Does Brad Pitt pull off WWII-era Oscar-bait in the new footage from ‘Fury’?


Brad Pitt spent most of last Fall in England filming the World War II movie Fury. Personally, I’m kind of “over” Hollywood’s insistence on making WWII films and glorifying that historical era, but just when I think that, I get caught up in a Band of Brothers marathon and I’m thinking, “I wish they would make more stuff like this.” Seriously, Band of Brothers is amazing. One of the best miniseries ever.

Anyway, it really seemed like the production of Fury dragged on and on – for the first time ever, Brad and Angelina were working on separate continents for months while she filmed Unbroken in Australia, and it seemed like that wasn’t supposed to be the plan. I kind of wondered if Fury was a mess, that we were going to get a repeat of the clusterwhoops that went down during World War Z’s production, and whether Pitt could weather another storm like that. So… I guess I’m glad to see that Fury seems to have come together reasonably well in post-production. Sony just revealed the first footage from Fury at the LA gaming expo E3.

It looks good. A character study set in WWII? Sure. The set up seems to be a bit like Saving Private Ryan, only they’re not searching for Private Ryan, they’re just fighting in the war. I guess that would make Brad the Tom Hanks character? And I’m fine with that. Brad does look good in fatigues and he’s a better actor than most people think. Will The Beef be the weak link? You never know. Also: LOVE Michael Pena.

Fury will be released on November 14th. Oscar contender?



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  1. L says:

    Looks good. I really like Logan Lerman and Michael Peña.

  2. Kali says:

    Not going to lie – even with Shia, I’m really really excited for this movie, I think it looks fantastic. I think Brad Pitt has only gotten better as an actor as he’s gotten older and it’s a really good cast.

    • Frida_K says:


      I’m excited about this one too!

    • Liv says:

      I wish we could cut Shia out off the film. Can’t stand him.

    • Andrea1 says:

      Yes! Brad gets better with age and I think his choice of movies says it all.

      • Kali says:

        The best quote I ever heard about Brad Pitt was that he was a character actor in a leading man’s body. For me, I think he’s gotten far more interesting now he’s gotten a bit older and been knocked around a bit.

      • Sullivan says:

        @Kali, can I co-sign your comment? It’s spot-on.

    • Camille (The Original) says:

      @Kali- agree! Looks good.

  3. Jaderu says:

    It doesn’t scream Oscar contender to me but it does look good. I don’t know, hard to tell from random footage really.
    Love Logan Lerman in there too!
    As far as LaDouche being the wink link…..As long as they keep him off the red carpet and away from paper bags.

    • Me neither–but maybe for technical stuff? But I wouldn’t be mad if it was nominated–if it’s as good as it looks……stupider movies have been nominated (and won).

      I wonder how Angelina’s going to do with Unbroken. Me and my dad have a date to see it. And his friend’ll probably go and see it too, because he’s like a human encyclopedia when it comes to stuff about the Olympics. He’d be interested too.

  4. Rose says:

    oscar contender? Who knows. For now I am going for a few technical nods. Sound mixing and sound editing.

  5. lisa2 says:

    I’m there.

    After celebrating D-Day it just hits home how few of the WW II Vets are left. This is the story of the men in this moment of the War

    I think Shia was a nut off the screen. Didn’t hear anything negative about him on set at all. Also didn’t know Brad was an Executive Producer.

    I love Brad and will be there Opening weekend. no doubt

  6. Andrea1 says:

    Its looks good and yes Brad is highly underrated! And it is oscar baity.

  7. eliza says:

    I can’t get on board with Brad Pitt ever winning an Oscar for acting. Sorry, I just don’t think he is that good of an actor.

    • Mari says:

      For sure he’s not some amazing actor, but he is somewhere between good-great. Plus, while Matthew M. did a great job in Dallas, he had 10 years of horrible, horrible acting, while Brad has always managed to pull off a good performance every 2-3 years.

    • Skins says:

      Me too. Unless they start giving out Oscars for over-acting I think Brad is out of luck

    • doofus says:

      I think he’s hit or miss with his roles; he’s done some that are quite good but I agree that he’s not Oscar material.

      but who knows? I wouldn’t have pegged Marisa Tomei (though I like her just fine) as Oscar material either.

  8. Snowflake says:

    Oh it’s nice to see my baby! Kisses!

  9. Abbott says:

    Monuments Men: Reloaded

    • lisa2 says:

      Monuments Men was a copy of Ocean’s 11

      this film has nothing to do with robbing or trying to recover art. It is about a group of men surviving the end of the war. Hardly the same.

  10. Talie says:

    His look fits this period well, funnily enough. I always thought he was very contemporary because of his inability to do any kind of accent work.

  11. Skyblue says:

    I think the World War Two era is fascinating. My aunt told me it was the oddest thing to be an eighteen year old girl and suddenly there were no boys around. They were all shipped out. I also had the honor as a nurse to care for an elderly man before he died who told us stories of spending his 21st birthday floating in the sea for days after his ship was sunk. That said, I’m fond of Brad even when his acting isn’t that great. Loved him ever since Thelma and Louise.

    • mayamae says:

      I think there’s a nostalgia for that period in the US. The villains were absolutely clear cut – no gray area. We were brought into the War in the Pacific by being attacked, and we entered the War in Europe against a monster murdering millions.

      Unlike today where the soldiers dying are over-represented by minority and lower socioeconomic groups, every family sent their children to fight and die. Every family rationed and cut back and contributed their part.

  12. Mari says:

    I wonder if Angelina was pissed that Brad filmed Fury. Since giving birth to Shiloh, she averages a movie (either acting or directing) every 1.5 years, whereas Brad averages a movie every 9 months or so. He’s working much more often than her, so I don’t see why he just had to work while she was.

    Not to mention does anyone remember his BS “I’ll retire when I turn 50?” Um yeah…..

    • Paige says:

      I think Angelina chooses not to act so I don’t think she would pissed about Brad getting a role. Her first screen debut in four years was Maleficent. She has been offered many roles as reported and she turned them down. Her family seems to be her first priority.

    • Jayna says:

      Maybe Angelina pushed him to accept it and not pass up such an opportunity. Maybe she doesn’t want to work as much as him as she has other interests, but she supports his career. Novel idea I know.

      • Especially since his main focus, outside of acting, is producing. He’s produced A LOT of projects since they got together. And maybe he feels that her work is a lot more important than what he does, and she agrees. I know that if I were in the situation she was in–being able to not work, in favor of my charity work, or pursuing a second career as a director, I would feel lucky and glad.

        I don’t get why people separate them, when they’re a couple. Like ‘Angelina let’s this kid do this, she’s a horrible mother’—like with Shiloh wanting to cut her hair, be a little tomboy. It was all Angelina wants her to be a boy–she has BOTH parents.

        I assume that Brad and Angelina are adult enough to be frank with their feelings, and if one wants to ‘work’ more than the other (it’s not like Angelina is sitting around, twiddling her thumbs), then they cleared it with each other.

    • Ennie says:

      She is a humanitarian first nowadays, then, an actress and an director. She hereof has said that she prefers that to acting. On top of that, in the years they have been together, ,she was pregnant twice, and adopted, and has gotten a delicate surgery.
      Many have criticized how she has been out and about even when she had no movies out, but she was doing her preferred humanitarian job.
      I do not think she feels sad because Brad in working in films more than her.

  13. Zorbitor says:

    The good ol days ~ when the enemy wore uniforms befitting a villain. Although by D-Day the nazis were pretty much done in, due to the millions of dead Germans and Soviets in Russia.

  14. Ann says:

    Pitt’s face is too DUH to be credible in historic movies. And, yes, WW2 movies are too many and most of them suck.

  15. Jayna says:

    This looks good, and I haven’t seen a Brad Pitt movie with him in a lead role since the abysmal Tree of Life. That was torture.

  16. Pants says:

    Love Brad and love Jon Bernthal, I’m in!

    • mayamae says:

      I love Jon from The Walking Dead. He played a sometimes villainous character in a way that I found compelling, and I don’t think the show’s been the same since he left.

  17. Lucy says:

    Logan Lerman! I keep forgetting he’s in this movie. He’s lovely!

  18. Dawn says:

    It looks like a great movie and yep I think Brad Pitt is still very much a hot guy and has aged well.

  19. joan says:

    Why can’t we have one movie that is an old-fashioned love story, w/Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Clooney, et al., as people who know each other? Who go to the same parties? Who have conflicts and sex?

    A sophisticated story with wit and charm and gorgeous people in gorgeous clothes.

    A remake of All About Eve. Or Laura, w/sex. Why aren’t there any movies like that?

  20. Barristerette says:

    I’m sorry but why does he always look so greasy and nasty? What does he have against showers? And I agree with those of you who say his hotness is past….long past imo. It looked like he aged 20 years the second he got with Jolie.