carpets this year. But I will give him “context appropriate” – Jolie knows what’s appropriate for what occasion. Here’s the full Tim Gunn interview:

Tim Gunn would like a word with Meryl Streep.

“I am her biggest fan and I can’t get enough of her,” the Project Runway mentoring guru tells me. “But wearing my fashion hat, I want to say to Meryl Streep, ‘You need to accept responsibility for what you are wearing. I don’t know that you do.’ She is so smart, so stunning, and she has a great figure.”

Gunn says he’d love to go shopping with Ms. Streep to help her—yup—make it work.

“Sometimes she gets it right, but more often she doesn’t,” Gunn says. “The message she’s sending is, I’m too smart for this and it doesn’t matter to me what I’m wearing. I want to say to her that it should matter to you.”

Gunn may finally get that chance to chat with Streep on Sunday, when he cohosts ABC’s live pre-Oscar special with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts and Jess Cagle (Entertainment Weekly’s managing editor).

Gunn is also hoping to meet Angelina Jolie on the big day. No, he doesn’t think she needs any help in the fashion department. Jolie, Gunn gushes, always gets it right.

“She’s one who knows her body, understands how important silhouetted proportion is and getting your look right is,” he explains. “She always has a great fit. But you know what impresses me more about Angelina Jolie than the red carpet dresses? It’s how she navigates the real world. She does it without looking inappropriate. She’s age appropriate and she’s context appropriate. She has a sophistication yet a sexiness and she has a consistent polish.”

…Gunn is still not sure what he’ll be wearing to the Oscars. But it does sound like he’s leaning toward his J. Crew tuxedo. He says, “I’m taking a note from Michelle Obama.”

From E! Online

J.Crew tux? Tim, go for Armani! He’d be dazzling in Armani, wouldn’t he? I found his Michelle Obama remark very telling though – through NY Fashion week, multiple designers have been commenting that they’ve taken their cues from Michelle Obama’s style, elegance and frugality. And am I the only one who wants to see Tim Gunn style Meryl Streep? She would look fabulous.

Tim Gunn is shown on 12/9/08. Angelina Jolie is shown at various events the past few months. Credit: WENN

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  1. Lem says:

    speaking of gay guys and boobs. Anyone note Tim’s reaction when a make-over-ee asked him to feel her bra in the first season of his guide to style. Tim looking at the bras is priceless enough.

  2. Nancy P says:

    Angelina’s style is bland, I think Jennifer Anistons’ look is much more interesting, nothing desperate about it. She looks fresh and sun-kissed as oppossed to an overly tatooed Angelina who hopes everyone forgets previous red carpet disasters, does anyone remember her kissing her brother at the Oscars? Vial of Bill Bob’s blood? Such short memories.

  3. Chiara says:

    Tim Gunn couldn’t feel a little concerned he might suffer the fate of Seacrest if he wasn’t super polite 🙂

    And I say to Tim, “Leave Meryl Streep alone.” I love the fact she oozes with personality and acting talent … while avoiding the red carpet.

    I do like Tim Gunn. It might be a nice change to have professional commentary.

  4. Jen says:

    You know what, he’s kinda right.

    Regardless of how you feel about Angelina Jolie, at least she doesn’t go around flashing her vagina or her ass or her boobs. I like that even in her day-to-day wear, she dresses conservatively. Since she’s become a mother, and more invested in her charitable activities, she’s grown up quite a bit, and I think her style reflects that.

  5. pixiegirl says:

    I agree that she’s age appropriate, but she can choose boring and shapeless stuff as well. I think she looks best in her signature trenches and pant suits. I like the black dress in the main pic, but the yellow bit throws me off.

  6. bros says:

    we all remember the blood in a vial thing nancyP. since then, she’s cleaned her act up. aniston? she’s been a one-hit wonder both in her professional life and her sartorial life-so if you think chronic black at every single event constitutes interesting…..i dont know what to tell you.

    ps angie doesnt make her whole life about beaches and tanning and vacationing constantly, so she might be a little more pale than aniston, since tanning is aniston’s full time job.

  7. RORO says:

    OK seriously…who cares about Tim Gunn’s thoughts…?!

  8. daisy424 says:

    Amen Bros.

  9. geronimo says:

    Yep, agree with Gunn here. Sophicticated and sexy even when she’s drably dressed. Ang has inate style, something that forgives even the most unforgiving outfit. But he needs to leave Meryl alone, her style is all her own and is a fundamental part of why she’s so fab and original.

  10. Sara says:

    And am I the only one who wants to see Tim Gunn style Meryl Streep? She would look fabulous.


  11. geronimo says:

    *sophisticated. LOL @ all these new words we’re creating because of the lack of an edit facility!

  12. czarina says:

    I agree that Angelina chooses clothes that are both age appropriate, event appropriate and that fit her well. She has a wonderful sense of style, but a lot of it comes from HER, not the clothes she wears.
    However, I think the “desperate” remark about Aniston was/is unfair and untrue. While her style may be a bit bland, IMO, she also dresses appropriately for her age and the fact that she is a single dating woman (as opposed to a mother of six).
    I do, though, agree with Gunn about Meryl Streep–both her amazing talent and her need for some gentle fashion help!

  13. kiki says:

    AJ is pretty in the face she can wear anything since no one is really going to be looking at the clothes just her. Kiki has seen her up close in person where ? at heathrow airport dressed casually in black she is very pretty in person. women who are not atractive in the face make it about the clothes. example sarah jessica parker, the Duchess of Windsor ( homely woman ) just notice who gets the best dressed awards ..they arent all that in the face.

  14. clare says:

    If Michelle Obama is all about”style, elegance, and frugality” why was the White House social secretary sitting in the front row with Anna Wintour during NY fashion week?

  15. Elanenergy says:

    I have watched the Oscars every year since I was a tiny child, ’cause it’s all about the gowns for me….and I’m so glad Tim Gunn will be doing the red carpet commentary. Love that kind critical queen! Have you noticed how LAME the red carpet/style commentators have been the past few years. Lisa Rinna, give me a break, that woman has NO, NO, NO fashion sense at all. Tim should class up the joint.

  16. Brie says:

    I don’t make comments about fashion but in this case I must comment on the fact that Jolie travels around the world in many of the poorest and impoverished nations, don’t you think that witnessing so much lack for basic life needs that dressing “UP” for self absorb self gratifying “Parties” is a bit hypercritical? I think her less “showy” out fits are very fitting in what she is representing her self and her causes.
    The question is she does dress down and sometimes “very” down but she looks “FANTASTIC” still not many can say that. All points go to Jolie?Pitt !

  17. manda says:

    I love Tim Gunn! I was a fan of his on facebook, but his page disappeared. Boo!

  18. supafly says:

    Shapeless dresses = anorexia cover-ups. I though women were supposed to have hips, waists and butts Tim Gunn!

  19. NotBlonde says:

    I love my Tim Gunn and everything but this Brangeloonie revelation is bringing me down. Jennifer Aniston’s style is “desperate”? How?

    And Angelina has been wearing shapeless sacks and “blousy” old-lady dresses for the last few events. No one can say that those were good style choices. They made her look thicker around the middle than she actually is. She got it right with that black and yellow dress. Maybe her stylist read the gossip rags and realized her client was looking like Mrs. Roper.

  20. geronimo says:

    Oh I think he was way off on the ‘desperate’ remark. I don’t see Aniston as particularly stylish but she looks good casual although her formal is a bit stiff and rarely has any real originality. But no way does she deserve the desperate tag, can’t even remember what justification Gunn had for that one. Desperate is Dinah Lohan.

  21. Raven says:

    I think you have to look at when he made the comments. I haven’t liked AJ’s clothing at the last few awards shows. The drapey, loose clothing makes her look matronly. Typically, though, and especially when she was working for that one clothing line, she always looked fabulous.

    Time and context also govern his comments about Jennifer Aniston. I’ve seen her look pretty fantastic at some awards events and she is always appropriate.

  22. tigerlille says:

    I suspect that Tim’s reference to Aniston’s style as being “desperate” has to do with the age appropriate issue. Jennifer wears a lot of extremely short hem lines and other styles normally reserved for the young. She has the body to pull it off, no problem, and personally I like her style. But I think that that might be the context for his observation.

    Angie always looks elegant and attractive, and she has hit upon a clothing formula that works for her, but it would be nice to see her in color sometimes. Remember how stunning she was in that yellow red carpet dress a few years ago?

  23. McKenna says:

    Age appropriate? How is that 65-year-old woman harido she was rocking with that white suit age appropriate for a woman in her early 30s. I think Angelina is absolutely stunning but please…she is not style icon.

  24. Ter says:

    That is his opinion, I happen to disagree with it, especially that shoulder pad fiasco and the boxy colorless stuff she has been wearing lately.

  25. Judy says:

    God who cares about the blood vials t is soooo old ..I dont care if she kissed her brother for shock value who cares about all that old crap. DOnt you get tired of repeating the same of sht day in and day out? Doesnt anything new ever come your way??

  26. Blah blah blah says:

    Age appropriate? People, she’s 33!! That’s not old! Half the time she dresses in the same age league as Meryl Streep, which is not good. Most of the stuff she wears is so frumpy and shapeless, or doesn’t agree with her boxy shape. I don’t agree with Mr. Gunn.

    Sophisticated–yeah, most of the time. But she rarely wears things that are fun, exciting, stunning, etc. Her look usually seems to focus around her predictable hair styles (it wouldn’t hurt her to switch that up either).

  27. Annie says:

    You guys would rather have her rocking a Pam Anderson look?

    Woman’s 41 and dresses like a 18 y/o street walker.

    I’ll take Angie’s class and sophistication over that any day. Thanks.

  28. Эдуард says:

    Занятно! Конечно, поразительно наблюдать то, как в считанные часы совершенно практически без повода из пальца высасывается этакий “новостной сюжет” и начинает широко гулять по всем блогам. 🙂