Sandra Bullock and Hubby in Stalker Nightmare

Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James was shocked Sunday morning to find a woman lying in the driveway of his and Sandra’s home. After he confronted her and told her to get her crazy ass off his property, she hopped into her 2004 silver Mercedes and attempted three times to run him over.

I don’t think Mercedes are going to be happy to be known as the stalker’s death car of choice.

Here are more details from E! Online:

The police identified the woman as Marcia Valentine, who, they say, has been a longtime stalker of Bullock and has been seen near her house before, in what seems to have become her usual perch outside the garage.

After James confronted Valentine, she hopped into her 2004 silver Mercedes and tried to run over the Monster Garage host three or four times before speeding off, according to police.

“She threw it in reverse. He jumped out of the way, of course,” Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino told Los Angeles’ KABC-TV. “He tried to avoid her. She would put it in drive, in reverse again…I’m not sure if she was looking for a confrontation, wanted to contact the actress, [or] exactly what it was.”

The vehicle didn’t actually touch James and he was not hurt, authorities said, although his missus and 10-year-old son were plenty shaken up after watching a stranger attempt to make mincemeat out of the muscled motorcycle-builder.

Poor Sandy. It is always horrible to see someone try to hurt a loved one and feel powerless to stop them. It’s good to see the family is well after this incident. Apparently this woman has been a long time stalker of hers as well.

It’s not the first time Bullock has been stalked by a mad person. She currently has another stalker staying in a hospital courtesy of Tennessee’s Department of Mental Health. She had him locked up back in 2003.

How the hell did this woman manage to get her Merc as far as Bullock’s garage to run people over with her car, anyway? Bullock is rich (although Speed 2 probably put a dent in her paychecks), she can afford to have better security guard her home from nutbars like these. She better get ADT on the phone, pronto.

Picture note from Celebitchy: Header image is an older candid from Gabsmash. Inset photo is the stalker’s mushot from TMZ.

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