Bachelor’s Courtney: contestants tested for STDs, but hookup suites had no condoms

Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson
This story is from earlier this week, so if you’ve heard it already bear with me. Bachelor contestant Courtney Robertson, who was picked by Ben Flajnik in 2012 (of course it didn’t last), has a new tell-all out called I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain. Salacious details from Courtney’s book have been steadily leaking to the press. We learned a couple of weeks ago that she had an on-off thing with Entourage’s Adrian Grenier and that she considered him well hung but hairy. (TMI, and that’s like a backhanded compliment, right?)

This week, we heard that Courtney dishes in her book about having sex with Ben twice while on the show, once on camera in the ocean (although it wasn’t full sex) and once in the fantasy suite. The thing that bugged me about this story is that Courtney said that she and Ben had unprotected sex because no one bothered to leave condoms in the fantasy suite. Of course these two idiots might not have used the condoms anyway, but that detail bothered me. The room was perfectly staged for romance, with rose petals on the bed and candles all around, but there weren’t any condoms. What’s more is that the contestants were checked for STDs prior to participation, so you think that having protection available for them would be a priority. Here are some details from Courtney’s book:

Jesse Metcalfe wasn’t her only famous hook up
As previously reported, Robertson had an on-and-off courtship with future Dallas star Jesse Metcalfe, but she also writes that she went on a date with Reese Witherspoon’s future husband, Jim Toth, was pursued by Gerard Butler, and was long-involved with Entourage’s Adrian Grenier. “As charming as Adrian was, I didn’t feel a spark with him … As expected, because I wasn’t interested, Adrian pursued me on and off for the next six years!” (Plenty more NSFW details about the actor in the book).

The Bachelor has a resident psychologist, tests for STDs, and has some cute production lingo
A “10-2” means a contestant “needs to go number two,” Robertson writes. And to keep the finale results under wraps, everyone called Ben “William” in public, and both Robertson and eventual runner-up Lindzi Cox went by “Kate Hilton.” Robertson and Flajnik even had fake names and email accounts to converse before the finale aired. Robertson also details the grueling process of getting cast on the show.

Robertson encouraged Flajnik to hook up with other women on the show
“While we were skinny-dipping, I told him I was crazy about him, but that if we were indeed going to get engaged, he should sow his oats,” writes Flajnik’s former fiancée. “I told him to take advantage of being a single man because once we were officially together, I’d be the last woman he’d ever make love to.”

She had sex with Ben on two occasions during the show
Viewers who watched Robertson on Season 16 of “The Bachelor” saw her as the villain who broke the franchise’s unwritten rules by skinny dipping with bachelor Ben Flajnik. “To answer your question, yes. Ben and I did have sex in the ocean. On-camera,” Robertson wrote in her new memoir, according to Page Six. “It was immediate but it was only for about 20 seconds and, um, it was just the tip.”

She also confirmed the couple’s trip to the Fantasy Suite saw more than just the tip. ABC never overtly reveals if couples have sex during that date — the one time where they’re left completely alone and are away from cameras — but Robertson revealed she and Flajnik had sex three times. She also noted that the producers didn’t leave condoms (just rose petals and candles, apparently). She wrote, “Ten minutes after we were in the cottage, the camera crews, handlers, and producers scrammed, and we were completely alone for the first time ever. We immediately ripped each other’s clothes off and had intense, passionate sex on the couch in front of the fire.” She later added, “We did every position under the sun, but I believe I sealed the deal when we successfully completed the reverse cowgirl.” They also listened to Bon Iver.

[From People Magazine and Huffington Post]

I didn’t watch that season, but from what I heard Courtney was always pulling focus and showing up in a bikini. She sounds like a real piece of work. That’s the point of these shows, though, there has to be someone to bring the drama. Now Courtney is extending her 15 minutes with a tell-all. While it may sound ridiculous to us, we’re talking about her and she’s making bank from this book even though her season wrapped two years ago. So score?

Courtney Robertson

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  1. kri says:

    Gross. Lame. Gross. I’m going to was my psyche out with soap. Spray RAID on her, someone please.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      yup just eeewwwwwwww

    • kimber says:

      I’ve never seen any of those bachelor/ette shows because they look dumb, but I’m glad I read this post! So funny! Wow! Girl is super needy when it comes to the spotlight. At least she penned a book and didnt release a vid footage, or should no say ‘get video stolen’ like other chicks claim. 😉

    • Rae says:

      My thoughts exactly. Just gross. What people do in private is their business… but they need to KEEP it their business.

  2. hunaww says:

    I thought she was Famke Janssen for a moment.

    • Buckwild says:

      ITA! Did she get work done on her face? What’s going on in the shots of her with her hair back?

  3. Chicagogurl says:


    • GMarchetti says:

      Yeah, but being a slut is a good thing in the end, I guess. She’s the one writing a book and making money out of sleeping around with “famous” people.

      Gotta love America!

      • Chicagogurl says:

        ::::::shudders::::: why would you sleep with anyone you dont know this day and age without a condom? Newsflash…..there are std’s they cannot test for, expecially if you aren’t currently having an outbreak. Also, if there was so many crew around before they stopped filming….why not ask them, can we get some condoms or what….most resorts even sell them in the lobby store. Heaves……having flashbacks to 7th grade healthclass STD slideshow….an innocent time when I asked questions like, “HOW DID SHE GET THE CLAP IN HER EYE?” Oh…..wait… I get it……Ewe.

      • MaiGirl says:

        Chicagogurl, I work at a university, and I also have friends in their twenties. It is ASTOUNDING the reasons and justifications some of them give for not using condoms (most do, but I know many who don’t, or don’t use them regularly). Here’s a cold sore sampler for ya:
        “I know she isn’t a slut, so I don’t need to use condoms.”
        “Well, he already gave me something and we both got treated for it, so we are safe.”
        “We only do oral so I won’t catch anything.”
        “There’s pills for everything, nowadays.”
        “I know I could still catch something, but since I only sleep with other girls, I’m safer”
        Yeah, that’s what we’re working with! I don’t love the loss of sensation, either, but I have never had crotch crickets, and I take as many precautions as I can to make sure I never will. I have heard all the justifications, and I just can’t with the lack of simple logic.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      Mai — Ditto!

      This is a hot-button topic for me FO SURE and I’m about to preach, so apologies. Age 18-22 I volunteered at 2 HIV/AIDS facilities – one was outreach – counseling, handing out condoms, free testing, etc. The 2nd was a live-in patient facility. (I was raped at 16 and terrified to get tested, took me 3 weeks to go). For a bad situation, the good news I was STD free, but after rape counseling I decided to start volunteering with HIV/AIDS patients because if I was that scared to get tested, others must be too. 5 minutes talking with my mentor at the first facility and I have only gone condom free in 2 relationships – both husbands who I was trying to procreate with and I made each of them get tested prior to being sexually active. you know what — waiting sucks ,but it doesn’t take away from the excitement of a new partner AT ALL. And its way more fun to not have to worry about it. I realize most are more lax than I am and no judgement on that front (unless you go condom free with randoms) but if you give a shit about your health or your partners at minimum use condoms and birth control unless you are in a monogamous relationship. Its pretty easy and I bet if half these folks never had to put on spacesuit to visit an AIDS infected friend because their immune system was shot, or if you watch friends die after months of weight loss, stomach cramping, bleeding from nose and throat, etc. a condom.

      I have had earth shattering orgasms and none have been so great I would trade them for itchies, burnies, being sterile or a life-long disease.

      • MaiGirl says:

        Exactly! And good for you for allowing a horrific experience to prompt you to do something positive for others. I think that for some younger adults and teens, not having seen the devastation that AIDS has brought to the nation (since many of them were born after we kind of left off calling it an “epidemic”), they just don’t get that the consequences can be deadly. Also, its developmental. Try telling an 18-year-old that HPV is forever and very, very easy to get, and they just glaze over. They don’t really get long-term consequences yet. The older ones….I have no idea what’s happening in their heads!

      • Sea Dragon says:

        Chicagogurl- *warm hugs and support to you* and BRAVO for everything you’ve done to work through the pain and help others in similar situations. Impressive!

        If anyone’s interested, there’s an excellent documentary called “We Were Here”. It talks about the impact of AIDS when it first spread throughout San Fran. It’s informative, rich with compassion and very well made. Definitely worth the time.
        Here’s the link:

  4. Patricia says:

    Um… Excuse me little trashy TV girl… I hate to break it to you but reverse cowgirl is not some heavy maneuver. It’s actually pretty easy.
    It’s funny that she’s acting like that’s some accomplishment. Also this girl would not know class if it bit her in the ass.

    And yeah the show should have thought to have protection, but these are two grown adults. They couldn’t pack their own freakin condoms?

    • Chicagogurl says:

      Maybe she doesn’t know to lean back and enjoy the ride.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      This is exactly what I thought. Reverse cowgirl? Easy peasy. She is trying to be so sexy and hardcore but it’s just laughable.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I don’t think that highly of Bachelor contestants, but it’s entirely possible they weren’t allowed to bring their own condoms. Those shows are very specific what people are allowed to bring into the house – no reading material is permitted, for instance.

    • Decloo says:

      This! I thought every guy had a condom in his back pocket and every girl had one in her purse.

      • Lex says:

        Two in my bag, one in my wallet, many more in the bedside table. It never ever hurts to be prepared and there really is no excuse not to be!

  5. Hillshmill says:

    I always feel bad for the fathers of women like this. I’d be mortified if my Dad knew anything about my sex life, never mind the dirty details.

  6. Bernice says:

    Do these people have parents? People that um, actually care about them? Because, if I were this girl, I would be embarrassed beyond belief to ever show my face again. This girl and all the other famewhores out there are Kim Kardashian (and PMKs) legacy.

    • MaiGirl says:

      A lot of them have parents who are asleep at the wheel, or parents who are emotionally needy and narcissistic, and try to recapture their own youth by being their child’s “friend”, encouraging them to be reckless. Some even have had to take the parental role because their parents are adult teenagers. Many of my students’ parents are like that.

  7. Backwards says:

    Wait, this guy didn’t see through her charade and actually proposed to her at the end? Jeeze.

  8. Darkladi says:

    Just the tip? My stomach is rolling…

  9. lisa2 says:


    I am not against dropping sexy tidbits about you and your partner; but leave something for the imagination.

    Glad I don’t watch the show(s)

  10. BReed says:

    Guess she thinks this info makes her important in some way. Please pass the beach, my eyeballs need disinfecting. Thank you.

  11. GiGi says:

    There’s no artistry in this, is there? I’m no prude, but come on… naming names AND dick size? It’s a little much, right? I like a little inuendo… a little tease. This is just vulgar for nothing – it’s not even erotic.

    • Patricia says:

      Exactly! I mean we are mostly grown adults here so there’s nothing wrong with erotic. But this is straight vulgar and nothing more.

  12. Dani says:

    She looks like a budget Mandy Moore. Also get away from Adrian he’s miiiiiine!!!!!!

  13. Snowflake says:

    Gah, she’s sleazy ! Evidently her goals in life are to date famous/rich men. Way to shoot for the stars lady (sarcasm). Just another fameho. No one wants to know how great a prostitute. Except maybe her next john, I mean bf. I say that cause she’s obvs f$cking for money and fame

  14. Dragonlady sakura says:

    Just the tip…Classy lady.

  15. Bridget says:

    Jesse Metcalf, Adrien Grenier, and Gerard Butler… way to aim high, lady.

  16. mimif says:

    “They also listened to Bon Iver.” Nooooooooo.

    Jovi. Bon Jovi. There, I corrected it for you.

    • mimif says:

      Yeah I’m a big fan of all of Justin Vernon’s work, hence my, um, distaste that they had to tack on their particular love making music at the end.

    • littlestar says:

      I absolutely adore Bon Iver too, so her comment that they were listening to them while they were doing the nasty made me throw up in my mouth!

  17. Sea Dragon says:

    Nasty, inside and out.

  18. Happyhat says:

    Well hung and hairy are the two things I look for in a man…

  19. NN says:

    LMAO @ “just the tip”

  20. feebee says:

    Except for the fact I’d never buy the book because this woman needs NO encouragement , I’m thinking her book would be hilarious, embarrassing, eyebrow-raisingly trashy. Like a real life Jackie Collins. A great beach read.

    As is my usual I start watching half way or further into the season… She played her villain role very well. Really got into it. Not surprised she can’t let it go and is trying to extend her 15 minutes.

    Seriously though, she tells him to sow his oats and then has unprotected sex with him. She probably thinks this what feminism is all about.

  21. Diane says:

    If I was one of the producers on this show I’d be freaking out. I’d bet a lot of naive viewers actually buy into this ridiculous fairytale premise. What’s the backlash going to be from people who are disgusted to hear these revolting details? Not to mention putting live sex acts on a national network. As for the vagina…er, girl…well, she seems delighted with herself at being able to attract famous dicks.

  22. Delta Juliet says:

    Well, obviously it would be nice if the show had condoms lying around, waiting to be used, but couldn’t they just go buy their own, like the rest of us?

    • lunchcoma says:

      No, they couldn’t. Contestants on these shows have very limited freedom of movement. I don’t know what they were allowed to bring with them, but there’s no way they’d let them off set the night of the fantasy suites to be potentially seen buying condoms in a drug store.

      Of course, they could have decided to refrain from having sex…

      • Chicagogurl says:

        Ok but to my earlier point — they have cell phones and probably a crew member or two around and a store in the resort lobby they can charge to room. There are ways to get condoms.

  23. Bridget says:

    I’m sure no one will actually Reply to this because who actually cares about some past-Bachelor “winner”, but I do wonder about giving this girl an actual book deal (which was obviously also on the condition of her “naming names”. Reality show villains have become a time-honored tradition, but the Bachelor is one of the few shows where the villains may end up with more screen time, but it doesnt ultimately turn into the career push they’re hoping for. Because people seriously hate the Bachelor “villains” and even in my barely following the show I remember that people HATED this trick. This isn’t like Survivor or even Big Brother – I don’t know if it’s because it’s ultimately degrading and embarrassing to have to fight for a man like that, or if it’s ridiculous because the stakes are so low on the show, but there’s not the same shelf life for these “villains” as there is for their counterparts on other reality shows or even their much nicer counterparts on their own show.

  24. holly hobby says:

    I don’t believe in book burning but I think someone should load up all those copies of her books into a warehouse and throw a bomb in it. Those details were too much.

    Did anyone hear the current Bachelorette (ANdi) quit her job at the DA’s office because they required her to report to work and she wouldn’t?

  25. Amulla says:

    What I really can’t wrap my head around is men who refuse to wear condoms, then get angry when the woman gets pregnant. As if it was something she did all by herself.

    Men need to learn accountability and responsibility. It is not that hard to put on a condom. Its not rocket science. And they ARE highly effective when used correctly, stop using the excuse that they aren’t good enough to prevent pregnancy.

  26. Amulla says:

    Also, I wouldn’t go on a t.v. show that required me to get STD testing. Its creepy.

    • Lexie says:

      That’s not all they require – they also make you go through psychological testing. Surprise surprise – the unstable ones are the ones they want. If you’re too normal you don’t make the cut.

  27. paranormalgirl says:

    I know someone who was a PA on “The Bachelorette” for one miserable season (Emily’s season?) and she said there’s a bowl of condoms left in the bathroom. They don’t have it where it can be seen by the viewers, but the fantasy suite participants are told where it is.

  28. OTHER RENEE says:

    Someday this woman will procreate. And I’ll bet her kids will be appalled to find out that Mommy’s a slut and everyone knows it.

    • Lex says:

      What about this makes her a slut?
      Vulgar, yep. Idiotic, sure. Disgusting, yes siree. Immature and classless for broadcasting her exploits, definitely. Having sex with someone and she is a slut? Hmmmm.. dont think so!