Britney Might Be Hitting the Bottle Again

Another day, another “Britney is an ignorant hick who refuses to grow up” story. According to MSNBC, Britney may be hitting the bottle again, about a month after she left rehab.

Oh. My. God. I think the vein on the side of my temple is going to pop. I need to take things slowly now before I lose it…


I. Am. So. Tired. Of. Dumb. Britney. STORIES!!!

(*Deep Breath*)

See, this is what I get for feeling a bit of sympathy for her in my last blog — now I’m having a mini nervous breakdown caused by her stupidity.

Is Britney Spears drinking again? The recently rehabbed star is already back on the bottle, according to the upcoming issue of In Touch. The singer “tossed back glasses of wine” at a friend’s Beverly Hills condo with her cousin Alli Sims on April 14, according to the mag, which reports that the two were later spotted at the hotspot Parc, where she had more wine. The next day, she went to the Japanese restaurant Shu Sushi, where she allegedly drank sake, reports In Touch.

“Brit feels like she can have a few drinks,” a “friend” tells the mag. “She feels like as long as she’s having fun and not hurting anyone, she doesn’t need rehab.”

Earth to Baldie! People go to rehab because they are harming THEMSELVES, not other people. Rehab is not a spa, and you’re not a bloody doctor. If professionals with years of experience tell you that you are an addict, it means precisely that! It does NOT mean that it allows you wiggle room to self diagnose yourself with Post Partum Depression and declare yourself cured after a half assed attempt at cleaning yourself up!

Britney obviously does not care about herself or her children enough to change her behavior. And what’s even worst is that she blames all her dysfunctional behavior on others. Everyone should just let this wreck get on with it now, only she can get out of herself out of her own little made up world.

That’s it. I WASH my hands of you, Britney! The Common Sense train arrived at your station, and you stayed at Dumb Ass Central. K-Fed is a better parent. That’s right, I said it, K “I can’t rap to save my life” Fed. There is no hope for this woman anymore.

Note by Celebitchy: Here’s Britney at Millenium dance studios for the umpteeth time. Both her boys are with her, but we can only see Jayden James’ foot. If she were a cult member I would have been calling that a conspiracy months ago. Also, Britney is supposedly performing at the House of Blues next week. Jessie is right. She’s so overexposed. (Not that we’re going to stop covering her. It’s so easy.)

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