Joe Francis is getting shunned by his Hollywood friends

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is sitting in jail for 35 days on contempt of court charges. His lawyer tried to get the judge to reduce the time to just 30 days, because anything over that could get him another year in federal prison on the tax evasion case he’s facing. The judge said no and poor Joe was reduced to tears. He was also said to have suffered a full blown anxiety attack in jail when he was unable to take his Xanax one day when he missed the meds cart while meeting with his lawyer.

Now Joe’s legal troubles are piling up and another woman has come forth with pretty credible claims that the rapist grabbed her repeatedly after she told him to stop. Joe is being charged with misdemeanor sexual battery in that instance.

Janet Charlton reports that Joe is desperately trying to reach his fair-weather Hollywood friends, who were more than willing to party with him in his heyday, but that no one will accept his calls from jail:

Joe Francis is FREAKING OUT! He’s sitting in jail, serving time for tax evasion, contempt of court, molesting minors, bribery etc. – facing a hundred years in prison, and NO ONE is returning his calls! The Girls Gone Wild mogul has been reaching out to his celebrity friends – he wants them to write letters defending his character to the judge. These are the same celebrities who didn’t hesitate to accept Joe’s hospitality when he was on top of the world. They flew in his Gulfstream jet and enjoyed his Caligula-like parties in LA, Miami, Mexico, etc. Paris and Nicky Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reed, Kimberly Stewart, Jessica Alba, Mario Lopez, and MANY more, wallowed in his celebrity ass-kissing. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were among the droves who enjoyed his generosity and hospitality at his Cabo beachfront mansion. Now they won’t give him the time of day. Joe has been calling collect from jail all over Hollywood, begging people he thought were his friends to accept his call or call him back. No response.

Charlton goes on to say that Francis told one friend he just might write a tell-all book. Now, if it’s about Paris and Lindsay no one is going to pay attention for more than a few days. We’re getting immune to this shit because we’ve seen these sluts naked, doing drugs and getting it on. I hate to mention this, because it’s gross of me to even consider it, but I think the only thing that would really be shocking is if bestiality were involved. Even then the news cycle would be about a week and then the gossip would move on.

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