Does Angelina Jolie have hyperthyroidism?

The National Enquirer is claiming in its new issue that Angelina Jolie has a “deadly disease” that is causing her to lose her hair, lose weight, and is leaving her exhausted. I do not have access to the article yet, and will be able to read it tomorrow. This sounds like another publication’s take on it after seeing the cover of The Enquirer:

HOLLYWOOD star Angelina Jolie has a “deadly disease”, an influential major showbiz newspaper is claiming.

The actress and campaigner for child poverty has sparked concern recently with a massive plunge in weight.

She appeared overnight at a charity news conference in Washington looking emaciated and exhausted.

America’s The National Enquirer magazine is reporting this week that Jolie has a potentially fatal “serious health problem.”

Pre-publication shots of the cover show headlines claiming Jolie is “losing her hair”, suffers “uncontrollable shaking” and is plagued by blinding headaches.

It also adds her beau Brad Pitt will stand by the actress, despite rumours as to the state of their relationship.

My first impression is that it sounds like hyperthyroidism. I have hypothryroidism, which is low thyroid hormone levels, and take a thyroid hormone replacement. One of my friends has hyperthyroidism or an abnormally overactive thryoid, and she is quite thin and her hair is also kind of limp and not full. She talks a mile a minute, much like Angelina Jolie in some of the interviews I’ve seen her in. Remember when Angelina was interviewed in Namibia (link leads to video) at the press conference after Shiloh was born and she just kept talking? Angelina doesn’t talk fast, but she certainly goes on.

Women can also suffer from fluctuations of their thyroid hormone levels after they give birth, with hyperthyroidism predominating. I know Shiloh was born back in May, but it’s possible Angelina has been having thyroid trouble since she was born and that may explain her rapid weight loss and inability to keep weight on.

Here are some symptoms of hyperthyroidism, which sound quite similar to what The Enquirer is claiming Angelina suffers from, including trembling hands, hair and weight loss:

Heat intolerance

Fast heart rate
Trembling hands
Weight loss
Muscle weakness
Warm moist skin
Hair loss
Staring gaze

Headaches and migraines are also common in hyperthyroidism, which is also called Grave’s Disease. Hyperthyroidism isn’t really a “deadly disease,” but if those are Angelina’s symptoms I would bet that’s what it is – if I was a doctor I mean I would test her for it at least.

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