Anna Paquin in Thakoon at the True Blood season 7 premiere: hot or boring?

HBO series True Blood

These are photos from the premiere for “True Blood” Season 7. It’s coming back on Sunday and I can’t wait! The last we saw of Bon Temps, Hep-V infected vamps were about to take over like zombie-vamp hybrids feeding on humans. This season is probably going to be cheesier than we’ve come to expect, but I don’t care. I’m hanging in until the bitter end as I really want to know what happens to these characters. (I read the books up until Dead Reckoning, the third to last, which was just too boring for me to finish. The TV series doesn’t strictly follow the book series, though.)

HBO's 'True Blood' Season 7 Premiere
HBO aired a roundtable discussion with some of the “True Blood” actors on Sunday. It came on right before the premiere of the “Game of Thrones” finale, and I caught the tail end of it. Anna Paquin and the other actors were saying how hard it would be to say goodbye to the show and to their workplace. They seemed to genuinely love their work and their co-workers. I’ll have to check it out on demand soon. I particularly loved hearing Ryan Kwanten and Stephen Moyer speak in their original accents. Hot.

HBO's 'True Blood' Season 7 Premiere

Here’s Anna Paquin in a Thakoon LBD with lots of gold accessories. I agree with Red Carpet Fashion Awards, the jewelry makes this look, which would be too plain without the stacked necklaces and the bangles. I like it, though, and think Anna pulls it off. I especially like how happy she looks with her husband, Stephen Moyer. They do the “Blue Steel” look too often and I like how playful they are here.

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

This is Kristin Bauer (Pam) and her husband, Abri van Straten, with his fabulous hair. I’ll be damned if I kind of like this dress. The print is busy, but as a flat print, it works. If all of that gold was embroidery it would be too busy. I don’t have a designer ID on this, but I’ll assume it’s Dolce & Gabbana.

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) was striking, if a bit cutesy, in a strapless a-line dress with a gold and silver diamond print. I love her hair and makeup, she’s just so damn pretty.

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

HBO's 'True Blood' Season 7 Premiere

Anna Camp was in a pink Azarro sheath dress with circular silver cutouts at the bust and sides. This look is a little too “sweet” for me, but that could just be due to the color.

HBO's 'True Blood' Season 7 Premiere

HBO's 'True Blood' Season 7 Premiere

Rutina Wesley wore a tuxedo jacket and forgot her shirt. Maybe this would look ok at the club late at night, but it’s very “look at me” on the red carpet. I hope she has some double sided tape under there.

Los Angeles Premiere for the seventh and final season of HBO's series TRUE BLOOD

Sam Trammell (Merlotte) looking dapper in a gray suit and print shirt. Unfortunately Alexander Skarsgard was not there, boo!

Here are more hot guys including Ryan Kwanten, Nelsan Ellis, and Joe Manganiello. Also in the gallery are pictures of Carrie Preston, Lauren Bowles and Jurnee Smollett Bell.

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

Check out Anna’s cool updo.

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

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  1. Liz says:

    Both Anna and Kristin dresses are great. Deborah Ann Woll looks stunning.

    • Rae says:

      Anna Paquin is KILLING that dress. Damn. I’d like Kristin’s dress a bot more if it ended just above the knee. I don’t care for the tea length with the heavy pattern. Deborah Ann Woll is always stunning. It’s not fair for one person to be that strikingly beautiful.

    • kri says:

      Girl crush on Rutina (jacket needs to be a bit more fitted, tho) and the redhead is fabulous. I had Anna’s dress in the late 90’s and I wore the shit out of it. It’s a classic look-love it.

      • mayamae says:

        They must downplay Rutina’s beauty with Tara. I watched the little pre-season special and my mom walked in. She said about Rutina, “Wow that girl is really beautiful”.

        I think Deborah is drop dead gorgeous. I’ve been a redhead for most of my adult life. I would kill for her hair colour.

  2. QQ says:

    Most evetyone looks really really good (i cant with that show, the swampy backwoods “accents” or the ridiculousness, so i dont know who anyone is) EXCEPT The dude with the bow tie propeller (also that Jacket is Terrible a ken doll) and the lady with the Ultra Busy Old Lady Print

  3. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Aw, I am several seasons behind on True Blood, I will watch the rest of it eventually. No viking, boo hiss! Anna’s dress is boring but her body is insane. Rutina looks so pretty, wish she would have worn a shirt though! Everyone else looks pretty good, not sure about all the goofy bow tie action though!

  4. lizzy says:

    Has Alexander Skarsgard left the show and I just don’t know about it? He’s not been in any promos either as far as I know.

    • Jen says:

      No, he’ll be in the final season. The stupid marketing people just think that if they don’t include him in any of the promos it’ll be intriguing, but mostly it’s been making people mad.

      • lucy2 says:

        It was so funny, they left it up in the air at the end of last season’s finale, and then everyone freaked out and they caved and said he’d be back next season. So much for a cliffhanger.

        He’s definitely back in some capacity, I’ve seen pics of him filming.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Not sure if they’re just trying to keep him under wraps.
      No one has said definitively that he’s gone/coming back.

  5. Jen says:

    Anna looks nice, but ugh, I’m so sick of seeing her and Stephen all over each other. I’m pretty sure it’s their real life romance that killed the show and forced Bill to become the main character.

    Rutina also looks hot. It was sad not having Alex there, but at least it’s because he’s busy moving on to bigger things.

  6. Abbott says:

    I kinda feel bad for True Blood for having to follow so soon after GoT and because this series just won’t.let.go. True Blood is the Johnny Depp of TV. Sad. And scarfey.

    • Santolina says:

      I was an early fan of TB, but it’s true; they need to put this series out of its misery. It went from fresh, sexy and provocative to jumping the shark with that Wiccan cultist, and they’ve never fully recovered. Now, we’re back to the Bill and Sookie show, and they need to just wrap it up.

  7. littlemissnaughty says:

    I adore Kristin Bauer, her Pam is simply flawless. But … her face. Has she had work done? Botox? It seems off somehow. Or maybe I’m seeing things, the injections in H’wood are so rampant that I see them everywhere. o_O

    • KayLastima says:

      I almost stopped watching the show last season when Kristin came back with her jacked face, or was it the season before? Anyway, I thought she was dead gorgeous, pun intended, and then she had to go all Hollywood. Will they never learn??!!!!!!

  8. kimber says:

    Everyone looks great! Dang I totally forgot about this show and need to watch last season still! I better get on it!

  9. Eleonor says:

    I’ll watch the show only for Pam.

  10. GiGi says:

    I saw the round table – it was great! It’s such a totally camp, OTT show- a true guilty pleasure & I love it, still.

    But, Rutina… dear lord… this is not the look. She has such a stunning figure but for a deep V look you really need widespread girls. Her outfit is showing too much boob.

    • Lori says:

      I don’t mind it, but the jacket needs to be fitted for this look.

    • Ag says:

      yeah, the jacket opening makes her boobs look weird. if it was something else that deep-cut, she could totally pull it off, but this jacket is way “off.”

      • KayLastima says:

        I think the girls need to be pert if you want to pull this look off and hers are seemingly saggy.

  11. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    The show doesn’t even remotely follow the books. I started “Dead locked” and gave up out of boredom.

    We know Nelson is straight because no gay man would be caught in that fashion disaster of a suit.

    Rutina is lovely but they ruined her character on the show. also, her suit look ridiculous without a shirt. A nice lace bra or cami would have been a better idea.

    I started liking Deborah when I found out how she cares for her fiancé who has a degenerative eye condition that will eventually cause him to go blind. I think she’s involved with fundraising for the cause.

    • mayamae says:

      I stopped reading the book with the were-tiger. I became irritated with Sookie’s magical vagina. I get the vampires are drawn to her because of her fairy blood. Why all the weres?

      I didn’t realize that about Deborah. I do love her character.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Same here. I have no problem with Sook getting her freak on and making up for lost time but she started getting a little too Mary Sueish for me. Bill, Eric, Sam, Alcide that Were Tiger Dude – I was like, have her pick one already Charlene. Or just let them have an orgy then move the eff on with the plot.

  12. Rusty Machine says:

    I think I would like Rutina’s look a little more if the fit of the jacket was more flattering (and maybe shorter) and she picked her boobies up a little more.

    As a disclaimer, this statement about Rutina is just an observation. I have rack on top of rack, so I could never be able wear something like this.

    Never mind. Upon a second view, I actually hate this whole outfit.

  13. GeeMoney says:

    I’m not a fan of Anna’s makeup or necklace… but her dress is cute and she and Stephen Moyer look cute together. Bill and Sookie forever!

    Pretty much everyone else looks like they REALLY should have consulted a stylist before showing up on the red carpet. Yeesh.

  14. Lori says:

    Ryan Wears that jacket a lot. I get that guys repeat clothes a lot more for red carpets than women. But with such a strong pattern its so obvious. None of the women would get away with that!

  15. roxy750 says:

    What the he!! Eric is like the main part of the show—my opinion— and a major character, why wouldn’t he be at the premier? bastards

    • Jen says:

      Alex is in London filming Tarzan.

    • JM says:

      Alex is in London working on Tarzan. Considering what the writers have done to Eric, I don’t blame him for looking ahead instead of keeping afloat a sinking ship. TB was awesome up until episode 10 of season 4. After that, it just went off the rails and setting Eric on fire was the final straw for me.

      I love Anna and Stephen and wish them good luck in their lives. However, I HATE Bill & Sookie’s toxic relationship and the fact that Alan Ball & Brian Buckner think it’s true love is really unsettling and a slap in the face of any self respecting woman. Sadly, I can’t sit around and watch the Bill & Sookie show anymore.

      Just my humble opinion. I’m sure there are skads of BS fans who will disagree with my assessment.

      • melior says:

        I totally agree. I stopped watching after season 4. It became super cheap and the acting went downhill. It’s like the actors were confused and couldn’t see where they were taking their characters. The storylines sucked as well.

    • mayamae says:

      Since Eric died in the finale of last season, they’re probably teasing us. I didn’t find out until recently, that he’ll be back.

  16. lucy2 says:

    I like Anna Paquin’s dress, but don’t care for any of the other fashions.
    The show has long gone of the rails but I’ll watch to the end, mainly for Eric, Pam, Jessica, and Lafayette. Overall I think the whole cast is very talented – and good looking! Deborah is ridiculously stunning, and I’ve always thought Rutina was really beautiful too.
    Trivia – Lauren Bowles (Holly) is Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s half sister.

  17. Lucy says:

    Anna P’s striking beauty has always intrigued me. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who looks like her. And it’s great to see her smile!!

    • melior says:

      Right? I know she’s not very liked on this site but I find her quite striking and original. It’s good she’s put on some muscle recently. She was a little gaunt after the birth of the twins.

      • I Choose Me says:

        I’ve always liked her and her smile. And her body is slamming. She looks really strong and fit here.

    • Ag says:

      she IS very striking-looking. which is refreshing in an industry with so many cookie-cutter looking women (less so men, of course).

  18. KinChicago says:


  19. Brionne says:

    Rutina’ s face hair and makeup are beautiful.

  20. shannon says:

    Judging – Rutina doesn’t have the boobs to pull off that look. Neither do I. Roundtable discussion? For this soap opera? That’s kind of funny.

  21. Izzy says:

    I totally ship Anna Paquin’s style; on red carpets she often wears unusual looks that not many can pull off. Also, she never bowed to pressure to have “perfect” teeth – she looks natural. Just lovely.

    Also, she looked a bit gaunt last year, she looks a lot better now. I kind of wondered at the time if it was just from running around after two little kids, but more info has come out lately about how scary it was for her twins when they were born so premature. A lot of preemies have major health issues even after their first year, so I’m wondering if she was just stressed to the max. Whatever, she just looks fabulous. I wish others would take a cue from her (Anna Camp, I’m looking at you – there is no need to live up to your last name with that outfit…).

  22. Camille (The Original) says:

    Anna looks fab. Love her.

    Yes True Blood is cheesy and at times bad/boring, but I’m still going to miss these characters/this show. And I’m going to miss ASkars in his role as Eric too! 🙁

  23. pru says:

    Anna looks fab. I’m kind of hoping after this show is over, she goes back to dark hair. I think she looks best with it.

  24. I Choose Me says:

    Rutina looks absolutely beautiful – from the neck up. That Tuxedo jacket is not flattering to her boobs.

  25. Lynnie says:

    Anna is so fit! She looks fab. Ryan is wearing too much makeup… I love Sam in the books and (spoiler!) Am so glad they ended up together in the last book, honestly. He looks pretty hot in the series too, I think! Wish we got to see Alexander skarsgaard, he always cleans up really well!