Virgie Arthur Won’t Let It Go

Virgie Arthur has filed an appeal against a court decision allowing Larry Birkhead to remove his daughter Dannielynn from the Bahamas, provided he makes it back in time for the next custody hearing on the 9th June.

It’s a strange request, considering that just a few months ago she was arguing for Anna Nicole to be buried in the US, and she herself resides in the US. Besides, it’s already established that she is the little girl’s grandmother, so there is no denying of kinship there.

Larry Birkhead has said in the past that he has no problem with Virgie being a grandmother to Dannielynn, but he didn’t feel comfortable signing a piece of paper allowing dual guardianship of his daughter. Damn right, too. This is a woman who thinks it’s OK to have kids with her step-brother, and lets her daughter be a hot mess during life. She’s so despised, that even Larry’s ex-arch nemesis Howard K. Stern is willing to help him in any way he can to keep custody of Dannielynn as long as Virgie doesn’t get her. She even tried to stop her own daughter’s funeral from going ahead. I wouldn’t want to allow guardianship of my cat to a woman like that.

Anna Nicole couldn’t stand the woman when she was alive, so Virgie should consider herself lucky that Larry has allowed her any contact with his daughter as it wasn’t what Anna Nicole wanted. Besides, didn’t she say way back when this whole mess started that all she wanted was for the little girl to be safe and with her father? Well Howard’s stepped back, and Larry’s the father — it’s time Virgie does the same and put her money where her big mouth is, instead of in time wasting court litigation.

I am seriously starting to think Virgie Arthur has nothing better to do with her time than alienate people. She needs to lay all this down to rest along with her daughter.

Source: TMZ

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