Paris Hilton Gets Burned By Prince

Prince purposely embarassed Paris Hilton in front of a club full of people at one of his concerts. The Little Purple Wonder called her onstage and asked her to sing, and the poor princess stormed off in a huff.

Way to go Prince! This story has made my year! I would have given my left arm to see Paris put in her place like that.

US Weekly reports:

A source tells Us Weekly that Hilton, 26, was in the audience at the Purple One’s April 20 Club 3121 gig at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in las Vegas when he invited the “Stars Are Blind” singer to join him.

As a “delighted” Hilton obliged, Prince, 48, handed her the mic and told the audience, “Let’s see if she can really sing,” says the witness.

Is it wrong that I thought of Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons going “HA HA” when I read that Paris stormed off?

I absolutely love that Prince called her onstage to prove her “talent”. He only acted to confirm what millions of us already know — the bitch can’t sing! She couldn’t even be bothered to promote her damn records when they came out, that is how bothered she was about her “singing” career. She lipsynched for all of her promo performances, so it would have been more of a shock to everyone had she actually gone and sang a song in tune with Prince onstage.

Prince should know about musicians (being such an accomplished one himself) so I am happy he has shown Paris for the plastic fraud that she is. He has been picked on by Justin Timberlake lately, but Justin shouldn’t hate on him. He may be short, weird and strangely asexual, but he wrote and performed for Purple Rain, one of the highest selling movie soundtracks of all time. That is a feat that the arrogant Mr. Timberlake has yet to accomplish.

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