Prince Felipe of Spain is rushing his ‘frugal, modest’ coronation to June 19th


Here are some newly-released portraits of Prince Felipe of Spain with his two daughters, Leonor and Sofia (aged 8 and 7 respectively). These portraits were released by the royal family ahead of Prince Felipe’s coronation, which is happening a lot faster than originally thought. More on that in a second. Is it weird to anyone else that Princess Letizia isn’t in the portraits? Last year, there were lots and lots of rumors that Letizia and Felipe’s marriage was strained (at best) and all but over (at worst). Surely Letizia is going to be Queen, right? Anyway, these portraits are gorgeous. I don’t really consider Felipe to be a traditionally “handsome” man, but he looks lovely with his beautiful daughters.

As for the coronation… when King Juan Carlos announced his abdication a few weeks ago, we were led to believe that the King’s actually “stepping down” would probably happen next year, that they build up some momentum for Felipe’s coronation. Not so much. Apparently, the coronation is going down THIS WEEK, June 19th, and it will be a “modest affair.”

They’ve been employing a recent display of frugality, in keeping with the scale of the economic crisis facing Spain. And it seems the Spanish royal family’s new austere stance isn’t about to change – even for the most important event in the past 40 years.

Although plans have not yet been announced, it appears that the imminent coronation of Prince Felipe could also be a rather modest affair. The event, which is understood to be taking place on June 19, will be a secular event and will instead feature just a simple proclamation, as well as a military procession, in front of Spanish politicians.

Palace and government spokesmen have already said no foreign dignitaries will be invited to the ceremony, largely due to the late notice given to plan the event. Even Prince Felipe’s father, King Juan Carlos, has signalled he does not intend to be at the ceremony to see his son take over his throne. But fervent royalists have attacked the plans, saying a low-key affair would waste a rare opportunity to showcase Spain on the global stage.

Monarchist newspaper ABC said the austerity policy threatened to tarnish the handover, claiming in an editorial: ‘Unless we see a sudden change in strategy that could save the celebration, Spain looks set to miss out on an historic opportunity to project its image abroad.’

Political leaders are also said to be trying to persuade the royal family to change its mind about the foreign dignitaries, although observers say it has probably been left too late. But a palace spokesman said there would not be room in parliament for an extended guest list, saying: ‘We aren’t going to make people come just to leave them outside.’

It is believed the steps are being taken at the request of Prince Felipe, who wants a smaller celebration than that of his father King Juan Carlos, who was crowned four decades ago after the death of dictator General Francisco Franco in 1975.

[From The Daily Mail]

Apparently, Felipe is also very worried about the potential cost of going all out for a coronation, so he wants the royal family to look especially frugal. I don’t really have a huge problem with keeping the ceremony simple and frugal, although I think the huge rush seems… weird. And if they had just put it off for a month or two, they could have invited some other heads of state or something. I fear that we will have no jewelry p0rn with the coronation. Sad.


Photos courtesy of the Spanish royal family.

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  1. Shrubee says:

    These kids are born pageant winners! they are both so pretty

  2. Scal says:

    This was always the plan. When they announced the abdication they announced the June 19th date. I’m not sure where anyone got the idea that it wasn’t happening until January. I think a couple of people posted about it when the abdication was announced.

    • The Original Mia says:

      That’s what I thought I read when it was announced. Then other stuff was said about protecting Juan Carlos once he’s out.

      @Kaiser, someone said these were part of Letizia’s 40th birthday photoshoot.

    • abby says:

      yeah, I read the same in some online newspaper shortly after they announced the abdication. So it doesn’t seem out of the blue to me.

      • Spaniard says:

        Actually I think the confusion began cause someone got the transaltion to what the King said wrong. In his speech he mentioned january, last january, saying that was when he decided to abdicate.

  3. GlimmerBunny says:

    I think Felipe is very handsome. He sort of reminds me of Ty Burrell (Phil Dunphy from “Modern Family”) who I think is super hot!

  4. Ag says:

    adorable kids. 🙂

  5. Cecilia says:

    Those little girls are beautiful!

  6. aquarius64 says:

    Odd that Letizia is not in the pictures. If there were divorce rumors they may announce the end of the marriage after the coronation. These pics may symbolize that the royal line will continue. (Are the girls called Infantas?)

    • Pinky Rose says:

      Yes, they are Infantas of Spain.

    • Spaniard says:

      The purpouse of the photos is to show the future new King with his daughters that will be given titles after his coronation. The older one will be Princess of Asturias which is the title of the Heir to the Crown and the younger Infanta.

  7. Sachi says:

    First, the photos are from 2012 when Letizia had a photoshoot for her 40th birthday. It’s not recent at all. It’s normal that she wasn’t there as Letizia actually had her own solo shots that were already released two years ago.

    There may be more photos from this photoshoot that have not yet been released. Perhaps they’re doing a slow release process until June 19th. We could have Letizia’s shots with her daughters tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Showing the next generation of the Spanish monarchy is a great PR move.

    Letizia will be the Queen consort. She will be the support behind Felipe but I won’t automatically think something is wrong just because she wasn’t in 2 photos.

    Secondly, I don’t know where anyone got this idea that the King will step down next year. Never has it been assumed anywhere, especially when the announcement of abdication was made.

    Perhaps there was something lost in translation here, Kaiser. The Spanish news site El Pais stated that the King already decided to step down last January when he celebrated his birthday. He discussed with Felipe 3 possible dates to announce his abdication: March, May, or June. He and Felipe both decided on June.

    Maybe that was where this “The King will step down in January” bit came from?

    Most of the news that came out after the abdication announcement were all about the possible coronation/inauguration happening 2-3 weeks later, but definitely not next year. The Spanish parliament has been in a rush to get everything ready once the King announced his intent to abdicate. Parliament had to make a law to make the abdication possible and they had to do it ASAP. Putting off a complete stepping down until next January just does not make sense.

    As for the marriage crisis rumours: the awful gossip came out again early this year when abdication speculations were very, very high. Almost every day there was speculation in the Spanish media that the King was about to abdicate.

    So what does the Palace do to distract from the King’s fall from grace and decrease in popularity?

    Comment on the gossip about Felipe and Letizia’s marriage. Zarzuela actually said: “The marriage has its strains and ups and downs.” as reply to the gossip that was going around the media. Wholly unprofessional from the Palace that was supposed to protect ALL members of the royal family, not just a few.

    The rumours of divorce were rampant last summer when Letizia left Mallorca without Felipe and their daughters. But news came out that Letizia was truly scheduled to leave Mallorca at the time she did with her daughters coming back to Madrid with her. She didn’t just pack up and skip town all of a sudden. But the King wanted Felipe to stay to meet the Prime Minister and other officials and wanted Leonor, the heir’s heir, to stay as well. So Letizia left on her own.

    But Spanish tabloids are all about sensationalism. They’ve made tons of money from smearing Letizia’s image and reputation for years now, so making up rumours not only fills their pockets, it also fills some audience’s desire to see Letizia demonized all the time. The media frenzy was all, “Letizia is going to divorce Felipe!!!!” because couples can never spend time away from each other.

    Nothing happened to the rumours and the “journalists” all had eggs on their faces.

    Letizia will be Queen. Frankly, I’m looking forward to it. 10 years of taking shi*t from Spanish tabloids and media and not saying one word to defend herself. The paparazzi in Spain almost caused Letizia’s only surviving sister to crash her car from being relentlessly chased, even when she was heavily pregnant.

    Now we shall see if they can still go after Letizia the way they have done the past decade. The vitriol towards her has been incredibly vicious that I’m not surprised she is so thin. There’s lots of stress and pressure that she has been dealing with that NONE, not even Kate, of the other married-in royals have experienced.

  8. anne_000 says:

    I can understand why they would want a scaled-down coronation ceremony. Spain has had riots because of their economic hardships. DM has shown current photos of Letizia & Felipe which look like they have a good relationship.

  9. Spaniard says:

    Kaiser I’m sorry but wherever you read that the Coronation was going to be next year had the info wrong. From the 1st moment it was said it was happening before June came to an end.
    Plus the coronation itself will be modest BUT that night there will be be a huge reception with 2000 guests.

  10. Spaniard says:

    The current King will be appearing at the Royal Palace balcony with the new King and Queen to wave at people. I’m surprised at how many things foreign press is getting wrong about this. I’m not sure if they translate it wrong from Spanish or they make it up. And it was always scheduled for June.

    • Spaniard too says:

      I agree. I don’t know why you got the facts wrong but there is nothing fishy in the timeline. There is nothing rushed and i agree that you got confused when they talked about January

  11. A says:

    Frugal is fine, frugal is great, but surely you should at least invite some foreign dignitaries? I guess you would have to put them up and feed them, but surely it wouldn’t be too bad?

  12. peachcobblerby says:

    His daughters are beautiful!
    I hope they turn out to be classy ladies